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ALPHAMUSIC | Alpha Music strives to stock the best offerings in electric & acoustic guitars, effects, amplification, drums, cymbals & hardware, pro audio, home recording.
Alpha Music was started in 1979 by Eddie Hancock, drummer and sound reinforcement specialist, in a 200 square foot closet in a not so scenic area of Norfolk, VA. Possessing boundless energy and working to a standard that few could match, Eddie wanted every customer to get a good deal, not just friends and regulars.
In 1980, Eric Burgess, a teenager who lived across the street, started making speaker cabinets for Alpha to support his drumming habit. He used to ride his paperboy bike to the store and even loaned Eddie his Speed King pedal so Eddie could jam after work. “In the beginning we had to be creative with little stock. We made guitar cables to order– on the spot while the customer waited!” Eddie’s wife, Debbie, soon joined the ranks handling all the book keeping and front counter work.

Alpha Music moved to our present location in Virginia Beach in 1994, becoming more conveniently located for our local customers and allowing expansion in both service and instruction.
Alpha Music knows that service after the sale is a key part of customer satisfaction and that the next generation of players needs quality, competent instruction to reach their goals.
Two full time electronic technicians and two full time guitar technicians provide quick turn around in tight situations as well as the Alpha touch with such benefits as free lifetime setups with every guitar and bass purchased.
This provides that extra assurance that instruments always stay in the best playing condition and if there is a problem, Alpha stands ready to back up the equipment we sell.
In March of 2015, after being General Manager for the last 23 years, Eric Burgess, that teenager who started in 1980, took over Alpha Music with his wife Ginny.
Alpha took on the stepped up energy level of the new owners and a new chapter started.
From humble beginnings of a few hundred dollars a day causing a six-pack celebration, Alpha has never forgotten Eddie’s basic premise- satisfied customers make it all possible.
Business is building relationships– thirty-five plus years in, we are still a “family” of musicians doing the best we can for our customers

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Alpha Music strives to provide not only the best in gear, but also the finest in service of all types.
True to this policy, we offer the absolute finest team of instructors in the area. With over 200 years of combined teaching experience, our instructors offer private lessons that are tailored to the students needs and allow them to learn at his or her own pace.
Our instructors teach students of all ages and skill level so whether you are young or old, beginner or pro, we all have something to learn.
Let us help you start off on the right path or continue your journey with music.
Please click on a lesson type on the left column to view our instructors and then select one to view their full profile and contact information.

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At Alpha Music we aim to offer the best repair, upgrade, and maintenance services for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars in the Hampton Roads area. We have been performing instrument repairs for over 30 years, and we continue to strive to make your instrument as enjoyable and playable as possible.
We have always felt that a good playing instrument always gets played more, so as long as our doors are open, we offer free Professional Setups on every instrument we sell for as long as you own it.
We offer all kinds of repairs ranging from basic setups, to pickup installs, all the way to full re-frets.
VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, 23452757-486-2001




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The pricing listed below are guidelines for repair costs and may vary according to each repair. Pricing does not include parts.

Professional Setup

Professional Setup – $75.00

Professional Setup w/Fret Level

Professional Setup w/Fret Level – $150.00

Bench Check (Basic Setup)

Bench Check (Basic Setup) – $45.00 Action, Intonation, & Neck Relief. This can often be done while you wait.

6 String Guitar Restring

6 String Guitar Restring – $25.00

12 String Guitar, Locking Trem and Nylon Restring

12 String Guitar, Locking Trem and Nylon Restring – $35.00

Truss Rod Adjustment

Truss Rod Adjustment – $15.00 Guitars that require the neck to be removed are $25.00

Pre-cut Nut or Saddle – $25.00

Pre-cut Nut or Saddle – $25.00

Custom Cut Bone Nut – $50.00

Custom Cut Bone Nut – $50.00

Custom Cut Bone Saddle – $50.00

Custom Cut Bone Saddle – $50.00

Strap Button Installation – $10.00

Strap Button Installation – $10.00

Tuning Key Installation – $30.00

Tuning Key Installation – $30.00

Pickup Installation

Pickup Installation

Electric Guitar Single Pickup

Electric Guitar Single Pickup – $35.00

Electric Guitar Pair

Electric Guitar Pair – $45.00

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – $40.00+

Custom Wiring Options starting

Custom Wiring Options starting at $40.00

Complete Refret (no binding)

Complete Refret (no binding) – $300.00

Complete Refret (bound)

Complete Refret (bound) – $350.00

Partial Refret

Partial Refret – $165.00 plus $5.00 per fret

Glue Broken Headstock

Glue Broken Headstock – $100.00 No finish or cosmetics included

Re-attach lifted Acoustic Bridge

Re-attach lifted Acoustic Bridge – $125.00

Expedited Rush Fee

Expedited Rush Fee – $35.00

“While you wait” Clear Bench Fee

“While you wait” Clear Bench Fee – $50.00

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