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BLACKSOCKS offers fine undergarments for top-class men, ensuring that they feel comfortable all day long. And not least because our socks, underwear, T-shirts, polo shirts and shirts are also available as a practical subscription.

Try out the quality of our products for yourself by ordering a test pair of socks.

In the morning, most people don’t have time to come up with a well-thought-out outfit. You reach into the drawer and just grab the first pair of socks you find, in the hope that they match and don’t have any holes. We at BLACKSOCKS aren’t morning people either, and like quick and easy solutions – which is why we created the BLACKSOCKS subscription. With our subscription, we deliver you regular supplies of the same socks, T-shirts, underwear or shirts, all sent straight to your door. This means that you can always be sure that your socks will match, be hole-free, and go with your outfit.

BLACKSOCKS offers top-quality undergarments for men made from high-quality Pima cotton, cashmere silk, or merino wool. See the unique quality of our clothing for yourself and order a test pair, or go straight for a BLACKSOCKS subscription and leave the stress of shopping behind.


Socks perform hard labour every day: long working hours, a damp and warm climate, lots of friction – this is why only the best is good enough. Our socks are made from top-quality raw materials and can withstand great stress.

Discover the exceptional quality and fantastically comfortable fit of our BLACKSOCKS socks for yourself.

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Black Socks Since 1999

It all began in 1999 with black socks, and we have been ensuring high-quality socks that offer what our customers want ever since. Over the years, our product range, and our customers’ ankles, have been shaken up with color. However, a classic and elegant look with black socks has never gone out of fashion. In fact, quite the reverse – our range of different blacks socks has grown.

Long and Short Black Socks for Men

Length plays an important part in the hunt for black socks. We have three lengths in our range: knee, calf and ankle.

Black knee socks made of mercerized cotton are particularly well-suited to formal events or days at work. Right from the start, our black Classic calf socks with ribbing have also been popular for leisure time wear. Smooth socks in black, however, go well with a suit and support you every step of the way through the working day. Prefer something sporty? No-show socks like our Invisible Socks or short Sneaker socks fit your feet perfectly inside your shoes.

A Wool for Every Problem

Our black socks made from cashmere or merino wool are warming and regulate the temperature of your feet. You can choose from various types of cotton: Pima, organic or mercerized. The latter gives men’s black socks a beautiful shine and a pleasantly light feel. Which will be the black socks for you?

Blue Socks Set the Tone

Blue socks fit in almost anywhere as they bring a touch of harmony to your outfit. Our online shop offers a variety of blue men’s socks for you to choose from: socks in royal blue, powder blue, navy blue, and even socks with a gradient of different shades of blue all in one.

Fashionable Socks for Men in Timeless Blue

Blue socks are elegant, discreet and go wonderfully with jeans or chinos. This color will restore your calm and relax your feet. You can pair blue ankle socks or calf socks with shoes of all kinds. Let your shoes take center stage with our blue Organic Sneaker socks or Merino Invisible Socks. Or alternatively, let your socks subtly take the spotlight with our sustainable Organic Comfort socks in blue or our tried-and-tested calf socks in royal blue.

The Ideal Color for a Blue Suit

When looking for the perfect match for your blue suit, you can’t go wrong with blue socks. But make sure you pick the right shade; dark blue is usually the best bet. It is a color that makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

Discover our dark blue cashmere silk socks, temperature-regulating Merino wool socks in navy blue and our dark blue knee socks with an extra-wide band to stop them from slipping down. Socks you can pull on and feel great.

Patterned Socks in Light and Dark Blue

On the lookout for something more unique? Try our Tone Shade socks with their color gradient from light to dark blue. Our classic calf socks in navy blue may look like they are a solid color, but upon closer inspection, you will see they feature fine stripes. Our Invisible Socks come with red dots or stylish sailor stripes.

Blue socks are the timeless must-have for every wardrobe, whether to pair with a suit or your leisure wear.

Red Socks for Men

The BLACKSOCKS bestsellers are also available in red. Classic calf socks are the perfect length and are made of 81% Pima cotton. Their ribbing means that they go perfectly with any outfit. Don’t want your red socks to be visible? Invisible Socks are made of 74% of the same cotton, and are short enough that they disappear completely into low shoes. Cotton, no ribbing, and just as great: Business light socks gain a smooth, bold red color from mercerization (“Fil d’Ecosse”), meaning that the color lasts for years of repeated washing.

All three types of red socks for men have an elastane band, keeping them safely in place and ensuring maximum lasting comfort.

Make a Statement with Red

Red socks can be worn much more often than you might think. There is no need to be scared of bold colors – view them as an opportunity. Red represents confidence, strength and efficiency. Skillfully combined, they provide a positive boost and counteract gray, unimaginative days.

Skillfully Combine Red Socks

Perfect with jeans or gray trousers and a shirt or blazer. With minimum effort, you can turn dark-blue suits, gray clothing or other subtly colored outfits into real eye-catchers with red socks. Wear tone-in-tone with a tie, breast pocket handkerchief, or scarf to offer a good impression inside and out. Our three types of red socks for men offer a variety of options for combining with other clothing to suit any occasion, dress code, or men’s fashion.

Sneaker Socks Made of Organic Cotton

Organic Sneaker socks are soft, durable and made of organic cotton certified according to the ecological criteria defined by the GOTS® standard. This means they are good for your skin and the environment. These socks have a robust sole and long cotton fibers, making them particularly long-lasting and resistant to fluff!

Take some sporty strides with this timeless design, whether during an intense workout or on your daily errands.

Buy ankle socks for low-cut shoes

Our short socks go below the ankle, making them virtually invisible in shoes. Ankle socks are particularly good for trainers or low cut men’s shoes during the spring and summer months. Give the impression of going barefoot in shoes with no show socks. Our ankle socks also offer anti-slip grip to prevent your short socks from sliding down into your shoes.

Shorty ankle socks

These athletic socks are perfect for sports of any kind. Shorty ankle socks are made from smooth cotton and equipped with a cushioning terry sole. A spoiler on the heel prevents the sport socks from slipping, so there will be nothing standing in the way of your sporting fun. Shorty ankle socks are available in black and grey in sizes 35-48.

Invisible Socks

Elegant short socks which are completely invisible in your shoes. The smooth cotton and low cut ensure a comfortable barefoot feel. These ankle socks have small silicone dimples on the heel, stopping them from slipping down as you walk. Invisible Socks go perfectly with low cut men’s shoes. These no show socks are available in black, blue and red, plus a new navy design with stripes or dots. The socks are available in sizes 35-48.

Formal or Informal – Calf Socks for Any Occasion

When you go to work every day and always wear the same socks, you never have to think very hard about which socks you choose. As soon as some variety or change comes along, you are faced with the question: which calf socks do I wear? Here you will find an overview of the different colors and materials available, and what we recommend to suit the occasion and your mood. When do you need your calf socks?

Calf Socks for Business Affairs

Black socks are always a good fit – whether for at the office, meetings, business lunches or interviews, you cannot go wrong with these classics. If you don’t want to go for the obvious choice, our high-quality socks are also available in other dark colors such as navy blue, brown and anthracite. Navy calf socks are just as professional-looking as their black siblings and make a nice change. Classic calf socks, Classy calf socks, Business Light socks and cashmere socks are all great for formal occasions like this.

Calf Socks for Informal Get-Togethers

There are socks that you don’t see because they are hidden in your shoes, and there are calf socks. Calf socks get seen every now and then, so how about a bit of color? This creates a great atmosphere, and makes choosing your outfit easier. Pull on some colorful socks and your outfit worries are over. Create a neutral environment with plain, subtle tones and let the socks speak for themselves. Classy calf socks, striped and half-striped Business Light socks, and colorful socks of all kinds are great for casual meetings.

Calf Socks for Varied Days

Sometimes, you have as much going on in a single day as you normally would in a whole month. The right socks will get you through the day stress-free – whether the elements are playing havoc (merino wool socks), you have lots of events on (Business Light socks), or you need variety and robustness (Classy calf socks).

Merino wool socks are your loyal companions for any occasion. Hot weather? They even out the temperature and neutralize any smells. Snow on the streets? They keep your feet warm, even when the weather is damp.

Half-striped Business Light socks are versatile. Have a sense of humor but know when professionalism and seriousness is called for? Then they are the perfect choice for you! When a bit of fun isn’t appropriate, just slip them back into your shoes and the colorful stripes disappear. In a more relaxed environment, you can kick off your shoes and show off the stripes for a nice change of pace.

If you prefer a happy medium, then micro-patterns could be what you are looking for. Classy calf socks are multitalented: the micro-pattern is inconspicuous but can still make people take a second look. They are perfect for any occasion and will feel comfortable in all weathers.

Calf Socks to Boost Your Style

Organic Comfort socks and the sockscription all offer support in a variety of situations.

If you have to stand or walk for a long period of time, Organic Comfort socks have a terry sole that feels soft all day long.

If you prefer sticking to the same sock type, then a sockscription can counteract disappearing socks. With this, you get three or four pairs of socks sent free of charge to your door at regular intervals. No more lonely orphan socks!”

Knee socks & Knee stockings

As the name suggests, knee socks reach to just below the knee. In some regions, knee socks are also known as ‘knee stockings’. After all, by definition, socks are short and stockings are long. Whether socks or stockings, their pure cotton ensures that your calves are protected in boots and business shoes.

Cotton knee socks

Our knee socks are made of 100% mercerized cotton, also known as Fil d’Écosse. Mercerization makes the knee socks particularly durable, gives them a long-lasting shine, and ensures they keep their color. It also helps them to fit well even after many washes.

Knee socks for men

Knee-high socks form part of traditional men’s businesswear. Long socks ensure that the calf is completely covered and that the leg is not visible, even when seated. BLACKSOCKS knee socks are available in the classic colors black, anthracite, navy and dove blue – the perfect match for any suit. Their ribbed surface and extra-wide top band – also known as an English cut – keep the knee socks in place and ensure a good fit. But you can also wear these socks outside of office hours and better equip yourself against the cold weather.

Buy knee socks

Our knee socks are available in sizes 34 to 52, and in a variety of different package sizes. The knee socks will be shipped the day after you order them, with free shipping worldwide. Buy your knee-high socks online today and experience top-quality material and meticulous workmanship.

Merino Wool Socks: A Natural Multitalent

It’s not just mountain lovers and hiking enthusiasts who will love Merino wool socks. Neither scratchy nor sweaty, they feel just like cotton. Their fine quality and variety of uses make them great for activities of all kinds. Even hiking, jogging or other outdoor activities – sport and wool in one, who would have thought it?

Our Merino wool socks for men are 75% Merino wool. The toe and ball areas are strengthened with polyamide to keep heavily used areas strong. This also protects your feet from rubbing in shoes. The ribbing and the soft material ensure that they fit your feet perfectly and ensure good support. They reach up to the calves and are available in black, green or blue.

Seven Good Reasons to Buy Merino Wool Socks

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Merino wool socks – they…

  • Protect against cold
  • Regulate heat
  • Neutralize smells
  • Repel water and dirt
  • Are easy to clean
  • Dry quickly
  • Are made with a clear conscience

Merino Wool Socks for Men

Do you know that damp, warm feeling you get on your feet when you slip your shoes off after wearing them for a while? A musty smell starts to spread, and you hope that the person next to you has a cold. Merino wool socks are here to help: they neutralize smells and regulate temperature to ensure an ideal climate. Whether you are sitting in an office or doing something outside, Merino wool socks keep you perfectly prepared.

For Animal Lovers and the Environmentally Conscious

Suppliers often use a simplified way of acquiring Merino wool, called mulesing. However, this leaves the sheep in severe (and often long-lasting) pain, so we avoid this method. Our men’s Merino wool socks come entirely from sheep that are not subjected to any mulesing whatsoever. The socks are made in Italy and do not have to travel long distances by airplane or boat, so you can pull them on with a clear conscience, every time.

Is there anything that men’s Merino wool socks cannot do? Unfortunately they can’t walk to you all by themselves – but if you order them from our online shop, then this is all taken care of. Wave goodbye to sweaty feet and order Merino wool socks, either as individual pairs or in a sockscription.

Cashmere Socks

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, finally taking off your shoes and socks, and slipping your clammy feet into a fresh, clean pair of cashmere socks. The cashmere wool warms your feet and is guaranteed to feel pleasantly soft on your skin.

Our cashmere socks reach to the calf and are made of 56% pure cashmere and 25% top-quality silk. The cashmere wool insulates you from the cold while the silk helps to maintain a stable temperature. Polyamide reinforces the heels and toes, the areas under most pressure, to prevent holes or matted spots from forming. The cashmere socks are produced with loving care in Italy before the final product makes its way from the little sock factory to your mailbox. This ensures high-quality, long-lasting socks.

Our classic black or blue cashmere socks work just as well with your leisure clothes as they do with a business casual look and makes a particularly good gift. Our feet can be depended on to take us wherever we want to go – and they deserve to be comfortable while they do so. We automatically associate cashmere sweaters with chilly winter days, but cashmere socks aren’t just for a single season: they’ll ensure that you’re prepared for any sudden changes in the weather in spring and autumn too. These are men’s socks that even women will envy; pure cashmere luxury for your feet.

Cashmere socks care for your feet – and they need to be cared for too. Cashmere and silk fibers don’t like hot air or trips through the washing machine. We recommend hand-washing them in tepid water without vigorous rubbing, then squeezing them out and leaving them to dry. This will keep your socks looking good for longer and will ensure that your feet stay warm all year round.

Cotton Socks – Your Everyday Companions

Nature has given cotton many positive qualities that make it a particularly good material for cotton socks, including that it helps prevent sweaty feet. The delicate cotton fibers absorb moisture and are breathable. Nice to wear and easy to look after.

In an office chair or on the couch, our range offers cotton socks for business and leisure – whether you want to begin the working day with light calf socks or get the weekend off to a cheerful start with colorful sneaker socks.

How Many Types of Cotton Do You Know?

We don’t want our socks to be forced to travel the world before they are allowed to serve their purpose, so our cotton socks come from Italy, Germany and Turkey. The different fibers and processing techniques used produce three types of cotton socks.

Mercerized cotton: this material is smoother, shinier and more stable than unprocessed cotton. The result is wash-proof, silky cotton socks with improved stability.

Pima cotton: silky soft but still hard-wearing! Classic calf socks, our test-winners, are made from this fine material.

Organic cotton: sustainable and fair-trade, GOTS®-standard organic cotton. We use this material for our Organic Comfort and Organic Sneaker Socks.

We discovered what cotton socks men like: the ones that need the least looking after. All our cotton socks are therefore also available as a sockscription.

Men’s Socks Made of 100% Cotton

Do you like the idea of completely natural socks? Our knee socks are 100% cotton. The extra-wide band ensures that the socks stay up, even without elastic. These go particularly well with a dinner jacket, tails, or an everyday business suit. We offer all feet from sizes 3½ to 15½ the chance to be enveloped in comfortable 100% cotton socks for men.

Colors to Suit You

The endless selection now available means that the term “cotton socks” has lost any clear meaning. Not all cotton is made equal, and it has been a long time since black was the only color we wore on our feet.

Top-quality socks can be more than your outfit’s icing on the cake. Take a look at our colorful socks, striped socks, and the varied patterns of our Funky Socks. Colorful socks have once again become a fashionable accessory, and can be combined to suit your mood, whims or personal style: from powder blue to pine green to fiery red. Give them a try!

Those looking for dark colors will find brown, anthracite and navy on offer alongside our classic black cotton socks.

Whether children, women or men, cotton socks are something you find in the wardrobes of people of all ages. Order cotton socks quickly and easily from the BLACKSOCKS online shop – individually, as a pack, or as a sockscription. We cover the shipping costs.

Organic Socks in Natural Colors

If your feet are wrapped in organic socks, you can just sit back and relax. Our organic cotton socks not only impress with their quality and comfortable fit, but also their origins. The cotton is organically grown in Egypt and has extra-long fibers, which are perfect for socks as they produce so little fluff.

The Positive Features of Organic Socks

Not all socks can call themselves organic. ‘Organic’ is a protected term and clothing must pass various tests to use it. The international GOTS® standard is well-known and its seal is widely used. It lays down environmental guidelines, from production through to processing. Our Organic Comfort socks are made of 80% organic cotton (certified to GOTS® standard). The remaining 20% is polyamide, providing support and durability.

What do our customers particularly like about our Organic Comfort socks? The soft terry sole and the comfort band. The terry sole makes every single step comfortable and soft – as if you were walking on a bed of moss. The comfort band stays gently but firmly in place on your calf without cutting in.

Are you very active? Or do you like wearing sneakers? Then go for our Organic Sneaker socks. They feel light and smooth, and the spoiler stops them from slipping down inside your shoes. Give them a try!

Why Sustainable Socks Benefit You

When you choose organic socks, you are also choosing:

  • Top quality that keeps its promises
  • Socks that are good for your skin
  • A love of nature
  • More variety in our environment and your wardrobe

You will receive the socks in paper packaging. You can recycle this in your household paper waste. This allows the paper to re-used, beginning the cycle over again.

Order organic cotton socks directly from our online shop, as either a one-off purchase or a sockscription.

Colorful Socks in Limited Editions

New extraordinary Funky Socks collections are released regularly thanks to our collaboration with Philipp Fankhauser. The guitar on the heel signifies that these are the real deal – original Funky Socks from the Funky Socks shop. Only limited numbers of these colorful socks are produced. This means that every Funky Socks collection is a limited edition, and the Funky Socks are only available while supplies last. But no worries – you can easily order these cool socks from the Funky Socks online shop.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Day with Colorful Socks

The unique socks from Philip Fankhauser have their own rhythm. A flash of these Funky Socks showing between your shoe and pants makes for a real talking point, leaving dreary small talk about the weather for another day. Checked socks, socks with dots and striped socks can be found in every extraordinary edition (volume). These limited-edition socks are made of mercerized cotton, polyamide and elastane, and are available in packs of 1, 2 and 6 pairs. Buy your Funky Socks today and get these crazy socks delivered straight to your door.

Unique Socks: Individual Pairs or a Boxed Set

Be inspired by the unique socks in the Funky Socks collections and encourage others to do great things. For every volume, there is a Funky Box. It includes the six designs from the particular volume, neatly packed in a box. Treat yourself to these limited editions (either as individual pairs or as a boxed set) in our online shop while supplies last, with free delivery worldwide! Do it like Philipp Fankhauser and move to the beat with Funky Socks.

Men’s Socks, Top Quality: Wide Selection and Many Colors

As the name BLACKSOCKS suggests, black socks for men are our specialty. Black socks are still a big part of the selection we offer, but now our range also includes colors and patterns. Find Italian men’s socks to fit your style and any occasion.

Make Sure You Buy the Right Socks

With so many choices, how do you know which socks are the right ones for you? This is easily answered when you know when and where you will be wearing them. Using the steps below you can determine what length, material and colors fit your needs and then use our sock finder to find your perfect set of socks.

Length: Up to the ankle, calf or knee? Your shoes determine what length your socks need to be. For low-cut sports shoes we recommend our Shorty sneaker socks or Invisible socks, which give you better grip in your footwear.

Material: Cotton, Merino or cashmere wool? While all have their benefits, picking the right one for each occasion is crucial. Cotton is the most popular fabric due to it being lightweight, durable and more breathable than other fabrics. This makes cotton the perfect choice for everyday wear. Merino wool is excellent for keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Since wool does not absorb moisture like other materials, it’s the ideal fabric for outdoor activities. Cashmere has much of the same benefits of Merino but with a feel of luxury. Cashmere is more delicate and comfortable than Merino so it is the perfect fabric when dressing to impress or in a high stress meeting.

Color: As well as classic black, anthracite and brown, our socks are also available in navy, blue, red, green, purple and orange. Give our subtle patterns a try: liven up your outfit without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Browse the Sock Shop

If you buy socks from the BLACKSOCKS online shop, you can count on many years of experience. We have been shipping our high-quality men’s socks all over the world since 1999.

Omnipresent Men’s Socks

You cannot go wrong with black socks. They fit every environment and are great for any occasion, whether festive or casual. Dress your best at every moment of your office life, leisure time, relaxed dinners or a major celebration.

Socks are the Icing on the Cake

Jeans and a T-shirt are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, so what makes you stand out? Add that special something with colorful men’s socks. Inject a little variety into your style with subtle stripes or a discreet micro-pattern to add some contrast to your appearance.

Eye-Catching Colors

Make a statement with a splash of red, purple or orange: show self-confidence and add some positive energy to gray days. Red works best with dark blue or gray clothing, making your socks truly catch the eye. Give it a try!

Winging Their Way Directly to Your Door

If you buy socks online before 4 p.m., they will be delivered directly to your home the next day – with free shipping worldwide! You can choose between a test pair, a three-pack, a ten-pack or even a sockscription. BLACKSOCKS are perfect for you or as a gift for someone special.

Underwear BLACKSOCKS Shop

  • Underwear,
  • Boxers,
  • Briefs,
  • T-shirts.

Enticingly Soft Boxers in a Practical Multipack

BLACKSOCKS men’s boxers are snug-fitting compared to traditional boxers and are often referred to as boxer briefs or trunks. The snugger fit means they don’t show or shift under your jeans or suit pants. Choose from a range of colors, including blue, navy and khaki, classic black, gray or white, or a fresh pattern like black-and-white checks, stripes or prints with fleur de lys and blue or green hexagon. Simply order your boxers in the online shop in packs of two or ten.

Reliable in Every Situation

Cotton allows your skin to breathe, so you stay cool even when it’s hot out. Pima cotton from Peru is renowned the world over for its softness, making it the ideal choice for underwear! We don’t want to detract from this silky feel, which is why we ensure our boxers are free from any annoying seams or labels that might pinch or dig into your skin. Due to cotton’s natural properties, we make the boxers slightly larger as they’ll shrink to their intended size the first time you wash them.

Men’s Boxers Bestsellers

Delphine boxers in black are our bestselling boxer briefs. Not only are they available in black or blue, but they also come in a checked or navy-striped pattern or with fleur de lys or hexagon prints too. As they contain a small amount of elastane, these men’s boxers are elastic and perfectly fit the male body. The Pima cotton and careful workmanship result in an especially smooth boxer.

Boxer Shorts for Freedom-Loving Men

In contrast to Delphine boxers, Josephine boxer shorts are made of 100% cotton (Pima). The fine-ribbed quality gives them a more relaxed fit around the legs. They also feature an elastic waistband, ensuring a secure fit. Josephine boxers are available in classic black, gray or white, and also in navy or khaki with a white waistband.

Simple But Sporty: Men’s Briefs with the Comfort Factor

There’s nothing more annoying than underwear that moves about or shows through your suit trousers – so BLACKSOCKS also offers men’s briefs alongside its boxer shorts. Augustine briefs are available either plain in three different colors or with 4 different patterns in sizes S-XL.

Augustine Briefs: For Sporty Men

Men’s briefs are a classic style of underwear that doesn’t cover the legs, ensuring you have complete freedom of movement. They are perfect for sport, whether running for the train or lifting weights at the gym. However, they are also great for more peaceful, relaxed days: cut a fine figure under your suit with Augustine briefs.

High-Quality Material Do you know what makes Augustine briefs so soft? It’s Pima cotton, the material used for the men’s briefs. This soft cotton from Peru has been tested to ensure that it is skin-friendly in accordance with the Oeko-Tex® Standard – so even men with sensitive skin or allergies have nothing to worry about.

Pampering the Skin

Briefs also have to sit well. This light, soft, stretchy material ensures a perfect fit. It adapts to your body, and the soft elastic waistband keeps the briefs on your hips without digging in, even when sitting down for a long time. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

But what use is a single pair of briefs? Order our men’s briefs as a multipack of two or ten. Alternatively, you can ensure that you have enough underwear all year round with our brief subscription.

More Than Just a Basic: Soft Men’s T-Shirts

After a long day in a business suit, there is nothing better than slipping on a fresh T-shirt as you kick back and relax. T-shirts are an indispensable part of any wardrobe. This is no surprise, given the variety of ways that T-shirts can be used. You can use one to make an elegant suit look a bit more casual. Alternatively, combining jeans or trousers with a T-shirt is always a good look for your leisure time – whether you go for a crew or a V-neck.

The Cotton T-Shirt

As one of the most important items in your wardrobe, a T-shirt must be comfortable to wear. And it will be with Peruvian Pima cotton: it feels soft against the skin yet is still hard-wearing. Its long fibers also prevent any fluff from forming. As well as classic white, black or gray, you can also buy our T-shirts in blue, navy or khaki.

Sold Online, Made in Europe

All of our T-shirts come from a clothing manufacturer in Portugal. This company was founded in 1982 and has been making quality-conscious underwear for BLACKSOCKS ever since. Quality also means material that is kind to the skin. The Oeko-Tex® label guarantees that all of our products are 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

100% Cotton or Stretchy Material

Our Suzette and Antoinette T-shirts are made from 100% Pima cotton. The fine-ribbed material feels particularly gentle against the skin. If you want something more flexible, go for a Babette or Claudette T-shirt: the addition of elastane (5%) turns the fabric into a well-loved stretchy material that fits any upper body shape.

Buy a Crew or V-Neck T-Shirt

The different neck types come into their own depending on what you are using the T-shirt for. A V-neck has a classic look, a crew neck is more modern, and sleeveless is a good choice for wearing under a shirt. All our T-shirts are available in sizes S to XL, and the white Suzette T-shirt even comes in XXL. Order them quickly and easily via our online shop – as a two-pack or a four-pack.


  • White Shirt
  • Blue Shirt
  • Glen Plaid Shirt
  • Checkered Shirt
  • Dotted Shirt

Julienne Shirt in Blue: Glen Plaid

The modern cut of the Julienne shirt is enhanced by a Kent collar and a glen plaid pattern that will draw everyone’s gaze. Two superimposed checks in harmonious blue tones come together to create this pattern. This glen plaid shirt is perfect for everyday outfits or a smart casual look.

To ensure that you have a regular supply of fresh shirts in your wardrobe, I am also available as a subscription. With the shirtscription, you receive two new shirts (always the same ones) three times a year, without you having to lift a finger. You can adjust your subscription at any time in your user account.

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  • German letter/parcel post: 3 days
  • Europe letter/parcel post: 4-5 days
  • Overseas letter/parcel post: 4 to 15 days according to country

What Do I Do If I Don’t Like my Order?

Unworn items may be returned within 30 days. We will exchange them or refund them at the purchase price, whichever you would prefer. The customer covers the costs of return shipping unless we have made an error.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Like my Order?

Unworn items may be returned within 30 days. We will exchange them or refund them at the purchase price, whichever you would prefer. The customer covers the costs of return shipping unless we have made an error.

How Does a Gift Sockscription (or Other Subscriptions) Work?

Just like a sockscription, except:

it is not renewed

You can have the first delivery sent straight to the recipient of the gift or to your home

You can add a personal greeting to the recipient which will appear on every delivery note

The sockscription is a great gift idea. Why not give it a try?

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Before your subscription renews, we will send you an automatic email notification letting you know about the upcoming renewal. This email offers you various options. You can:

Change the renewal date

Cancel the subscription online in your customer account

Send us an email and we will reply with a cancellation confirmation

How Can I Pay?

It depends on your country:

  • Switzerland: Invoice, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, Twint, voucher or Miles & More miles
  • Germany: Direct debit, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, voucher or Miles & More miles, soon it will also be possible to make payments by invoice
  • Austria: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, voucher or Miles & More miles Part payment available for vouchers and Miles & More miles.
  • International: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, voucher or Miles & More miles Part payment available for vouchers and Miles & More miles.