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At CalExotics, we’re proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of pleasure products for women, men and couples. We take great pride in producing some sex toys that are designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure. Our selection of products includes items in a number of popular categories, including vibrators, dildos, bullets, anal toys and more. We also offer a wonderful selection of lubes, lingerie and luxury sex toys. With products available in a wide range of price points, there’s something for everyone at CalExotics.

CalExotics sex toys have won over women and men alike thanks to their carefully designed features made with pure pleasure in mind. We’ve become leading innovators in the industry thanks to our commitment to reigniting romance and passion in relationships.

We’re driven by female perspectives and have an all-female product development team who work hard to deliver user-friendly products that offer an exceptional sensual experience time and time again.

CalExotics sex toys feature premium materials and come with warranties to ensure your satisfaction. Check out our entire collection of superior sex toys to discover products to enhance your intimate experiences and increase your sexual satisfaction.

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Sex Toys for Women

Make pleasure a priority with these sex toys for her from CalExotics. If you’ve always wanted to experience greater sexual satisfaction, this collection includes something to stimulate your senses in a whole new way. These products are designed with a woman’s body in mind. They’ll help you to achieve a more gratifying sexual experience whether you’re pursuing some solo satisfaction or you’re enjoying some sexy foreplay with a partner. Find something that’s just right for your desires when you shop for female sex toys at CalExotics.

Try Something New

Whether you’re buying your very first toy or you’ve been using vibrators and dildos for years, you can find something new and exciting when you browse through our collection of sex toys for women. For the beginners, a sleek bullet or personal massager offers an easy way to experiment with sexual pleasure on your own or alongside a partner. You’ll love that these toys are easy to handle and allow you full control over your own satisfaction. If you’re looking for a fun new product to add to your collection, consider trying out our kegel balls that can make orgasms more intense or a pick up a kinky sex kit to surprise your partner with. You’ll love the challenge of trying out unique products for our more advanced sex toy users.

Fantastic Feminine Pleasure

When your pleasure is prioritized, you can experience more passion than ever in your relationships. Get in touch with your own body and find what stimulates you sexually by masturbating with our women’s vibrators, dildos, bullets and more. You can also bring these sex toys into the bedroom to experience more intense climaxes when you’re with a partner. Embrace your erotic side with CalExotic’s high-quality adult toys made with premium materials and user-friendly designs. Our women’s sex toys are designed to give you the stimulating, sensual experience you’ve been craving.

Gift-Giving Made Easy

With this collection, we’ve made it easy to find the best sex toys for women all in one place. If you’re looking to surprise a special lady in your life with a sexy gift, we’ve got you covered. We have the best sex toys for wives, girlfriends and partners that you can use for all kinds of occasions. Present her with a pair of peek-a-boo panties or a set of nipple toys for an anniversary or give her that luxury vibrator she’s been wanting for a birthday. You can make any date even more special by ending the evening in bed with an exciting sex toy gift, whether it’s a strap-on set or an anal probe. These kinds of gifts are sure to keep your relationship intimate and your sex life anything but boring. And with options at just every price point, you can keep coming back to CalExotics whenever you want to celebrate with something sexy. Start shopping now to discover a wide variety of alluring sex toys for women.

  • Vibrators
  • Vibrators The Original Butterfly Kiss As low as $17.99
  • Massagers Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Flicker $65.99
  • Vibrating Clitoral Pumps Intimate Pump Rechargeable Clitoral Pump $67.99
  • Vibrators Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Thrusting Rabbit $134.99
  • Massagers Red Hot Spark $59.99
  • Dildos
  • Bullets-Beads
  • Anal Toys
  • Kegels and More
  • Kits
  • Strap Ons
  • Attire-Adornments
  • Dilators

Male’s Sex Toys

Indulge in your sexual desires and make your more stimulating fantasies come to life with the help of these male sex toys at CalExotics. Our huge selection of male masturbators, penis pumps, cock rings, prostate massagers, and other pleasurable products are designed to help you achieve explosive orgasms that leave your feeling fully satisfied. Whether you’re looking for some solo stimulation or you want to try pump up the passion with your partner, you’ll find a great fit for your sexual desires on our site. Shop at CalExotics to discover an enticing selection of sex toys for men.

Achieve Intense Orgasms

When your sexual urges need to be satisfied, be sure to have the right sex toys on hand to get the intense climax that you crave. Masturbators are some of the most popular products in this category since they come in a wide variety of stimulating designs, including lifelike vagina strokers, erotic ass masturbators and smooth or textured cock sleeves. To intensify your arousal with a partner, try wearing one of our penis rings for enhanced orgasms. Our selection of anal toys such as anal probes allow for prostate pleasure like never before, while our sensual men’s attire includes erotic accessories like mesh briefs. With so many options, you’re sure to find several toys to enhance your sex life.

Make Your Pleasure a Priority

Don’t let your lust go unnoticed any longer. These sensual men’s toys offer you the chance to explore your desires in exciting ways. Enjoy them on your own to achieve intense orgasms through masturbation or pair up with a partner to experience a new level of pleasure together. We’re carefully selected each and every product in our collection based on its satisfying results and high-quality design, so be sure to shop at CalExotics for all your sex toy needs.

  • Anal Toys
  • Kits
  • Masturbators
  • Prostate
  • Pumps
  • Rings-Extensions
  • Sensual Attire
  • Couples Enhancers
  • Key by Jopen – Halo As low as $32.99
  • Vibrating Masturbators Apollo Hydro Power Stroker As low as $81.99
  • Non-Vibrating Masturbators Sue Johanson Head Honcho $20.99
  • Vibrating Male Pumps Optimum Series Silicone Executive Oro Simulator $69.99
  • Vibrating Masturbators Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 – Vagina $121.99

Sex Toys for Couples

Make sure you prioritize sexual satisfaction in your relationship with our selection of the best sex toys for couples available at CalExotics. When you want you and your partner to grow even closer, stoking your sexual fires is a great way to enhance your intimacy. This collection includes a wide variety of sexy toys of both the naughty and nice variety so you can find the perfect fit for your relationship. Whether your sex life is in a rut and you need a bit of a boost or you and your partner are eager to try some fun new toys together, you’ll discover all kinds of enticing products when you shop for couples’ sex toys at CalExotics.

Enhance Your Sex Life

There are so many exciting ways for couples to explore their desires together by using these sex toys. If you’re looking for something simple to start with, try our foreplay enhancers like romantic massage oils or some fun sex dice. For more adventurous couples, consider one of our vibrating cock rings. The added stimulation from the vibrations combined with a rock-hard, long-lasting erection will prove to be incredibly satisfying for both of you, possibly even pushing you to try some new positions or activities together during a night of passion. You can take things to the next level with even more erotic options like our fetish products and penis pumps.

Indulge in Playful Pleasures

Adding excitement to your sex life is easy with our selection of adult games. These fun sex toys for couples are just what you need to get in the mood for an intimate evening together. Take time to focus on what gets you and your partner turned on. Slowly explore one another’s bodies as you anticipate the pleasures the night has in store for you. From sexy playing cards to naughty dice games, there are plenty of products in this collection that you and your partner can use to increase your desire and connection.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

When you try these adult sex toys for couples, your passions for one another will be reignited. Just the addition of one of two simple products can help you to reinvent your sex life with new and exciting dynamics and desires. And with so many different sex toys for couples from which to choose, you’re sure to find something that plays into your most passionate fantasies. If you and your partner want to try something new or become more intimate than ever before, be sure to shop for couples’ sex toys at CalExotics.

  • Couples Enhancers
  • Fetish
  • Games
  • Kits
  • Fetish
  • Scandal Universal Cuffs $26.99
  • Couples Enhancers Silicone Rechargeable Passion Enhancer $42.99
  • Fetish First Time Fetish™ Nipple Teasers $13.99
  • Fetish Scandal Bed Restraints $72.99
  • Couples Enhancers Couple’s Raging Bull $21.99

Luxury Sex Toys

Give your sex life an instant boost with any of these luxury sex toys from CalExotics. Our line of Jopen sex toys feature impeccable designs, top-quality materials and exciting features to deliver the satisfying results you crave. From classic vibrators to bullets, pleasure rings and more, we offer an enticing collection of upscale sex toys for our most discerning customers. If you want the best when it comes to fun toys for the bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our collection of high-quality sex toys to discover the perfect fit for your sexual desires.

Made to Please

When you choose one of these Jopen sex toys, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll get the results you want. These are some of our most popular products because they deliver intense sensations and help bring you to an explosive climax time and time again. The user-friendly designs are just as versatile as they are attractive. Just one look at these well-designed sex toys will start to rev your engine and get you thinking of all the sexy possibilities that could develop from using these products. Use them on yourself to make masturbation even more enjoyable or share it with your partner for a fun frolic in bed. Your most intimate moments will be even more exciting when you use these luxurious sex toys.

Indulge Your Desires

Browse through our full collection of top-quality sex toys to discover something to stir your secret desires. Whether it’s indulgent massage oils and lubricants or a pleasure ring or bullet that will bring buzzing sensations to your most sensitive areas, you’ll love the way these products enhance your sex life. Shop at CalExotics today to see everything available in our exclusive Jopen toy line.

Lubricants, Oils, Toy Cleaners, Potions

Get ready for a wild night of passion with the help of these personal lubricants, massage oils, toy cleaners and other erotic products from CalExotics. Our selection of lubes and more includes a wide variety of stimulating toys and other items to give your sex life a boost. Whether it’s enjoying some visual inspiration with an instructional DVD or making masturbation more fun with a sex doll, you’ll love this collection of products designed to bring you and your partner more pleasure in bed. Browse through each category in this collection to find some fun and unique products to add to your personal collection.

Smooth & Slick

To make your sexual experiences even more enjoyable, we recommend getting a few lube products so you’ll always have some on hand when the mood strikes. Our lubes come in a wide variety of water-based and silicone-based styles so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. In addition to using personal lubricants for penetration with a partner, don’t forget that a good lube makes masturbation more enjoyable as well. You can use lube for manual stimulation or when experimenting with one of your favorite dildos, vibrators or other sex toys.

Try Other Exciting Sex Toys & Products

Besides our extensive selection of personal lubricants, massage oils and sex toy cleaning products, you’ll find a variety of other erotic items in this collection. Our love dolls are especially popular since they provide a visually stimulating experience while you get yourself off. Our water systems include handy douche products for cleaning up before and after sex. We also offer an exciting selection of sexy gifts and games if you want to surprise your lover with a little something special. Check out this diverse selection of sexy toys, lubes and more when you shop online at CalExotics.

  • Lubricants-Oils-Potions
  • Manuals-DVDs
  • Gag Gifts
  • Love Dolls
  • Water Systems

Brands collection at CalExotics

Looking for sex toys and accessories from one of your favorite brands? We’ve got you covered at CalExotics. Our collection features hundreds of products from dozens of the top adult toy manufacturers on the market. In addition to popular names like Mini Marvels, Inspire, Jack Rabbit, Colt and Scandal, you’ll discover a number of brands that are endorsed by the industry well known sexual educators, such as Dr. Joel Kaplan and Dr. Laura Berman. And don’t forget about our line of luxury toys by Jopen, including the impressive Amour by Jopen, Callie by Jopen products. Get ready to try something new and exciting when it comes to your sexual desires by perusing your favorite brands or finding some new names to try in our collection at CalExotics.

Take it to the Limit

Our selection of discreet adult toys and fun accessories for your sex life includes a wide range of products to suit just about anyone’s erotic tastes. For the ladies, there’s nothing better than the clit-stimulating products from Jack Rabbits, Pocket Exotics and other brands designed with female satisfaction in mind. Guys can get down and dirty with brands such as COLT, Dr. Joel Kaplan, and Cheap Thrills for male-focused products such as masturbators or strokers, penis pumps, prostate probes, cock rings and fetish gear of all sorts.

Couples can experiment with impressive dildos by Emperor Dongs, lubes from Essence by Jopen, bondage romance from Scandal, and a wide variety of enticing games and gifts. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it from one of these top brands at CalExotics.

High-Quality Sex Products

At CalExotics, all of our brands have one thing in common: quality. We make sure that every sex-toys and accessory on our site is made to deliver the sexy results and long-lasting durability you deserve. When you shop by brand for sex toys, you’ll find a great selection of trusted manufacturers in the adult industry. Browse these collections now to find an exciting new toy to add to your own personal pleasure chest.

  • Adonis®
  • Amour by Jopen
  • Amour™
  • Apollo®
  • Aura™
  • Basic Essentials®
  • Bendies™
  • Body and Soul®
  • Booty Call®
  • Bound By Diamonds™
  • Boundless™
  • Butterfly Kiss®
  • California Dreaming®
  • Callie by Jopen
  • Charisma®
  • Cheap Thrills™
  • Classic Chic®
  • COLT®
  • Couture Collection®
  • DazzLED™Dr. Joel Kaplan®
  • Dr. Laura Berman®
  • Collection Eclipse™
  • Edenembrace™
  • Emperor DongsEntice®
  • Envy by JopenEssence®
  • by Jopen
  • Extreme Pure Gold™
  • First Time®
  • Foreplay Ice™
  • French Kiss™
  • G-Love™
  • GLAM™
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Gyration Sensations®
  • Her Royal Harness™
  • Hidden Pleasures™
  • High Intensity
  • Hot Pinks™
  • Hype™
  • Impress™
  • Impulse™
  • In Touch™Inked!™
  • Inspire®
  • Intimate Play™
  • Jack Rabbit®
  • Jumpin’ Gyrator®
  • Key® by JopenKiss™
  • Vibes
  • Krōma™
  • L’Amour®
  • Lia®
  • Lighted Shimmers ®
  • Link Up™
  • Love Rider®
  • Lust by JopenLuxe™
  • Magnetic Power Rings®
  • Massagers
  • Mini Marvels
  • My Pod™
  • Naughty Bits™
  • nipple play®
  • Opal by Jopen
  • Optimum Power®
  • Optimum Series™
  • Opulence™
  • Packer Gear™
  • Passion Pals™
  • Pave by Jopen
  • Pocket Exotics®
  • Power Gem®
  • power play™
  • Precious Metal®
  • Precision Pump®
  • Private™
  • Red Hot™
  • Risqué ®
  • Scandal®
  • Sexy Little Panty Collection™
  • Shameless™
  • Shane’s World®
  • She-ology™
  • Silicone Basics™
  • Slay™
  • Spellbound®
  • Starstruck™
  • by Jopen
  • Sterling Collection™
  • Stroke It™
  • Studs®
  • Sue Johanson’s™
  • Royal Toy Line™
  • Super Strap ®
  • Support Plus®
  • Tantric Collection
  • The Gripper™
  • They-ology™
  • Throb
  • Tickle Me Pink™
  • Tiny Teasers™
  • Tremble™
  • Triple Orgasm™
  • Uncorked™
  • Unleashed™
  • Up!®
  • Utopia
  • Vanity By Jopen
  • Venus Butterfly
  • Vivid®
  • Raw™
  • Volt™

After Dark Essentials™

After Dark Essentials™ Flavored Personal Lubricant – Fruit Punch .08 fl. oz. sachet (Prepack 250)
After Dark Essentials™ Hybrid Personal Lubricant .08 fl. oz. sachet (Prepack 250)
After Dark Essentials™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant .08 fl. oz. sachet (Prepack 250)
After Dark Essentials™ Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant 4 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant Infused with CBD 4 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Hybrid Personal Lubricant 4 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant 2 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Chill Cooling Water-Based Personal Lubricant 4 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant Infused with CBD 2 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Flavored Desensitizing Oral Spray – Cool Mint 2 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Flavored Desensitizing Oral Spray – Cotton Candy 2 fl. oz.
After Dark Essentials™ Flavored Desensitizing Oral Spray – Fresh Cherry 2 fl. oz.


JOPEN® Amour® Silicone Remote Bullet
JOPEN® Amour® Silicone Dual G Wand
JOPEN® Amour® Silicone Wand
JOPEN® Amour® Silicone Mini G

Anal Toys

Ultimate Anal Kit
XL Silicone Inflatable Plug
10-Function Self-Pleasing P™
Large Silicone Inflatable Plug
Vibrating Silicone Booty Rider™
Medium Silicone Inflatable Plug
Weighted Silicone Inflatable Plug
Silicone Anal Trainer Kit
Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit
Anal Trainer Kit
Inflatable Stud™ 9.5″
Silicone Anal Probe Kit


Aura™ Dual Lover
Aura™ Duo
Aura™ Wand
Aura™ Tickler


Apollo® Alpha Stroker™ 2
Apollo® Hydro Power Stroker™ – Blue
Apollo® Hydro Power Stroker™ – Gray
Apollo® Power Stroker – Blue
Apollo® Power Stroker – Gray
Apollo® Premium Power Pump
Apollo® Sta-Hard® Kit
Apollo® Dual Density Stroker
Apollo® Trainer Kit
Apollo® Dual Stroker
Apollo® Stroker – Blue
Apollo® Stroker – Gray

Basic Essentials®

Basic Essentials® Bunny
Basic Essentials® Penis Pump
Basic Essentials® Double Trouble® Vibrating Support System
Basic Essentials® Softee
Basic Essentials® Stretchy Vibrating Bunny Enhancer
Basic Essentials® Slim Softee – Pink
Basic Essentials® Slim Softee – Purple
Basic Essentials® Beaded Masturbator
Basic Essentials® Bunny Enhancer
Basic Essentials® Butterfly Enhancer
Basic Essentials® Beaded Probe – Pink
Basic Essentials® Beaded Probe – Smoke


Silicone Flexi Power Rod™
Silicone Bendie Power Probe
Dual Penetrator™
Superior X-10 Beads®
Waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads™ – Pink
Waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads™ – Purple
Silicone Booty Beads™
Swirl Pleasure Beads™ – Blue
Swirl Pleasure Beads™ – Pink
Swirl Pleasure Beads™ – Purple
Platinum X-10 Beads®
X-10 Beads® – Blue

Booty Call®

Booty Call® Booty Pumper Medium
Booty Call® Booty Rider – Black
Booty Call® Booty Rider – Purple
Booty Call® Booty Pumper Small
Booty Call® Booty Buzz – Black
Booty Call® Booty Buzz – Pink
Booty Call® Booty Rocket – Black
Booty Call® Booty Rocket – Pink
Booty Call® Booty Bender – Black
Booty Call® Booty Bender – Purple
Booty Call® Booty Trainer Kit
Booty Call® Booty Blaster


Boundless™ Bed Restraint
Boundless™ Thong with Garter – 2XL/3XL
Boundless™ Thong with Garter – L/XL
Boundless™ Thong with Garter – S/M
Boundless™ Boxer Brief – 2XL/3XL
Boundless™ Boxer Brief – L/XL
Boundless™ Boxer Brief – S/M
Boundless™ Collar with Leash
Boundless™ Hog Tie
Boundless™ Backless Brief – 2XL/3XL
Boundless™ Backless Brief – L/XL
Boundless™ Backless Brief – S/M


Sterling Collection™ Standard & Slimline Silver Bullets
Passion Bullets®
Sterling Collection™ 7-Function Dual Controller
Power Play™ Dual Silver Bullets
Dual Bunny Teaser™
Double Play™
power play™ kegel exciter
Rechargeable Hideaway™ Bullet – Blue
Rechargeable Hideaway™ Bullet – Gold
Rechargeable Hideaway™ Bullet – Pink
Rechargeable Hideaway™ Bullet – Silver
Rechargeable Massager Kit

Butterfly Kiss®

Butterfly Kiss® Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss® – Blue
Butterfly Kiss® Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss® – Pink
Butterfly Kiss® Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss® – Purple
G-Kiss™ – Pink
The Original G-Kiss™
Silicone Bunny Kiss®
Silicone Butterfly Kiss® – Pink
9-Function Butterfly Kiss® Platinum Edition – Pink
9-Function Personal Pleasurizer™ Platinum Edition
Special Edition Bunny Kiss® – White
Waterproof Wireless Bunny™
9-Function Bunny Kiss® Platinum Edition

California Dreaming®

California Dreaming® Beverly Hills Bunny
California Dreaming® Malibu Minx
California Dreaming® Monterey Magic
California Dreaming® Newport Beach Babe
California Dreaming® Orange County Cutie
California Dreaming® Pasadena Player
California Dreaming® San Francisco Sweetheart
California Dreaming® Santa Barbara Surfer
California Dreaming® Santa Cruz ‘Coaster
California Dreaming® Santa Monica Starlet
California Dreaming® Valley Vamp
California Dreaming® West Coast Wave Rider


JOPEN® Callie® Vibrating Dual Massager
JOPEN® Callie® Vibrating Wand
JOPEN® Callie® Vibrating Mini Wand
JOPEN® Callie® Vibrating Mini Massager

Cheap Thrills®

Cheap Thrills® The Flight Attendant
Cheap Thrills® The French Maid
Cheap Thrills® The Mechanic
Cheap Thrills® The Teacher
Cheap Thrills® The Cheerleader
Cheap Thrills® The Farm Girl
Cheap Thrills® The Good Time
Cheap Thrills® The Harlot
Cheap Thrills® The Naughty Nurse
Cheap Thrills® The Roller Girl
Cheap Thrills® The Showgirl
Cheap Thrills® The Steamy Affair


Cheeky™ Gems – Green
Cheeky™ Gems – Orange
Cheeky™ Gems – Pink
Cheeky™ Gems – Purple
Cheeky™ – Green
Cheeky™ – Orange
Cheeky™ – Pink
Cheeky™ – Purple


Chíc™ Blossom
Chíc™ Lilac
Chíc™ Poppy
Chíc™ Peony
Chíc™ Tulip
Chíc™ Jasmine
Chíc™ Violet
Chíc™ Daisy

Classic Chíc™

7-Function Classic Chíc™ Wild “G”
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard “G” – Black
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard “G” – Pink
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard “G” – Purple
8-Function Classic Chíc™ Curve – Black
8-Function Classic Chíc™ Curve – Pink
8-Function Classic Chíc™ Curve – Purple
8-Function Classic Chíc™ Wave – Pink
8-Function Classic Chíc™ Wave – Purple
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard – Black
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard – Pink
7-Function Classic Chíc™ Standard – Purple


COLT® Advanced Shower Shot™
COLT® Adam Dexter’s Genuine Cock
COLT® Deep Drill
COLT® Mighty Mouth
COLT® XL Big Boy
COLT® Big Man Pump System™
COLT® 10-Function Vibrating Stroker
COLT® Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring
COLT® XXXL Pumper Plug with Detachable Hose
COLT® Shower Shot™
COLT® XXL Pumper Plug
COLT® Muscle Nips Pump™

Couple’s Enhancers

Silicone Rechargeable Remote Pleasurizer™
Silicone Rechargeable Dual Rockin’ Rim™ Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable Dual Clit Flicker Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer™
Silicone Rechargeable Dual Pleaser Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable Dual Rockin’ Rabbit® Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable French Kiss™ Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable Passion Enhancer™
Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Enhancer™
Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Tongue Enhancer
Silicone Rechargeable Triple Clit Flicker
Ultimate Triple Stimulator®


DazzLED® Brilliance
DazzLED® Radiance
DazzLED® Vibrance

Dr. Joel Kaplan®

Dr. Joel Kaplan® Versatile Prostate Stimulator
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Silicone Inflatable Plug™
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Essential Pump Kit
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Silicone Ridged P
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Silicone Smooth P
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Gyrating Massager
Dr. Joel Kaplan® EZ-Reach Prostate Probe™
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Anal Dilator Kit™
Dr. Joel Kaplan® 5-Function Prostate Stimulator
Dr. Joel Kaplan® P-Rock™ Prostate Massager
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Premium Prostate Massager
Dr. Joel Kaplan® Compact Prostate Massager™

Dr. Laura Berman® Collection

Dr. Laura Berman® Astrea II™ Remote Vibrating Thong
Dr. Laura Berman® Lottie™ 10-Function Remote Panty Pleaser
Dr. Laura Berman® Charlotte™ Rotating Silicone Massager
Dr. Laura Berman® Stella™ Rotating & Vibrating Silicone Massager
Dr. Laura Berman® Isabelle™ Set of 2 Vibrating Silicone Dilators
Dr. Laura Berman® Dilators™ Set Of 4 Locking Sizes Plus Sleeve
Dr. Laura Berman® Alena™ Set of 3 Silicone Dilators
Dr. Laura Berman® Selene™ Vibrating Clitoral Pump
Dr. Laura Berman® Nyla™ Satin Finish™ 8-Speed Massager
Dr. Laura Berman® Olivia™ Rechargeable Mini Massager with Attachments
Dr. Laura Berman® Mimi® Vibrating Micro Bullet
Dr. Laura Berman® Lila™ Waterproof Vibrating Bullet

Dr. Sherry

They-ology™ Vibrating Intimate Massager
They-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Anal Training Set
She-ology® 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set
She-ology® Advanced 3-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set
She-ology® Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set
She-ology® CBD-Infused Organic Coconut Oil Love Oil – Packaged
She-ology® CBD-Infused Organic Coconut Oil Love Oil – Bulk


Eclipse™ Remote Control Inflatable Probe
Eclipse™ Remote Control Dual Pulsating Probe
Eclipse™ Wristband Remote Rimming Probe
Eclipse™ Wristband Remote Thrusting Rotator Probe
Eclipse™ Wristband Remote Beaded Probe™
Eclipse™ Interchangeable Probe
Eclipse™ Wristband Remote Pulsing Probe™
Eclipse™ Beaded Probe™
Eclipse™ Thrusting Rotator Probe™
Eclipse™ Rocking Probe™
Eclipse™ Roller Ball Probe™
Eclipse™ Tapered Roller Ball Probe


Eden™ Bunny
Eden™ Climaxer
Eden™ Flicker
Eden™ Lover
Eden™ Ripple
Eden™ Scoop
Eden™ Tulip
Eden™ Wand


Elle™ Liquid Silicone Bunny
Elle™ Liquid Silicone Dual Flicker
Elle™ Liquid Silicone Wand


Empowered™ Smart Pleasure Queen
Empowered™ Smart Pleasure Idol
Empowered™ Palm Pleasure Goddess


Enchanted Exciter
Enchanted Kisser
Enchanted Teaser
Enchanted Bunny
Enchanted Lover
Enchanted Tickler


Penis Extender
PPA With Jock Strap – Brown
PPA With Jock Strap – Ivory
Silicone Love Rider® Dual Penetrator – Black
Silicone Love Rider® Dual Penetrator – Pink
The “Original” Accommodator® Latex Dong – Ivory
Silicone 2″ Extension
Silicone Love Rider® Beaded Dual Penetrator™
3 Piece Extension Kit
Accommodator® Dual Penetrator™ – Black
Accommodator® Dual Penetrator™ – Ivory
Extend it Up!® – Blue

First Time®

First Time® Jack Rabbit® – Pink
First Time® Jack Rabbit® – Purple
First Time® Dual Exciter – Pink
First Time® Dual Exciter – Purple
First Time® Flexi-Glider
First Time® Flexi-Rider
First Time® Flexi-Rocker
First Time® Flexi-Slider
First Time® Bunny Teaser – Pink
First Time® Bunny Teaser – Purple
First Time® Solo Exciter – Pink
First Time® Solo Exciter – Purple

Foreplay Frenzy™

Foreplay Frenzy™ Bunny Kisser
Foreplay Frenzy™ Pucker
Foreplay Frenzy™ Bunny
Foreplay Frenzy™ Climaxer
Foreplay Frenzy™ Teaser

French Kiss™

French Kiss™ Casanova
French Kiss™ Seducer
French Kiss™ Charmer
French Kiss™ Sweet Talker

Fuck Sauce™

Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Strawberry .08 fl. oz. sachet (Prepack 250)
Fuck Sauce™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant .08 fl. oz. sachet (Prepack 250)
Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant Variety Pack 2 fl. oz. each
Fuck Sauce™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant 8 fl. oz.
Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Banana 2 fl. oz.
Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Cherry 2 fl. oz.
Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Strawberry 2 fl. oz.
Fuck Sauce™ Flavored Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Watermelon 2 fl. oz.

Fun Packs

Foil Pack 3-Speed Bullet (Prepack of 24) – Blue
Foil Pack 3-Speed Bullet (Prepack of 24) – Orange
Foil Pack 3-Speed Bullet (Prepack of 24) – Pink
Foil Pack 3-Speed Bullet (Prepack of 24) – Purple
Foil Pack X-Large Ring (Prepack of 24) – Clear
Foil Pack X-Large Ring (Prepack of 24) – Smoke
Foil Pack Vibrating Ring (Prepack of 24) – Blue
Foil Pack Vibrating Ring (Prepack of 24) – Orange
Foil Pack Vibrating Ring (Prepack of 24) – Pink
Foil Pack Vibrating Ring (Prepack of 24) – Purple
Foil Pack Ring (Prepack of 24) – Clear
Foil Pack Ring (Prepack of 24) – Smoke


G-Love™ G-Bunny
G-Love™ G-Kiss
G-Love™ G-Thumper
G-Love™ G-Roller
G-Love™ G-Wand


Emojigasm™ Dice
Let’s Get Kinky™ Dice
Tempt & Tease™ Dados
Tempt & Tease™ Dice


Glam™ G Vibe – Blue
Glam™ G Vibe – Pink
Glam™ Vibe – Blue
Glam™ Vibe – Purple
Glam™ Bullet – Black
Glam™ Bullet – Blue
Glam™ Bullet – Pink
Glam™ Bullet – Silver

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