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There’s more than one way to find the right motorcycle gear for your next ride — and Cycle Gear offers both.
With nearly 150 storefronts across the US plus a robust digital catalog to shop online, we meet the needs of all motorcyclists.
Whether you’re the in-store browser who wants to learn more about parts for sale or the web shopper who knows exactly what they want, we’ve helped champion a DIY attitude since 1974.

Cycle Gear is the leading local retailer for motorcycling must-haves.
If you’re looking for gear, parts and accessories near you, our knowledgeable staff are never far from home.
We’re happy to put that personal touch on shopping and the value-conscious gear we carry makes it easy to try on and test the latest apparel and parts for sale.
This means cutting-edge offerings from well-established brands in the dirt and street sectors.
Pick up performance-oriented riding gear for yourself or for family members today! It turns every trip to our gear stores near you into a fun adventure for all who tag along.

Cycle Gear website is also home to a huge selection of motorcycle parts available online.
Take your time as you find the exact OEM or aftermarket item needed to fit your bike and riding style — and explore anything else in our pressure-free environment that you may find worthy of a purchase.
Buying motorcycle parts online is the best way to keep your bike running without having to spend precious free time making in-store stops.
It’s all about the parts and gear you need and picking them up the way you want to.
Our diverse staff of dedicated riders are never more than a few mouse clicks or a phone call away!

Riding Gear

  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Summer Pants
  • Leather Jackets
  • Winter Pants
  • Short Cuff Gloves
  • Mesh Pants
  • Winter Gloves
  • Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gear
  • Leather Pants
  • Waterproof Jackets
  • Summer Gloves
  • Winter Jackets
  • Summer Jackets
  • Chaps
  • Riding Shoes
  • Textile Pants
  • Riding Shirts
  • Mesh Jackets
  • Gauntlet Gloves
  • Textile Jackets

Waterproof Gloves

REV’IT! Sand 4 H2O Gloves
Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves
Sedici Antonio Waterproof Gloves
BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves

Waterproof Boots – Cycle Gear

TCX Rook WP Boots
Forma Adventure Boots
TCX Dartwood WP Shoes
Forma Adventure Low Boots
TCX Hero WP Boots
TCX Street 3 WP Shoes
Klim Range GTX Boots

Hot Weather & Summer Motorcycle Pants – Cycle Gear

Sedici Niccolo Pants
Bull-it Ranger Easy Jeans
Bull-it Icon II Easy Jeans
Bull-it Arc Slim Jeans

Leather Jackets – Cycle Gear

Street & Steel Drifter Jacket
Street & Steel Outlander Jacket
Street & Steel Blade Jacket
BILT Alder 2 Leather Jacket
Street & Steel Athena Women’s Jacket
BILT Nomad Air Jacket
Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Jacket

Winter Motorcycle Pants _ Fight Bitter Cold With Insulation – Cycle Gear

FXR Adrenaline Pants
BILT Storm 2 Waterproof Overpants
BILT Tempest 2 Waterproof Women’s Pants
Scorpion EXO Seattle WP Pants

Short Cuff Gloves – Cycle Gear

Fasthouse Youth Carbon Gloves

Mesh Pants – Cycle Gear

Thor Pulse Counting Sheep Pants
Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Pants
Sedici Marco Mesh Waterproof Pants
Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Women’s Pant

Winter Motorcycle Gloves _ A Must For Cold Weather Warriors – Cycle Gear

Held Cold Champ Gore-Tex Gloves
Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Gloves
AXIAL Block Glove Liners
Sedici Antonio Waterproof Gloves

Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gear – Cycle Gear

Rukka Rimo-R Pants
Held Sambia 2-in-1 Gore-Tex Women’s Gloves
Rukka Shield-R Pants
Held Cold Champ Gore-Tex Gloves

Leather Pants

Street & Steel Richmond Chaps
Street & Steel Heavy Duty Chaps
Sedici Niccolo Pants
First Manufacturing Smarty Pants

Waterproof Jackets

Sedici Avventura Waterproof Jacket
Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Jacket
Sedici Matteo Waterproof Jacket
Sedici Marco Mesh Waterproof Jacket

Hot Weather & Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Speed and Strength Hot Head Gloves
Biltwell Bantam Gloves
Roland Sands Strand CE Gloves
Joe Rocket Vento Fingerless Gloves

Cold Weather & Winter Motorcycle Jackets

FXR Adrenaline Jacket
Klim Whistler Women’s Jacket
FXR Octane Jacket
Klim Stow Away Pro Jacket

Hot Weather & Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Dainese Bora Air Jacket (56)
Merlin Chigwell Lite Jacket
Merlin Cambrian Jacket
BILT Blaze 2 Jacket

Motorcycle Chaps

Street & Steel Richmond Chaps
Street & Steel Heavy Duty Chaps
Highway 21 Maverick Chaps
OPEN BOXStreet & Steel Richmond Chaps Black / SM

Riding Shoes

Speed and Strength Mad Dash Women’s Shoes
Crankbrothers Mallet Lace MTB Shoes
Leatt MTB 4.0 Clip Shoe
Crankbrothers Stamp Lace MTB Shoes

Textile Pants

Fox Racing 360 Nobyl Pant
Troy Lee Youth GP Formula Camo Pants
Fasthouse Speed Style Pants
Fox Racing 180 Skew Pants

Motorcycle Riding Shirts

First Manufacturing Maduro Leather Riding Shirt
Street & Steel Mission Moto Shirt
REAX Fairmount Riding Shirt
Street & Steel Mission Moto Women’s Hoody

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Dainese Bora Air Jacket (56)
BILT Blaze 2 Jacket
Sedici Podio Jacket
Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Jacket

Gauntlet Gloves

REV’IT! Quantum 2 Gloves
Oxford Montreal 4.0 Dry2Dry Gloves
Held Sambia 2-in-1 Gore-Tex Women’s Gloves
Klim Terra Firma Dust Gloves

Textile Jackets

Roland Sands Truman CE Jacket
Roland Sands Dawson CE Jacket
FXR Adrenaline Jacket
Merlin Chigwell Lite Jacket

Riding Gear

  • Waterproof Gear
  • Motorcycle Track Gear
  • Snow Gear
  • Women’s Gear
  • Rain Gear
  • Jeans & Pants
  • Jackets
  • Protection
  • Closeout Gear
  • Casual Motorcycle Gear
  • Base Layers
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

Be ready for the unexpected! Nothing puts a damper on a great ride like getting soaked.
Don’t be one of those bikes parked under the overpass waiting it out—get yourself some quality waterproof motorcycle gear and ride on!
If you like to go on long rides, consider investing in a pair of waterproof riding boots.
They aren’t just for when it rains—waterproof boots are great for colder weather, splashing through puddles and even dual sport riding.
Pair them with some waterproof motorcycle pants and you’ll be ready for anything the road may throw your way.
While you’re at it, keep your hands warm and dry with a pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves!
Cycle Gear carries a full lineup from all your favorite brands AND Cycle Gear exclusives you can’t find anywhere else.
Find unbeatable values on waterproof riding gear at or head on down to your local store.

Motorcycle Track Gear

Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit
REV’IT! Quantum 2 Gloves
Arai Corsair X Nakasuga 2 Helmet
Shoei RF-1400 Fortress Helmet

Snowmobile Gear _ Best Brands For Your Next Adventure – Cycle Gear

If you think sweatpants and a puffy coat will carry you through a day of riding, think again. Our selection of snowmobile gear gives you, your passenger and fellow backcountry explorers everything necessary to stay happy, safe and warm while still having a blast. And what a selection it is!
With nearly 1,000 items of snowmobile riding gear for men and women to choose from, now’s the time to find the right size, get your kit together and get ready for the next unforgettable adventure on the sled.

Snowmobile Riding Gear For All Adventures

From the boots right on up to your helmet, the best snowmobile gear for the job is the stuff that meets the needs of your riding style.
This goes for the needs of your sled, too, because electrical draws from GPS devices or heated snowmobile gear is going to require some extra accessories.
Lucky for you, Cycle Gear has amassed a huge collection of the best snowmobile gear to help make ends meet.
Of course, you’ll find all the leading outdoor brands here.
That means 509, FXR, HJC, Klim, Spy Optics and plenty more so find the mens and womens snowmobile gear you’ve been searching for right here!

Power Through The Powder!

If you’re looking for snowmobile gear near you, our 150-plus locations across the US can certainly help.
Just order online and get it shipped to the store!
While you’re taking advantage of our great offerings, be sure to join the Riders Plus Membership and enjoy exclusive perks like free two-day shipping and cash back rewards.
Whether snowmobiling is a winter get-away or you live in the land of perpetual powder, we can help you get geared in the best for less.
Be sure to check out our selection of mens and womens snowmobile helmets to round out your new collection.

Women’s Motorcycle Gear _ Clothing, Apparel & Accessories For Ladies – Cycle Gear

Cycle Gear knows the needs of today’s modern female rider.
We also know how bad the industry has historically been at providing women’s motorcycle gear that wasn’t just a “pink & shrink” version of men’s gear.
That’s why we’re certain Cycle Gear can help you find the women’s motorcycle apparel you’ve been looking for.

Whether you are in need of women’s motorcycle clothing like jackets and gloves or game-changers like helmets and armor, Cycle Gear has one of the largest selections of riding gear specifically designed for women.
In fact, our biker gear for ladies has been tailored to meet the needs of female riders of all types and backgrounds.
You’ll get the right fit for your women’s apparel and accessories and enjoy a new peace of mind when out on two wheels.

Motorcycle Rain Gear _ Rain Suits, Jackets, Pants & More – Cycle Gear

Riding in the rain is never an ideal situation but boy will you be glad that you’re prepared when those drops of H2O begin falling from the heavens.
Motorcycle rain gear differs from waterproof gear because it’s meant to only be worn when it’s raining and is designed to fit over your normal riding gear.
This makes sense for any rider that wants to wear their fair-weather gear all the time and doesn’t mind tossing rain gear in a bag on an iffy day or keeping it in their luggage, always ready in a pinch.
An additional benefit of motorcycle rain gear is that it typically has modern technology integrated into design features to help increase your visibility to other drivers on the road during less than optimal riding conditions.
Essentially motorcycle rain jackets, pants & suits will typically have hi-viz neon & reflective elements intentionally built in throughout the piece of clothing in strategic locations.

Cycle Gear stocks the best motorcycle rain gear in the business because we know staying dry equals pure happiness when wet weather strikes.
With top brands like Alpinestars, REV’IT!, Dainese, BiLT and Tour Master there are a plethora of options that run the gamut in design, material and price to fit your specific riding situation.
Just remember…good rain gear goes a long way.

Motorcycle Pants, Leather Chaps & Jeans

Motorcycle pants are tasked with keeping riders safe in the event of a spill, while also keeping us comfortable in a variety of conditions.
That’s not an easy job, which is why we’ve curated a selection of riding pants that you can trust to perform when it counts.
From motorcycle jeans that look as good on the bike as off it, to motorcycle overpants that can keep you warm and dry when conditions get rough, to chaps and leggings that provide extra protection and layers where you need it, we have the motorcycle pants for any ride. Shop by Collection: Motorcycle Leggings

Motorcycle Jackets

The timeless motorcycle jacket: You’re pretty much guaranteed to look good when wearing one. Of course, a century of spirited riding has helped in the development of jackets that are safer, more comfortable and super stylish.
Be sure to read up on those improvements here, then start checking out the ways to size and buy the best riding jacket.
It’s all part of the process of picking up a new piece of apparel that’s going to stick with you for years.

Motorcycle Jackets for all Riders

Everyone needs a discipline-appropriate riding jacket: men, women, adventure tourers, sport bike riders, cruiser owners and even snowmobile enthusiasts.
Cycle Gear has a carefully curated selection of jackets that run the gamut in moto protection, comfort and performance. (You don’t even need to ride to buy one! Don’t worry — we won’t tell.)

As with boots, the right motorcycle jacket for the job is the one that best lines up with your riding style.
Some companies offer track gear that’s race-ready, even incorporating MotoGP-proven features.
If you need a sport leather jacket that’s going to streamline things while keeping you safe in a spill or slide, there’s plenty of pro-level apparel to pick from.
The traditional leather jacket many associate with motorcyclists can provide a slimming fit, as well, accompanied by modern design elements that boost this jacket above fashion statement.
These leathers will break in and simply wear better over time but in the “looks” department, it’s hard to beat.

Do-it-all jackets that’ll work in the spring and summer months are often mesh, breathable, adjustable and may feature reflective or neon components that look right at home on various street riders.
Textile jackets are in the same vein, offering a step up in protection and usability thanks to pockets for protectors and wind-proofing inserts.
Wear ‘em when the weather gets tough and you’ll get an automatic extension on motorcycle season.

Find yours Today!

Names like Dainese, Alpinestars, Icon, REV’IT!, Bilt and Sedici provide a range of options for every riding style, season and budget. Do yourself a solid and suit up in a proper jacket that will pay dividends every time you gear up.

Motorcycle Body Armor & Protective Gear

Get with it and get armored. Cycle Gear has a huge selection of armored vest, shirts and jackets, knee and elbow guards, neck braces, back protectors and replacement armor that meet or exceed the latest safety standards. Whether you are looking to add some armor to that unarmored leather jacket, gearing up for your next track day or simply want to upgrade your existing armor the options are endless.
Top brands like Dainese, Alpinestars, Knox, Forcefield, Leatt, Icon and EVS have developed cutting edge protective technology to keep you safe when you’re out there on the road. Don’t take any chances and ride ready for anything.

Closeout Gear

BILT Velocity Pants
Sedici Fillipo Waterproof Gloves
BILT Twister Waterproof Jacket
REV’IT! Ignition 3 Pants

Motorcycle Apparel & Casual Clothing

Casual motorcycle gear lets you wear your passion on your sleeve–or your hat.
Whether you are looking for a 6 panel snapback, flexfit or beanie there will be something you can wear on your head other than a DOT helmet. Peruse our selection of Fox Racing hats and clothing to match your off-road gear.
Cycle Gear carries the latest in Yamaha branded clothing so you can pledge your allegiance whenever you’re away from your bike. Alpinestars clothing will keep you looking fresh and fast even when you’re not riding.
Cycle Gear caries all the brands from Dainese to Biltwell so you can be outfitted with the latest casual motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycle Base Layers & Mid Layers

Staying cool or warm under your gear is crucial to maintaining comfort in the saddle and that Fruit of the Loom undershirt isn’t always up to the task.
Cycle Gear stocks an impressive array of base layers for motorcyclists to boost warmth, wick moisture and/or keep you cool while you’re riding.
If the mercury dives, warm up with thermal base and mid layers to retain body heat.
When things heat up, a moisture wicking base layer will help your body stay cool and mitigate moisture build up.
With options for racers, tourers, ADV enthusiasts and off-roaders alike from names like Alpinestars, Dainese, BiLT, and Oxford, Cycle Gear has a base layer option that will fit you, your riding style and your budget.

Motorcycle Gloves

80% Of the controls on your motorcycle are operated with your hands, so getting the right pair of gloves to keep them protected and comfortable is key to having the ride of your life.
Using the latest in materials and protective technology, top brands such as Bilt, Sedici, Dainese, Alpinestars REV’IT!, and Icon have created motorcycle gloves that protect riders from the elements and unforeseen road, trail or track hazards.
Innovations like ergonomic carbon fiber knuckle protection, TPU palm sliders, SuperFabric and D3O have made protecting your hands easy and affordable, without sacrificing comfort. With a wide array of gloves to fit every riding style and budget, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for the right ride.

Motorcycle Boots & Riding Shoes

A connection with your motorcycle starts with the feet.

It’s why motorcycle boots, built to the exact needs of your riding style, are worth investing in.
Whether you’re gearing up for a track day on the sport bike, zipping around city streets on a cafe racer or heading into the woods for a day of trail riding, the right riding boots are paramount to staying in control.
You’ll shift through the gears and put pressure on the brakes with less trouble while also protecting yourself from sudden risks. Be sure to read up on our guide to sizing and buying the right motorcycle riding boots then check out our inventory above!

Riding Styles

There’s no substitute for a good riding boot.
That probably explains why there’s such a variety on the market. You’ll fine ones for men, women, dirt riders, road racers, highway cruisers, peewee amateurs and everyone else in-between.
This wide range is covered by tall and short boots, motorcycle riding shoes and others with a more casual appearance — but still ready to pull double duty on the bike.
Tall black boots generally encompass motocross, adventure and sport/street sectors.
With a varying amount of leather, buckles, wraps, harnesses and zippers, tall boots offer increased protection and improved fit. Short boots blend casual style with motorcycle-specific performance.
While generally cheaper than tall boots, these are by no means inferior products.
We’d suggest you opt for short boots if you want something less bulky to pair with riding jeans.
While they may look like basic sneakers, motorcycle shoes are a final option for those who want a minimalist appearance.
Your feet will stay cooler while special components will provide waterproof, high-grip and padded properties.
In some cases, the best boots for men and women are a matter of personal preference. In others, the high stakes world of on and off-road racing will clearly dictate which big boots are required.

Find your Pair Today!

Cycle Gear carries a wide variety of riding boots and shoes from top brands like Alpinestars, Bilt, Dainese, REV’IT!, SIDI and more.
Whichever ones you choose, know that your feet will be protected and comfortable while you’re out there enjoying everything life on two wheels has to offer.

Motorcycle Parts

  • Wheels and Rims
  • Spark Plugs
  • Lighting
  • Gauges
  • Audio & Speakers
  • Exhaust

Motorcycle Wheels & Rims

Whether you’re riding long miles on the road or love to ride off-road on the weekends, Cycle Gear has motorcycle wheels and rims for all types of bikes. Use the filters on the sidebar to select spoked wheels for dirt bikes and ADV bikes or choose cast wheels to see our options for cruisers and road bikes. In addition to wheels, you can also find accessories such as wheel weights and bearings, rim locks, chocks and stands for when you need to swap out or rebalance your wheels. Changing out your wheels can be a simple maintenance procedure, but can also be an opportunity to customize your ride. Take a look at our collection the next time you want to add some style to your bike.

Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Shop Cycle Gear’s selection of motorcycle spark plugs the next time you need another set for your motorcycle. Spark plugs are a small, inexpensive part on your bike but are such an integral component of the ignition system. Invest in quality spark plugs made of iridium alloy which has an extremely high melting point along with durability. Brands like NGK make the Iridium IX and the Laser Iridium spark plugs that other riders trust to keep their motorcycle firing reliably. For help with installation and spark plug maintenance, check out the accessories section that includes sockets and gap tools.

Motorcycle Lighting

Stock lights are just fine, but if you really want to light up the road or trail, you need to upgrade to powerful LED motorcycle lights. LED lights draw less power giving your bike additional capacity for accessories and placing less strain on your battery. Browse tail lights, turn signals, and license plate lights for a complete overhaul that will ensure you’re visible in all conditions. Cycle Gear has hundreds of options, from basic bulbs to sleek, sophisticated lights that elevate the look of your whole bike. Choose from auxiliary lights and LED headlights to increase your visibility wherever you need it most. Head as far off the grid as you want with full confidence that LED motorcycle lights will light your way.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Gauges. Motorcycle Gauges & Dash Panels

Want to know exactly what’s going on beneath your seat? Then you need to upgrade your motorcycle gauges to get an accurate read on things. Aftermarket alternatives to the stock components offer a more visually pleasing cockpit that’s easier to assess mid-ride. You’ll get an exact readout on RPM, MPH, oil pressure, charging voltage and even what time it is. Available as analog or digital dash options, these instrument clusters will improve looks while enhancing your understanding of the current mechanical snapshot.

Getting the Full Story

First and foremost, knowing how fast you are going is rather important when it comes to motorcycling. Your bike’s speedometer and tachometer within the instrument cluster tell two very important tales. You’ll know how fast the motor is spinning while keeping your speed on the road in check, which is important from the legal perspective. You can also manage RPMs this way, which will keep things out of the red. A universal speedo kit can really deliver in the looks and performance department, which is usually at the root of all DIY projects. Plan on taking a long ride far from home and don’t want to be sidelined by a malfunctioning component? Cycle Gear’s selection of digital gauges help tell the full story from the moment you head out. Add-ons like an oil pressure gauge or battery charging meter provide further insight into the health of your bike mid-ride. A drop in either can promptly end your ride and also cause serious damage if left unchecked for too long.

Audio & Speakers

When it comes to speakers, high quality components make a difference. This is even more true of motorcycle speakers, where your sound system battles roaring pipes and noisy streets. Cycle Gear has a full selection of wired and wireless Bluetooth speakers to upgrade your stock system, plus grills and accessories to amp up the look of your existing system. Get a kit complete with wiring, mounting plates and hardware to outfit your motorcycle with a better stereo system top to bottom. Or choose individual parts to give your sound a boost where it needs it. Rocking out harder and louder on your bike is just a quick installation away. Cycle Gear has the motorcycle stereo systems you need to make it happen.

Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Want a bike that runs better, goes faster, weighs less and looks great? Of course you do — and a new motorcycle exhaust is the silver bullet. Sure, stock exhausts will perform the same duty of expelling combustion gasses from the motor. However, only the best aftermarket systems have been built with performance in mind. This is why an aftermarket motorcycle pipe is such a popular upgrade. Given the benefits, plus ease of access, this modification is something you can probably do at home in the shop. Be sure to read up on our exhaust primer here then dive right into Cycle Gear’s huge assortment of systems to meet every style of riding.

Full Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Besides two wheels, a 4-stroke motor is probably the common denominator whether you’re on a mile-munching V-Twin or a slice-and-dice road racing bike. In this case, a full motorcycle exhaust system will span the length of your ride from the header pipes leaving the combustion chamber to the tail end of your motorcycle where exhaust emanates. A full system will likely bring the highest price tag, but will also deliver immediate performance gains versus piecemeal add-ons. Aftermarket items offer lightweight, new age materials like carbon fiber and titanium, as well as better exhaust notes and an overall appearance that’s truly second to none. Put it on the dyno and see for yourself!

Header Pipes & Slip-Ons

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and replace the entire system, you can still improve upon your existing exhaust pipes. Slip-on exhausts may be bike-specific, but also offer the easiest installation of the bunch. Changing up the muffler in this case brings many of the same perks seen in a full system overhaul. Namely, an improved exhaust sound and weight reduction with clear performance gains. Changing up just the exhaust headers is a way to add aerospace-grade metals to your race bike or an unmistakable bark on your cruiser. Either way, you’ll find everything from Akrapovic to Yoshimura on our shelves.

A Final Note!

There are myriad reasons to install the best aftermarket exhaust on your bike; we know that “loud pipes save lives” will be cited as one. If your goal is a bike that’s heard before it’s seen then this is one way to achieve it. One more note: If you ride a 2-stroke and are feeling a little left out by all this “braap” talk, Cycle Gear has you covered!

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Heated Motorcycle Grips

Heated handlebar grips are one of the single most effective motorcycle modifications you can make to extend your riding season and improve your comfort. Whether you’re looking to commute throughout the winter or you need to push over one final mountain pass on your cross-country trek, heated motorcycle grips will keep your digits comfortable so you can confidently control your machine and keep your focus where it belongs — on the road. The best heated motorcycle grips are available here at Cycle Gear, and come in a variety of diameters so you can easily slide these on your handlebars, wire them into your existing electrical system, and be on your way. Make sure your motorcycle’s electrical system is ready for the extra few amps the grip warmers will draw, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when installing.

Cold Weather & Winter Motorcycle Gear

The wind chill at cruising speed can make breathtaking rides simply unbearable. Get suited up in cold weather motorcycle gear and guard against temperatures capable of ruining your ride. You don’t need to live in a strictly cold climate to wear winter motorcycle gear, either. Highway speeds are enough to bring on the chill while rides on a brisk morning or cold night means there’s no sun to offer respite. What’s a year-round rider to do? Invest in some of the best winter motorcycle gear on the market, which Cycle Gear is proud to provide. Be sure to review this cold weather riding advice from our friends over at Common Tread then get back to picking out the perfect kit.

Cold Weather Warriors

So what exactly goes into a cold weather motorcycle riding gear ensemble and when do you know you’re good to go? Both are fair questions given the level of discomfort caused by getting it wrong. Start with base layers for both your top and bottom. This initial layer of protection will often provide windproof, water-resistant and fast-drying feature to trap the heat in. Gloves may seem like an obvious choice, but the ones you’ll find here are tailor-made for the job. Exhibit complete control over throttle, brake and clutch levers thanks to multiple layers of insulation, outer shells and battery-powered heating elements.

Jackets are generally the showstopper when it comes to effective cold weather motorcycle gear. If you want armor, collars, snaps, belts and a slew of other features packed into waterproof, windproof and downright warm shells then this is the winter motorcycle gear to get. Of course, it’s important to balance all this with a motorcycle that’s ready for the ride. A large windscreen or fairing can deflect excess wind, heated grips can deliver a world of warmth while aggressive tires will help keep you planted on slick roads.

Winter riding and all it entails can put you in the middle of beautiful vistas rarely seen by others. It’s also a bigger ask compared to fair weather riders of warmer months and pleasant climates. Get the right gear for the job and you’re bound to enjoy this experience. While you’re here, be sure to check out our new Riders Plus Membership (RPM) program for exclusive deals and perks!

Father’s Day Motorcycle Gifts

Does your dad’s idea of “Sunday best” include a helmet and boots? Then Cycle Gear has the Father’s Day motorcycle gifts he’ll put right to use. Our carefully curated collection of motorcycle gifts for dad this Father’s Day 2021 are sure to please. From price point-friendly presents to garage essentials that’ll help him finish the next project, we’re providing one-stop shopping for the motorcycle lover in your life.

In need of gift ideas for your biker dad? We’ve made it easy to shop for wrenchers and riders. There are tools he’ll use in the garage, the latest apparel he’ll wear on the next ride and countless other must-haves for your motorcycle-loving pop. It’s all right here at Cycle Gear so grab these motorcycle gifts for your dad before June 20! Trust us: he doesn’t want another sweater.

Track and Race

Biker’s Choice Hub Cap For Harley FL Softail 1986-1999
Biker’s Choice Helmet Lock
Biker’s Choice Speedometer Drive Unit For Harley XL / FXE 1984-1995
Koso Dual Port USB Quick Charger


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Hi-Viz Motorcycle Helmets

For riders that want to maximize their presence on the road there’s no better way to make sure you’re seen than to choose a hi-viz helmet. With your head usually being the highest point on you and your bike, a highly visible helmet with reflective neon elements that conforms to modern safety standards will help you stand out and be seen by your fellow motorists. Hi-viz helmets come in all shapes and forms, from modular designs to race ready full face helmets, ADV helmets and even ¾ open face helmets. It doesn’t matter what your riding style is, you can get into a hi-viz helmet from AGV, Arai, Shoei, Bell, BiLT or Sedici and get seen.

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

Cycle Gear carries a wide array of helmets suited to female riders. While most helmets out there are unisex, things like graphics and style can added a bit of feminine flare to a normally mundane shell. If you have the urge to let your fellow riders know who is hiding under that helmet, a lid from AGV, Arai, Shoei, HJC, Scorpion, Icon, BiLT, Seven Zero Seven or Sedici will not only provide you with the latest in head protection, but could also be an expression of your fierce femininity.

New Motorcycle Helmet Releases

HJC Helmets HJ-34 Pinlock-Ready Face Shield
Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Rockstar Helmet
6D ATB Carbon Attack Replacement Mouthpiece
Simpson Ghost Bandit Sting Rae Helmet

ECE Certified Helmets

There are quite a few important acronyms in the motorcycling world, but some are capable of saving your life. ECE certified helmets certainly fall into that category and these lids have met standards set by the Economic Commission for Europe. This ECE certification spans some 50 countries across Europe and has recently reached the 22.06 iteration, which has updated impact testing guidelines and expectations. If you take head protection seriously — and we think you should — then shopping around for a new lid should always include searching for items that have received ECE approval. Worst case: you’ll never need it. Best case: It’ll save your skin in a spill.

Your current helmet, as well as the new one you’re considering, should have a smattering of stickers on the back. We know you’re asking “what is an ECE approved helmet” and want to help you decipher those helmet safety ratings here. Riders in the US are likely familiar with DOT approval, but this only holds water in the states. ECE certified helmets, on the other hand, are tested to meet guidelines established by the United Nations and respected all across Europe. The most recent standard, updated from 22.05, is that impact testing from mid-2020 on will factor for different speeds and directions when obtaining ECE approval. At the end of the day, it’s about rider safety and the more stress testing done in a lab means more practicality on the road.

Why pick an ECE helmet over DOT or SNELL-only? Most likely, the quality product you’re looking at from Cycle Gear will have more than one rating. That’s great news for riders who want to know while shopping if their new lid meets or exceeded these expectations. Once you’ve established ECE certification, you’ll want to find the right size then consider style and functions offered by these protects. Yes, we know that helmets need to look good on top of performing as advertised — just don’t forget why you’re wearing one in the first place.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to getting the lightest and strongest helmet possible, carbon fiber is the material of choice for top manufacturers. Offering unmatched rigidity and strength over materials such as polycarbonate plastics and fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced polymer delivers a strength to weight ration that far surpasses many similar products. When used in motorcycle helmets, it offers both a lighter weight shell for better performance and reduced fatigue, as well as increased crash protection and shock absorption (not to mention a look that just cannot be beat!). If you’re unwilling to settle for the status quo and are looking for the latest in protection tech, a carbon fiber helmet may be the right choice.

Open Face Helmets – 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets

Open face helmets are the perfect medium between a full face and half helmet. A staple of the motorcycling community for nearly 70 years, the ¾ helmet continues to be a popular choice for retro enthusiasts, scooter riders and tourers. With models that range from retro copies of the old Bell 500 helmets to modern incarnations that have drop-down sun visors, built in Bluetooth, face shields and peak visors. When it comes to having unlimited breathability and the wind in your face, nothing is better than an open face helmet. Cycle Gear carries the best ¾ helmets from brands like Bell, BiLT, Street and Steel, Biltwell, HJC, Scorpion, Shoei, AGV and more.

Motorcycle Helmets With Sun Visors

One of the greatest innovations in helmet design has been the addition of the internal drop-down sun visor. It has always been a pain to have to carry two shields on longer rides or commutes where you need both a clear and tinted or smoke face shield to deal with changing light conditions. Enter the drop-down sun visor. With the flip of a switch you can simply lower a tinted shield over your eyes to deal with the suns harsh rays. When the sun subsides you simply retract the sun visor to go back to your clear face shield. A must have for long distance riders and commuters, internal sun visor helmets are popular for good reason and companies like BiLT, Shoei, AGV, Sedici, Seven Zero Seven, HJC, Scorpion and Shark make some of the best in the business.

Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Dual sport helmets offer riders the best features of both off and on-road helmets like peak visors and elongated chin bars yet retain street style face shields for a killer combo of dirt bike functionality and road riding comfort. Ideal for riders who spend time on the highways between trails, dual sport helmets also fill a gap for city riders looking for some shade and a bit of breathing room during those hot congested commutes. Whether you’re throwing roost or rolling stop signs brands like Shoei, Arai, Bell, AGV, BiLT and Sedici have developed dual sport style helmets that meet the needs and budgets of dual sport and city riders everywhere.

Sportbike Helmets

Cycle Gear’s selection of sportbike helmets offers a full range of full face helmets that meet any rider’s requirements. From helmets that incorporate drop-down sun visors to the latest in carbon fiber shell technology, you can get a quality helmet that fits your head, your ride and your budget. Cycle Gear carries all the best helmets from top brands like AGV, Arai, Shoei, HJC, Scorpion, Icon, BiLT, Seven Zero Seven and Sedici to deliver top notch fit, finish and features to riders who demand a helmet that matches their riding style.

Protection. Motorcycle Airbag Vests, Jackets & Race Suits

  • Air Bag Gear

Get the best protection available with a motorcycle airbag system. Having a personal airbag suit on the track is becoming more common thanks to positive results from MotoGP races and data, but now technology has advanced so you can even wear an airbag vest or jacket on the street. Motorcycle airbags are ready to deploy incredibly quick in the event of an impact thanks to the built-in computer or tether systems monitoring and reacting to your body’s positioning. Cycle Gear carries the best brands in the business when it comes to motorcycle protection. Names like Dainese and Alpinestars are already recognized for their quality gear, but they also lead the industry in airbag technology, offering vests and jackets that can be worn on and off the track.


  • Brakes
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Cruiser Motorcycle Exhausts

Your v-twin motorcycle is corked by the factory exhaust in order to meet emissions standards. Installing an aftermarket cruiser exhaust lets your bike’s engine breathe better in addition to emitting a true v-twin rumble. A cruiser slip-on exhaust replaces the original muffler, leaving the headers intact. It’s a simpler install compared to a full system and adjusting your fuel map isn’t usually required. Upgrading your cruiser motorcycle exhaust makes you a bit more conspicuous when riding. It’s tough to ignore the unmistakable roar of a v-twin. Just keep in mind that attention from your local law enforcement officer may not be as desired.

New Cruiser Motorcycle Parts _ Seek Your Style – Cycle Gear

Bigger bikes just mean more opportunities to customize. New cruiser motorcycle parts available now from Cycle Gear gives you the chance to add those aftermarket bits that’ll make your bike sing. Add in a vast assortment of lighting, audio and electrical components and you’ve got a mile-munching, canyon-carving bike that’s ready for an entire weekend of riding. Each new cruiser part probably has a hierarchy of importance in your mind, but they all provide something important that will transform your ride quality one component at a time.

Let’s start things off with stopping power on your cruiser. Studies have shown that you’ll cover roughly 45 feet when coming to a stop from 30 mph; that distance jumps to 245 feet when traveling 70 mph. Safety isn’t something to play around with so you expect your brake pads to bite just right when squeezing the lever. Our assortment of front brake rotors and pads can provide the kind of performance you’re looking for — or what your current set-up might be lacking.

Now if your objective is to make some noise, we’ve got the exhaust components to get that job done. You’ve surely heard the “loud pipes save lives” refrain and if that’s your goal, then install the headers and mufflers you’ll find here. There’s plenty of additional horsepower backing up the performance gains you’ll get out of an exhaust system improvement. There’s also some science behind the sound that a better-breathing exhaust will offer. It’s a win in both categories if you ask us. If you’re just looking for a more comfortable ride, you’ll find some foot and handlebar controls here, too. You deserve it and so does your bike. Add it all up and you’ve got changes that’ll improve feel and function from front to back.

Saddlebags for Harley Davidson

Leather motorcycle saddlebags have been the go-to option for adding luggage to Harley Davidson motorcycles. Throw-over leather saddlebags are easy to install on any Sportster, Fatboy, or Softail. Add in a universal support bracket to add an extra mounting point so the bags don’t flap around. Leather saddlebags will patina over time and provide a vintage look to match your HD’s timeless lines. Unless you are riding a full dresser, your HD is lacking trunk space. A set of saddlebags for your Harley will give you storage space for next tour or daily commute.

Harley Davidson Cruiser Seats

Your all American V-Twin comes out of the factory ready to cruise the open road, but sometimes a little bit of customization goes a long way. An aftermarket Harley Davidson seat can make your Dyna look more sleek or get your Electra Glide more comfortable for riding all day. Your original Harley seat is great when you’re just hopping onto it at the dealership, but any extended amount of seat time can reveal discomfort with your posterior. A new Harley seat will comfortably cradle you on your next tour. A new HD seat is what you need for your cruiser.

Cruiser Windshields and Windscreens

Cruiser windshields help keep you protected from the wind and rain. Long distance riding on the highway can cause fatigue over time. No one likes getting pelted with 55 mph wind for hours on end. A cruiser windscreen can help you ride longer by diverting air so you don’t get the full brunt. Tall windshields can put you in a clean pocket of air that can even help keep you drier when it rains. Shorter windscreens don’t detract from the aesthetics of a motorcycle, but they don’t function as well as a taller option. Install a new windshield onto your cruiser to feel refreshed even after riding all day on the slab.

Cruiser Suspension Parts

Cycle Gear carries parts to upgrade your cruiser motorcycle suspension to improve handling, comfort and performance. It doesn’t matter if you have a Softail or Dyna dual suspension set up. Swap out the forks and shocks of your cruiser suspension to suit your riding style, weight and preferred aesthetics. Get a little bit more cornering clearance or install something a bit more substantial to better handle a passenger and luggage. Don’t forget about slamming your bike to get the low and mean look. The cruiser motorcycle suspension parts you need are just a few clicks away.


  • Saddlebags
  • Panniers
  • Backpacks
  • Luggage Accessories
  • Luggage Racks & Mounts
  • Dry Bags
  • Gear Bags
  • Tail Bags
  • Tool Rolls
  • Tank Bags
  • Hydration
  • Top Cases
  • Helmet Storage

Motorcycle Saddlebags

For traditional good looks AND practical function, you can’t beat a good set of motorcycle saddlebags. They’ve been in use for longer than motorcycles have been around, and modern materials have only made ‘em better.

Updates like waterproof motorcycle saddlebags and lockable saddlebags makes adventure touring & camping more convenient than ever. So, when it comes to selecting luggage for your machine, saddlebags should be near the top of your list for consideration. Cruiser, sport, or anything in between, Cycle Gear has a set of motorcycle saddlebags for sale that are perfect for your bike and budget. Whether you need small saddlebags for a sportbike or large saddlebags for a heavyweight cruiser, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you find the right bags at the right price and get back out on the road!

Motorcycle Side Cases & Panniers – Cycle Gear

A good set of panniers will go a long way in securing your luggage. Marked by a hard exterior, rugged design and plastic or aluminum construction, panniers deliver unmatched durability for on or off-road adventures. With designs to match your riding style, brands like Givi and Moose Racing provide quality side cases that give riders large carrying capacity and protection from the elements. Pair a set of panniers with some bike-specific luggage racks and you have yourself a winning combination of security and durability to take on even the most ambitious motorcycle borne adventures.

Motorcycle Backpacks, Messenger Bags & Shoulder Bags – Cycle Gear

A trusty motorcycle backpack can be a rider’s best friend. Carrying things around on your bike is not always easy and when it’s not convenient or prudent to put saddlebags on your bike a good backpack will go along way when commuting, running errands or a day of trail riding. Riding backpacks make it easy and convenient to carry your essentials whether you’re on the bike or off. Brands like Kriega, Icon, American Kargo, Alinestars and Ogio have developed moto specific bags that are designed to provide a utilitarian way to carry your gear while remaining comfortable in the riding position.

Motorcycle Luggage Accessories – Cycle Gear

When it comes to getting the most out of your moto luggage, adding accessories like heat shields, cargo nets, electrification kits, rain covers, tie-down straps, etc… can allow you to go the extra mile. With a wide variety of luggage accessories from reputable brands like Saddlemen, Givi, Coretech, Wolfman, Oxford, Trackside and more, Cycle Gear has everything you might need to get your luggage loaded and ready for your next two wheeled adventure.

Motorcycle Luggage Racks & Mounts – Cycle Gear

Luggage racks are the first step in securing your hard or soft luggage to your motorcycle. Hard mounted to the frame or existing luggage rack on your bike, these bike-specific or universal options give riders the ultimate security, providing a fixed point to support saddlebags, panniers, tail bags and top cases. Brands like Givi, Moose Racing, Oxford and RotoPax design and manufacture quality racks and mounts to withstand even the toughest two wheeled adventures.

Dry Bags for Motorcycles – Cycle Gear

Dry bags are the best way to keep your gear dry. Wolfman, Giant Loop, Kriega, Oxford and BiLT are just a few companies producing some of the best waterproof luggage on the market. Vinyl coated fabric, welded seams and roll tops are the hallmarks of a good waterproof bag and when you add extra d-rings, tie-down straps and looped webbing you have a motorcycle dry bag that is ready for adventure. Cross streams with confidence or ride in the rain with reckless abandon without worrying about your gear staying dry.

Gear Bags

Gear bags are the best way to keep your riding gear and essentials organized to and from the track or when traveling. From bags designed specifically for boots, helmets, neck braces and knee braces to large bags that can carry everything, Cycle Gear carries the best from top names like Alpinestars, Dainese, Fox Racing, American Kargo, Ogio and more. Motorcycle gear is not cheap and a quality gear bag is the best way to protect your moto gear investment when on the road.

Motorcycle Tail Bags & Sissy Bar Bags

Motorcycle tail bags & sissy bar bags are the easiest way to add some much needed storage space to your ride. Strap them to your seat, sissy bar or luggage rack, tail bags mount easily and can be removed quickly, making them perfect for commuters, tourers, cruisers, enduro enthusiasts and sport riders alike. Brands like Dowco, Nelson Rigg, Kriega, Saddlemen, BiLT and Sedici provide high quality bags in varying capacities for all types of bikes. No matter what you ride, there is a tail bag out there that will fit your bike and hold your gear.

Tool Rolls

Tool rolls are an essential piece of kit. Whether you are planning a long ride or a short jaunt around town, you never know when you’ll need to make a roadside repair. The tried and true design of the tool roll has been synonymous with motorcycling since the earliest days, providing a portable, convenient and lightweight option for keeping all of your essential tools securely in one place. Cycle Gear carries tool rolls and bags that are ready to get to work. No matter what you ride there is a roll, bag or waist pack that is perfect for carrying everything you need to keep your moto motoring.

Motorcycle & Dirt Bike Tank Bags

Tank bags offer an easily accessible solution for carrying your riding essentials on your motorcycle. If you’re in need of a place to stow your wallet, EZ-Pass, camera, keys or mid ride snack, a tank bag is a versatile option that can be take with you when you stop. From micro to massive and every size in between motorcycle tank bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit nearly any motorcycle and tank shape out there. Mounting solutions are just as varied, with strap, magnetic and tank ring style attachments that give you the option to choose the right mount for your ride. Brands like Givi, BiLT, Sedici, Tour Master, Nelso Rigg, Oxford and Wolfman offer quality tank bags that allow your to keep your ride essentials close at hand.

Hydration Systems for Riders

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying alert and riding to the best of your ability, and a hydration pack keeps valuable H2O on tap when you need it most. With lightweight bladders, flexible hoses and convenient backpack style bags, hydration packs make carrying water with you on your motorcycle easier and more accessible than ever. Stop fumbling with heavy and inconvenient water bottles and step up to a hydration pack from American Kargo, Kriega, Fox Racing, Leatt, Ogio or Thor.

Motorcycle Top Cases

Top cases are an easy way to add secure storage to your motorcycle. Mountable using either a universal mounting plate and existing luggage rack or with a bike-specific mounting brackets, top cases from Givi, Moose Racing, Oxford and Saddlemen offer versatile storage space for many popular makes and models. Whether you’re adding a motorcycle top case to a set of panniers for the ultimate touring setup or just want some lane splitter friendly storage space for commuting around town, top cases offer locking lids, are weatherproof and resistant to bumps and bruises to keep your gear safe in all conditions. A wide range of sizes and styles gives you the option to match your ride and your cargo needs.

Motorcycle Helmet Bags & Storage Cases

Despite how tough they are on the outside, helmets by their nature are true softies and should be treated delicately when they aren’t on your head. The best way to protect your lid and keep it ride ready is to put it in a quality helmet bag that will guard against bumps, bruises, harmful UV rays and dust. From simple slipcovers to pre-formed pro travel bags, Cycle Gear has the best helmet bags & storage cases to protect your investment and keep your helmet cocked, locked and ready to rock.

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Motorcycle Brake Reservoirs

Cycle Gear has plenty of options if you need a new motorcycle brake fluid reservoir. A crash or even a parking lot tip over can damage your original brake reservoir. Upgrade to a machined billet aluminum part designed to improve the look of your motorcycle or go with a functional upgrade if you are mounting a performance oriented master cylinder and lever. Though it is often overlooked, a motorcycle brake reservoir can is one of the easily visible parts of the motorcycle. Swapping out the opaque plastic reservoir for an anodized billet reservoir will set your bike apart from the crowd.

Motorcycle Brake Pads

Motorcycle brake pads are one of the consumables on your bike that should be replaced. As much as you like accelerating and going fast it is also important to be able to stop safely. Sintered, semi-sintered and organic brake pads all have their own characteristics of performance, longevity and feel. Riders who are just looking for replacements can consider OEM or equivalent pads while those looking for better brake feel and stopping power can consider upgrading to more performance oriented brake pads. It doesn’t matter if you are shaving off speed before dipping into apexes at your track day or if you are cruising down main street, replacement brake pads for your motorcycle are part of regular maintenance.

Motorcycle Brake Lines

Your factory rubber brake lines can stretch during heavy use and they will degrade over time as they are exposed to the elements. They were made to meet a price point and be good enough for typical riding. But sometimes you want more than good enough. That’s where installing steel braided brake lines onto your ride comes in. Installing steel braided brake lines onto your motorcycle will improve braking performance and help stave off brake fade during aggressive riding. A few high performance motorcycles will come out of the factory with steel braided brake lines as standard, but if your ride didn’t you should consider the upgrade.

Motorcycle Brake Reservoir Covers

A motorcycle brake reservoir is one of the more easily noticed parts on a motorcycle since it sits right up front on your bike. With a front brake reservoir prominently displayed on your handlebars some consider an opaque plastic version an eye sore or one made for the masses. Gussy up your bike a bit with a billet aluminum brake reservoir cover. Anodizing and laser engraving are even more features that add flair to an otherwise boringly functional part. Small details like an aftermarket brake reservoir cover will add up to more of a visual impact. Swapping out the reservoir cover is a quick and simple upgrade.

Motorcycle Brake Rotors

You spin me right round, baby, right round. A new set of motorcycle brake rotors are exactly what you need to stop your wheels from spinning. Cycle Gear has options for cross drilled, wave, floating or fixed brake rotors for numerous applications. Installing a larger front wheel on your cruiser usually requires new brake rotors. Or if you’re building out a track bike aftermarket rotors will slow you down better than factory discs. Regular wear and tear can whittle down the rotors and brake pads. Replacing these consumable parts is a part of regular maintenance. Improve stopping performance with a replacement set of motorcycle brake rotors.

Motorcycle Brake Calipers

If you are building a track bike or even if it’s just time to replace parts in your aging brake system, a new brake caliper will improve your brake performance. New brake calipers will help shave off speed before you dive into turn 1 at your next track day. If you’re riding an American v-twin that is not known for stopping on a dime, upgrading the brake calipers and pads will get you a marked improvement over the factory set up. A brake caliper cover will get your ride looking just a bit more custom, but nothing will look as trick as a shiny new set of machined calipers on your ride.

Motorcycle Brake Hardware

Installing shiny new rearsets can improve comfort and performance, but the aftermarket foot pegs and brake pedal are not likely to be compatible with your original brake light switch. In order to keep your brake light activating with your aftermarket rearsets you’ll need a new style of switch that would activate no matter what type of rearset you’re using. A hydraulic brake light switch will activate your brake light as long as you are running a hydraulic brake system that uses a banjo bolt fitting. A universal motorcycle brake light switch will help keep your track bike street legal or maintain your rear brake light activation with aftermarket foot controls.


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Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Modular helmets have gained serious popularity since they first came on the scene. With a hinged chin bar, the modular design allows riders to easily get some air, talk to other riders and get their helmet on and off, without sacrificing the comfort and protection of a full face helmet. With the simple pressing of a button the rider can flip up the chin bar and face shield in one swift motion. Perfect for days stuck in traffic or when you need a quick breath of fresh air when filling up at the gas pump, modular helmets provide a level of convenience and safety no other helmet can claim. Brands like Shoei, Sedici, BiLT, Shark, Scorpion and Bell continue to improve upon modular helmet design, adding new features and improving comfort for riders who value versatility.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face helmets are the best way to protect yourself when on a motorcycle. The 360 degree design of a full face helmet protects your entire head and face, decreasing your chance of injury and increasing your comfort level by providing a barrier against wind, water and noise. When it comes to choosing which full face helmet is right for you, the options are endless. From full race helmets designed to give you a competitive edge to touring helmets packed with creature comforts, Cycle Gear stocks the latest full face helmets from the world’s top manufacturers to deliver quality protection to all riders. No matter what your budget or skill level is, brands like AGV, Arai, Shoei, HJC, Scorpion, Icon, BiLT and Sedici design and manufacture helmets that afford riders maximum protection and comfort.

Bluetooth Helmets

Bluetooth helmets are designed to make life on two wheels a bit easier. By integrating bluetooth technology directly into the helmet, riders are able to stay connected to their world and other riders in a whole new way. Now it is easier than ever to listen to music, get GPS directions, take a phone call or share the ride with friends via the latest in Bluetooth technology. If you’re not keen on the idea of clamping or sticking a universal unit to the side of your helmet, BiLT Bluetooth helmets are completely self contained and ready to go right out of the box. Simply pair it to your smartphone or to another rider and you are ready to roll.

Long Oval Motorcycle Helmets

As with most things in motorcycling, getting it right means doing some research. Long oval motorcycle helmets are a prime example of discovering what gear will fit you best. An ill-fitting helmet, no matter how cool it looks and how much it costs, is simply the wrong tool for the job. Cycle Gear’s large selection of helmets meant to fit the long oval shape is bound to have something in store for your tastes and head shape.

“How do you know if you have a long oval head?” It’s a question we’ve heard plenty of times and one we’ve sought to answer once and for all. The best way to find out if you have a long oval head is through simple photography. Have a friend stand over you and take a photo of your head from the top. Compare that picture with our handy head size chart available here and you should be able to narrow things down. Wearing a handful of different helmets shapes and sizes will also reveal what’s right for your head shape.

Trust us when we say helmet manufacturers are well-aware of the discrepancy in head shapes. They want to meet the needs of riders as much as you want to plunk down some hard-earned cash on that latest Arai, HJC or Shoei helmet. So use your noggin! Determine your head shape and then come shopping. Cycle Gear has 148 stores across the US so we’re never too far from your home. Come try on long oval motorcycle helmets in person to get the fit just right.

Intermediate Oval Motorcycle Helmets

In search of an intermediate oval motorcycle helmet that truly fits? Then don’t wait around for a Cinderella moment — get to work and get measuring! This is the absolute best way to determine your head size while finding the styles and brands of intermediate oval helmets that exceed your expectations. Cycle Gear’s customer service team is happy to assist you in the endeavor as you determine head shape, fit and function. We’ve also compiled these easily-followed best practices for helmet sizing for those who are ready to start shopping for their next lid.

Plain and simple: a helmet that fits the shape and unique contours of your head is one that’s safer. Leading helmet manufacturers like Arai, HJC and Shoei are well aware of this. It’s why you’ll find their most popular models in multiple shapes, including intermediate oval. The easiest way to determine the shape of your head is with a photo taken from above. Flatten down your hair and enlist the help of a friend and you should have a clear idea of an intermediate oval motorcycle helmet fitting your head. This shape is essentially the middle ground between round and oval-shaped. The true test of a good fit is donning your new intermediate oval helmet and waiting for any pressure points to development. It should only take 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll soon be able to tell the difference between a painful squeeze or a nice, snug fit.

Some say intermediate oval is the “somewhere in between” measurement and you’ll be glad it exists after trying on a motorcycle helmet that was designed with you in mind. More information regarding the best protective lids for the other two shapes, long oval and round oval, can be found at those links.

SNELL M2020 Helmets

The Snell Foundation is a non-profit committed to producing the highest helmet safety ratings in the world, exceeding US DOT and European ECE standards to bring you unparalleled peace of mind. With benchmark standards passed in 2010 and 2015, 2020 brings revised testing criteria to remain on the cutting edge. Snell M2020 approved helmets (“M” standing for “motorcycle”) are tested on impact management, how well they stay in place, the strength of the chin straps, and the area of the head protected.

Tests include extreme measures like dropping a 3Kg spike onto the helmet and firing an air rifle pellet at the face shield at about 500 kph, so you can rest assured that Snell M2020 helmets can withstand just about anything. Top helmet brands like HJC, Bell, Scorpion, Shoei, and Arai have been obtaining Snell certification for years, and many have released new Snell 2020 helmets. Check this page for new models that have been certified as the safest on the market!

Round Oval Motorcycle Helmets

Picking out a new helmet should be a fun and rewarding process — as long as you know which type to buy. Round oval motorcycle helmets come in a vast array of materials, styles and designs, but all cater to riders with a very specific head shape. Get this selection part wrong and you could easily end up with a crucial piece of your kit not fitting right and not providing you with full protection. We would suggest checking out this thorough how-to on helmet sizing then picking from the right round oval motorcycle helmets for your head shape.

Round oval helmets comprise one of the three types of motorcycle helmets, long oval and intermediate being the other two. The easiest way to find out if you’re indeed a round oval candidate is by studying a photo of the top of your head taken from an overhead vantage point and comparing it to the other two shapes. The next suggestion is wearing a few round oval motorcycle helmets to see how this sizing fits. There’s a difference between pressure points and outright pain so pay attention to how it feels over time.

The real fun comes when you’re able to start shopping for carbon, full or open face helmets that suit your fashion sense and riding style. Motorcycling is all about personality and having the right round oval helmet for the job makes the ride much more comfortable. Cycle Gear has 148 storefronts across 37 states in the US. Find out how close we are to your home base and come try out some helmet sizing today!

Motorcycle Half Helmets

Nothing says freedom like the open road and the wind in your face. If you’re the kind of rider that likes to stay out in the open, meeting the whirling wind and gleaming sunshine head on, a half helmet is the helmet for you. Riders can expect the bare minimum protection, but will experience the most visceral riding experience you can with a helmet on. Brands like BiLT, Street and Steel, Fly, Bell, HJC and Scorpion make quality half helmets that go from bare bones basic to more luxurious options with drop-down sun visors, neck rolls and accommodations for Bluetooth communication devices.

Bike Protection

  • Brake Guards
  • Axle Sliders


  • Dirt Headquarters
  • Gear
  • Parts

Motorcycle Accessories

  • Tools
  • Phone & GPS Mounts
  • Locks & Security
  • Chain Maintenance Tools
  • Chain Lube
  • License Plate Frames
  • Fluids
  • Bluetooth Communicators
  • Covers

Bike Protection

  • Tank Grips
  • Frame Sliders
  • Engine Guards


  • Rain Gear
  • Casual
  • Helmets
  • Heated Gear
  • Motorcycle Leggings
  • Riding Suits
  • Race Suits
  • Headwear
  • Eyewear
  • Vests
  • Socks
  • Hi-Viz Motorcycle Gear

Hi-Viz Motorcycle Gear _ Safety Vests, Reflective Gloves & More – Cycle Gear

The best way to avoid an accident with another motorist is to ensure they can see where you are and where you’re going.
Hi-Viz motorcycle gear does exactly that—while also maintaining comfort during a ride and providing protection in the event of an off. Motorcycle safety vests are a simple, inexpensive solution that can be easily stowed in luggage and thrown on over your existing gear to quickly add some reflective visibility when it starts to rain or get dark.
For maximum visibility at all times, dedicated protective motorcycle gear made in bright colors with large areas of retro-reflective material adds a visual pop that will catch the attention of drivers, pedestrians, and other bikers, ensuring you have the best chance of being seen whenever you ride.
We offer a variety of high visibility motorcycle gear, including Military (or “Mil-Spec”) reflective gear, Hi-Viz Helmets, Hi-Viz Motorcycle Jackets, gloves, pants, and more.

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