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British Airways is a full service global airline, offering year-round low fares with an extensive global route network flying to and from centrally-located airports.

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in London, England, near its main hub at Heathrow Airport.. The airline is the second largest UK based carrier, based on fleet size and passengers carried, behind easyJet. In January 2011 BA merged with Iberia, creating the International Airlines Group (IAG), a holding company registered in Madrid, Spain.

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Head off to London and beyond
Take off to the people and places you love in the UK. Explore designer-packed shopping streets and the historic sights. Plan your next trip now.
Discover your USA
Explore exciting cities and magnificent landscapes with a trip to the USA.
Fly Premium Economy
Enjoy a quieter, more spacious cabin with wider seats and more legroom.
Fly-drive adventures
Giving you the freedom to explore new places with great value UK fly-drives and 7 days car hire for the price of 5 in the USA.
Unforgettable holidays
Secure your holiday with a low deposit and spread the cost with flexible payments up to 3 weeks before departure.
Discover new places
It’s time to plan your next adventure. Experience diverse cities and find new destinations to explore.
Explore our lounges
Experience the extra-special way to travel, with delicious food, plenty of space and safe, attentive service.
From big cities to hidden gems
Explore our handy travel guides packed with useful tips to help you plan your next trip.
New routes
Find out the latest destinations which we’re flying to in our ever-expanding network.
Reward flights
Flights that you book using Avios are called reward flights. You can book to any worldwide destination, where there’s availability, with British Airways and our oneworld® partners. You pay with your Avios plus a cash amount for taxes, fees and carrier charges.
Upgrade with Avios
You can use your Avios to upgrade a regular cash booking to the next cabin, where there’s availability, on selected fares with British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines.
Save with part payment
You can reduce the price of selected regular cash bookings by paying part of the price in Avios. You’ll earn Avios back on the flight as well. Part payment is available on British Airways flights only.

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UK and Ireland
Do you want tea and tradition, a cultural capital or the prettiest scenery on earth? Live it up in London, coast the green roads of Ireland or hole up in a country pub and tackle a Sunday roast. See where we fly in the UK and Ireland.
Take a Grand Tour of Europe. Enjoy Rome’s domes, wine country, wild country, and dip your toe in the Mediterranean. Where else can you cross countries, cultures and languages in mere hours? See where we fly in Europe.
North America
Grand canyons, big cities and wide, open roads. Time to readjust your scale to North America. Get to know New York’s skyline, the monoliths of Monument Valley or Canada’s beautiful wilderness. See where we fly in North America.
The hardest part about a holiday in the Caribbean is choosing where to lay your towel. From Antigua to Barbados, every island is a jewel. Snorkel in St Lucia or seek adventure in Jamaica. See where we fly in the Caribbean.
South America
Immeasurably massive, uncompromisingly wild: visit South America. Get tangled up in the Amazonian rainforest, or trip up trying tango in Buenos Aires. Feel tall, tanned and lovely on Brazilian beaches and discover Peru’s Inca Trail. See where we fly in South America.
Prepare to marvel on savannah safaris, where spotting your big five should be priority number one. Roam North Africa’s deserts, get lost in the spice markets, or seek out beautiful South Africa’s cape beaches and their remarkable penguin inhabitants. See where we fly in Africa.
Far East and Australia
High-tech cities rise out of the jungle, surf breaks on Bondi beach and the bullet train whisks you to Tokyo. Stop in Hong Kong, visit Sydney or live the backpacker dream in Thailand. See where we fly in the Far East and Australia.
Indian Ocean
A sprinkling of tropical islands and a dusting of china-white sand. Visit the Seychelles, Mauritius or the Maldives for scenery that’s easily mistaken for paradise on earth. See where we fly in the Indian Ocean.
Middle East
Warm, sunny beaches, the romance of the desert, and cities that aspire to the upper echelons of luxury. You’ve heard all about Dubai, but some things need to be seen to be believed. See where we fly in the Middle East.
South and Central Asia
Welcome to an area of extremes. Hike the Himalayas, or take in the bijou beauty of the Taj Mahal in India. Temples, traditions, tea plantations: take a trip and never forget it. See where we fly in South and Central Asia.
Multi-centre holidays
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a multi-centre holiday.
Holiday types
Whatever type of holiday you are seeking, you’ll find it here. Perhaps you’ll be basking on a beach, discovering a vibrant city or enjoying precious time with your family, let our travel guides help you decide.
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