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Award Winning Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance specialists
Benefiting from 20 years of experience, Gadget Cover is formed by people who believe that quality products can be affordable. Now, this many years on, aside from the mobile phone networks and high street retailers who charge far too much for their insurance policies, there are a handful of companies doing exactly what we do by offering similar covers in terms of theft, loss, accidental damage, extended warranty and so on. No big deal.
Where Gadget Cover stands out from the crowd (apart from price of course) is that our policies come with:

  • Cover your brand new gadget starting today. Terms Apply.
  • When you cover your gadgets with us, you’ll get 1 month free on annual policies.
  • Most of our competitors limit this to two per year
  • We offer a fantastic £2,500 cover for unauthorised compared to the usual £100

We’ll replace any accessories (up to £150) if they are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget.

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  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Breakdown
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Usage
  • Loss (optional)
  • Accessories
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Family Cover
  • E-wallet Cover

Why Do I Need Gadget Insurance?

We have become inseparable from our gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. We use them to keep in touch with our friends and family, take pictures and share them on social media, or have fun playing games.
Electronic gadgets are an integral part of our lives, but they’re also quite expensive. Carrying such gadgets around with you means that you’re vulnerable to the dangers such as theft, loss or damage.
Quality smartphones or tablets are expensive, and their loss can have a massive impact on your wallet – not to mention the inconvenience of not having a mobile phone or tablet to use in your daily life. Moreover, many gadgets come as part of contracts signed with service providers. For example, if you’ve got an iPhone by agreeing to sign a contract, you’ll have to keep paying for it even when you damage or lose your phone.
That’s why it’s smart to take action right now and protect yourself against such risk. You can do that by covering your gadgets with a particular type of insurance called gadget insurance.
When choosing gadget insurance, be sure to shop around to find an offer that matches your best needs. For example, some insurers may insist on repairing your device before replacing it. Our gadget insurance provides a rapid replacement service to get your gadget up and working as quickly as possible.

What Types of Gadgets Can I Insure?

As part of our gadget cover, you can insure any type of gadget such as a smartphone or tablet. However, take a closer look at our offer because you might find the type of insurance that suits your gadget best.
For example, if you would like to get insurance for your iPhone, check out our mobile phone insurance policies, which we developed with iPhone owners in mind. The insurance provides coverage of all the recent iPhone models such as iPhone 7, 8, 10, XS, XS Max, and more. It’s the best option if you’re looking for insurance that was designed to match the needs of iPhone users.

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If the gadget you would like to insure is a mobile phone, feel free to take advantage of our dedicated mobile phone insurance policy. This type of insurance provides you with everything a mobile phone user needs. We created it to meet the needs and preferences of mobile phone owners who want to protect their device against theft, loss, or damage.

Exclusions of Gadget Insurance

One thing you should be aware of before signing a gadget insurance contract is reading it carefully to see which type of exclusions apply.
Pay attention to the type of theft covered in your gadget insurance policy. For instance, some plans don’t cover theft without force or unattended theft. In practice, it means that if someone steals your tablet when you’re not looking, you won’t be insured. If your provider deems you to have been careless, you might lose insurance too. As for damage, remember that any sort of water damage might fall under this exclusion.
At Gadget Cover, the exclusions to the gadget insurance are as follows:
Leaving the gadget unattended (not within your sight at all times and out of your arms-length reach) – for example if you leave your iPhone behind on a table in a crowded restaurant, your phone won’t be insured.
Gadget theft from a vehicle or premises without any visible signs of forced entry.
Lack of proof of purchase or receipt.
Claims where the gadget hasn’t been in use since you’ve purchased the insurance.
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