HUMANIC a flat, nude-coloured slip-on suede shoe with romantic embroidery in pastel shades

HUMANIC Online Shop a flat, nude-coloured slip-on suede shoe with romantic embroidery in pastel shades.

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Top model: a flat, nude-coloured slip-on suede shoe with romantic embroidery in pastel shades.
The feminine collection includes classics such as flat slip-on shoes and court shoes, as well as numerous styles which pick up on the latest fashions.
First and foremost, these include D’Orsay styles (with a gap between the toe and heel cap) and slingbacks (with open heel)!
The primary materials are floral-print fabrics and unusual finishes in shimmering, iridescent pastel shades.
Throughout, everything revolves around detail – with ornamental clasps, loops and lots of decorative elements just waiting to be discovered.

PINK & RED Shoes

Extremely feminine sandals and mules exude the famous dolce vita – all airy light and open-toed.
Not only is the latest trendy colour combination of cherry red with bright pink simply ingenious – clever details such as perforations and plaid also create a sensation.


Pool slide sandals with extravagant embellishments are THE perfect summer footwear, providing a welcome alternative to conventional sandals. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to materials!
A world of diversity, from fur to fashion statements to glitter. Hit the road in style – even when the temperatures rise!


Palm & wild animal prints are all the rage: feminine shoes such as mules, ballerinas, court shoes and sling backs take the stage in style with palm patterns, leopard prints and snake prints. Smooth leather, suede and satin are the materials of the moment, often embellished with eye-catching all-over prints and luxury floral embroidery.


This year, the combination of black & white strikes home with exciting graphic patterns such as stripes, checks, zig-zags and spots. Alongside black & white, court shoes, sling backs and sandals come embellished with stitching, pearls and delicate rosé pink as a fresh colour element. Athletic slip-ons and slipper sandals have been reinterpreted with XL plateau heels.


Asian-influenced design as a fashion highlight: this year, ladies will be sporting their new sandals, sneakers and ballerinas in chinoiserie style.
Brightly coloured and embroidered sports fashions come in dazzling satin fabrics to make a loud fashion statement this spring.

HUMANIC means fashion

Permanently changing collections quickly bring international trends into our stores.
Classics, stylish basics and accessories complete our wide product range.

HUMANIC offers quality

Our quality standards and careful quality controls provide you with best product quality.
In case a problem occurs, HUMANIC will solve it quickly and in a straightforward way.

HUMANIC sells brands

Brands create confidence, give you safety and make us unique with regard to fashion and quality.

HUMANIC means shoe culture

More than 100 years of experience in the shoe production tradition are the basis for HUMANIC’s special position in the shoe world.
HUMANIC unite shoe fashion and shoe culture – to serve you best.

HUMANIC is passion

Fashion is inspiring and exciting as well as having a positive impact on our mood.
Are you one of those people who are thrilled when getting a new pair of shoes? Then dive into the wonderful world of HUMANIC and experience pure pleasure shopping in our stores


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HUMANIC Online Shop a flat, nude-coloured slip-on suede shoe with romantic embroidery in pastel shades. site