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Kensington The Professionals’ Choice™. At Kensington, we anticipate the needs and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace and craft professional-tier award-winning solutions for organizations committed to providing peak professionals the tools they need to thrive. Trusted for more than 35 years as The Professionals’ Choice, Kensington prides itself on three timeless core values: Design Through meticulous research, design, and engineering, Kensington solutions meet the ever-changing performance and compatibility needs of today’s professional.

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QualityThe Kensington Engineering team has three decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing of hardware IT products. Rigorous test cycles and quality control means all products are tested above industry standards. 
Support Kensington’s clients are around the world, and include companies large and small. Every customer is treated as a top-tier professional, no exceptions. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Kensington is the inventor and worldwide leader in laptop security locks.
Kensington is a division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), one of the world’s largest designers, marketers, and manufacturers of branded business, academic, and consumer products, sold in more than 100 countries across the globe.
Kensington Online Shop – Buy Laptop Locks, Mobile Security, Tablet Keyboard Cases, Chargers.

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Buy Chargers, Laptop Locks, Mobile Security.

  • Keyed Locks,
  • Combination Locks,
  • Desktop Locking Solutions,
  • USB Port Locks,
  • Lock Anchor Points & Accessories,
  • Surface Locks,
  • Biometric Security,
  • Laptop Locking Stations.

Privacy Screens

  • Docking and Connectivity
  • Universal Laptop Docking Stations
  • Surface Docking Stations
  • USB Hubs & Adapters
  • Video Adapters
  • Headphones

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Kensington Computer Products Group, a division of ACCO Brands
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Kensington Computer Products Group, a division of ACCO Brands

Workplace Ergonomics & Wellness

  • Standing Desk Solutions
  • Foot and Back Rests
  • Seat Cushions
  • Laptop Risers and Monitor Stands
  • Monitor Arms
  • Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests
  • CopyholdersKeyboard Drawers


  • Trackballs
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Wireless Presentation Remotes

Cabinets and Stands

  • Charge and Sync Cabinets
  • Tablet POS Stands and Enclosures
  • Windfall Stands and Frames for Tablets
  • Tablet Projection Stand

Laptop Bags and Cases

  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases and Totes
  • Rollers
  • Sleeves
  • Rugged Tablet Cases


  • International Travel Adapters
  • Laptop Power Chargers
  • Surge Protection and Power Strips
  • Charging Cables

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