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Our line of premium-quality audio products includes earbuds, headphones and speakers made from real exotic wood. Earbuds and headphones come with a carrying pouch which can be co-branded for bulk orders.

We also have the ability to customize product packaging directly, depending on your needs.

Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders, which makes it easy to provide employees with quality products at an affordable price.

For every purchase of a LSTN product, proceeds are donated to provide hearing aids to a person in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. Use the form below to get started with your corporate or bulk order.

LSTN + Delta Air Lines

Team LSTN went to Peru with Delta Air Lines and Starkey Hearing Foundation to help over 1,000 people receive hearing aids.

This short video tells the story of two amazing brothers we helped in Arequipa.

LSTN is proud to partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation in our shared mission of global hearing awareness.

Over the last three decades, Starkey Hearing Foundation founder Bill Austin has expanded the Foundation’s reach from Minnesota across the United States and around the world.

With the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters, Starkey Hearing Foundation has become the embodiment of Austin’s incredible vision and has provided more than 1.9 million hearing aids and care to people in need.

Learn more about the foundation and our shared mission at starkeyhearingfoundation.

The Troubadour in Zebra

  • Amazing sound quality with style to spare. Prepare to hear your music like never before.. Bluetooth 4.1.

The Troubadour in Walnut

  • Amazing sound quality with style to spare. Prepare to hear your music like never before.. Bluetooth 4.1.


Our earbuds deliver a warm, full sound and a sport a unique look for fitness, travel and phone calls. All of our products are tested extensively for superior sound quality and physical durability, and every one contributes to our mission to give hearing aids worldwide.

  • The Beacon 2.0 in Black
  • The Beacon 2.0 in White
  • The Bluetooth Bolt in Rose Gold
  • The Bowery in Zebra
  • The Wembley (Wired) in Walnut
  • The Bluetooth Bolt in Black


Our speakers are designed from the ground up to provide amazing sound quality without the audiophile-level price tag. Proceeds from every purchase help give hearing aids to people in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. You can see the difference we’ve made together over the last five years in our impact report.

  • The Marquee in Black
  • The Satellite in Walnut
  • The Satellite in Zebra
  • The Gramercy in White
  • The Gramercy in Black

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