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Olympus is passionate about the solutions it creates for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries, as well as cameras and audio products.

For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by helping detect, prevent and treat disease, furthering scientific research, ensuring public safety, and capturing images of the world.

Endoscopic Solutions Division

In its Endoscopic Solutions business, Olympus uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients. Starting with the world’s first gastrocamera in 1950, Olympus’ Endoscopic Solutions portfolio has grown to include endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging systems as well as system integration solutions and medical services.

  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy System Olympus
  • Video endoscopy system Olympus
  • Surgical Endoscopy System Olympus
  • 4K surgical endoscopy system / 3D surgical endoscopy system Olympus
  • Systems Integration Olympus
  • Operating room Olympus
  • Medical Services Olympus
  • Repair center Olympus

Therapeutic Solutions Division Olympus

In its Therapeutic Solutions business, Olympus uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients.

Starting with its early contributions to the development of the polypectomy snare, Olympus’ Therapeutic Solutions portfolio has grown to include an array of surgical energy devices and a wide range of instruments to help prevent, detect and treat disease.

  • Endotherapy Devices Olympus
  • Urology / Gynecology Olympus
  • Resectoscope Olympus
  • Ear,Nose and Throat Olympus
  • Biopsy forceps
  • Multidebrider
  • Electrosurgical knife
  • Clip
  • Extraction balloon
  • Aspiration needles
  • Surgical Devices Olympus
  • Surgical Energy Devices Olympus

Scientific Solutions Division Olympus

Olympus’ Scientific Solutions business provides imaging, instrumentation and measurement solutions to meet the evolving needs of professionals in the industrial and life sciences sectors.

Olympus offers a wide array of industrial solutions, including industrial microscopes and videoscopes, nondestructive testing technology and x-ray analyzers. Olympus is also a leading supplier of optical and digital microscope systems for life science solutions.

  • Industrial Olympus
  • Inverted research microscope
  • Phased array flaw detector
  • Life Sciences Olympus
  • Biological microscope
  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  • Digital microscope
  • Industrial videoscope

Imaging Division Olympus

Olympus’ Imaging business empowers consumers and professionals alike with innovative digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders, and binoculars. The company’s precision optics and groundbreaking technology open up new possibilities for capturing life’s most precious moments.

  • Interchangeable Lens Cameras Olympus
  • Professional model Olympus
  • Advanced amateur model Olympus
  • Standard model Olympus
  • Entry model Olympus
  • Interchangeable Lenses Olympus
  • Compact Cameras Olympus
  • Digital Voice Recorders Olympus
  • Binoculars Olympus


Whether you’re a professional photographer, an admirer of photography, or someone who loves to capture every moment, we have a camera system that’s designed for you.

Every innovation in the OM-D series is designed to deliver the highest quality of performance in a compact, lightweight package. Industry-leading 5-axis image stabilization, superb autofocus performance, and bright interactive viewfinders work in harmony with M.Zuiko lenses to create a system that is powerful for professionals, yet easy for enthusiasts to master.

PEN cameras are as beautiful as the photos they take. Inside you’ll find innovative features to help you take pictures in your own personal style. Outside there’s extraordinary craftsmanship, like leather accents, brushed metal surfaces, and precision controls that recall iconic Olympus designs. PEN cameras are easy to carry, easy to control, and packed with features for modern photographers.

Featuring precision-cut glass and innovative architecture, M.Zuiko lenses are the perfect complement to OM-D and PEN cameras for flawless photography. Three lens families offer lenses for any shooting situation. M.Zuiko PRO includes professional lenses that feature the highest level of optical performance and weather-sealed construction. M.Zuiko Premium offers compact fixed focal length lenses with incredible sharpness and beautiful defocusing effects. M.Zuiko standard series lenses feature lightweight construction and excellent image quality throughout their focal ranges.

Worry about getting your shot, not damaging your camera. Our Tough cameras make it easy to capture every experience with powerful imaging modes, convenient operation, and rugged capabilities: they’re waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and even dustproof. Tough cameras are perfect for every adventure – even those in the backyard.


Already own a great Olympus Camera? Perfect! Now it’s time to accessorize. From batteries to media cards to camera bags, we’ve got it all.

OM-D CAMERAS olympus

Get superior image quality in a camera system that’s small, lightweight and puts some of the world’s leading camera technology right in your hands. Built to get any shot, anytime, anywhere.


Carrying lighter gear gives you more energy. More shooting flexibility. More ways to express yourself. Olympus’ compact systems let you react more quickly and blend into the scene, all so you can enjoy your photography more.


Never has it been so easy to capture blur-free stills and ultra-smooth 4K video, all handheld. Our 5-Axis Sync IS provides up to 7.5 shutter speed steps of compensation, the World’s Most Effective Stabilization Performance. *Up to 7.5 EV steps, as of Jan. 24, 2019 | OM-D E-M1X | M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-100mm F4.0 IS PRO at 100mm.


Capture every photo opportunity and never worry about your gear. Select OM-D cameras and lenses feature some of the industry’s best IPX1 weathersealed construction for splashproof, dustproof, freezeproof (to 14 °F / -10 °C) performance.


Capture split-second moments in perfect focus. Select OM-D cameras feature on-chip Phase Detection + Contrast Detection Dual AF. Use convenient targeting options like Small Point, 5 or 9-Point Group, and Cluster Targeting to lock onto subjects fast.


OM-D’s advanced image stabilization lets you shoot ultra-smooth 4K and C4K footage using only the camera and your hands – no stabilizing rigs required. Pro video features include high bit rate recording, variable frame rates, and focus peaking while filming.


Built-in Wi-Fi makes sharing simple. Our free Olympus Image Share app syncs the OM-D to your smart device. Compose images, adjust settings, snap the shutter remotely and share your photos and videos.


M.Zuiko lenses feature compact designs, precision-cut glass, and bright, fast apertures. Our M.Zuiko PRO lineup boasts our world-renowned optics and includes metal construction and worry-free weathersealing. All to help you break free and photograph more.


Easily capture brilliant shots of star trails, streetlights, and cityscapes after dark. Nighttime Live Composite Mode extracts the brightest areas from a sequence of interval shots and automatically combines them into one perfectly exposed image.


Change lenses without worrying about dust on the image sensor. OM-D’s incredibly effective dust reduction system uses a Supersonic Wave Filter placed between the sensor and shutter. It vibrates at an astounding 30,000 times per second to shake off every speck of dust and dirt for flawless images.


PEN cameras are designed to shoot the way you want. Buttons and dials are positioned for intuitive operation. Touch LCD controls let you focus and shoot with the tap of your finger. And once you capture a great photo you are ready to share. Just download our free OI.Share app to your smart device and you’ll be able to wirelessly transfer photos and video to your phone or tablet. Built-in Wi-Fi makes instant wireless sharing a snap. PEN E-PL9 and E-PL10 make it even easier to share with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Create a system to match how you want to shoot. Designed to complement the look of the camera body, the ever-expanding family of high-performance M.Zuiko Digital lenses covers the full range of shooting situations, from intimate portraits with beautiful defocused backgrounds to wide-angle landscapes to detailed close-ups.


Tailor your PEN’s style and functionality with a variety of premium accessories. Choose from matching leather neck straps, lens covers, and body jackets, electronic viewfinders, and even a premium metal grip to make your individual look complete.


M.Zuiko lenses are world-renowned for their superior image quality packaged in compact lightweight forms. We include finely polished lens elements strategically grouped to offer precise optics and fast autofocus performance.

Many M.Zuiko lenses are hermetically sealed to be splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof (down to 14°F / -10°C), so you can enjoy every adventure without worrying about your gear.


M.Zuiko lenses are smaller and lighter than traditional DSLR lenses, providing a greater degree of creative freedom. Whether you’re an enthusiast who travels with low-profile lenses, or a pro who uses a dozen different lenses on a shoot, M.Zuiko’s compact form factors help increase productivity and improve your photography.


Our proprietary lens coatings practically eliminate ghosting and flares to provide crisp, clear images, even when shooting in less than ideal lighting conditions.


The Voice Coil Motor technology in many M.Zuiko lenses provides unrivaled autofocus speed and precision with nearly silent operation.


We design M.Zuiko lenses to be dependable precision instruments you will appreciate for years to come, no matter your shooting environment or photo genre.

From wide-angle to telephoto, M.Zuiko lenses cover a variety of shooting styles and applications. Discover the ideal lens for you.

M.Zuiko’s Movie & Still Compatible feature uses a linear drive motor autofocus mechanism that provides quiet autofocus and smooth silent zooming, perfect for video recording.


Review our updated M.Zuiko future lens roadmap! We will continue to enhance our lens lineup to maximize the unrivaled system portability of the Micro Four Thirds System.


You want to capture epic adventures, not fuss with complicated controls or set-ups. That’s why Tough cameras are easy to operate. With built-in Wi-Fi for remote shooting, wireless sharing, and a Field Sensor System that includes a GPS sensor, Tough cameras help you find, shoot and share your adventures like never before.

Turn your Tough camera into the centerpiece of a versatile photography system with waterproof lenses, protective cases, and an underwater housing for the really deep dives. All the components are just as rugged as the cameras they’re designed for.


You’ve invested in your cameras and lenses for ultimate performance; why not enjoy the same level of quality in your underwater accessories? Olympus is the only camera manufacturer that also makes the housings and accessory equipment you need to capture every stunning image of your deep-sea journeys.


From lens ports to electronic flashes, Olympus produces a wide variety of accessories allowing you to customize your system. Find your housing and start building your complete underwater system.


The challenges presented by this type of photography – backscatter, diminishing light at lower depths, movement – demand high-resolution glass with accurate, lightning-quick focusing mechanisms. Olympus’s M.Zuiko optimized-for-digital lenses offer all this and more, with phenomenally sharp image capture and superb overall optical performance. Professionals have relied on M.Zuiko lenses, both on land and below the surface, for generations.


The mirrorless design of our cameras means dramatic reductions in size and weight compared to standard DSLRs, and our underwater accessories are similarly compact and light. Have you ever decided not to take your camera equipment on a trip because it was just too bulky – and missed out on some great shots? With an Olympus system, you won’t have to make that choice.

Already own a great Olympus camera or digital recorder?

Perfect! Now it’s time to accessorize. From batteries to media cards to cases and straps, we’ve got it all. To get started, select your product from this dropdown or choose from the categories below.

We care about your Olympus purchase as much as you do. Sometimes your Olympus products need a little TLC. We offer a wide variety of safe, factory certified replacement parts for our products.


Compact, portable designs, easy file transfer, and long battery life are just a few of the features that make Olympus one of the world’s leaders in digital voice recording technology.


Perfect Recorders For Every Lifestyle. Olympus Digital Voice Recorders provide superior sound, convenient file management and longer recording times. Our stylish digital recorders are ultra compact & portable and can quickly transfer audio files to a computer or other device via USB, PC connection or removable media. And, with an extensive battery life, our digital recorders will outlive your smart phone every time making them one of the world’s leading digital recorders.


Your On-The-Go Recording Studio. The LS-series music recorders combine the latest technologies to take full advantage of what makes original sound appealing. Offering professional-grade sound with high-quality microphones, internal memory with external SD/SDHC card slot for additional capacity, as well as built-in features created with on-the go musicians in mind.


Revolutionary Voice Systems. Whether you’re a single practitioner, larger hospital professional or a lawyer looking for a specialized solution, Olympus has a dictation system for you. Maybe you’re gathering evidence, recording traffic violations or interrogating suspects so a quality recorder means everything. Or, maybe you’re a business executive and time is one of your greatest assets so you need a recording solution that can help you make better use of your time. Olympus’ Professional Dictation solutions are built to deliver increased efficiency, streamlined operations and cost savings to your organization.


Capture Every Word. A complete transcription solution that offers a footswitch, Headset as well as powerful software to be easily integrated into the workflow of any office system.


Accessorize Your Recorder. Choose a protective case, an extra battery, charger, media card or cables. Hear more clearly with ear phones or transcribing headsets. Or, ensure the quality of your digital recordings with an Olympus microphone plus much more. Olympus offers everything you need to equip your voice recorder for work or play.


Whether you’re a student, journalist, business professional, or nature enthusiast, we’ve got a digital recorder to best suit your individual or business needs.


Capture detailed recording of all your important events. Whether you use your recorder for reminders or to keep track of important conversations, Olympus digital recorders allow you to capture it all accurately and efficiently, so you can hear them again and again.


Olympus Digital Recorders provide superior sound, convenient file management and longer recording time. Most models can quickly transfer audio files to a computer via USB, PC connection or removable media. With an extensive battery life, your Olympus recorder will outlast even the smartest smartphone!


Record from a distance. Document your calls. Protect your device. We have everything you need to equip your recorders for work or play.


“Musician” means a lot of things to a lot of people. That’s why our LS digital recorders are packed with features for all music lovers.


Our compact LS-series recorders created with on-the-go musicians and filmmakers in mind feature Tresmic microphones for capturing lower bass, a Smart Mode that optimizes your recordings for best results and your choice of PCM or MP3 formats so you can easily share your music & movies with the world.


Choose a protective case, an extra battery, charger or media card as well as ear phones and cables. We have everything you need to equip your recorders for work or play.

Featured Insights ODMS R7.4 Update from OM Digital Solutions

Our newest release of ODMS R7.4 includes the ability to get crisp audio recordings from your web conferences. This means you can record your audio from any meeting platform you use. Whether you use Teams, Zoom, WebEx or another meeting software, with ODMS, you can record from any of them.


To get started, select your product from this dropdown or choose from the categories below. Not sure what you need? NEED A PART? We care about your Olympus purchase as much as you do. Sometimes your Olympus products need a little TLC. We offer a wide variety of safe, factory certified replacement parts for our products.



Quality & Performance. Ideal for birding, nature, and sporting events. Available in 8×40 S, 10×50 S, and 8-16×40 S models.

PRO Binoculars

PRO BINOCULARS Our flagship line of binoculars. Ideal for everything from birdwatching to locating wildlife for a photo shoot. Available in 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 magnifications.


ROAMER 10 X 21 RC II Lightweight, compact binoculars are perfect for you to take on all your outdoor adventures. Easy to carry anywhere you go.


TRACKER 10 X 25 PC The perfect combination of performance and style that will make viewing any activity – be it a concert, a play, or seeing the sights – a memorable one.

Olympus Microscopy, Industrial Microscopes Olympus

  • Laser Confocal Microscopes Olympus
  • Measuring Microscopes Olympus
  • Cleanliness Inspector Olympus
  • Light Microscopes Olympus
  • Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Inspection Microscopes Olympus
  • Digital Microscopes Olympus
  • Stereo Microscopes Olympus
  • Digital Cameras Olympus
  • Image Analysis Software Olympus
  • Objective Lenses Olympus
  • OEM Microscope Components for Integration Olympus

Scientific Solutions Olympus

  • Test Olympus.
  • Measure Olympus.
  • Image Olympus.
  • Analyze Olympus.

Videoscopes and Borescopes Olympus

  • Fiberscopes Olympus
  • Videoscopes Olympus
  • Inspection Assist Software Olympus
  • Rigid Borescopes Olympus
  • Light Sources Olympus
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