Manufacturers List Serving blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility challenged

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Manufacturers List – Serving blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility challenged, ❤special needs groups, and ✔ more with products for independent living.

Reizen Manufactur

As the industry leader in products for independent living, MaxiAids carries Reizen products like watches, magnifying products and vision products for the blind, visually impaired, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility challenged, special needs groups, seniors, caregivers, Veterans, government agencies and more. Reizen is part of MaxiAids brand of quality products that serve our mission of promoting healthy and active living.

Royal Tel-Time Manufactur

MaxiAids offers the Royal Tel-Weight Talking Scale to support independent living for those who are visually impaired or blind. This talking bath scale switches from English to Spanish, has an extra-wide slip-proof platform and will announce your weight in a clear voice and display it on an oversized screen. Shop MaxiAids Royal Tel-Weight low vision products below.

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A and D Manufactur

A and D Engineering is a world leader in the design and production of measurement equipment and blood products. A and D Medical is a division of A and D that designs and manufactures precision measurement products for the health care market.

A Perigee Book Manufactur

Perigee Books, originally created as the trade paperback imprint for GP Putnams Sons, has featured an eclectic range of titles from virtually every category of publishing, both fiction and nonfiction. One of the earliest, William Goldings Lord of the Flies, is now the only work of fiction on the list.

A Sunburst Book Manufactur

Sunburst Books is a family-owned business that has been providing superior selection and superior service since 1992, offering vision products such as books like A Sound Mind by Jean Ferris. Upon ordering the book, it will usually ship within 1 to 2 business days.

AbleSee Manufactur

AbleSee large print overlays are cost-effective ways to see your washer, dryer, or microwave buttons better. AbleSee also offers kitchen labeling overlays for helping you easily identify your condiments and spices.

AbleNet Manufactur

AbleNet is an international company and industry leader in providing educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. This includes a complete line of communication aids for nonverbal individuals; access aids for all ages and situations; and special education classroom curriculum that both enhance and help ensure learning progress. AbleNet products are used in hundreds of thousands of homes, clinics, and classrooms in the United States and across the globe.

Able Planet Manufactur

Able Planet designs award-winning audio and communication products that let users hear the difference. Able Planet manufactures innovative audio and communication devices for individuals with All Levels of Hearing. Products include headsets, assistive listening devices and headphones. All products feature patented LINX AUDIO technology. The company has won over 40 awards in the past five years, including 31 International Consumer Electronics Show awards for innovation and design. Able Planet is headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Abbott Manufactur

Abbott Nutrition is a division of Abbott, the global, broad-based health care company. Health care professionals and their patients trust Abbott Nutrition to provide cutting-edge nutrition products that meet changing nutrition needs. Abbott delivers on those expectations, providing a vast array of nutritional and therapeutic products that work to keep bodies strong and support the unique needs of patients with chronic illnesses and conditions such as Diabetes.

ADAS Manufactur

ADAS Populas Furniture acknowledges that people differ in size, age, and ability, and their designs embrace these differences. ADAS products accommodate a wide range of physical abilities and impairments. It is what many interior space planners call universal design-a logical approach to workspace design that meets the needs of everyone. ADAS is the most functional and attractive adjustable furniture on the market today. Through their highly successful furniture lines for education, health care, kitchen and bath, and the workplace, ADAS has proven that just because you need accessibility, you should never sacrifice style.

ADCO Hearing Products Manufactur

ADCO Hearing Products

Aeoro Company Manufactur

ERO Specialties provides complete aircraft and airport ground support equipment GSE solutions to corporate, FBO, MRO, military, airline and general aviation customers worldwide. AERO manufactures and distributes industrial-grade, high-quality new, used and refurbished aircraft GSE.

Allsaid and Dunn Manufactur

Allsaid and Dunn is the publisher of educational books for children, flash cards, storybooks, and The Reading Game by Kenneth Hodkinson.

AliMed Manufactur

AliMed is a leading provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, private medical practices, therapists, and more. Products include AliMed Wander Alarm and door sensors.

Ai Squared Manufactur

Ai Squared has been a leader in the assistive technology field for over 20 years. Their flagship product, ZoomText, is one of the best magnification and reading software products for the vision impaired. Ai Squared products are available in 20 languages and are sold through Ai Squared has helped over 100,000 individuals with early vision loss, computer vision syndrome, and visual impairments such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, the ZoomText Large Print Keyboard, ZoomText Camera, ZoomText Express, all of which are available through MaxiAids.

AfterShokz Manufactur

AfterShokz technological enhancements have redefined the meaning of safe sound. Experience premium stereo sound via mini vibrations that travel through your cheekbones. AfterShokz opens your ears, so you can hear it all. Aftershokz Bluetooth headphones and open ear sport headphones utilize patent pending bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the listeners cheekbones to the inner ear. This enables anyone using them to stay connected to both what they are listening to and the outside world – from warning sounds outdoors while walking or driving to a nearby colleague in an office setting. AfterShokz headphones are lightweight, affordable headsets that are perfect everyone.

Ai Squared Manufactur

Ai Squared has been a leader in the assistive technology field for over 20 years. Their flagship product, ZoomText, is one of the best magnification and reading software products for the vision impaired. Ai Squared products are available in 20 languages and are sold through Ai Squared has helped over 100,000 individuals with early vision loss, computer vision syndrome, and visual impairments such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, the ZoomText Large Print Keyboard, ZoomText Camera, ZoomText Express, all of which are available through MaxiAids.

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AliMed Manufactur

AliMed is a leading provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, private medical practices, therapists, and more. Products include AliMed Wander Alarm and door sensors.

Allsaid and Dunn Manufactur

Allsaid and Dunn is the publisher of educational books for children, flash cards, storybooks, and The Reading Game by Kenneth Hodkinson.

Ambutech Manufactur

AmbuTech is a leading manufacturer and marketer of mobility canes and mobility aids for the blind and visually impaired. Since its inception in 1985, the company has grown to be the dominant supplier of these products in Europe and North America. AmbuTech distributes mobility products to over 50 countries around the world. From a modest beginning with just a single support cane product, AmbuTech now has the widest range of mobility canes of any manufacturer.

Amana Manufactur

Amana creates appliances whose values stretch beyond just saving money. From adding some energy and resource-efficient models to exploring more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, Amana is on a journey to reduce the carbon footprint, little by little. Amana appliances include the Commercial Braille Microwave Oven, perfect for break rooms and group home settings.

Altec Lansing Manufactur

Altec Lansing is the premiere developer and manufacturer of high quality listening devices, headphones, bluetooth powerbanks, speakers, and more. Altec Lansing develops everything from sleek wireless systems that go where you go to headphones equipped with neodymium drivers delivering pure, rich legendary Altec sound.

Almeda Manufactur

Almeda Time Products LLC is the maker of Almeda watches, Almeda vibrating watches and Almeda multi-alarm vibrating watches. Almeda watches are six-alarm timepieces that are both stylish and perfect for medication and appointment reminders.

American Thermoform Manufactur

Since 1962, American Thermoform has pursued one primary goal, which is to develop and provide quality, affordable products to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired. Our Braille Paper products for the visually impaired are high quality are recognized and used worldwide by government agencies, educators, transcribers, individuals and many more.

Ameriphone Manufactur

Ameriphone products cater to the deaf, people with profound hearing loss, and those with low vision. Ameriphone products include amplified telephones with talk back numbers, super phone ringers, alarm signalers, TTY and VCO phones, the Photo Phone, and more.

Amplicom Manufactur

Hear every word loud and clear when you use an amplified telephone from Amplicom USA. Our devices for the hearing impaired include amplified answering machines, alarm clock-ring signaler with vibrator and a vibration pad pillow vibrator.

Andrea Manufactur

Andrea Electronics is a pioneer of digital audio input enhancement software, computer headsets including the Dragon NaturallySpeaking USB Headset, array microphone technologies and is an industry leading developer of product solutions.

As Seen on TV Manufactur

As Seen On TV is the leading multichannel distributor of As Seen On TV products and serves up fun for engaged consumers worldwide. Our Light Angel motion activated stick up LED light is one of our As Seen On TV products that wont disappoint; its great for both indoor and outdoor use and theres no wiring needed.

Arro-mark Manufactur

Arro-Mark, a family owned and operated company based in Englewood , New Jersey, is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial marking pens and devices. Arro-Mark offers a wide variety of high quality and competitively priced valve-controlled permanent industrial pens. The bold line makes it easy for those will low vision to see.

Apothecary Products Manufactur

Apothecary Products is a leading innovator, manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of consumer healthcare products and pharmacy supplies. Apothecary offers a one-stop-shop solution with unmatched product breadth of both over-the-counter consumer products and behind-the-counter pharmacy supplies, spanning across three categories, including pharmacy supply, medication management, and home healthcare. Led by our medication compliance line of products, Apothecary is a category innovator offering both branded and private label solutions.

Apex Medical Manufactur

Apex Medical is a provider of medical supplies, commodes and healthcare products. We offer commode assist products such as a commode pail with a handle and cover and a lifting commode chair.

Ash Vision Manufactur

Ash Technologies has designed innovative and award winning low vision aids for nearly 20 years and has dedicated itself to providing highly intuitive digital magnifiers that empower people with low vision by helping them lead an independent lifestyle.

ASL in Motion Manufactur

ASL In Motions featured product is the ASL Fingerspelling videotext, which is an excellent tool for practicing and reviewing expressive and receptive fingerspelling drills. A workbook is included with the video package and its for anyone who wants to learn ASL and Fingerspelling.

Attainment Company Manufactur

Attainment Company is dedicated to helping people with cognitive disabilities succeed at school, work, and life. Our software helps teach those with these disabilities social skills needed for activities, introductory math and money skills, those with speech challenges how to communicate and more.

Aumed Manufactur

Aumed is a vigorous medical technology company dedicated to develop and manufacture low vision products, optoelectronic devices and, ophthalmic diagnostic equipments. Aumed products have well-served vision care institutions, eye clinics, optical stores, and more Low vision products include video magnifiers, lighted magnifiers and computer screen magnifiers.

Audio Fox Manufactur

Audio Fox is a family owned and operated company located in Vancouver, Washington. It was formed by Rex Clark with his wife and sons for the sole purpose of developing a line of products for those with loss of hearing, and for those who want a wireless headset or listening speakers to hear the TV better.

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Attends Healthcare Products Manufactur

Attends is a leading adult incontinence brand trusted by healthcare professionals. In addition to being available at MaxiAids, Attends incontinence products and services are available to many healthcare facilities that proudly use their products for incontinence protection.

Avenue Innovations Inc. Manufactur

Avenue Innovations is a leading supplier of high quality and affordable Home Medical Equipment and Aids to Daily Living in North America. These senior home care aids provide a better quality of life to seniors and anyone in need of extra support. If youre on a search for the highest quality and affordable mobility aids, look no further than MaxiAids selection of Avenue Innovations Inc. products.

Bantam Books Manufactur

Bantam Books is a subsidiary of the Random House Publishing Group and entirely owned by Random House. MaxiAids selection of Bantam Books includes signing guides by author Elaine Costello. Religious Signing and How to Speak with Your Hands are Costellos featured works.

Barrons Manufactur

Barrons is an educational publisher of books and other materials including sign language books, dictionaries and flash cards.

Baum Manufactur

Baum is the maker of VISIO Desktop Magnifiers, which are helpful computer screen magnifiers. When your eyesight begins to fail and your glasses are not enough anymore, reading becomes a tremendous challenge. This is where the VISIO can help, giving back that all important independence.

Bell + Howell Manufactur

Bell and Howell is a maker of Sunlight Low Vision Lamps. Both table lamps and floor lamps are available, in addition to full spectrum lamps.

Belkin Manufactur

Belkin is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices and protecting electronic equipment.

Beecher Optical Products Manufactur

Beecher Optical Products is the maker of Beecher Mirage Binoculars and Monoculars. The advanced monocular and binocular magnifier systems from Beecher offer excellent magnification and twice the viewing field of conventional monoculars and binoculars.

Bausch and Lomb Manufactur

Bausch and Lomb is one of the best-known and most respected healthcare brands in the world, offering the widest and finest range of eye health products, including lighted magnifiers and bar magnifiers.

Bellman and Symfon Manufactur

Bellman and Symfon is dedicated to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss. In addition, they develop solutions that protect the hearing without compromising on sound quality by using products like earphones, ear plugs and other hearing protectors.

Berkley Publishing Manufactur

Berkley Publishing is an imprint of Penguin Group, which was founded in 1955. MaxiAids is offering educational books on signing through this publishing house; Signing Made Easy and The Pocket Dictionary of Signing.

Bicycle Manufactur

Bicycle Playing Cards are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company and have a rich tradition dating back to 1867. Bicycle is one of the most well-known and popular brands of playing cards, including large print playing cards for those with low vision.

Bionix Health at Home Manufactur

Bionix Health at Home creates innovative consumer products that are presently found in medical offices and hospitals throughout the world. These items are used every single day on patient treatments ranging from simple ear wax removal to the alleviation of pain and anxiety of needle injections. Because of this, we are validated in our claim that our products are not just Doctor Recommended but actually Physician Utilized.

BigKeys Manufactur

BigKeys keyboards are simplified computer keyboards with large print and high contrast displays. BigKeys LX keyboard magnifier has 60 extra-large keys and retains all the functions of a standard keyboard. The BigKeys LX Color QWERTY keyboard features large color-coded keys that help create the most functional laptop magnifier on the market.

Big Eye Manufactur

Big Eye magnifying lamps present a bright idea in magnification. Magnifying lamps like dDesk lamps, table lamps and full spectrum floor lamps are available.

Bierley Manufactur

Bierley specializes in the design and manufacture of simple to use, high quality, high tech products including electronic video magnifiers, handheld video magnifiers and desktop lighted magnifiers for low vision.

Black and Decker Manufactur

Black and Decker is an American manufacturer of power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems. MaxiAids carries a wide range of Black and Decker products, such as coffeemakers, toaster ovens and broilers, all offered at affordable prices. Shop our selection of Black and Decker home improvement and hardware products today. You will surely find what youre looking for.

Bones Manufactur

Bones focuses on the development and production of products for people with visual impairment and deaf-blindness. Their Milestone line of audio players for the blind and visually impaired play audio books and music, record lectures and messages as well as, read text. MaxiAids carries a wide selection of blind accessories for the visually impaired from Bones, such as text-to-speech book readers, code readers and labeling systems.

Boost Manufactur

BOOST products include a delicious line of nutritional drinks and bars designed for a variety of nutrition and health needs. All BOOST bottled drinks are gluten free and suitable for people with lactose intolerance. MaxiAids selection of BOOST products come in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and provide high protein and glucose control.

Borin-Halbich Manufactur

Borin-Halbich pill boxes offer easy to use, effective medication management solutions that also simplify unsupervised medication usage. The 7 Day Color 2 Compartment Deep Capacity Pill Boxes are color coded for each day of the week and come with extra deep compartments with a secure lid to allow you to carry additional medication when traveling or if you need to take more than one type of medication each time, large black letters to make identifying the week easy, brailled for persons who are blind, dishwasher safe and makes taking medications a simple process.

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Brother Manufactur

Established in 1954, Brother International Corporation is a premier provider of home, home office, and business products, as well as industrial solutions that revolutionize the way we live and work. Brother is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ. Brothers P-Touch Electronic Labeling system provides a variety of labeling usages in a business environment. The versatile labeler makes professional-looking labels by using the built-in keyboard, or connecting to a computer to create more personalized labels.

Bronners Christmas Wonderland Manufactur

Bronners Christmas Wonderland promotes themselves as the Worlds Largest Christmas Store, so they have a selection of ornaments and decorations that cater to all families. The retail store located in Frankenmuth, Michigan is a one-stop shop for ornaments and everything Christmas. MaxiAids carries a Bronners Christmas Wonderland glass ornament perfect for those who want to support family members and loved ones who suffer from hearing loss, which says I love ASL.

Briggs Medical Manufactur

Trusted by more than 50,000 customers, Briggs Healthcare has been helping health care providers improve clinical and financial performance through a wide array of products for more than 65 years. Briggs Medical supplies offer reliable, trusted products such as canes for the blind and ice grips.

Boys Town Press Manufactur

Boys Town Press offers American Sign Language ASL instructional videos on VHS, which will serve as a Family Sign Language Curriculum that will help open the lines of communication using ASL. MaxiAids selection of ASL instructional videos includes Sign With Me – Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Buckingham Healthcare Manufactur

Buckingham Healthcare designs and produces quality daily living aids, including disability and mobility aids. MaxiAids carries a Buckingham Healthcare compact personal hygiene aid that can be taken on the go if needed.

Butte Publishing Manufactur

Butte Publications was formed in 1993 to publish educational materials for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, their teachers, parents and professionals in the field. As many of our titles have a broader appeal, we have expanded our presentation. MaxiAids selection of Butte Publishing materials include a Trainers Handbook and an Early Intervention Series.

CaliBowl Manufactur

The revolutionary bowl design was inspired by nature. CaliBowls collection of bowls includes a suction bowl, salsa bowl, toddler suction bowl, mixing bowl, non-spill bowl and many more. Shop our selection today for the lowest prices and widest variety of bowls to choose from.

Califone Manufactur

Califone International, Inc. has been a leader since 1947 in the design, development and manufacturing of audio-visual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education and presentation settings. Simply stated, Califone is your go-to for supplemental curriculum products such as a magnetic card reader, muff noise blockers and more.

Capture Manufactur

Capture portable video magnifiers enable you to read product labels, medicine bottles and restaurant menus with ease, plus store up to 100 images. They offer high quality images and up to 16x magnification in compact, portable and stylish designs. For low vision individuals who need quality magnification products, look no further than Captures portable video magnifiers.

Canon Manufactur

Canon is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions including color printers and 2-color printing calculators for low vision. Browse our selection of digital imaging solutions today.

CanDo Manufactur

CanDos line of exercise products will keep you fit and healthy no matter what the reason for your workouts are. We carry exercise products like a hand exerciser finger exerciser yoga mats, resistance tubing with handles and more for the opportunity to rehabilitate and strengthen. Browse our selection today.

Cambridge University Press Manufactur

Cambridge University Press unlocks potential with the best learning and research solutions, providing a variety of academic books, education books, academic journals and more. MaxiAids is proud to carry Deaf Young People and Their Families, which is a follow up to the study reported in Deaf Children and Their Families.

CareSox Manufactur

For anyone with special needs in foot care, CareSox Diabetic Socks are the answer. Their natural cotton construction gives you exceptional comfort, easy care and excellent absorbency. There is no better sock on the market for those who suffer from swollen feet, so browse our selection today.

Caretec Manufactur

Caretec is a maker and marketer of low vision products such as the Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader, the Ray Electronic Mobility Aid for the Blind, and various talking calculators. All Caretec products are designed to help the blind and visually impaired.

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Carex Manufactur

Carex Health Brands has been the branded leader in in-home, self-care medical products for over 35 years, providing quality products that bring dignity and ease of use and general quality of life to consumers. Our Carex products include medi planners, joint wraps, rolling walkers and more.

Carnation Manufactur

Carnation Breakfast Essentials lets you start your mornings right. Each serving of Carnation Breakfast Essentials Drink is packed with protein and 21 essential vitamins and minerals, including Calcium and Vitamin D. What a great way to start the day.

Casio Manufactur

Casio watches and products with innovative functions such as a wrist watch with alarm or wrap around watch bands assist people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. They also bring joy to people and help to create new culture. Shop MaxiAids large selection of watches, including talking watches, low vision watches, braille watches and vibrating watches

Carson-Dellosa Manufactur

Carson-Dellosa proudly provides teachers, parents, and children around the world with the best possible educational materials, low vision aids and sign language materials, including Low Vision Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards and Sign Language Flash Cards. Carson-Dellosas low vision flash cards help support good study habits and feature low vision magnifiers like bold, oversized letters.

Carson Optical Manufactur

Carson Optical is a leading manufacturer of magnifiers, monoculars and one of the leading suppliers of binoculars. Browse our inventory of different kinds of magnifiers, such as a helpful magnification mirror and magnifiers with light. Our magnifying aids also include handheld magnifiers and handheld magnifying glasses. Contact us today with any questions on any of our Carson Optical magnifying aids.

Carolrhoda Books, Inc. Manufactur

Our selection from Carolrhoda Books, Inc. includes A World of Knowing, written by Andy Russell Brown and illustrated by Elaine Wadsworth. This book serves as an inspiration to the deaf community and follows Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet who brought his new knowledge of studying deaf education in Europe home to America to become principal of Americas first school for the deaf.

Centrix Manufactur

Centrix is a family-owned business with one goal in mind: to make your smile beautiful. Centrix Infinitely White Tooth Shade Protectant makes it easy to keep your teeth white and protects your teeth from stains.

Champion Products Manufactur

Champion Health and Sport Supports are specifically intended to support hard-working muscles and joints, to help speed recovery, and relieve the discomfort associated with strains, sprains and other musculoskeletal disorders to help keep you active and in shape.

Clarity Manufactur

Clarity, a division of Plantronics, creates smart communication solutions that help seniors live richer, more engaged lives with amplification devices such as amplified phones and amplified headsets in different variations, like amplified cordless phones. Founded more than 40 years ago, Clarity is the world leader in amplified telephones, notification systems and assistive listening. MaxiAids selection of Clarity amplification devices for seniors includes the AlertMaster AL10 Clock-Vibrator-Door Knock System and the Alto Amplified 53dB Big Button Speakerphone.

ChoiceMedUSA Manufactur

ChoiceMMed America Co. specializes in manufacturing, processing, marketing, maintaining and repairing electro-medical and healthcare equipment. Their mission is to research and develop high quality, easy to use and affordable products.

CHHA Manufactur

MaxiAids selection of CHHA products includes Sound Ideas, a video and manual designed for those with hearing loss. This hearing care manual provides the tools needed to live successfully with hearing loss, so you can practice it at home and at your own pace.

Chef Craft Manufactur

Chef Craft products are kitchen tested and approved to verify durability and functionality. Chef Craft makes low vision aids and large magnifier products such as large print measuring cups and spoons to help add accessibility to the kitchen for those with low vision or anyone who simply wants to see better. The large print font gives an added sense of comfort to those suffering from low vision, allowing for worry and stress free time in the kitchen.

Claro Software Manufactur

Claro Software develops Assistive Technology software for people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and those who have other print and reading difficulties.

ClearSounds Manufactur

ClearSounds is a passionate, women-owned, family company with 30-plus years dedicated to advanced sound technology. We specialize in powerful amplified phones, Bluetooth headsets, amplified neckloops, mobile accessories and listening systems for people wi

CliC Readers Manufactur

CliC products have been designed with a patented front connection technology. This technology allows the user to easily put on and take off their glasses and to help the customer to never misplace their glasses. Both unique and stylish, CliC Reading Glass

Coil Manufactur

COIL is recognised as a world leader in precision low vision products. As part of the Carclo group of companies, we have over sixty five years experience serving the ophthalmic and industrial optics markets. Throughout this period, COIL has researched

Comtek Manufactur

Comtek is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty wireless communications equipment. We continue to offer new and innovative solutions for remote program monitoring, IFB, discreet cueing, wireless tour guide systems, language interpretation

CompuTTY Manufactur

CompuTTY was founded in 1982 and offers high quality telecommunications products and services for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Comfort Audio Manufactur

Comfort Audio develops and manufactures assistive listening devices for people with a hearing loss including the Comfort Duett Hearing Amplifier that helps you hear every sound wherever you go.

Colorino Manufactur

Colorino Color Identifiers and Light Detectors are available in English and Spanish. The Colorino Color Identifier-Light Detector discerns and clearly announces up to 150 shadings – not just red, for example, but pale red, light red, dark red, as well as

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Conair Manufactur

Conair is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of health and beauty products and kitchen and electronic appliances. Since its founding in 1959, the company has become a leading manufacturer of nationally branded personal and health care small appliances

Incontinence Products Manufactur

Incontinence can be a challenging inconvenience. You can rest assured knowing that we offer a variety of incontinence products, including reusable underpads, exam gloves and poly-plastic briefs, just to name a few. For a complete list of incontinence products that we offer, browse our inventory below.

Consumer Engineering Manufactur

For over 25 years, Consumer Engineering has provided homeowners with screw-in adaptors for their porch lights. Our leading product has been the 911 Flashlite, which provides a flashing light to direct neighbors, police and emergency vehicles to your home. Our 911 Flashlite is supported by Police, Fire, EMS and Rescue organizations. Browse our selection of porch lights and other flashing light products today.

Contacta Manufactur

Contactas Clipboard Infoloop for Hearing Aid Wearers and Portable Information Loop for Hearing Aid Wearers are designed to assist those who are hearing impaired. Hear more clearly and write more easily on the go with the Clipboard Infoloop, which has a built-in amplifier and an electro-magnetic field that extends to a maximum of 1.2m. The Portable Information Loop improves sound quality for those who wear hearing aids, offering desktop assistance by allowing communication directly with the hearing aid wearer through their t-coil. This single control unit, made of durable ABS plastic, incorporates a microphone, amplifier, induction loop aerial and rechargeable battery system.

Cued Speech Discovery Manufactur

Cued Speech Discovery is the bookstore of the National Cued Speech Association, offering support to those with hearing loss, auditory neuropathy, auditory processing disabilities, autism, and other speech, language and learning disabilities. Shop our selection of CD-Roms, including Computer Fingers and Cue That Word Deluxe, to learn how to cue and cue-read using all hand shapes and locations.

Contec Manufactur

Contec TV remote controls are designed to provide maximum ease and enjoyment watching TV. Products include the Simplicity Universal Cable and TV Remote Control, which has large backlit buttons for easy navigation, is simple to program, and is comfortable. Shop our selection of high quality TV remote controls today at the lowest prices.

Cuisinart Manufactur

Cuisinart is a universally recognized cookware brand offering innovative culinary tools that anyone can enjoy. Cuisinart products include food processors, small kitchen appliances, specialty cooking products and much, much more. Shop our wide selection of high quality Cuisinart culinary tools and cookware today at affordable prices.

Daloplast Manufactur

Daloplast specializes in quality household appliances at affordable prices including low vision cutting boards and plastic chopping boards. Our low vision products, which include high quality low vision aids and low vision devices, are available at the most competitive prices on the household appliances market.

Datexx Manufactur

Datexx is a seller of low vision clocks, LED flashlights, weather stations and more. Browse our wide selection of low vision clocks, low vision calculators and other low vision devices. Our low vision aids are the highest quality, sold at the lowest prices.

Deaf Gifts Manufactur

Send a special message to your loved one by purchasing one of MaxiAids deaf gifts, including a Body Piercing Belly Pin with ILY Hand, ILY Silver Hand with Black Suede Bracelet, Paper Clips with ILY Hands and Push Pins with Hand Signaling ILY. Say I Love You with your own unique flair with the perfect deaf accessories from MaxiAids.

Dazor Manufactur

The name DAZOR has been synonymous with quality task lighting and magnifiers for over 60 years. From desktop lighted magnifiers to handheld lighted magnifiers and any other lighted magnifier, MaxiAids selection of Dazor products wont disappoint. Choose from products like the Dazor Circline Desk Base 28-Inch Magnifier, Dazor Stand Model with Rolling Casters and much more today.

Daylight Manufactur

Daylight is dedicated to manufacturing designer, high quality lamps for arts and crafts, low vision and professional use. Daylight Company brands include Daylight, Naturalight and StarMag. Shop our Daylight lamps, Daylight magnifying lamps and Daylight naturalight lamps, which are all full spectrum lamps and some of the best low vision lamps on the market.

Dawn Sign Press Manufactur

Dawn Sign Press is the leading publisher of quality American Sign Language and deaf culture books and ASL software and DVDs including the Signing Naturally series featuring Student and Teacher Units 1-6 and 7-12. You wont be disappointed in our high quality deaf aids and deaf products

Deaf Missions Manufactur

MaxiAids selection of Deaf Missions provides religious material for your devotional times at camps, parties and church activities, as well as for your personal study and prayer time. Choose from Deaf Missions like the Life Signs DVD, Living Lessons From the Bible – Called to Holiness VHS, and Parable Theater Presents Jeff n Toby VHS, which are humorous skits put on by two deaf Christians.

Deafworks Manufactur

Shop MaxiAids selection of Deafworks deaf products, which are assistive devices and products for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Buy our VP Remote Control for Videophones, and enjoy more convenient, accessible use of your videophone.

Dignity Manufactur

Dignity Medical Supplies offers medical products to fit individual consumer needs with the goal of assisting you in improving your quality of life and empowering you to regain and maintain your freedom and dignity. Choose from our selection of Dignity Extra Absorbent Liners, Extra-Duty Double Pads and Incontinent Briefs, for bladder control that satisfies protection from light to heavy. Ensure dryness and odor control with Dignity products from MaxiAids.

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Doro Manufactur

Doro develops products to make your life easier, from the HandleEasy Universal Remote Control to the HearPlus Vibrating Amplified Alarm Clock. This alarm clock for hard of hearing helps to wake you up to a loud alarm, vibration and a flashing lamp, making it the perfect alarm clock for anyone with reduced hearing.

Donegan Manufactur

Donegan Optical manufactures and distributes precision visual devices for hobbyists and professionals in industry, home, office and crafts applications. The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. Products include Donegan Optivisor Optical Glass Binocular Magnifier, Rectangular Hand Magnifier, Clip-On Binocular Magnifier and much more. MaxiAids selection of Donegan Optical low vision aids, low vision magnifiers and low vision binoculars help those with low vision read fine print, sew and complete up close tasks.

Dolphin Manufactur

MaxiAids inventory of Dolphin products includes affordable devices for blind people or the visually impaired, including computer screen magnifiers. Get crystal clear text and image screen magnification with our Dolphin low vision aids.

DreamZon Manufactur

DreamZon develops and manufactures products for the deaf and hard of hearing, combining technological innovation with simplicity, flexibility and reliability. DreamZon strives to make your day-to-day routine easier with a selection hard of hearing devices and deaf accessories like cell phone signalers and call vibrators.

Drive Medical Manufactur

Drive Medical is a leading global distributor of durable medical equipment including mobility products, beds, bariatric products, wheelchairs, sleep surfaces and pressure prevention products, respiratory equipment, self-assist products, power wheelchairs and more. Our selection of Drive products includes medical walkers with wheels such as the Adjustable Height Rollator in Vibrant Pink, blind walking canes such as the Aluminum Adjustable Walking Cane, the Clamp-On Tub Rail, Commode Pail and much more.

Dry and Store Manufactur

The Dry and Store family of products benefit all types of hearing instruments – traditional hearing aids as well as cochlear implant equipment, noise maskers, ear monitors, and more. Products include the DryCaddy on the Go Hearing Aid Drying System, which are hard of hearing products that are designed to make day-to-day living easier.

Duracell Manufactur

Trusted everywhere Duracell provides a wide range of batteries and Smart Power solutions for virtually all of your power needs. If youre looking for hearing aid batteries or batteries for any of your power needs, look no further than MaxiAids.

Duxbury Manufactur

Duxbury Systems leads the world in software for blind braille. The Duxbury Braille Translator DBT and MegaDots, are used by virtually all leading braille publishers.No one supports more languages than Duxbury Systems – DBT supports grade 1 and grade 2 translations. Duxbury products include braille displays such as Braille Translator for Windows – Software, MegaDots 2.5 New Single-User Software License and NimPro 1.2 New Single User Software License.

Ear Gear Manufactur

Invest in practical hearing aid care offered by Ear Gear and protect your hearing aid from dirt, moisture and sweat. MaxiAids selection of Ear Gear includes Ear Gear Cochlear Corded and Ear Gear Original Cordless products in beige, royal blue, chocolate brown and black.

Eagle Products Manufactur

Eagle Health bathroom aids include sliding transfer benches for easier at home living. Products include Eagle Health Extra Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench w-Cut Out, Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench and Transfer Bench with Molded Swivel Seat, which allows easier entry and exit from the bench. Browse our selection of Eagle Health bathroom aids below.

Ear Band-It Manufactur

Ear Band-Its selection of headbands for swimming are designed to keep water out and hold ear plugs in place. Available in Small Medium or Large and Blue Magenta Purple Red and Teal colors MaxiAids selection of Ear Band-It Headbands are just what you need for water activities. Adjustable Ear Band-Its are recommended by doctors pediatricians and audiologists for anyone with ear tubes and for swimmers ear prevention.

Easy Say Stop Manufactur

Easy Say Stops Audible Liquid Level Indicator plays an audible alert as the liquid nears the top of the cup helping those with low vision pour with confidence while avoiding over-filling and messy spills. Its the lowest price liquid level indicator on the market and the first and only liquid level indicator that uses 2 long lasting easily replaceable Type N batteries included.

Ecolume Manufactur

MaxiAids low vision lamps from Ecolume include the Full Spectrum Spiral Compact Florescent Lamp which will save up to 75 percent on your electric costs. This energy-efficient lamp provides natural balanced light for pure vivid colors and its rated to last 10000 average user hours so you wont have to change it for a very long time.

Edroy Products Manufactur

Edroy Products develops and manufactures products for those with low vision, providing binocular magnifiers for everyday use. Edroy Products strives to make your day-to-day routine easier with products such as Optic Aid Spring Clips and Optic Aid Wire Clips in different diopter sizes. The low vision binocular will clip on most metal and plastic frames and has a coated scratch resistant lens system that flips up when not needed. The soft coated prongs will protect eyeglass lenses.

Educational Insights Manufactur

Educational Insights selection of educational aids and games are both fun and helpful to the developmental process. Choose from Educational Insights products like the Geo Safari Talking Globe, Hot Dots Talking Pen, Language Development Cards, Magnetic Letters and Numbers and much more. Kids can learn to spell, read, tell time and talk with Educational Insights products sold at MaxiAids.

Embrace Manufactur

MaxiAids is proud to carry Embrace products to offer our customers the highest quality in diabetes testing supplies. Among the Embrace products we carry are the Control Solution Embrace Blood Glucose Systems and the Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Use the Control Solution in conjunction with the Embrace Blood Glucose Meter to test that the meter and test strip are working together to provide accurate and precise blood glucose readings. The Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System announces results in both Spanish and English and is ideal for low-vision, blind, and older users because of its large numeral LCD display and talking feature.

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Electric Wheels LLC Manufactur

Electric Wheels is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, high-performance Hybrid and Electric Powered Bicycles and Mobility Scooters with our patented Technology. These medical walkers with wheels fall under the name brand of eWheels. Dollar for dollar, Electric Wheels Scooters and Bicycles offer great value for the consumer. Quality construction, top-rated performance and a wide variety of products to choose from, make Electric Wheels products your best overall value.

EduShape Manufactur

Browse our inventory of EduShapes educational aids and games and bring some fun back to learning. All of EduShapes educational letters, from size mini to jumbo, are colorful, fun-to-touch tiles that are non-toxic and meet international safety standards. The EduShape Childs Musical Marching Drum comes with a pair of plastic drumsticks and a cord with a safety connector so the drum can be worn for marching in a pretend parade. No matter which EduShape product you buy from MaxiAids, your child will be satisfied.

Ems 4 Kids LLC Manufactur

Ems 4 Kids LLC has created the worlds first hearing protection earmuffs for babies, designed for small ears to protect newborn to 18 month olds from noise-induced hearing loss. MaxiAids carries these hearing protection earmuffs in a variety of colors. The size adjustable headband prevents uneven pressure being placed on the sides of your babys head. They are comfortably lightweight and conveniently small, making them easy to carry with you or store away.

Emson Manufactur

Emson has distributed As Seen on TV products since the 1980s, importing products in the electrical and non-electrical appliances, beauty and personal care, pet care, fitness, auto and outdoor categories. MaxiAids is a proud supplier of Emsons Car Cane, which is perfect for those who are recovering from an injury, or someone with back pain, knee pain, or hip pain. The Car Canes nonslip grip is comfortable to hold and stores away easily in your door or glove box.

Ensure Manufactur

Each bottle of Ensure is a source of complete, balanced nutrition. MaxiAids selection of Ensure products includes Ensure Immune Health, for digestive tract health and immune system support. Ensure Plus, to help patients gain or maintain healthy weight and the Ensure Plus Shake, which is a complete, balanced nutritional drink. Choose from delicious flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Butter Pecan, and youre on your way to a healthy and balanced diet. Shop below for the best deals on Ensure products.

Ergoactives Manufactur

Ergoactives is the manufacturer of revolutionary mobility support products including the Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

Equity LaCrosse Manufactur

Equity Lacrosse develops and manufactures products for those with low vision, like the Digital Alarm Clock with 1.8 Inch Jumbo LED. This large display digital alarm clock helps those with low vision with its big, easy to see 1.8 inch red LED screen. With this Equity Lacrosse alarm clock, theres no more straining to see the time.

Equity LaCrosse Manufactur

Equity Lacrosse develops and manufactures products for those with low vision, like the Digital Alarm Clock with 1.8 Inch Jumbo LED. This large display digital alarm clock helps those with low vision with its big, easy to see 1.8 inch red LED screen. With this Equity Lacrosse alarm clock, theres no more straining to see the time.

Ergoactives Manufactur

Ergoactives is the manufacturer of revolutionary mobility support products including the Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

First Quality Manufactur

When we set out to create Prevail, we wanted to create a product that would help people live their lives without restrictions. Prevail was designed for every single one of us, because incontinence can affect everyone at one time or another. We put our heart and soul into the creation of Prevail, and it shows. Prevail is a product that we truly believe in, a product born of thoughtfulness and caring, a product we would be happy to use for our very own loved ones.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux Manufactur

MaxiAids is a proud supplier of Farrar, Straus and Giroux books, which is a book publishing company based out of New York City. Farrar, Straus and Giroux created a series about a boy named Moses who goes to a public school for the deaf. MaxiAids has these deaf aids in stock and ready for shipping including Moses Goes to a Concert, Moses Goes to School, Moses Goes to the Circus and Moses Sees a Play.

Fanstel Manufactur

Fanstel develops and manufactures products for the hard of hearing, such as amplified phones that deliver loud, clear business calls. The Fanstel 1 and 2 line Amplified Business Speakerphones are sophisticated amplified telephones that can digitally adjust frequency specific volume levels so that any user especially those working in extremely noisy environments can comfortably and clearly hear a callers voice. Fanstels EZPro 56dB Amplified Phone uses sophisticated frequency based technology to give you clear comfortable amplification only where its most helpful reducing or eliminating distortion echoes and squeaking.

Fitovers Eyewear Manufactur

Fitovers Eyewear is a manufacturer that designs sunglasses to fit over prescription eyeglasses. All Fitovers Eyewear frames are stylish, while offering UVA and UVB protection. Protect your eyes from damaging sunrays with MaxiAids selection of Fitovers Eyewear, in lens colors such as Polarvue Gray, Polarvue Amber and Polarvue Blue Mirror.

Flyover Innovations Inc. Manufactur

Flyover Innovations Inc is a technology startup company focusing on simple and smart ways to control the equipment in your home. Flyover Innovations Blumoo Universal Streaming Remote can control an entire room from any smart device and works with over 250,000 devices. Start browsing for yours today.

Foci Manufactur

Foci is a manufacturer of the iDex CCTV, a USB Computer Connected state of the art CCTV for users requiring powerful real time video magnification for both distance viewing and document reading. Students and professionals can now benefit from a contemporary and easy to use computer screen magnifier solution. For those looking for computer screen magnifier reading solutions for document reading, look no further than MaxiAids.

FocusEar Manufactur

FocusEar manufactures hearing amplification devices for the hard of hearing, such as the FocusEar PAL Personal Sound Amplification Listener Earpiece. The personal amplifier, which MaxiAids carries in both beige and grey, improves hearing for 85 percent of hearing challenges.

Freedom Manufactur

Freedom manufactures the Hands Free Umbrella Holder, which provides an extra hand to hold your umbrella. The Freedom Hands Free Umbrella Holder is especially helpful for wheelchair, cane and crutch users, the elderly, and parents of young children who always have their hands full. The holder, worn over the shoulders and clipping around the waist, has a pocket at the waistline that receives the umbrella handle. Start shopping for the Freedom Hands Free Umbrella Holder below.

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FootMate Manufactur

FootMate manufactures complete foot care systems and solutions that promote foot health. The FootMate Complete Foot Care System is great for the elderly, those with back problems, pregnant women, athletes, people that have trouble bending or seeing their feet while showering or bathing, or anyone wanting a soothing, stimulating way to clean and massage their feet in the shower. FootMates Rejuvenating Gel should be used with the Foot Care System and is a natural antiseptic blend of oils and conditioners specially formulated to smooth rough skin, help eliminate cracked heels and leave your skin feeling clean, soft and silky smooth.

Freestyle USA Manufactur

FreeStyle USA manufactures the Freestyle FX Trainer Vibrating 100 Lap Digital Sports Watch, which is designed with durability, comfort, and functionality in mind. The watch is water resistant to 330 feet 100 meters, has Hydro Pushers its watch buttons can be pushed while submerged in water, 100 hour chronograph with lap and split times, a night vision backlight and dual time with date military time programmable alarms day, week, month and vibration alerts. Shop the Freestyle FX Trainer Vibrating 100 Lap Digital Sports Watch in a variety of colors below.

Fundex Games Manufactur

Fundex Games manufactures pool games that are blind-friendly, such as the Hot Potato Splash Game, for 2 or more players and ages 5 and up, and the Sonic Search Game, for one or more players, ages 5 and up. These games are great for visually impaired and low vision kids.

Future Call Manufactur

Future Calls amplified phones will make everyday life easier for the hard of hearing and visually impaired with large buttons and loud clear calls. Do you sometimes have difficulty seeing and dialing the small buttons on your telephone or hearing conversations clearly. Shop MaxiAids selection of hearing impaired phone and personal amplifiers below.

Garrity Manufactur

Garrity manufactures the worlds top selling heavy-duty disposable flashlight – the LifeLite Disposable Flashlight. Used every day by firefighters nationwide, it provides superior performance, even under the most severe and hazardous conditions. Shop MaxiAids selection of Garrity products below.

Garlic Press Manufactur

Garlic Press is an independent educational publishing company started by a teacher. Among Garlic Presss educational books are sign language guides for the young deaf community. MaxiAids is proud to carry Garlic Press educational sign language tools such as Alphabet of Animal Signs, Beginning Sign Language Series – Holidays and Celebrations and Fruits and Vegetables – Learning Sign Language, in our deaf store.

Gallaudet University Press Manufactur

Gallaudet University Press publishes books related to the deaf community. MaxiAids is a proud supplier of these books that serve as deaf aids, such as A Deaf Adult Speaks Out, A Phone of Our Own, Advances in Cognition Education, and Deafness and Bilingualism in Deaf Education. These deaf products make Gallaudet University Press the leading publisher of books in contemporary deaf studies, deaf history, special education, childrens books, sign language, and ASL linguistics.

Geemarc Manufactur

Geemarcs amplified phones will make everyday life easier for the hard of hearing community, with extra loud phone ringers and loud, clear calls. Hear incoming sound loud and clear – plus, know if youre talking too loud or not loud enough. Shop MaxiAids selection of Geemarc amplified phones below.

GemOro Manufactur

GemOro manufactures the Pocket Multi-Cell 9-Range Battery Tester, which checks charge status of most alkaline and rechargeable AAA, AA, C, D, N, 1.5V, 3V, 6V, 9V, 15V, and 22.5V batteries. Get your GemOro 9-range battery tester right here at MaxiAids, and shop more GemOro products below.

Gentex Manufactur

Gentex manufactures both smoke alarms and signaling devices used to prevent fires. The Gentex Remote Visual Signal flashes 60 times per minute and hard wires to 110A C current while the Gentex Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Visual Signaling gives reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are required. Keep your home safe by shopping MaxiAids selection of Gentex smoke alarms with strobe lights and signaling devices below.

GNC Manufactur

MaxiAids selection of GNC products includes health and nutrition-related products such as the GNC 3 in 1 daily pill box, GNC Small Footprint Digital Glass Scale and the GNC Digital Fat Monitor. GNC products fit in with MaxiAids inventory of home healthcare products, designed to help put back ease and convenience to your lifestyle.

Glucerna Manufactur

When it comes to managing blood sugar and diabetes, every choice matters, look no further than Glucerna. Among MaxiAids selection of Glucerna products is the Glucerna 1.2 Cal, which is a specialized calorically dense formula for patients with hyperglycemia abnormal glucose tolerance and type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Global Assistive Manufactur

Global Assistive manufactures the ACCESS 4 Alarm Clock, an extra-loud audible alarm with a bright flashing LED light. This hearing impaired alarm clock comes with an extra-loud 98dB alarm with adjustable volume and tone and a flashing light. Its ideal for heavy sleepers, the hard of hearing, deaf, and elderly. Shop our selection of Global Assistive extra loud alarm clocks below.

Gold Peak Manufactur

Looking for specific hearing aid batteries or rechargeable batteries in general. Look no further than MaxiAids selection of Gold Peak batteries. Gold Peaks NiCd Rechargeable AAA Batteries come in a 4 pack and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Start browsing our selection of Gold Peak batteries below.

Good Grips Manufactur

Good Grips weighted utensils are ideal when bending the wrist, grasping or other eating motions become difficult. The large handle provides a comfortable, secure grip and can help control tremors. The unique twist in the metal shaft allows the utensil to be bent at any angle to accommodate limited wrist motion. Theyre a great solution for persons with arthritis, stroke or other neurological impairments. Buy our Good Grips Utensils Sample Kit today, which includes a fork, small spoon, teaspoon, tablespoon, and rocker knife.

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Gospel Publishing House Manufactur

Gospel Publishing House is a leading provider of Christian church supplies, ministry resources, and curriculum specializing in Childrens, Pastoral, and Youth ministry. MaxiAids selection of Gospel Publishing House books includes hearing care resources such as Talk to the Deaf, The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book, The Joy of Signing Second Edition, The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book Volume 2 and the Joy of Signing Third Edition A Dictionary of American Signs.

GustBuster Manufactur

Keep safe from the elements with GustBusters one-of-a-kind umbrellas. Meet the umbrella that withstands winds of 55-plus mph and put an end to bent, mangled umbrellas. MaxiAids offers GustBusters Classic Umbrella with Wooden J-Handle in Black, Pink and Red with a white MaxAids logo on it. No more broken umbrellas due to wind gusts. Start browsing our GustBuster umbrellas below.

Guerilla Technologies Manufactur

MaxiAids is a supplier of Guerilla Technologies products, a manufacturer of blindness and low vision products such as the Eye-Scan Reader, Eye-Snap Reader, Eye-View Desktop Video Magnifier, RAVE II Text-to-Speech Reading Machine-Magnifier and the Ultima Electronic Magnifier and Reading Machine. These magnifiers help bring focus to your world, while the text to speech products are easy to use and offer the industrys highest level of accuracy.

Great Ideas Manufactur

Great Ideas offers an affordable solution to natural water rear washing with its EZ Wash Solution Comfort Seat. This toilet aid is easy to install, easy to operate, and easy on your budget. The EZ Wash toileting aid easily installs under your existing toilet seat, and uses your existing plumbing. With the simple turn of a dial, physically challenged users can wash themselves completely clean, with hygienic natural water. No electricity required. Powerful rear washing can also be used as an enema.

Graham Field Manufactur

MaxiAids is a proud supplier of Graham Field, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of medical products in the healthcare industry. Ideal for those in need of low vision aids, the Lumiscope Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital blood pressure cuff with Auto Position Sensor that will ensure your arm is at the correct level for an accurate reading. Start browsing our blood pressure devices from Graham Field below.

H and H Publishers Manufactur

Looking for a practical guide for Sign Language interpreters. H and H Publishing Company offers an impressive list of quality materials. MaxiAids proudly offers the book Decisions. From H and H Publishers, which is a comprehensive guide to professionalism, critical thinking and ethical decision-making for you that includes guidelines to direct professional decisions, numerous case studies and sample codes of ethical behavior.

Hal-Hen Manufactur

Hal-Hen is the worlds leading distributor of hearing aid accessories, supplies and audiology supplies for audiologists, hearing impaired, deaf and hard of hearing people. MaxiAids carries useful products to make everyday life easier such as the Earmold Air Blower, OtoFerm Acoustic Seal Creme and Super Dri-Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier.

Hamilton Beach Manufactur

Hamilton Beach is a manufacturer of quality home appliances and restaurant equipment. MaxiAids selection of Hamilton Beach products includes the FlexBrew Accessible Single-Serve Coffeemaker, 3-Speed Allergen Reducer, ChefPrep Food Processor and the Stay or Go 7-Quart Slow Cooker. Our selection of Hamilton Beach products are designed to make your home life easier, catering to every style and budget.

Harper Collins Publishers Manufactur

Harper Collins Publishers is one of the worlds largest publishers, with over 120 book imprints. MaxiAids proudly offers deaf aids like the American Sign Language guide ASL Dictionary – Unabridged Edition with more than 7,000 sign entries and over 12,000 illustrations, in alphabetical order for easy use. The entries of the American Sign Language Unabridged represent signs and come with illustrations of the hand, arm, and facial expressions. Its a must-have book for deaf people and their relatives and friends, social workers, audiologists, hearing and speech pathologists.

HandiWorks Manufactur

Keep your folding blind cane stored at your fingertips with HandiWorks blind cane holders available at MaxiAids. The Cane Holder was designed with a closed-ended bottom which facilitates keeping the blind cane away from the users clothing. This blind cane holder can be worn on either side of the body. Comes with a built-in belt clip and belt loop and available in black denim, blue denim and pink denim. Holds up to a six section folding mobility cane.

Tel-Time Manufactur

Tel-Time makes vision products that are made specifically for the low vision, visually impaired and blind, ranging from alarm clocks and calculators to watches and thermometers. The stylish watches we carry have a talking feature and bold numbers that are easy to read. MaxiAids is an industry leader in products for independent living, and we are pleased to offer products that enhance the lives of the visually impaired.

VocaTime Manufactur

VocaTime is an innovative line that creates new and improved products to better suit the needs of those who are blind or have low vision. Introducing unparalleled products that have features like no other, VocaTime is already an industry pioneer. Exclusively distributed by MaxiAids, VocaTime is also dedicated to advancing the accessibility of easy-to-use items that will facilitate independent living.

BrailleTell Manufactur

BrailleTell is a pioneering brand that creates cutting-edge products to improve the lives of those who are blind or have low vision. Exclusively distributed by MaxiAids, BrailleTell is also dedicated to advancing the accessibility of easy-to-use items that will facilitate independent living.

DO MORE Manufactur

Products to help you live more independently and Do More on a daily basis. DO MORE products are designed to improve daily living. From low vision clocks and low vision TV remotes to lighted magnifiers and large print keyboards, DO MORE offers accessible magnifying and vision products.

SquareGlow Manufactur

Products for the deaf and hearing impaired. Job skill sales training for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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Easy To Use Products Manufactur

Products designed for ease of use

Worth Trust Manufactur

Worth Trust for assistive devices for the visually impaired

Crock-Pot Manufactur

Crock-Pot and Casserole cookers

Wear Manufactur

Wear and Hear Products for headsets, amplifiers, listening devices

Sonnet Manufactur

Magnifiers, telephones, clocks

Crosley Manufactur

Radios, Cassette Players, Recorders

La Crosse Manufactur

Mood Light and Nature Sound, Alarm Clocks

WayAround Manufactur

Sewing Kits, Laundry Kits

Modified by MaxiAids Manufactur

MaxiAids modified products with braille and tactile and bump dots

Cyber Timez Manufactur

Cyber Eyez products

Distributed by MaxiAids Manufactur

Thermometers, household items

smpl Technology Manufactur

Products for independence, safety at home and work. Reducing caregiver burden and stress

LogicKeyboard Manufactur

Looking for a stylish and functional keyboard for the visually impaired. MaxiAids selection of Logic Keyboards large print keyboards makes typing faster and easier. From Apple Bluetooth keyboards, to LED keyboards and keyboards for the PC, we have all the keyboards for the visually impaired youre looking for. Large print lettering makes these keyboards a standout.

TipSee Light Co. Manufactur

Portable lights and attachable lights

Uline Manufactur

Hand sanitization products

Loopity Loupes Manufactur

Magnifiers and large magnifiers, lamps and more

Distributed by HearMore Manufactur

Products for HearMore, Hearing products

Future Aids Manufactur

Braille store

Harold Imports Manufactur

Variety of products, housewares

Chattervox Manufactur

ChatterVox Voice Amplifier Systems are designed to assist those whose voice may be impaired, including Parkinsons Disease patients. These personal amplifiers are intended to elevate vocal output of people with temporary or permanent voice impairments.

Zoomax Manufactur

MaxiAids specializes in products that make independent living as easy as possible, offering an extensive catalog of independence aids at affordable prices. Our selection of Zoomax products includes video magnifiers, handheld magnifiers and high definition monitors, for low vision users to regain their independence.

Zenith Manufactur

MaxiAids offers Zenith products for those looking for easy-to-use and affordable consumer electronics. Our selection of Zenith hard of hearing products includes the Wireless Strobe and Chime Door Alert. A flashing strobe light signal combines with an 8-note melody to announce the arrival of guests for the hearing impaired, or for noisy environments.

Zeiss Manufactur

As part of MaxiAids comprehensive inventory of blind and low vision aids, we offer our customers Zeiss products. Zeiss is a manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics, such as hand magnifiers, loupe magnifiers, monoculars and LED illuminated round stand magnifiers. Shop our selection of Zeiss products at affordable prices below.

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