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IBM’s open hybrid approach can deliver up to 2.5x more value than public cloud alone

IBM Technologies

Artificial intelligence
Cloud computing
IT infrastructure
IT management
Mobile technology
Software development

IBM Business needs

Business operations
Content management
Customer service and CRM
Human resources
Marketing and sales
Supply chain management

IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM® SPSS® Statistics delivers a robust set of features that lets your organization extract actionable insights from its data.

IBM Watson Studio

Build, run and manage AI models. Prepare data and build models on any cloud using open source code or visual modeling. Predict and optimize your outcomes.

Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is a service on the IBM Cloud to help you build and deploy virtual assistants.

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

Uncover insights hidden in your data and drive growth across your organization with IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Maximo

Maximo Application Suite offers a single platform for intelligent asset management, monitoring, maintenance, computer vision, safety and reliability.

IBM Blueworks Live

Collaborate for better workflows with IBM Blueworks Live


Discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns and insights from data

Artificial intelligence

Engage with information technology as an adaptive partner for human endeavor


Make operations smarter, from business processes to robotics to intelligent automation


Develop and deploy blockchain networks, to reduce risk and open up new revenue streams

Business operations

Enable and optimize efficiency within your organization with these solutions

Cloud computing

Enable rapid, on-demand access to shared computer processing resources and data

IT infrastructure

Support information technology services with a combination of hardware, software, networks and facilities.

Mobile technology

Enable your mobile devices for computing and Internet connectivity applications and sharing


Let’s put security everywhere, so you can thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Software development

Get applications, frameworks, and tools for building software products Supply chain management
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IBM Inventory Visibility

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility is a cloud-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that rapidly processes very high inventory supply and demand update…

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) transforms and automates the configuration, pricing and quoting of complex products.

IBM Video Streaming

Stream live, and manage recorded video content. Cloud streaming platform for video hosting, transcoding, multi-platform playout, and analytics.

IBM App Connect

205 Reviews – G2 Crowd
IBM App Connect is the all-in-one integration tool for connecting apps, integrating data, building APIs and acting on events

IBM Micromedex RED BOOK

IBM Micromedex RED BOOK: Current, complete and accurate drug pricing information – accessible in one, convenient resource.

Watson Personality Insights

IBM Watson Personality Insights is a service on the IBM Cloud that enables you to predict personality characteristics, needs, and values through…

IBM Operational Decision Manager

A comprehensive decision automation solution that helps discover, capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based decisions on premises or on…

IBM Micromedex NeoFax Pediatrics

IBM Micromedex® NeoFax® and Pediatrics: Evidence-based drug and enteral formula nutritional information to support neonatal and pediatric care.

IBM Micromedex CareNotes

CareNotes® provides a single source for evidence-based patient education materials.

IBM Watson Assistant Health Benefits

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits uses data and AI to drive fast, dynamic and personalized interactions with your members at scale.

Phytel Outreach

IBM® Phytel® Outreach delivers automated, evidence-based communications that enable providers to focus on promoting better health outcomes.

Benefit Modeler

IBM® Benefit Modeler is an online analytics solution that helps employers, health plans and benefits consultants evaluate a broad range of employee…

Micromedex® Medication Essential Fact Sheets

IBM Micromedex Medication Essential Fact Sheets: Concise medication handouts to support patient education and help increase HCAHPS patient experience…

Phytel Coordinate

Proactively establish patient cohorts among an entire patient population and deliver automated messaging campaigns to engage patients.

Codensity T408 Transcoder

Codensity™ series Video Transcoders – High volume H.264/H.265 transcoding at 4Kp60 throughput. Faster than real-time encoding ladders at scale…

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing allows you to identify the right customers and improve campaign results.

IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack & Faculty Packs

IBM SPSS Statistics Grad Pack and Faculty Packs offer discounted predictive analytics software solutions to students, teachers and researchers.

IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud

Gain flexibility, scalability and reduced IT dependency for document management, records governance, social content management and more.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager

Process, monitor, track and report financial payments and transactions in multiple industry standards.

Watson Advertising Conversations

Use our conversational marketing software designed for brand and agency markets to create and release conversational marketing solutions. Learn…

Watson Advertising Weather Targeting

Watson Advertising’s weather triggered advertising and marketing solution combines the power of weather’s ability to drive emotion and action with…

Watson Advertising Accelerator

Watson Advertising Accelerator uses dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for digital display, video and OTT to help exceed your campaign goals and…