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Totron Lights – Private Label Automotive Lighting Manufacturer, OEM – OEM.

Totron offers high-quality private label / ODM / OEM automotive LED lighting products to wholesale distributors, retailers and business customers, etc.

Our product range includes off-road LED lights, LED light bars, LED driving lights, agricultural machinery lighting like LED work lights, and LED marine lights, LED searchlights, LED emergency warning lights, etc.

Totron products are exclusively developed and manufactured in China to meet international standards. Totron’s range of lighting integrate advanced thermal management, short circuit and open circuit protection and many other innovative features. All products undergo rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and before leaving the factories.

Totron’s history, experience and approach to engineering and manufacturing ensure that our products stand out among our competitors and are the highest quality lights available in the market.


  • LED Light Bars
  • LED Driving Lights
  • LED Work Lights
  • Remote Control Searchlights
  • LED Headlights
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Panel Switches
  • Mounting Brackets

LED Light Bars Totron China

Model: B6 Series B6 Series- Single Row Straight Combo Beam Light Bar
Model: B8HL Series B8HL Series- High Lux Dual Dow Straight Light Bar for Jeep
Model: B8120P B8P Series- 21 Inch Dual Row LED Light Bar With Position Light (DRL)
Model: B8XHL Series B8XHL Series- High Lux Curved Dual Row Combo Beam Light Bar
Model: DC Series Double Row Straight – DC Series LED Light Bar
Model: DCSX Series Single Row Curved – DCSX Series LED Light Bar

LED Driving Lights Totron China

Model: T5748E EMARK R112 LED License Plate Lights Driving Beam #Inter-Connectable
Model: T3160 7-inch LED Driving Light with LED Halo Ring – E-mark Approved

LED Work Lights Totron China

Model: T6012-P9 3 Inch 40W Colorful LED Pod Light
Model: T7724 3 Inch High Lumen Work Light
Model: T8005 3 Inch Plastic Housing Work Light
Model: T5148 4 Inch Economical LED Work Light
Model: T5018 4 Inch Economical OSRAM Work Light
Model: T8654 4 Inch High Lumen Work Light
Model: T5027 4 Inch OSRAM Round Work Light
Model: T7627 4 Inch Spotlight Cube Light
Model: T7996 4.5 Inch High Power Work Light
Model: T4209 5 Single Color LED Rock Light
Model: T1318-Amber LED Cube Light Amber Color Spot Beam& Flood Beam
Model: T4209RGB RGB Rock Light
Model: T2820 3 inch CREE 20W LED Light
Model: T1418HL 3 inch 18W OSRAM LED Light
Model: T1016 3 inch 16W CREE LED Light
Model: T1318 3 inch 18W CREE LED Light

Remote Control Searchlights Totron China

Model: TR0160 Remote Control LED Spotlight/Searchlight – 60W

LED Headlights Totron China

Model: B6730HD DOT 4×6 Inch High Beam LED Headlight
Model: T6730LD DOT 4×6 Inch Low Beam LED Headlight
Model: T6830D DOT 5×7 Inch Rectangle DRL LED Headlight

Wiring Harnesses Totron China

Model: THS-411-D16 Universal Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 1-lead 16AWG
Model: THS-412-D16 Universal Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 2-lead 16AWG
Model: THS-411-A14 Universal Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 1-lead 14AWG
Model: THS-312-A14 Universal Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 2-lead 14AWG
Model: THS-HB311-D16 High Beam Triggered Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 1-lead 16AWG
Model: THS-HB312-D16 High Beam Triggered Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 2-lead 16AWG
Model: THS-HB311-A14 High Beam Triggered Relay Wiring Harness / 12ft 1-lead 14AWG
Model: N/A Extension cord with DT/DTP Connector
Model: THS-460-SP-D16, THS-460-SP-A14 Y Splitter with DT/DTP Connector for Wiring Harnesses
Model: T-RC002 Wireless Remote Controller for Totron Wiring Harness
Model: T-RC101 Universal Wireless Remote Controller for 10-30V Automotive Lights

Panel Switches Totron China

Model: TWB-0108 8 Channel On/Off Control Switch Panel Power System
Model: RS-0101 5-pin SPST Rocker Switch with LED Indicators

Mounting Brackets Totron China

Mounting Clamps for Bull Bars, Roll Cages
Model: BK2017 Universal Tube Mounting Clamps for Bull Bars, Roll Cages
Model: BK2005 Universal Tube Mounting Clamps for Bull Bars, Roll Cages

Totron Lights China - Off-Road LED Lights Manufacturer website

Name : totron

Contact Details totron –

Country : Guangdong 510515 China
Sity : Guangzhou
postalCode : #8-305 Tianjian ID City
Street : 283 Tongsha Road
Telephone : +8620-8776-8300: +8620-8776-8302
E-mail :

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