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The World Wide Stereo Story

Our motto: Do well by doing good. Flashback to 1979 when a young, ambitious, blues-guitar-playing clinical psychologist and his free-spirited artist wife would throw caution to the wind and open a tiny store called World Wide Stereo.

Now, almost 40 years later, we’re bringing the world’s finest consumer electronics and home entertainment systems together in one place – no gimmicks, no junk – with people that can explain and demo the difference.

Our commitment remains grounded in earning our customers’ trust every single day and building on integrity.

And, we’re not satisfied until your music and movies give you goosebumps.

In many ways, today’s World Wide Stereo feels a lot like the initial 1979 version, though we’ve grown up some, too.

Though Bob, Karen, Ron and pretty much the whole original gang are still here.

After all, why would we ever leave? Learn more about us >

Home Theater

Once upon a time, a warm fire kept everyone home. This is how it’s done today. A home theater designed and installed by experts. And yes, you can get the immersive power of IMAX, too.

Whole House Audio & Video

Listen to the music you love anywhere in your home, inside or out. Simple, easy to use solutions designed to sound beautifully!

Outdoor Entertainment

Discreet, serious music and TV outside your home for any budget – without disturbing the neighbors (unless you want to). What you can do might surprise you!

The Connected Home

Control anything in your home from wherever you are. Lights, shades, music, thermostat, door locks… anything. And get a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi network inside and outside your home.

Lighting and Shade Control

Manage how your home feels and looks in extraordinary ways, realizing significant savings on energy as well! We’ve been designing and installing lighting control systems for over 35 years.

Car Audio

It’s more than just your car; it’s a lifestyle choice. Car Stereo, Video, Collision Avoidance, Car starters and other electronics sold and installed by the finest designers & techs in the industry – Montgomeryville only

Home Theater, Televisions, Home Audio Video in World Wide Stereo

To lovers of movies and music fans everywhere: welcome home. You’ve just landed at the world’s favorite venue for all things home audio and home theater – and you’re now just a click away from all the top brands and the largest selection. Speakers, receivers, amplifiers, electronics for the whole house – it’s all right here, from a trusted authorized dealer with a 40 year track record of excellence and expertise. Like you, we love this stuff.

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Receivers & Integrated Amps

We’re proud to carry a selection of AV/surround sound receivers, stereo receivers, and integrated amps for every situation and every budget. Shop the best products available from leading brands, including McIntosh, Yamaha, Integra, Denon, Sony, and more.

Home Theater Receivers

Whether you need killer sound for a family home theater or just great music in your favorite room – your receiver is the brains and the muscle that makes it all happen. We carry the world’s best surround sound receivers at fantastic prices, and we just may have the biggest selection under one roof – anywhere. Check out the newest in AV receiver digital technologies, like Dolby Atmos surround processing or HDCP 2.2 support, or browse the best receivers designed for streaming from multiple devices to multiple rooms. Or go old-school, and get the perfect receiver for powering one simple turntable and two speakers.

Integrated Amplifiers

In your dad’s day, amps and pre-amps were just simple, single-function boxes – not anymore. Today’s models are quite sophisticated, offering a fuller tonal range, richer audio reproduction, Bluetooth connectivity options, and, in some cases, extraordinary power. Integrated amps now come with the advantage of digital inputs to enhance the sound from streaming music players and handle a wide variety of applications. Our own amp and pre-amp selection represents today’s best, at great prices – so get shopping and make your inner audiophile happy.

Power Amplifiers

If your stereo, music system or home theater were a car, the power amplifier is the engine. And just like a car, power and performance is everything. Inferior amps distort when you hit the gas (turn up the volume), while good amps roar to life and ask for more, ensuring your music and movies sound the way they’re supposed to. Equally important: connectivity. Make sure your new power amp can do all the jobs you assign it, from driving a 7.2.2 home theater to powering your stereo and/or streaming wireless music in every room in the house. Today’s amps are complex, multi-tasking marvels that come in all sorts of variations.

Preamps & Processors

Preamps and processors handle the music and video signals before going on to an amplifier, your speakers, and ultimately your ears. Typically built into a receiver or an integrated amplifier, having them separate offers significant advantages. As dedicated components, these “separates” are able to do a better job. Everything will be cleaner and clearer, and as signal technologies improve, you can switch out just one of these babies without changing your whole system. It’s also the best way to build a better system over time. Separates are the way to go if you can. World Wide Stereo stocks preamps and processors from the world’s finest audio and video companies… and whether for music or home theater. We’re happy to answer any questions, and/or help you pick the best one for the job.

Turntables & Accessories

It’s an analog revolution, baby. Our carefully vetted line of turntables and turntable accessories is world-class, whether you measure by price, performance, or engineering. World Wide Stereo has been a platter-spinning, music-loving, turntable specialist since 1979, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you have — anytime. Need help with setting up your turntable or making adjustments? Stop by one of our showrooms if you’re in the area, and our experts will take care of everything you need.

CD Players and Recorders

CD players and recorders have come a long way, and options abound – from Bluetooth streaming to USB connectivity, DAC (digital to analog converters) to multi-disc carousels, these versatile little devices pack quite the punch. We even have a model with a turntable on top. The best models eliminate audio loss and come with high-precision drive mechanisms for total audio reproduction accuracy. Shop the best brands at the best prices, right here – and get free shipping, too.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Where do we even start? World Wide Stereo’s carefully curated selection of wireless Bluetooth portable speakers come in every size, color and configuration. Styles range from funky, fun and retro to artistic and/or beautifully understated… in almost every material imaginable: chrome, glass, aluminum, brushed-nickel, rubber, and more. Some are waterproof, some are made for camping or the beach, and some are made to wear around your neck (and wow, those sound amazing). What we don’t carry? Junk. Our audio experts carefully vet every speaker we stock so you can shop with confidence.

Wireless Multi-Room Audio Systems

Three reasons why this is one of our most popular categories: First, wireless technology makes putting beautiful music in every room, easy. As in easy to set up and easy to stream from a smartphone or tablet. Second, when we say beautiful music, we mean beautiful with respect to audio quality. Today’s systems sound rich, full, and room-filling – the opposite of piped-in mall music. And last, you can build your system a little at a time, or all at once. Get funky in the kitchen or give the kids something to dance to in the den – a home full of music is a happy home. And with us, so easy to do.

Home Speakers

Welcome to speaker heaven, where world renowned brands live side by side in every possible configuration for every conceivable purpose – from straight up stereo and surround sound to whole-house systems and the latest in wireless technologies. Our massive selection includes speakers for the kitchen, the shower, the car and the patio – even speakers that hide behind drywall, in ceilings, and even outside in trees – we’ve got em all. Our 60-day price guarantee lets you shop with absolute confidence; it’s time to bring home that dream sound you’ve always wanted.

Floorstanding Speakers

Any home with a pair of floorstanding speakers is a home where family fun is clearly a priority, because floorstanding speakers are big – and big is good when it comes to audio. Big means there’s room inside for some serious speaker tech, so your favorite blockbuster movies get the big sound they deserve, and your party playlist gets everyone on their feet. Big is funky. Big is “get down with your bad self.” And no one does big like we do. Our lineup includes speakers from all the world’s leading speaker specialists: Hall of Famers like Klipsch, Focal, McIntosh, Dynaudio, Definitive Technology and JBL.

Bookshelf Speakers

We carry bookshelf speakers in every size and shape under the sun. Many of the new ones are wireless (and quite good), and some even come with pre-amps built in. And with our 60-Day Price Match Policy, you can shop knowing you’re getting the best price, period – whether you here to snag an awesome pair of 3-way bookshelf speakers in the $100 – $150 range, or go hog wild and order up Dynaudio’s best for around $7K. No doubt: the perfect bookshelf speakers for you are right here, right now, whatever your situation.

Center Channel Speakers

Of all the speakers required for true home theater surround sound, the center channel speaker is the most important. The center speaker handles dialogue, and the good ones carve out space in the audio mix so that spoken words come though cleanly and clearly. That’s why we carefully vet every center speaker we carry – whether big, small, ultra-thin, or wall-mounted – from all the world’s best speaker makers. Something else to consider: if you already have other speakers in your home theater setup, make sure to choose a center speaker that both complements and enhances the final mix.

Surround Sound Speakers

Welcome to the Internet’s one best stop for all-things surround sound, and by “best,” we mean the best selection at the best prices – always. Our all-star lineup includes center, side and rear speakers – plus subwoofers – from top speaker makers around the world, not to mention the very latest wireless surround sound speakers in every size, shape and configuration. These days, you can even hide your surround sound system in plain sight with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Bottom line: no matter the room size, decor or budget, we have the ideal surround sound solution for you. We even have experts here ready to help you get it done – beautifully.


The subwoofer is the muscle behind the magic, arguably the single most important part of a home theater system. Its job, more than anything else: raise goosebumps on cue, and make movies and music come alive with the same kind of earth-moving / sternum-vibrating raw power you’d expect in any modern multiplex. That’s why every World Wide Stereo audio / video expert is a subwoofer evangelist, spreading the word and encouraging customers to get the best subwoofer, or two, for the job – and we’ve got them all: from big and powerful to small yet extremely effective, from the best wireless subwoofers now debuting everywhere to outdoor subwoofers disguised as terracotta pots. Plus ported cabinet subwoofers, in-wall subwoofers, cylinder subwoofers and more. Need a little help choosing the best one for you and your budget? Talk to us, anytime.

Sound Bars

The easiest way to make your TV sound a thousand times better? Turn off its iddy-biddy little speakers and pick up one of our high end sound bars instead. Today’s sound bars come equipped with advanced technology, allowing you to boost hard-to-hear dialogue or “place” the sound wherever you want in the room. Many come with wireless and/or Bluetooth streaming options, too, and include wireless subwoofers to beef up the bottom end. And, we have all the top brands and some of the best prices in the market. Say goodbye to your TV speakers, and hello to blockbuster sound.

Outdoor Speakers

Choose from a wide array of outdoor speakers in every size, shape, and configuration – speakers built to hide overhead in trees, at ground-level behind shrubbery, or come disguised as rocks, planters and landscape lighting. Add an in-ground subwoofer (or two) and boom: your backyard = block party central. Everything sets up in minutes (look mom, no wires!), is easy to operate via your smartphone or tablet, and you can stream music from your favorite online radio stations or tap into your own music library inside. The best part: today’s systems rock, offering a level of hi-fi quality you’d never expect outside – until now. (Psssst… toss in an outdoor TV and boom: you’ve got an outdoor home theater, too.

Powered Stereo Speakers

Powered stereo speakers make listening easy. Connect to almost any audio source, like a computer or a turntable, with no receiver required.

Computer Speakers

Why watch movies or listen to music on the computer while your awesome stereo system sits idly by, doing nothing? We can help you remedy this situation with a pair of our top notch computer speakers, and we have a pair for every situation, preference and budget. From world renowned brands that consistently deliver high quality audio, our computer speakers will bring your PC back to life in a way you never thought possible. It’s time to retire your old desktop speakers; you’ll thank us later.

Home TV & Video World Wide Stereo Online Shop

Congratulations – you’ve just landed on the most awe-inspired selection of TV and video equipment under the sun. Whether OLED or outdoor, LED or LCD, curved or flat, it’s here – along with every video component imaginable. Choose from wall-sized 4k smart TVs to full-blown home theater systems with high-end projectors and Academy Award-winning screens. We even have TVs that hide away, outdoor TVs, and designer TV furniture and cabinetry no else has. All from a trusted authorized dealer with a 40 year history of TV & Video excellence.

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  • Projectors & Projector Screens
  • Projectors
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  • Projector & Screen Accessories
  • Blu-Ray & Media Players
  • Blu-ray & DVD Players
  • Media Servers & DVRs
  • TV and Home Theater Furniture
  • A/V Stands & Cabinets
  • A/V Shelves & Racks
  • Home Theater Seating
  • Video Accessories
  • A/V Cables & Connectors
  • TV Antennas
  • TV Mounts & Brackets
  • Screen Cleaners

Televisions : OLED / LED / LCD / Outdoors | World Wide Stereo

Welcome to our selection of today’s latest and greatest TVs, including LEDs, state-of-the-art OLEDs, Smart TVs with internet connection and apps, and the best-of-the-best 4K HD TVs. Whether it’s for the big game, movie night, binging your favorite shows — or all of the above — we’ve got the right television for you at the right price. (And if you’re not sure what to get, check out our TV Buying Guide. For over 40 years, World Wide Stereo has been a trusted, authorized dealer for every brand we sell – and we only sell what we believe in. Every TV comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and coverage, as well as our own World Wide Stereo guarantee and expert support.


Bring your movies, shows and game day to life like never before with an OLED TV. From the brightest whites to the darkest blacks, OLEDs deliver incredible, stunning contrast so you can see every detail in the action, even during the darkest scenes.

World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell. We test every product and only work with brands and products we believe in. Our job is to make it easy for you to find the right TV at the right price for your budget that will give you years of quality use. Still not convinced? We back each of our products with our 60-day guarantee, as well as the full manufacturer’s warranty and coverage.


LED TVs, or what some call “LED backlit TVs,” run the gamut with respect to picture quality. One of the biggest benefits to LED TVs: They can get extremely bright, making them great for sunny rooms. For the full scoop on LED TVS (and all TVs for that matter), check our TV Buying Guide.

4K Televisions

We could talk for days about why 4K TVs deliver the best picture quality in the world. From vibrant color to crisp clarity to reduced motion blur, 4K UHD TVs are, hands down, simply the best. But we’ll let you see for yourself.

When you shop our carefully curated selection of 4K TVs, you can trust that each has been personally vetted and given the famous World Wide Stereo seal of approval. No gimmicks. No junk. No one trying to sell you a TV that will give you buyer’s remorse when you take it out of the box. Every 4K TV at World Wide Stereo is backed by a 60-day return and exchange policy to bolster that trust, along with free shipping and price guarantee / matching.

Shop the Best in Outdoor TVs

World Wide Stereo is an outdoor entertainment technology specialist and our current outdoor flat screen TV line-up represents the best-of-the-best in store and online with brands like Seura and Sunbrite. Watch the game in direct sunlight on a Sunday afternoon, add a pair of outdoor speakers and boom: you can watch the stars under the stars on your very own outdoor home theater. It’s time to take what you love inside, outside.


Where do we even start? Is it about: how a good home theater projector draws family and friends together? Or how a good 4K HD projector = the best Super Bowl seat and/or the best Super Bowl party ever? Or how about a short-throw projector turns even a smaller room into a massive / immersive / spine-tingling adventure space? Really, it’s like this: If you are going big, you can get more picture per dollar if you go projector over a flat panel.

Sound Bars

The easiest way to make your TV sound a thousand times better? Turn off its iddy-biddy little speakers and pick up one of our high end sound bars instead. Today’s sound bars come equipped with advanced technology, allowing you to boost hard-to-hear dialogue or “place” the sound wherever you want in the room. Many come with wireless and/or Bluetooth streaming options, too, and include wireless subwoofers to beef up the bottom end. And, we have all the top brands and some of the best prices in the market. Say goodbye to your TV speakers, and hello to blockbuster sound.

Home Theater Systems & Speaker Packages

Home theaters, whether custom-made variations worthy of a Hollywood director or spare bedroom variations worthy of visiting in-laws, have long been a World Wide Stereo specialty. For DIYers looking for a serious setup and zero hassle, we offer all-inclusive pro-level home theater sound system packages with everything you need: speakers, subwoofer, receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player… not to mention all cables and brackets.

Don’t want to drill holes and route wires? Check out our newest wireless surround sound home theater systems. And if you’re looking to put together a home theater with components hand-picked for that goosebump-raising, disbelief-suspending, reality-warping experience, three things: 1) you’re one of us, 2) please feel free to chat with our experts for advice., and 3) check out our Home Theater Systems Buying Guide for a lay of the land and our Best Home Theater Systems

A/V Cables & Connectors

Do cables & connectors really make a difference? It’s a controversial topic, but we place our stake firmly in the ground when we say yes. Quality cables and connectors allow you to get the most out of your speakers, TV, and other A/V gear, and we prove it every day for our customers. A better AV cable passes a wider signal faster, and as a result, ensures every bit of quality makes it from source to destination (it’s all in the plumbing, as we like to say). Have a 4K TV? The right HDMI cable guarantees your TV displays 4K content in all of its brilliant, detailed glory — without sacrificing a single pixel. We’re proud to carry the best of the best HDMI cables, speaker cables, banana plugs, adapters, and more from leading brands like AudioQuest.

Headphones & Wireless Devices World Wide Stereo Online Shop

You made it: the internet’s one best stop for all things headphones and wireless everything. Whether Bluetooth, noise canceling, or hi-res – or in-ear, on-ear or over ear – we have one of the biggest and most carefully curated selections of headphones on planet Earth. Browse studio-quality headphones by the world’s most elite brands, or everyday economical earbuds you can take anywhere. Whether you’re into metal or jazz, hip hop or Bach, our pros can help you choose the right wireless speakers, portable media player or high-res music player for you – whatever your budget or adventure. (We have lots of rugged, sport headphones and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, too.) Wireless? Think World Wide Stereo.

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  • Portable Projectors
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  • Headphone Buying Guide


You’ve made it to one of the biggest and most carefully curated selections of headphones on planet Earth. Looking for wireless earbuds? Check. Active noise-canceling over-ears? We’ve got you covered. Browse studio-quality headphones by the world’s most elite brands and everyday economical earbuds you can take anywhere. Plus a wide range of hi-res portable music players, digital-to-analog converters, and headphone stands to ensure you get the most out of your gear. World Wide Stereo has been a trusted, authorized dealer for every brand we sell for 40 years and going. Enjoy the full manufacturer’s warranty and coverage for every purchase, plus World Wide Stereo’s guarantee and support.

Over-Ear Headphones

Our carefully vetted selection of over-ear headphones includes the world’s finest at every price point, from over-ear models preferred by the music industry’s top performing artists and audio engineers – the people who quite literally make the music we love – to the latest in wireless technologies. In fact, today’s Bluetooth over-ear headphones now rival wired over-ear headphones with respect to sound quality. Add the latest noise-cancelling technologies (with Bose and Sony leading the way) plus a gorgeous fit and finish, and you’ve got a comfortable, acoustically-pristine soundstage around your ears, any time you want. Every pair of headphones comes with the World Wide Stereo guarantee, which includes a 60-day audition.

Wireless Headphones

Today’s wireless headphones not only rival their wired counterparts with respect to sound, they go one better by providing the easy connectivity we now expect from our wireless devices. And no one has a better selection – or better prices – than World Wide Stereo. Our hand-picked line-up includes the best over-ear, on-ear and in-ear (earbuds) wireless Bluetooth headphones from the world’s top brands… from professional, audiophile-approved models that cost thousands of dollars, to the hippest / coolest truly wireless earbuds anywhere. Make yourself happy with the perfect headphones for you, at the best price – guaranteed.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Exclude noise from the world around you for complete, 100% focus on your music (or your phone call) with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. If you think noise cancelling headphones were good 3 or 4 years ago, the new ones will blow your mind. And we’ve got the best, in every configuration: over-ear, on-ear, in-ear (earbuds), including both wired noise cancelling headphones and wireless noise cancelling headphones at the best price – always.

Headphone Amplifiers

If you own a good pair of premium headphones, say anything you paid $150 or more for, you probably don’t know how good they really are. Just like speakers, a high quality amplifier can transform your headphones by improving the clarity and power of your music. Take your listening experience to the next level and beyond with a headphone amplifier from the best brands on the planet.

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

Whether you enjoy music at home, on-the-go, or both, using a DAC can elevate your listening experience in a big way. By converting digital files to the analog waves you hear, your music becomes more detailed and faithful to how it was recorded in the studio. With options for both your desktop and mobile phone, a high-quality DAC will make you fall in love with your music all over again. Plus, you get our Happiness Guarantee and our award winning customer service!

Portable Music Players

Get audio quality your smartphone simply can’t provide. With better amps and better DACs built for great music collections, our hi-res portable players will transform how you listen to your music.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Where do we even start? World Wide Stereo’s carefully curated selection of wireless Bluetooth portable speakers come in every size, color and configuration. Styles range from funky, fun and retro to artistic and/or beautifully understated… in almost every material imaginable: chrome, glass, aluminum, brushed-nickel, rubber, and more. Some are waterproof, some are made for camping or the beach, and some are made to wear around your neck (and wow, those sound amazing). What we don’t carry? Junk. Our audio experts carefully vet every speaker we stock so you can shop with confidence.

Car & Marine – World Wide Stereo Online Shop

Hit the brakes – or drop anchor – and say hello to the internet’s quintessential stop for everything that rolls or floats. Car and boat audio & video, GPS, every accessory under the sun and the latest in auto and marine digital tech, it’s all in stock right here and at great prices. Everything ships free, too, including speakers, car stereos, head units and amps… subwoofers, satellite radio, cameras and complete iPhone and Android systems and add-ons.

Plus a wide range of alarms and remote car starters from the best and most trusted brands. World Wide Stereo’s mobile electronic techs are nationally award-winning and here to answer any question on any vehicle… so ladies and gentlemen – start shopping.

In the Philadelphia area? We do all of our custom installation work in-house. Stop into our Montgomeryville, PA location for a free consult.

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  • Marine Speakers
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  • Custom Car Upgrades
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Design & Installation World Wide Stereo Online Shop

What happens when you hire top interior designers to help stock your stores? You wind up with home theater furniture, consoles and tables seen only in top interior design magazines. From gorgeous low-profile cabinetry to elegant and/or funky furniture built expressly for hiding wires and tech, World Wide Stereo offers discerning customers a range of styles and options no one else carries. Our lifestyle furniture collection includes cushy chairs, sofas and loveseats in dozens of fabric choices, and our Home Office furniture comes with an emphasis on “home.” Discover true craftsmanship from respected brands you know, and a few you’ve never heard of.

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