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Ever since AOC was founded half a century ago, AOC have been specialising in display technology.
It is our goal to provide you with a great display experience, whatever your specific needs.
AOC was founded in 1967. From day one AOC have maintained our focus on display technology and have continued to innovate in this field, always with the same goal: delivering you a great experience with our products, no matter the purpose of use.
For demanding professionals, AOC provide computer displays with high resolutions, high colour accuracy and an impressive set of advanced features.
For style-conscious home users, AOC offer high-performance monitors with unique, eye-catching designs.
For standard office purposes, AOC fulfil important energy efficiency standards with our broad range of business monitors, many of which come with comprehensive ergonomic adjustment options.

And for professional gamers, AOC redefine awesomeness with our selection of AOC Gaming and AGON gaming displays, which not only excel with their fast performance, but also with their unique designs and gamer-specific features. Whatever display you need, AOC are passionate about providing it to you, always aiming for the highest quality possible, and always with our 3-year warranty.

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  • AOC boasts with a unique and elegant design
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Big Screens AOC

See the big picture! Cramped view on a 21”-24” monitor? Displays with large screens (27”- 40”) fill your entire vision with goodies.

Minimalistic Design AOC

Feels like it’s floating in the air! AOC’s award-winning minimalistic and innovative designs enable displays as thin as a smartphone.

High Resolution Setup AOC

Beauty in the details! With AOC’s QHD (1440p) and UHD (4K) displays discover all the little image details that you’ve missed until now.

Ergonomic AOC

Feel the comfort! AOC’s height, tilt and swivel-adjustable stands help you find the most comfortable and healthy position.

Basic AOC

Simple yet elegant! Need a good, “no frills” display? Even AOC’s basic monitors are equipped with the latest technology panels.

Portable AOC

On the road or in the field? AOC’s portable, lightweight monitors let you have display at hand wherever you are.

Accessories AOC

More flexibility to your screen setup


Ergonomic Adjustment System Gas Spring Supported Monitor Size Range 13″ – 27″ Weight Capacity Range (each monitor arm) 2 – 9 Kg VESA Plate Monitor Mount
75x75mm Desk Mount Base 100x100mm Built In Cable Management Clamp Grommet mount


Ergonomic Adjustment System Gas Spring Supported Monitor Size Range 13″ – 27″ Weight Capacity Range (each monitor arm) 2 – 9 Kg VESA Plate Monitor Mount 75x75mm Desk Mount Base 100x100mm Built In Cable Management Clamp Grommet mount


Carton Dimensions 131x156x60 mm


Vesa compatability VESA 100×100 Carton Dimensions 130x155x61mm


Vesa compatability VESA 100×100 Carton Dimensions 130x155x61mm

Gaming solutions _ AOC Monitors

Monitors for every kind of use.

High Refresh Rate

The refresh rate indicates how many frames a screen can display per second. With models ranging from 75 to lightning-fast 240 Hertz, gamers are guaranteed to never miss out on the action when choosing AOC. More frames, more frags.

Ultrawide Screens

AOC’s ultrawide AGON gaming screens raise the bar when it comes to immersive gameplay. Due to high refresh rates paired with advanced sync solutions, their additional screen space creates gaming experiences unlike anything you have played on before.

Big Gaming Screens

At AOC, we aim to supply the ideal monitor for whatever situation a gamer finds themselves in. Keep it real with the 27” flat or secure yourself some more of that precious screen space with huge displays that range all the way up to the massive 35” curved and feature resolutions from Full HD up to ultra-sharp UHD. Grab the perfect fit for your favorite games and enjoy more space and pixels than ever.


AMD’s FreeSync technology provides a fluid gaming experience and eliminates tearing effects for AMD graphics card users. By synchronizing FPS numbers with your monitor’s refresh rate, FreeSync allows for a smooth gaming experience especially in fast-paced games.


NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology guarantees smooth and fluid gameplay even when frames per second drop below a certain threshold, by eliminating stuttering and distortion. By aligning your graphics card’s FPS numbers with the refresh rate of your monitor, G-SYNC delivers steady performance whenever your system can’t.

Gaming accessories _ AOC Monitors

Gaming accessories.


Never miss a skillshot again just because your old keyboard wasn’t able to register your input! Whether you prefer casual gaming or want to competitive, AOC offers a range of products that will fit your needs. Enabling fast reactions, allowing for precise input, eliminating ghosting and supporting you with N-key rollover – we got it all!


Don’t let outdated hardware limit your aim and reaction time: choose from a variety of AOC mice which are built to last. From mice for casual players to cutting-edge products with sniper-button, high DPI and weight tuning system, AOC has the right product for your playstyle.

Gaming arms

Take your gaming experience to the next level by simply upgrading your monitor with a gaming arm! Not only can you save valuable desk space and tidy up your setup with the integrated cable management system of the AOC monitor arms. You can also easily move your display around in any direction and angle, giving you a perfect view on the game.


Why invest in the pro gamer mouse of your dreams when you don’t have the right surface to utilize its full capacity! With the fitting AOC mousepad, your mouse can glide smoothly, allowing even faster reactions. And no matter how heated the action in-game gets, your mousepad won’t slip out of position. On top of that, our products come with customisable backlighting in all colours.

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