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Cipo and Baxx Online Shop sell YIL-BA textiles, Jeans in TURKEY. Cipo & Baxx is an authentic denim manufacturer, having designed and made a number of lines of denim clothing products over the past 20 years. Our clothes and accessories are high-quality and long-lasting. We brought our men’s designer jeans to Australia in 2006, and since then we’ve expanded our range of products to include t-shirts, jackets, knit tops, shoes and accessories.

CIPO & BAXX® – a success story with a lot of potential

Show presence with unique models from the jeans shop – thanks to cleverly placed advertisements in fashion magazines and appearances at international fashion fairs, the level of awareness of the CIPO & BAXX® brand increased rapidly and continuously. The hip fashion label now has a permanent place in Europe’s fashion scene. The next goal of the creative founders and their design team is therefore to jump across the pond. With stylish models from the jeans shop, the brand now wants to conquer the hip hop and streetwear scene in the USA, a daring project with good prospects of success. The unusual designs by CIPO & BAXX® embody the lifestyle of the young generation and their desire for individuality. Fashion from the jeans shop of the label CIPO & BAXX® is streetwear at its best.

CIPO & BAXX® – the very special design

Always up to date, the creative team of the hip label is always on the lookout for the latest trends in streetwear. As an innovative specialist in denim, the brand employs a 20-person team of designers who regularly supply the jeans shop with new trends from the international fashion scene. Passion is in the foreground here, the passion for fashion with a plus of stylish extravagance. You will find this in every single model from the jeans shop. Fashion from CIPO & BAXX® stands for eye-catching designs that perfectly showcase your unique personality. Constantly new color combinations and provocative prints give the models the touch of streetwear, which is not only indispensable in the hip hop scene.

If you love the extraordinary and loathe fashionable porridge, the CIPO & BAXX® jeans shop is the right place to go. Here you will find sweaters, T-shirts and sweatshirts with extravagant applications, stylish, cheeky prints and trendy material combinations. Jeans fashion in unusual washes, with patches and hip decorative seams also belongs to the wide range of products in a young style. Jackets, pants, shirts, the good thing about the models from the CIPO & BAXX® jeans shop is that the design does not follow any rules. Trendy fashion from Italy is as individual as your personality, so it can be used and combined in many ways. Only one thing is certain: streetwear from CIPO & BAXX® is not for bores.
The CIPO & BAXX® label specializes in fashion in the denim sector. High-quality fabrics are used in our own production and the technological requirements for finishing the products are constantly being further developed.
The decisive factor for the manufacturers is the attractive price-performance ratio – the best quality of the materials at attractive order prices.
The collections are intended to appeal to fashion-conscious buyers with print prints, rhinestone and rivet details and destroyed looks. With flexible, monthly flash programs that come onto the market regardless of the collection, the brand can respond specifically to the wishes of customers for the rapid availability of new trends.
The strength of the brand is the delivery of the goods just two weeks after receipt of the order.
Your own streetwear is honest, direct and sometimes provocative. The label is aimed at a fashionable and fashion-savvy target group, whose lifestyle is based on the pulse of the times.
Design, production and sales are completely managed by CIPO & BAXX® . Both the design of the garments and their production takes place in Europe and is supplied from there to the USA and Australia, where the label already cooperates with selected specialist dealers.
In addition to a 20-person international design team, around 250 employees worldwide work in the areas of sales, sales and production, always motivated to create new, cool designs at fair prices.

TURKEY YIL-BA textiles, Jeans and its brand CIPO & BAXX – Cipo and Baxx Online Shop

  • YIL-BA textiles Italy,
  • YIL-BA textiles Germany,
  • YIL-BA textiles Australia,
  • YIL-BA textiles France,
  • YIL-BA textiles Hungary,
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  • YIL-BA textiles Netherlands,
  • YIL-BA textiles Russia,
  • Poland and United States as well as having standalone Cipo & Baxx stores in Europe.

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