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Dresses, Jackets & Coats, Jeans, Jumpsuits, Lingerie, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Sweaters, Swimwear, Tops.
Ingenuity and refinement mark the Fall offerings of our womenswear designers, with pairings of unconventional tailoring, athletic-inspired loungewear, and graphic streetwear advancing a fluid approach to modern dressing.
With casual basics, eclecticism predominates.
T-shirts, sweatshirts, button-ups, and leather jackets are playfully accented with velvet, fur, and crystal, while jeans in distressed and reconstructed vintage denim evoke past eras.
Offsetting the feminine elegance of pleated midi skirts, draped blouses, and adventurously proportioned dresses is the androgynous spirit of unisex-styled hoodies, graphic t-shirts, and tracksuits.
Athletic loungewear favors technical constructions and performance-minded textiles, while wide-leg trousers, silk slip dresses, and oversized wool and cashmere sweaters bring fluidity to asymmetrically cut dresses, tailored jumpsuits and blazers, and fitted knitwear.
Boots, Flats, Heels, Sandals, Sneakers.
Designer women’s shoes advance a unique vision of modern accessorizing by effortlessly combining seamless functionality and undeniable refinement. Demonstratively vast in their array of options, there will undoubtedly be a shoe that fits for whatever the agenda demands.
Eccentric accents are achieved through shearling, fur, crystal, and velvet embellished minimalist leather sneakers, while thick treaded soles paired with technical fabrics and utilitarian details punctuate performance-inspired athletic styles.
Thigh-high boots and platform sandals make an impact whereas a delicate balance is drawn with minimalist mules and sleek high heels that anchor relaxed tailoring.

Classic menswear-inspired derbys and oxfords, conceived in a variety of luxurious fabrications, highlight meticulous handcraft and unique detailing.
Elsewhere, a sense of subculture symbolism finds strength in high-top sneakers and slip-on skate shoes.


Belts and suspenders alike arrive in a wealth of colors, shapes, and styles to function as the quintessential accessory to complete any menswear ensemble. Slender buffed and embossed calfskin options in neutral tones fit seamlessly with smart casualwear, while wide leather renditions bring bold styling opportunities with eye-catching hardware. Carved and engraved statement buckles pair wonderfully with signature studded accents ranging from brilliant golden tones to antiqued shades of silver. Timeless and ever-necessary, designer men’s belts and suspenders gift the wearer a unique occasion to extend the breadth of their sophistication to new paths. Modernity is achieved through minimal two-tone panels and extended lengths, effortlessly advancing one’s own styling agenda. Copious classic renditions remain available for those who abhor trends and wish to perpetuate the traditional polish of years past.


Treading a line between high-end appeal and irreverent attitude, our selection of menswear accessories runs the gamut from quiet and minimalist refinement to audacious creativity. Wide-brimmed fedoras, harness belts, and studded wraparound bracelets complement fringed scarves, cozy knit beanies, and fingerless gloves, while travel-ready timepieces, modernist eyewear, and iPhone cases showcase the futuristic touches of everyday lifestyle. Pocket essentials including bifold wallets, embossed card holders, money clips, and keychains enhance clean and simple design with subtly tongue-in-cheek details, in contrast to the rugged delicacy of understated necklaces and masculine carved rings. Together, they define a new and contemporary vision of elegance


To thoughtfully curate the spaces that one inhabits is a wholly worthwhile practice that not only enhances the experience within the space, but provides new channels for meaning-making on a personal level. This can be actualized by widening the scope of self-realization to include those elements normally abandoned to the periphery: housewares, such as designer blankets, present one with an opportunity to promulgate personal stylistic tastes and pay homage to those elements that often go uncelebrated. The immense physical comfort and warmth achieved by handcrafted cashmere options, although impressive, is second only to the confidence realized through the assemblage of cultivated tastes. Iconic jacquard digital prints cater to design enthusiasts who seek to inject attitude into their living space while simple striped woolen throws harken concepts integral to timeless heritage.


Men’s contemporary eyewear provides a seemingly limitless array of potentialities to augment one’s personal style in a way that honors both form and function. Classically urbane or distinctly versatile, our selection of men’s sunglasses and optical glasses exhibit exquisite craftsmanship while exploring new frontiers of self expression. Pairs exist for those in search of eyewear that would best compliment their own facial structure as well as for those who seek to challenge notions of traditionalism, favoring the opportunity to make a statement through an otherwise utilitarian accessory. Iconic wire-frame aviators and classic square frames are given modernistic updates, while delicate gold frames and smoky lenses manifest masculine magnetism. All degrees of sartorial styling are waiting to be realized through a pair of men’s eyewear.


Focusing on premium materials and detailed production processes, designer men’s optical glasses present in an incredible range of silhouettes, sizes, and attitudes. Whether imagined in ultra-modern, avant-garde, or heritage forms, contemporary luxury offerings find common inspiration in the time-refined sartorial pedigree of the accessory. Round metal-wire frame pieces echo stalwart centuries-old designs, deftly updated with handcrafted artisanal precision and technologically refined processes. Slender stainless steel, powder-coated variants push the envelope with clean, seamless edges and a feeling of weightlessness. Tortoiseshell, colorblocked, and monochromatic acetates signal the modernity of the last century with careful modifications that confirm aesthetic relevance for the present. Aviator-style frames favor a maximalist approach while diminutive oval frames thrive on understatement. Sweeping advances in high-end production ensure that contemporary frames handle the stresses and unforeseen events of the everyday with aplomb. Despite the contemporary range of corrective vision options, glasses remain omnipresent, promising utilitarian ease, an uncanny aura of character, and above all an essential aesthetic pleasure that will remain with us for some time.


Contemporary propositions for designer men’s sunglasses emphasize quality materials and sophisticated styles across a range of silhouettes and sizes. Rising to prominence in the postwar era as a symbol of modernity and sophistication, contemporary sunglasses inherit the mythological pedigree of the accessory while pushing the envelope with regard to expectation and contextual usage. The clean Californian style of select brands channel a mid-century popularized, now timeless American style with understated intelligence and glamour. Tortoiseshell and colored acetate detailing define many pieces in this look, with instantly recognizable square, round, and aviator offerings reflecting a venerable heritage that goes hand-in-hand with the birth of cool. Tilting towards the avant-garde, other designers concentrate on evoking a futuristic minimalism in the pairing of metals with colored tinted lenses, reifying form in a perfect distillation of functional essence. 100% UV protection lenses are universal, ensuring utilitarian function presents hand in hand with aesthetic merit.


Whether simply providing warmth in the colder seasons or lending stylish flair behind the steering wheel, designer men’s gloves provide significant styling opportunities for the modern man. Proposing varied options for protection against the elements, meticulously-crafted wool pairs equip the wearer with rugged sophistication while fingerless counterparts allow for optimal dexterity on-the-go. High-performance and hyper-utilitarianism is achieved through contemporary men’s gloves that defy simply definition. Designers explore new technical fabrications to enhance what were previously thought of as the definite conventions of hand-wear. Alternatively, rough-edged appeal is preserved through a strict adherence to traditional desires and manufacturing practices that produce a commodity which wholly encapsulates classic Americana. Ranging anywhere from sporty to sophisticated, men’s designer gloves are available for any proclivity.


Designer men’s hats, from the classic to the contemporary, are the true finishing touch to any considered outfit. Although no longer intrinsically linked to concepts of social status, hats still carry the ability to redefine any outfit and elevate one’s personal style. Available in an immeasurable number of styles, fabrics and colors, contemporary men’s hats reinterpret historically significant headwear for a new audience. Hybrid pieces harmoniously reject categorization and let streetwear clout bleed into sophisticated design. Sumptuous fabrications achieve new levels of individual luxury and ensure utmost comfort in Alpine environments. Comparatively, fitted baseball caps carry colorful appliqués to succinctly convey a message wherever they go. Now removed from their former social sensibilities, designer men’s hats ensure that the grandeur never fades.


From formal to playful, the contemporary range of designer beanies for men offer neutral, accent, and statement pieces in luxurious materials. A fall and winter essential, beanies pair naturally with seasonal attire – jackets, coats, down, and vests – but also provide for compelling year-round juxtaposition in line with the American streetwear ethos. Select designers propose classic, formal silhouettes ready for inclusion with a broad range of outfits, largely opting for solid colors in premium materials like cashmere and knit virgin wool. Elsewhere, lambswool and alpaca blended pieces opt for waffle knit textures to provide a subdued shift from tradition, while logo flags, felted logo appliqués, and intarsia knit patterns evoke venerable brand heritages and, at times, an urbane après ski spirit. Other designers find their signature touch is one of maximalism, with striping in house colors and metallic embroidery ensuring stand-out status. Channeling the raw irreverent energy of youth culture, select labels seize on the essence of the moment, thriving on the power of image and signifier.



Classic and contemporary caps and flat caps complete most any ensemble, offering men mix-and-match contrast and fluid accents across all seasons. The baseball cap, venerable fashion staple of the past century, has enjoyed a marked renaissance in recent years, with everything from five-panel skatewear caps, flat-brimmed snapbacks, and slouchy low-profile six-panel silhouettes now well and truly in play. The present day selection of high-end designer pieces can convey luxe excess, sturdy formalism, or add a disarmingly laid-back, everyman quality to a couture or classically preppy outfit. Logos, appliqués, and tonal and contrasted text embroidery make visual and rhetorical statements big and small. Materials like suede, wool and linen-blend, leather, cotton twill, and nylon and technical synthetic performance fabrics signify intention, from post-normcore leisure aesthetic to boss-mode opulence or minimalist futurism. Closures further articulate personality and style, taking the form of cinch-straps, sometimes exaggerated and overlong, or Velcro and press-release fastenings. The range of possible configurations provides a foil for virtually every traditional formalwear costume, athleisure uniform, or streetwear juxtaposition.


Designer structured hats provide men with practical high-end luxury options, mining contemporary culture and historical pedigree to provide forms for all occasions. alongside choice of fastening and logo accents. Elsewhere, the swagger-inducing bucket hat, a mainstay of urban, skater, and music subcultures for decades, is transformed by a series of skillful designer edits in premium canvas or cotton twills, while more alternative options in PrimaLoft®-insulated nylon and PVC laminated kraft paper provide avant-garde flourishes premised on inventive optics and textural properties. Woven straw hats affect a heritage-derived tropical-chic aesthetic, recalling the leisurely sophistication of bygone eras in a series of carefully contemporary updates. Instantly anchoring any thrown-together or carefully curated streetwear ensemble, structured caps provide for an easygoing, all-season accoutrement, wearing well with t-shirts, sweatshirts, light jackets, and jeans, or as off-kilter accent in a more daring formal and athleisure juxtaposition.
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Skewing from simple and understated to raw and rugged, designer men’s jewelry is a subtle yet indispensible addition to any considered aesthetic. Burnished silver-tones and engraved pieces underscore nonchalant styling, while an enviable vintage appeal is achieved through signature carved monogram detailing. To expertly complete any outfit, contemporary men’s jewelry is an essential element. Consummate timelessness is accomplished through classic pendants and masterful detailing. Strike a balance through precisely paired accent pieces or forego conservatism in favor of opulence by adorning a rich cornucopia of jeweled statement makers. Whether seeking an advanced sense of minimalism or envisioning a rebellious neo-punk edge, embroidered and embossed leatherworks as well as crystal-cut Swarovski accents advance an eclectic spirit.


Exquisite craftsmanship and hardened embellishment plays into this season’s collection of bracelets for men. Skulls and bone-shaped accents are manifested in oxidized sterling silver, metal, or natural stone. Heavy chain link and braided foxtail chain bracelets are host to natural elements like onyx or stone beads, while brushed sterling silver, and yellow or rose gold cuffs offer a minimal, yet sophisticated aesthetic for the wrist. Various styles reference military dog tags – transforming the familiar ID tag shape into a logo plaque or simply a blank space, a minimal statement of historical relevance. Fine leather or lambskin wraparound bracelets featuring logo patterns or signature graphic hardware appear throughout the collection. Pyramid stud detailing and O-ring hardware echo a darker aesthetic with heavy oxidized chains only drilling the theme home further. While modest shapes offer minimal coverage of the wrist – the weight, antiqued finish, and natural elements of this season’s collection of bracelets offer a very masculine approach to contemporary jewelry for men.


This season’s collection of earrings for men offers up an eclectic, mix-and-match assortment of the expressive menswear accessory. Rugged, straight-forward symbolism in the mold of distressed sterling silver, 14k yellow gold studs, or micro drop earrings makes for a simple yet deluxe addition to the confident contemporary man’s wardrobe. Sterling silver is abound in this season’s collection, ranging from highly polished to rough and oxidized. Minimal brushed sterling silver micro hoops mix with lustrous texture, while mini textured chain-link drop earrings feature an alternating mix of finishes. Urban silhouettes like stud or pendant earrings are inspired by more natural beginnings with carved thorn accents featuring a rocky-textured terrain. Single-earring styles offer half the commitment of a set, yet showcase double the statement-making power. References to goth or punk countercultures appear in the form of carved skulls or animalistic themes, yet the overwhelming quality of sterling silver or solid gold sets these designer styles apart from their subculture counterparts. Minimal expression by way of quality craftsmanship and premium materials is the focus of this season’s collection of men’s earrings


From religious iconography to beach-inspired styles, this season’s collection of necklaces for men offers diverse representation across the board. An abundance of Italian designs makes for a refined take on the rosary, appearing in stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold forms, while several iterations of the cross motif will reinforce your faith in this essential accessory staple for men. Negate monotheistic leanings with syncretic imagery in the guise of skull pendants or beaded bone chains with mother-of-pearl or natural stone pendants. Conversely, lay all your cards on the table with curb chain or chain-link necklaces decorated with dice or club pendants, beads, and charms. A rebellious personality reigns true in this season’s collection of necklaces for men, including calfskin cigarette-box holders or heavy brass curb chain necklaces featuring a functioning 8GB USB drive or luxury grinder accessory. Military dog tags, padlocks, and 14k gold cast thorn pendants offer a range of hardened symbolic references with which to identify, while engraved logos and signature graphic hardware appeals to the brand loyalist. With an array of luxury materials ranging from sterling silver, oxidized copper, leather cord, and 14k gold, this season’s offerings of necklaces provide a suitable canvas for the modern man.


Transitioning seamlessly from casual to formal settings, designer men’s pins and brooches are an accessory for the most discerning of eyes. Rendered in a wealth of shapes, sizes, and functionalities, these simple adornments elevate or shift the connotation of any outfit. Sculpted brass options act as artful signifiers of consideration and sophistication, while designer enamelled and crystal-embellished pins convey refinement and subtle opulence, whether depicted through playful imagery or another similar means. An array of fastenings, from the butterfly clasp and to the elegant pin ensure that brooches stay secured, no matter the occasion. Masterful craftsmanship comes across in expertly carved detailing, ornate embellishments, and sculptural shapes. A wholly popular method of self-expression, contemporary men’s pins simultaneously display spirited pageantry while elevating suit-and-tie professionalism.


Designer men’s rings provide luxurious accents from the embellished to the understated, adding color and character to any ensemble. The specter of history looms large in pieces incorporating themes of mortality and mythology, while others eschew the past in favor of a clean-cut, out-of-time minimalism emphasizing materials. Polished 925 sterling silver, brass, and other premium-grade metals grant individually unique tactile and optical effects. Open band rings flirt with the physical laws governing a ring’s very utility, offering symmetrical carved graphics, geometric curvatures, and embellishments that guide the eye to a focal point of unanticipated negative space. Spiral, twin, and multi-band rings offer unexpected imagery and profiles, often focusing on naturalistic or animalistic themes, classical imagery, house-specific iconographies, or the simple pleasures of essentialized shape. Elsewhere, one finds sculpted text or graphic designs, occasionally embellished with crystal-cut detailings or colored enamel finishes, while carved stripes, signature patterns, or logos play with the dichotomy of presence and absence.


Combining quotidian functionality with modern sophistication, designer men’s keychains keep pocket-sized essentials securely fastened and immaculately organized all while elevating everyday dress codes. Athletics-inspired lanyard keychains featuring bold logo webbing fuse with reliable and robust construction to safely carry one’s most valuable personal effects. Stately clasps and chunky keyrings exhibit minimalist refinement while contrasting colorations and fabrications endorse maximalist agendas. Pouch and bag charms reinterpret the homogenous history of the men’s accessory, allowing not only for new channels of styling but also fresh approaches to one’s day-to-day operations. Pairing statement-making style with indispensable functionality, designer men’s keychains offer the wearer an undeniable sense of flexibility to push the boundaries of his own sartorial vision.


Essential to the realm of men’s formalwear, pocket squares and tie bars easily elevate any tailored suit ensemble. Conceived in the 19th century to accompany the classic men’s two-piece suit, preliminary pocket squares and tie bars served squarely functional purposes. No longer confined to their utilitarian function in recent years, this duo of menswear accessories has become a signifier of sophistication and refinement. This season’s selection of meticulously-crafted luxury pocket squares and tie bars highlights the timeless quality of this pair of formal accoutrements. Modern iterations of the tie bar feature intricate carved detailing, a nod the accessory’s inherent vintage charm, while sterling silver logo-engraved iterations become subtle statement pieces, all while neatly keeping slim neck ties in place. Crafted from luxe silk satins and twills, patterned, striped, and printed pocket squares emerge as expressive accents to streamlined styling, while an assortment of bright hues bring a touch of color to black-tie events. No matter the occasion, designer pocket squares and tie bars bring a fresh outlook to formal dress codes and are the certain to be the perfect companion to any suit-and-tie look.


Spanning an impressive range of fabrications and shapes, men’s designer scarves are easily one of the most integral additions to any considered outfit. Expertly-crafted chunky cable knits provide extraordinary luxury and comfort to the wearer while simultaneously conjuring images of familial heritage. To complement any sartorial-conscious outfit, one simply needs to turn to scarves as they can find use in almost any situation. Cleverly knit bands comfortably hug the neck to add edge and individuality while classicism is achieved through fringed trims and premium colorations. Textural contrasts can be found in any range of smart sportswear-inspired options. Contrastingly, luscious fabrics such as cashmere and virgin wool create intensely desirable products that can adorn the neck and shoulders of sophisticates everywhere. Street-ready appeal is attained in bold stripes, attention-grabbing slogans, and hypnotizing patterns.


Whether they are an outfit’s linchpin or purely functional, the importance of a solid pair of men’s designer socks cannot be overstated. Running the gamut from bold and sporty to sleek and sophisticated, our selection of menswear socks take in wild prints and somber solids, alongside classic and conservative patterns. Hardier rib knit wool and cashmere options are winter-ready, providing constant encouraging comfort in even the the bleakest of climates. Capturing the streetwear zeitgeist, athletic-leaning cotton variants, featuring tongue-in-cheek graphic patterns, carefully-placed branding, and calf-high or knee-high fabrications, round out highly-curated menswear styling, proving that even the most minute of details can make or break a head-to-toe ensemble. Simply cuffing one’s trousers can reveal a shock of color, a subtle logo, or a hint of the wearer’s personality. Or, of course, let it remain a secret to only the wearer and his closest of companions. Either way, designer men’s represent the ultimate in accoutrements, the pinnacle of a well-balanced and fully-contemplated personal style.


Designer slim-cut and wide ties continue to offer completion to any men’s formal ensemble, but they also bring the possibility of embellishment and juxtaposition to streetwear and hybrid outfits. The long enduring formal wardrobe staple, standardized in 1926 by Jesse Langdorf’s modern design, has been assailed by any number of attacks this past century, from brief-yet-pervasive fads to profound and permanent social changes away from old rituals and images of prestige, from the bohemian sophistication of turtlenecks to the free-thinking post-hippie corporatism of California casual. Each and every time, the tie has not only survived but further entrenched its relevancy. In the contemporary cultural climate of hybridity, this relevancy is increasingly manifested in millennial ‘high-low’ culture pairings, wherein the tie’s seemingly static and archaic appearance has become perhaps its greatest asset. Intarsia graphic patterns boldly display house aesthetics, intimating personality, while subdued monochromatic and contrast designs take a more sober, classic approach


Designer men’s bow ties offer self-assured poise and swagger in luxurious textiles, complimenting staid and colorful ensembles in equal measure. Long-time nemesis to the neck tie, the ever-enduring accessory has enjoyed a quiet renaissance in recent years, as heritage formal attire finds its footing against causal trends in an armada of carefully updated high-end offerings. Adjustable silk variants concede contemporary convenience without giving away their aura, taking hook-eye fastenings to maintain a crisp, iconic silhouette with ideally pared-down preparation time. Jacquard polka dot and check patterns in select pieces give options with whimsy and character to add contrast or dandy-ish flourish. Voluminous, colorful bow ties lend technicolor charm to the most understated of attires, while monochromatic self-tied versions achieve classic repose when the occasion calls for crisp formality and restraint. In our mix-and-match era, the bowtie finds increasing use in more informal contexts as well, pairing with off-duty ensembles as juxtaposed formal accent.


Always smart and sophisticated, it’s easy to see why the neck tie has endured centuries to become the quintessential menswear accessory. Rising to popularity during the reign of King Louis the XIII, preliminary iterations of the men’s neck tie, or ‘cravat’, were initially worn to tie the collars of military members. However, the style soon garnered widespread appeal, particularly for their style at formal gatherings. Into the 21st century, modern iterations offer bold embroidered embellishments touching upon eclectic printed graphics, while bold patterns rendered in opulent silks act as eye-catching anchors to muted suits. Whether tied in a half Windsor or a four-in-hand, the men’s tie adapts to both casual settings, when paired with a relaxed sports jacket and sophisticated sunglasses, or to formal events, when accompanying with a monochromatic three-piece suit. A highly-adaptable and always relevant, the neck tie can vacillates between conservative and avant-garde aesthetics alike as a variety of sizes and textures compliment myriad style inclinations. Rendered in elegant collegiate stripes, a vintage paisley, checked flannel, sharp futuristic prints, or a mod-inspired skinny silhouette, the tie is a perennial staple within any man’s wardrobe


Getting caught in the rain might sound appealing in a pop song, but in the real world, it’s better to arrive dry—why not pack the right umbrella and show up in style? For Fall, our range of collapsible, automatic men’s umbrellas features a patterned and solid nylon canopies and signature skull handles emblematic of gothic brand lineage. Choose the skull that best suits: leather-wrapped, carved enamel, or gold-tone brass. Press-stud, logo-stamped, wraparound fastenings add bits of weighty luxury that encapsulate the definition of practical elegance.


Small leather goods, such as designer men’s wallets and card holders, answer the call for high-quality craftsmanship while addressing a downsized and on-the-move lifestyle. Sleek compact bifold wallets and slim card holders embody a no-frills functionality, competently carrying the basic essentials with utmost sophistication. More utility-specific items such as money clips boast of their practical design as they effortlessly support the wearer’s day-to-day activities in a streamlined fashion. Elsewhere, traditional stout wallet options are available for those who wish to adhere to values more directly aligned to the status quo. Rigid passport holders fashioned in complementary materials ensure safe and efficient travel while subtly exuding the air of utter cosmopolitanism. No matter the circumstance, designer men’s wallets and card holders offer creative solutions that are not only productive but also considerably stylish.


Men’s card holders provide the on-the-move user with sleek, compact, and eminently functional small leather and textile pieces of premium quality. The necessarily restrained, minimal form of the accessory requires the careful distillation of label aesthetics, providing the possibility of tightly crafted, compelling styles. Appliqués, studs, carved graphics, embossed logos, and other elements provide key accents, as major aspects of design language become mobilized as aesthetic anchors. Logos are stamped on grained and pebbled calfskin, minimal fonts blending on a textural field for an understated yet rarefied essence. Elsewhere, pieces incorporate heritage patterns and signature hardware, while house-specific treatments and patterns appear to amplify surface textures. Colorblocking, patchwork construction, zippered closures, and deconstructed and oversize silhouette offerings give unique options, taking the accessory into new areas of versatility and optics.


Though the proliferation of paper currency first occasioned the need for money clips, the recent rise of cashless transactions has since relegated this accessory to a charmingly old-fashioned niche. A necessity for some and a novelty for others, our latest variety of men’s money clips caters to both sides of the spectrum as designer renditions continue to make a case for the stately impact of neatly folded bills, positioning the clip as a worthy alternative to the wallet by way of clever shapes and sturdy constructions. Boasting design elements that tie in their larger accessory collections, the labels comprising the latest variety of money clips recognize that the combination of money clip and card holder has long been a reliable solution for those seeking to avoid the bulkiness of the traditional wallet without sacrificing practicality and aesthetic appeal. With phones, notes, and cards competing for pocket space during the coatless seasons, the money clip invites us to scale back to the bare essentials, making it an indispensable go-to for the committed minimalist.


In a globalized world, a passport is beyond indispensable, making its holder a key item in any contemporary men’s kit. High-end designer interpretations offer bifold variants for easy access or zippered designs for total security. Slim and flexible leather versions make for lightweight, straightforward functionality in aesthetically minimal forms. Rigid, structured pieces provide size and space for added compartments, allowing for the storing of documents, cards, notes, and other essential goods. In line with the luxury fashion world’s move towards reimagining practical accessories with a studied eye, this classically utilitarian item continues to update and evolve season to season


Cast in premium quality leathers and textiles, designer men’s wallets give the user compact, sleek, and sophisticated options reflecting craftsmanship and design excellence. Offering a minimal, small-scale palette for expression of a label’s aesthetic, the accessory offers a compelling avenue for exploring brand essentials. Elements like embroidery, pyramid studs, appliqués, metallic finishing, embossed patterning, and carved hardware appear as major accents, framing specific design language. Tactile interest and dynamic depth arrive through a variety of mediums, with materials like buffed and grained calfskin, croc-embossed leathers, calf-hair, and coated canvas allowing idiosyncratic construction qualities. Colorblocking, geometrical patchwork, stripes, and check patterns propose to transform the accessory into a punchy, dynamic statement piece. Bifold wallets allow for quick access, incorporating note slots, card slots, and concealed compartments. Zippered wallets provide secure closure and give new design options beyond the traditional bifold silhouette, with pull-tabs and clasp fastenings providing convenience alongside new optics.


Catering to any style inclination, contemporary designer men’s watches range from the refined to the athletic, all while fulfilling the modern man’s need for pragmatism. Showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, classic styles receive modern updates to bolster them to new heights. Premium materials, such as gold, silver, and stainless steel provide the backdrop for these massively essential men’s accessories to flourish. Technical advancements impact designer men’s timepieces in the best means possible, enabling them to assist the wearer in more ways than ever expected. Graphic elements and signature detailing create wholly unforgettable pieces that are worthy of much praise. With practicality envisioned at every turn, designer men’s watches are unyielding in their dedication to utilitarianism while remaining enduringly sophisticated.


The vivid landscape of contemporary men’s bags reflects the equalizing of carrying aesthetics across gender lines, as well as the general post-normcore cultural drift towards the appeal of survivalist utilitarian ensembles. Designer backpacks and travel bags strive to performance-driven details and technical fabrics or leathers, with a balanced blend of form and function working towards appeal and premium durability. Messenger bags, document cases, pouches, and briefcases pair craftsmanship with elevated design, engineered for durability and enduring aesthetic appreciability. Familiar forms are refined and updated with aplomb. Playful and nostalgic elements prevail elsewhere, with deconstruction, unexpected graphical elements, and inventive silhouettes demanding attention and cognitive engagement. Cotton twill, denim, and technical canvas totes address the seemingly never-ending tote fever of postmodern city life, with printed graphics and signature house details bringing artful accents into the realm of the everyday practical implement.


The ideal companion for an urban commute, designer men’s backpacks are crafted with the wearer in mind. Declare your enthusiasm for an on-the-go lifestyle by exercising efficiency with a backpack that is nothing short of scrupulous. Stay neatly organized by storing essentials in zippered pockets and padded compartments. Quilted packs and asymmetric construction function as tasteful extensions of unique personal style. Durable cotton twill and rugged suede bags feature signature hardware, playful appliqués, and monogram logo charms, which cater to even the most discerning tastes. Meanwhile, single-strapped options advance sleek reinterpretations of a time-honored tradition. Innovative synthetic fibers complement pleated accents and glossy vinyl, while excursion-ready rucksacks boast performance-driven design details.


Freed from its conservative reputation, the briefcase emerges as a sleek and modern menswear carryall. Traditional versions lend themselves to minimalist designs in smooth, crosshatched, and grained leathers, while canvas cases emphasize the textile’s rugged side. Convertible styles with backpack and shoulder straps take the briefcase into newly utilitarian territory. Even in updated forms, its essential sobriety persists: ribbon trim, metallic hardware, and double zips provide all the decoration necessary. Logos and signatures take the form of subtle design touches. Though it may be designed for documents, the simplicity and no-nonsense nature of the briefcase means it remains a necessity in the post-digital world.


Functioning as a reflection of the intersection between superior craftsmanship and streamlined design, men’s designer duffle bags are the ultimate excursion companion. These travel-ready carryalls cater to any style or scenario, from the pragmatic to the sophisticated. Classic barrel-shaped weekenders find high-function in a multitudinous array of situations, evoking contemporary refinement while rendered in luxe leathers. In comparison, military-inspired designer duffle bags in traditional canvas and lightweight nylon cater to the modern explorer. Rolled leather carry handles paired with minimal shapes and signature logo detailing offer a promisingly professional finish to any look. Oversized silhouettes and durable textiles provide utilitarian functionality and longevity, while detachable and adjustable shoulder strap options achieve the utmost in flexibility.


Designer men’s messenger bags pair thoughtful construction with polished versatility. Take command of your possessions and your surroundings by confidently donning a cross-body bag that leaves you not only hands-free but also decidedly sophisticated. With options arriving in sturdy leather and durable nylon, the iconic rectangular silhouette promises resilience and refinement, while offering a bevy of colorways in muted jewel tones and charcoal neutrals. Supple pebbled leather enhances new basics, while geometric shapes crafted in buffed calfskin or glossy coated canvas take a more contemporary approach. Casual composure is achieved absolutely through seemingly compact designer messenger bags that covertly contain untold depth. Foldover flaps punctuated by signature hardware, zippers, magnetic, and pin-buckle closures securely store essentials and valuables while adjustable straps perform their function seamlessly


An unexpectedly versatile option for keeping one’s affairs in order, pouches and document holders bring a streamlined sense of efficiency to everyday compartmentalization. Designer variations, expertly crafted in pristine leathers and textiles, highlight the surprisingly vast landscape of alternative bag options that range from razor-slim zippered renditions to the boxy, belt-style variety. Signature brand insignias serve to effectively ground structurally complex pieces, while ornate graphic flourishes provide an added dimension of aesthetic boldness to economical surfaces. For an accessory that treads the middle ground between wallet and backpack, pouches and document holders fulfill a promise of unintrusive portability by way of hand-held or waistband-fastened ease. Adding a jagged utilitarian edge to sleek formal ensembles, the traditional fanny pack has eschewed any retro-leaning kitsch to assert a renewed, longstanding tenure in the realm of viable pouches, while slender leather document holders instill a touch of elegance that works in complement to the now-romanticized status of physical stationary. In their ability to fuse and redefine past and present, the current state of designers pouches and document holders reinforce the way in which the ideal men’s accessory is both functionality-based and aesthetically sound.


Though their design is often minimal and understated, designer men’s tote bags demonstrate extensive versatility and functionality that make them a true menswear staple. Spacious leather shoppers outfitted with twin carry handles and detachable shoulder straps are pleased to accommodate all needs throughout the day, while athletic mesh carryalls correspond with casual sportswear design. As an undeniable symbol of the DIY aesthetic, cotton twill totes act as canvas for experimental photo collages and brightly hued logo graphics alike. Succinct and streamlined, designer tote bags not only carry with them one’s goods but have the ability to confidently inseminate data wherever they go. With so many potentialities for sartorial styling contemporary tote bags are comfortably established as a staple in any modern man’s wardrobe.


Providing ample storage in roomy sizes, this season’s collection of men’s travel bags are a must for weekend getaway road trips and airport-hopping during long-haul sejours. Classic interpretations of the structured carryall include boxy constructions in textural compositions of canvas, grained leather, and coated nylon. Maintaining a clean-lined minimalist aesthetic, the bulk of this collection of travel bags for men features a solid achromatic palette. Select labels offer up printed graphic patterns in natural or muted earth-tones, while playful graphic appliqués provide instant street appeal. Not just for the average commuter, this season’s selection of highly-versatile men’s travel bags expands its definition of ‘travel’ to bring a taste of modern urban design to even the most daring of outdoorsmen, with styles like the crossbody perfect for hiking and mountaineering. Utilitarian details including keyring lanyards, concealed security zip pockets, and convertible shoulder straps make for efficient and organized outings, while hyper-pragmatic accents like collapsible carry handles, multiple zippered compartments, interior elasticized straps, and 360° rotating wheels appeal to the most frequent of flyers.


Pragmatism and versatility define offerings from our menswear designers, with modern meshings of shrewd tailoring, performance-driven athleticwear, and experimentally proportioned sportswear making up an adaptable whole. Outerwear bridges the traditional and the technical. Hooded anoraks, raincoats, and down-filled puffer jackets rendered in technical materials exhibit hyper-utilitarian engineering, while perennial wool peacoats, leather motorcycle jackets, and shearling jackets answer all style scenarios. For the tailoring-inclined, shirts and suiting in purist forms get elevated to statement status with bondage details, straps, and buckle accents, while graphic embellishments and embroidery adorn quilted bombers, wool and cashmere cardigans, and crewneck pullovers. Taking streetwear into new contexts are tracksuits, zip-ups, and hoodies that offer subculture symbolism and technical invention. Denim has a grunge appeal: Sulfur washes and ripped distressing are confidently casual, and tapered, wide-leg, and cropped fits exude an eclectic new masculinity.


Ranging from subcultural statements to fine-tuned minimalism, our varied selection of Fall jackets and coats for men offers versatile options to complete any ensemble. Climate-optimized down-filled parkas, fur-trimmed puffer coats, and high-shine quilted vests crafted with utilitarian touches take on expansive proportions, while sharply tailored double-layered wool coats, brushed cashmere peacoats, and fur overcoats lend soft and tactile warmth. Trans-seasonal belted trench coats and oversized raincoats remain go-to staples for pared-back styling. Sleek leather jackets and nylon bombers exhibit bold detailing with chunky hardware and embroidered or patent leather accents.


Evolved jet technology is what inspired the ancestor of today’s modern bomber jacket, so it is only fitting that advancements in technology and avant-garde design have influenced the designers behind this season’s collection of menswear bomber jackets. The classic MA-1 styles come with a rich history, featuring utilitarian details like a nylon satin exteriors and rib knit stand collars, cuffs, and hems. Many designers adopt the bomber’s iconic style effortlessly, some streetwear labels even creating collaborations with Alpha Industries, the original bomber jacket distributor. Other iterations of the classic bomber jacket take on avant-garde, couture treatments such as asymmetric or cropped constructions, distressed treatments, or panelled and lace-up details. Deconstructed elements like offset detachable storm flaps or transparent vinyl overlays express further the bomber’s vast potential for continued alteration. Scattered graphics, patchwork, and detailed embroidered appliqués are seen throughout this season’s offering, while shearling, velvet, and leather textures mix with camouflage patterning and bright colors to update the nylon bomber jacket’s founding color code of sage green and midnight blue. Often padded or down-filled, the bomber jacket is a relaxed, yet practical and highly-functionable staple throughout all the seasons.


Streamlined tailoring and premium textiles merge in this season’s varied selection of coats for men. Ranging from casual to formal, this season’s selection of coats offers tasteful and functional options to complete any ensemble. Classic form meets avant-garde proportions updated with modern detailing like velvet or lambskin trim, graphic patchwork, beaded appliqués, and colorful jacquard patterning. Peaked lapel collars exemplify a sophisticated expression of eveningwear, while a simple stand or notched lapel collar adapt to any outfit pairing. Advancements in technology are reflected in luxe faux-fur or faux-shearling textures, integrated interior shoulder straps, or technical bonded detailing. Trans-seasonal belted trench coats, tailored raincoats, and double-breasted overcoats remain go-to staples for minimal outerwear styling. Oversized herringbone or houndstooth patterned coats showcase dropped shoulders and neat lapels for simple, yet protective coverage. While streetwear offerings of elongated padded nylon coats offer a refined approach to maximizing warmth. Mohair and silk-blends, brushed wool, twills, and tweeds are all a part of the exceptional textile quality that make up this season’s collection of menswear coats.


The denim jacket has become a recurring mainstay in countless counterculture movements throughout the past half-century, a spirit that remains prevalent in this season’s latest offerings. Riffing off a design that has become something of a signifier for rebellion, this selection is founded on an inclination for boundary-pushing without losing sight of the jacket’s decade-enduring legacy. A curated selection of timeless jean jackets highlighting iconic, omnipresent pieces augmented by sherpa-lined collars and distressed detailing. Streetwear-leaning labels put their signature thumbprint on the denim jacket, adding weathered graphic prints or inventively creating glitchy patchworks from reworked pieces. The distressing-friendly aspect of denim is taken to a riveting extreme through heavily tattered pieces, which contrast against other clean, traditional structures. The denim jacket’s inherently customizable design, courtesy of its various button-adjusted features, results in a wardrobe staple that transcends temporal changes and is as much of an essential today as it has been over the past decades.


Ranging from streamlined minimalism to exaggerated play on proportion and color, luxury designers’ varied selection of men’s down jackets, coats, and vests offer versatile options to complete any ensemble. Practical coverage meets with bold, technical design to produce the many style iterations within this season’s collection of menswear down. Lightweight, quilted technical satin jackets retain their protective value through all the seasons, while long down-filled parkas provide coverage in more extreme conditions. The down jacket model includes mindful design to suit the likes of a cold weather sports enthusiast or streetwear connoisseur. Surprising design elements like calfskin or fur trim add texture to water-repellent fabrics, while a polyurethane-coated finish lends to a contemporary glossy appearance. Utilitarian details such as press-release buckle straps, carry handles, or Velcro fastenings offer an adjustable and convertible appeal representing the futuristic form of outerwear. No longer restricted to a monochromatic palette, down-filled pieces appear in muted pastels or bold colors ensuring a vibrant disposition despite a dull climate. Jackets inspired by Alpine-ski culture, Alaskan rescue squadrons, or the urban explorer result in innovative styles that include high-tech components to produce outerwear that is both distinguishable and highly functional.


An instant signifier of opulence, men’s fur and shearling coats elevate the pedigree of any outfit whether formal or casual. This season’s selection of naturally-insulated menswear garments exceeds expectations for cold weather-wear with its broad range of avant-garde fur-trimmed collars and refined traditional designs. Updated military classics such as the shearling-lined B-3 bomber jacket soar, while boldly colorblocked reversible fur jackets embody an urban-centric sensibility. Modern takes on classically cut trucker jackets feature colorful embroidery to new depth to the historically indomitable style. Fur-lined hooded parkas, both long and short, come in a bountiful selection of colors, fabrics, and hems to satisfy any requisite need. Designers bring back signature styles to create truly recognizable masculine silhouettes. Intimate detailing, clean tailoring, and luxurious fabrications ensure that these coats not only embody the zeitgeist of modern luxury, but undoubtedly retain warmth in even the coldest of climates.


Designer jackets offer men a versatile range of outerwear for all seasons, cast in premium materials with iconic silhouettes and avant-garde, progressive designs. Cotton poplin, nylon-blend, and wool-blend waist-length jackets provide for minimal, urbane, and casual styles. Nylon satin, technical jersey, and Gore-Tex® lightweight jackets offer easy comfort, breathability, and weather resistance with a sense of subdued sophistication and athleticism, activating a myriad of streetwear and outdoor apparel significations. Quilted down-filled nylon ripstop and shearling lined pieces provide unparalleled warmth and a look with depth. Compellingly constructed waterproof nylon jackets transform inclement weather into key sartorial opportunity. Reversible jackets provide duality and dynamism, with subdued and statement options appearing all-in-one. Elsewhere, military inspired items activate an edgy, enduring appeal for the rough and ready. The occasional graphic, logo, and text embellishments define intent and attitude. Oversizing, signature hardware, and deconstructed couture streamlining imbue iconic forms from the past into of-the-moment vitality. Detachable elements echo the contemporary high-end penchant for deconstruction.


Romanticized as having an unquestioned, transformative cool-factor, the leather jacket is arguably the most enduring piece of men’s outerwear, a notion that is palpable in this season’s offerings. Although the traditional motorcycle jacket structure is prevalent throughout our selection, the jacket is also subject to clever edits that distinguish each designer’s interpretation. This season finds the leather jacket exercising its mastery over a timeless bad-boy aesthetic by integrating studs, patchwork, and distressing into flawlessly-cut leather pieces. Paying a similar attention to fit but paring down on rebellious signifiers, a more streamlined variety of leather jackets includes neatly spray-painted trims, and ambitious cuts that mimic blazers. In a nod towards the anarchic leanings of the 70’s punk movement, graphic prints are included to emit a scrappy, homemade sensibility. Elsewhere in the collection are designs that opt to adhere to the legacy of the biker jacket with structures that strive for familiarity rather than reinvention. Through this multitude of different approaches, our freshly curated variety of leather jackets encapsulates the fragments that make up the piece’s iconic status.


As the archetypal maritime menswear staple of masculinity, the peacoat offers both a formidable sense of sophistication and prowess that can be paired with most any option whether formal or casual. The classic double-breasted garment retains much of its traditional militaristic charm, but this season’s selection proves the fluidity inherent among nautical goods. Oversized options featuring cropped hems, detachable collars, or dropped shoulders define an avant-garde silhouette that pay homage to elements of high fashion. Whereas integrated designs featuring signature detailing re-historicize the garment. And yet, the peacoat’s storied history as an irreplaceable naval symbol clearly isn’t for naught as this garment’s functionality are still easily testified. Luxurious wool fabrics assure coziness throughout a range of seasons, announcing a refined style as well as issuing a challenge to the elements. Flipped-collar convertibility guarantees not only increased warmth but a new channel for styling. A luxurious design that is exceedingly easy to wear, this men’s coat can be dressed up or down with little cause for stress.


A classic beyond trends, the trench coat promises an inimitable sense of masculine sophistication, balancing formal seriousness with easy charm and all-season practicality. Contemporary high-end designer variants tend in two oppositional directions, towards refining any number of infinitesimal details to maintain heritage aesthetics with careful updating, or towards explicitly avant-garde territory, where deconstructions remove archetypical accents and explore new forms. In the case of the latter, one finds assumed features like epaulets, buttoned-tabs, detachable belts, and storm flaps superseded by a new minimalism or new embellishments, expressed in any number of unorthodox cuts and tailoring choices. Playful patterning and material juxtapositions appear in select pieces. PVC, nylon, vinyl, and leather luxury offerings find themselves alongside more classic cotton twill and wool variants. The men’s outerwear staple offers much wearing value in its stoic timelessness, pairing with an endless array of ensembles at all levels of formality or casualness as an anchoring leitmotif.

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The landscape of contemporary men’s designer vests encompasses the formal and the rugged, from classic preppy layering items to cold-edged technical sportswear. Buttoned and pullover variants in wool, knit cotton, and other heritage fabrics impart clean-cut, lighthearted airs, often reinforced with colorful jacquard graphic and patterning accents. Nylon and other technical textiles form the basis for oft-monochromatic military and outdoor apparel-inspired offerings, with press-release buckle detailing, overlong straps, and cargo pockets emanating an uncanny tactical impression. Oversizing and mesh trims feature in select pieces, nodding to urban and club style lineages. Often adorned with embroidered graphics and logo patches, denim vests take on the weight of motorcycle and punk subculture signifiers for a rebellious turned-out, dressed-down feel. Serving as formidable outerwear, down-filled quilted iterations provide an excellent après-ski or shoulder season solution. The vest’s sleeveless silhouette pairs well with a multitude of ensembles, centering an outfit or giving freedom of movement and optical space for shirts and tops.


Today’s designer men’s jeans reflect the dynamism and epochal flexibility of the endlessly enduring staple. One of the primeval pieces of ‘the American look’, the garment inhabits a vast and at-times contradictory range of signifiers, from simplicity to complexity, utilitiarianism to denim snob excess, and modesty to sexiness. Premium raw denims, Japanese selvedge, and artisanal washes present an endlessly complex constellation of wearing options. Clean minimal options thrive on uniformity of hue. Tapered and cropped looks find their appeal in clean geometry and a nod to the more formal aura of trouser tailoring. Distressed variants embrace wear and tear and the appeal of the worn-in and strategically worn-through, achieving looks from the grunge to the avant-garde. Meanwhile, the recent uptick in interest concerning workwear has brought select, seemingly inextinguishable heritage silhouettes and brands back to the mainstream yet again. Up-cycled reclaimed vintage pieces bear both a sense of thrift-store historicity with the ineffable refinement of auteur revision.


The current state of contemporary designer men’s pants culls from a vast gamut of stylistic cues and a history-spanning range of reference points, yet remains indelibly grounded in the sartorial here-and-now. Yielding the ability to encapsulate a moment in time by way of silhouette and texture, pants are an immovable pillar of men’s dressing, which accounts for for the dynamic nature of this season’s offerings. While the elevation of slouchy loungewear remains a palpable undercurrent, the slimmed-down fits that dominated the early-21st century continue to prevail as a viable option for completing sleek ensembles. Bold all-over patterns vie for centrepiece status, instilling the logomania formerly restricted to sweatshirts and t-shirts into a garment that has been seldomly used as a vessel for brand histrionics. Contrarily, prim trousers carry on the tradition of bespoke formal wear, offering dignified silhouettes that effectively complement dressed-up ensembles or serve as a welcome contrasting element to casual sneakers and t-shirts. With familiar structures colliding with forward-thinking designs that are far removed from any pre-existing fashion context, the sheer scope of the latest in designer pants showcases the collated influences that inform contemporary menswear.


The current state of men’s cargo pants is a testament to the versatility of the army-surplus staple, with its compartmentalized pocket styling positioning it as a technically upgraded version of the standard chino trouser. This season, the cargo pant reasserts its status as a surprisingly easy style choice, granted by recent experimentations with slimmed-down fits and upgraded textiles. Tapered, sarouel-style silhouettes marry military fatigues to slouchy hippie-wear, while baggier fits hark back to the divisive ‘phat’ pants of early-2000’s goth and rave culture. In spite of its wide scope of cultural touchpoints, the practical function at the core of the cargo pant prevails across all of its modern incarnations, with roomy flap pockets highlighting the aesthetic appeal of organizational possibility. The camouflage patterns and earthy colorways that permeate this season’s selection pay homage to the cargo pant’s martial origins, though drawstring-adjustable waistbands and cuffs offer a degree of comfort and customization adapted to civilian life. Boundless styling possibilities have made the cargo pant an unassuming mainstay of men’s fashion, consistently satisfying the time-enduring need for fundamentally utilitarian design.


Textural cues borrowed from biker culture are repurposed as reimagined, hard-edged trouser options in the latest selection of men’s leather pants. Adding a polished sheen to casual outfitting, leather pants have transcended the vernacular of archetypal rebel regalia to become a viable, easily-styled alternative to jeans and trousers. Functional tapered silhouettes sketch futuristic reimaginations of a traditional cargo pant, while slimmed-down versions in experimental colorways suggest a forward-thinking alternative to bespoke denim. Elsewhere, slouchy fits in supple lambskin constructions reposition the leather pant as an elevated loungewear staple, making for an an unassumingly sumptuous layering option when paired with laid-back cotton jerseys and fleece. Structurally rigid approaches secure a sense of artisanal craftsmanship that functions as the focal point of an outfit, adding the kind of depth for which pristine leather craftsmanship is relied upon. Bolstered by unexpected versatility and palpable attitude, the newest offerings in designer men’s leather pants bring profound inventive flare to an inherently audacious pant option.


Through a reinvigorated interest in the interplay between high-end tailoring and streetwear, sweatpants have attained centerpiece-status in many of this season’s menswear collections. This latest range of men’s sweatpants thrives on unexpected versatility and unfussy statement-making, concurrently integrating elements of both casual and formal wear using a number of different approaches. High-performance technicality plays against a tendency to toy with proportion in an effort to deconstruct any preconceptions regarding sportswear silhouettes. Relaxed-fit sweatpants are an unlikely canvas for bold branded graphics, while elsewhere, iconic trademarks are integrated to connote timeless athleticism. In all instances, the sweatpant has proven to be a versatile platform that allows free-form experimentation with forward-thinking structures that strive for both unfazed aloofness and avant-garde tastemaking. Upgraded fabrics and carefully tailored cuts allow many of these pieces to pair equally well with formal leather footwear and technical sneakers, ushering in a new era that redefines the boundaries of high fashion.


Designer men’s trousers reflect a contemporary landscape of dynamism, working with the changing significations of masculinity and future-facing gender fluidity in an evolving range of materials and silhouettes. Wide-leg cotton and wool twill offerings provide an aura of airy grace and urbane assertiveness. Skinny-fit and tapered cotton, wool-blend, corduroy, and silk-blend trousers provide a sense of youthful energy and form. Straight-leg garment-pleated trousers find beauty in aesthetic and technical innovation, bringing forth new emotional and conceptual energies. A variety of work trousers in relaxed-fit cotton-twill and heavier wool options echo the craftsmanship, durability, and unimpeachable poise of a heritage style. Cropped trousers provide neat contours and shape, as well as the possibility of perfect sock and shoe coordination. The subcultural, urban, and military pedigrees of cargo pants come to the fore in high-end re-imaginings, with formal, visionary designs achieving new contextual usages. Elasticized waistbands and drawstrings find their way from athletic utilitarianism to on-trend fashionable accent in select pieces.


Catering to conservative and anarchic inclinations and endless wearing contexts, the landscape of contemporary designer men’s shirts is indelibly vast. Poplin, twill, and Oxford cloth button shirts appear in contemporary slim fits, boxier ‘dad’ varieties, and swing collared slouchy oversized pieces. Button-concealing plackets and satin trim feature on select garments, variously providing a clean minimalist sheen and a regal contrast that occasionally lapses into delightful pajama-top referencing splendor. Choice of collar radically determines the personality of a piece, with stand collar and open spread collar variants moving away from ritualized formality. Traditional spread and button-down collars supply the means for hosting a tie and, by extension, achieving absolute properness. Deconstructive impulses animate the tailoring choices of some designers, with asymmetric and mismatched material constructions, overlong sleeves, multiple wearing options, and modified collars emerging as notable tropes. Such experimentation expands the contingencies of use for the menswear staple, as variegated avant-garde-isms hint towards the multiplicity of possible, distant mainstream futures.


A pant style rooted in both athletic functionality and thermic necessity, shorts have transcended their immediate utility to be upheld as a sensible, rewarding fashion move. Vastly different interpretations regarding the appropriate design approach makes for an appealingly diverse range of designer shorts, suited to virtually any context. Nylon track shorts and soft-touch French terry variations provide an ease of wearability aligned with the garment’s sportswear origins, while pristine twill variations effectively position shorts as an alternative to formal trousers. Cut-off denim versions inject DIY attitude into a typically preppy style, while the overarching prevalence of elasticized waistbands attests to the hybridity that is to be expected from a style that has existed in so many different incarnations over the years. Elsewhere, thorough reimaginations of the traditional cargo silhouette give way to forward-looking sarouel designs which at times blur the line between veritable short and generously-cropped trouser, while carefully-considered tailoring yields styles that effortlessly pair with crisp shirting and smart footwear. Through this thought-provoking blend of culture-spanning interpretations, the short remains a ubiquitous touchstone of warm-weather outfitting.


Diverse visions of modern menswear take shape in sharp suiting that holds the ability to befit casual and formal dress codes alike. Thoughtfully tailored designer men’s suits and blazers crafted in an assortment of rich fabrics give sartorial refinement an everyday ease; everybody looks better wearing a suit. Patterned jackets favor the bold while featuring modern checks, slim cuts, and lean lapels that mix well with lightweight underpinnings. Single- and double-breasted suiting options test the boundaries of traditional formality by welcoming deconstruction, pleating, quilting, and asymmetry with open arms. Elsewhere, an undeniable individuality is achieved through raw-edged finishes and offbeat hardware, while contrast stitching provides a playful departure for more subtle pieces. Embellishments, whether of the leather appliqué or embroidered detail varieties, eccentrically imbue designer men’s suits and blazers with irresistible quality.


Contemporary designer men’s blazers offer classic elegance and poise, a must for formal occasions of any description, and a lynchpin of smart casual ensembles. The blazer has arguably been the leading apparel item in the slow, quiet pushback against global fashion’s move towards casualwear. While retaining its traditional relevance, the outerwear staple has expanded its contingencies of use through recent seasons. Double-breasted blazers, long a key ornament in business casual attire, continue to find increasing opportunities in off-duty looks, cast in endlessly imaginative tailorings, with contemporary updates like oversizing and embellished accents signalling one particular avant-garde line of divergence. Preppy felted wool and cashmere variants take on the exclusivity-signalling aura of school and rowing club uniforms, with embroidered patches and technicolor trims offering colorful and confident contrast. Seersucker and tropical wool options, often adorned with pinstripes and delicately woven check patterns, wear into the warmest days of the year, with lighter pastel hues comfortably dissipating the weight of the sun and capturing the energy of the season.


Contemporary high-end luxury suits give men options both rigorously formal and perfectly smart, granting the wearer an intangible boost born of immaculate tailoring, premium fabrics, and deftly executed designer vision. Double-breasted blazers with notched lapel collars capture a sense of constructed, debonair formality. Two-button versions embrace a more minimal sense of suiting. Satin piping and pinstripes provide for light complimentary accents on select pieces. Elsewhere, one finds vertical stripes have returned in some force over recent seasons, providing slimming contrast and alternative optics. Slim-fit trousers impart a sleek, thoroughly contemporary feel that favors the future-facing attitude of youthful professionalism. Straight-leg and wide-leg pleated options retain more historically informed, classic silhouettes. Taking some liberties with convention, one also finds ensembles offering summer-ready wool twill shorts, giving the suit extra mileage beyond the office, as well as altogether sense of youthful energy. Super 120’s wool twill pieces shine with immaculate craftsmanship through all work rituals and smart off-duty contexts imaginable, while garment washed cotton and seersucker variants embrace formality for the warmer months.


Functioning doubly as a necessary undermost layer for formal dress and off-kilter outfit centrepiece, the waistcoat enjoys a sustained prominence in the contemporary man’s wardrobe. Designer renditions succeed in creating a diverse framework for the fairly straightforward style to orbit in, bringing an unlikely sense of finesse to a style rooted in formality. Originating in Restoration-era England, the waistcoat was adopted as the era’s de-facto uniform, a context that subtly informs the nostalgic undercurrents of its present incarnations. Whether by indirectly alluding to the ubiquitous regalia of decades past or proposing refreshing new means of invoking the garment’s unmistakable sleeveless silhouette, the waistcoat’s ability to integrate into a surprisingly wide variety of sartorial contexts attests to the way it has benefitted from its outlying status in the gamut of menswear staples. With its rich history fostering associations to traditional 1920’s suiting and revisionist countercultural movements in equal measure, contemporary designer waistcoats epitomize the aesthetic value of time-enduring conceptions.


When in-between seasons incite the urge to layer, designer men’s sweaters offer themselves as the perfect sartorial solution. Comprehensive in their variety and indiscriminate in their utility, sweaters are available for whatever the modern man might require. Crewneck and V-neck variations in subdued tones of fine gauge wool and cashmere complement classic tailoring, while vividly-hued jacquard patterns and bold intarsia graphics are a feast for the eyes. Artistic cable knits and rib knits in exaggerated proportions lend modern dimensions and textural interest. Unexpected design flourishes abound: turtlenecks are elevated effortlessly through a simplistic attention to detail. Embroidered detailing paired with logo appliqués and signature hardware transform common sweaters into cult favorites, while irreverent bonded graphics and tongue-in-cheek branding inject personality into standard sweatshirts and French terry hoodies, boosting streetwear clout to new heights.


This season’s collection of cardigans for men breaks free from preppy implications, instead offering a versatile range of colorful and creative iterations of the infamously conservative style. Traditional construction of the cardigan is turned on its head this season with styles that play with asymmetry, cropped hems, and an altogether reconstructed motif. Yet, even convention-adhering designs follow suit on the movement towards increasingly unconventional constructions, offering relaxed oversized styles alongside smartly-fitted cuts. A merger between jacket and cardigan manifests itself in the form of quilted and down-filled silhouettes or varsity-inspired styles embellished with detailed and colorful patchwork appliqués. Sportswear-infused stripes, colorblocked checks, and exuberant graphic patterns weave themselves throughout the collection by way of intricate jacquard or intarsia knits. The easy-going playfulness of this season’s collection of cardigans for men allows for reappropriation of its somewhat supercilious military history while also providing straightforward, classic designs that nod to the garment’s more utilitarian function as a nonintrusive layering piece. The latest selection of men’s cardigans hints at a renewed interpretation of a ubiquitous style, establishing the garb as essential wear for all seasons.


Exemplifying a push and pull between its function as both a formal layering tool and standalone statement piece, this season’s variety of crewneck sweaters showcases a multitude of different approaches to an ultimately straightforward design. Boasting diverse fabrics that range from finely crafted wool and cashmere knits to robust cotton jerseys, each of the pieces permeating this selection draws individual inspiration from the versatility of the crewneck sweater’s structure. Though stripes are recurring throughout, they are approached in significantly different ways, as evidenced in the way clean-cut preppy stripes stand in contrast to decadent, asymmetrical patterns. Colorful intarsia graphics infuse a striking aesthetic into wool knits, similar to the way that a quirky spirit is conjured through the use of argyle patterns. Featuring understated pieces that lend themselves to layering as well as more conceptual pieces that merit being styled on their own, the sheer scope of this crewneck sweater collection is in itself a testament to the durability of a timeless design.


The hoodie is a ubiquitous icon, seen across a multitude of subversive subcultures. Originally added to sweatshirts as a layer of protection for athletes and workers, the hood has long since surpassed its utilitarian origin. A feature that once protected from extreme weather conditions has been repurposed, functioning as an extra layer towards a masked identity. However, the updated form of this season’s menswear hoodies and zip-ups allows for growth past its outsider and sportswear roots. Constructed of quality textiles ranging from cotton fleece, French terry, and denim to textured velvet and wool, this men’s wardrobe staple appears in a variety of silhouettes ranging from overlong to oversized, from vintage tracksuit motifs to avant-garde layered constructions. Designers implement modern details like bungee-style drawstrings, asymmetric hems, and innovative overlays while exploring the garment’s utilitarian roots further with integrated press-release buckles that, in some circumstances, replace traditional-style drawstrings. Forever decorated with irreverent graphic forms of self-expression, the hoodie—and its zip-up counterpart—have dressed a culture of defiance for decades. Designers continue to celebrate this tradition with design elements that represent the intersection between sport and avant-garde.


Transcending its original sportswear origins, the sweatshirt has been reinvented into a streetwear staple. Impeccable tailoring mixed with premium cotton fleece and French terry fabrics has made the sweatshirt a menswear cult status symbol. Forever a favorite of street and skate culture, the shape men’s sweatshirts draws inspiration from alternative culture with dropped shoulders, raglan sleeves, and rib knit crewneck collars. Designers repurpose a classic with updated textures like velvet, faux-fur, or terry cloth, which lay the groundwork for popular perennial motifs such as felted appliqués, collaged graphics, and repurposed typography. Whether tailored or oversized, designers use advancements in technology to produce an artfully worn-in or avant-garde look. Raw edges, bleached effects, or distressed details, layered constructions are littered throughout this season, while overlong cuffs, zippered vents, and innovative underlays shine through as unexpected details. The sweatshirt as an ideal vehicle for self-expression is also arguably one of the best ways to disseminate information on a mass scale and this season’s collection of sweatshirts, ranging from subtle to overstated logo and text placement, offer an abundance of options when it comes to representing oneself on a global scale.


Contemporary designer men’s turtlenecks span forms both classic and experimental, from post-normcore casual to classically refined, from cleanly silhouetted to oversized and embellished. Rich in subcultural and counter-cultural associations, the turtleneck has long challenged the strict silhouettes of formal dress codes, affecting an easy and aloof aura of sophistication. Originally conceived as a form of protective apparel, the turtleneck has passed through a dizzying spectrum of fashion eras intact, sustained in the social consciousness as utilitarian workwear and elevated by the allegiances of key figures in high and popular cultures. Cast in a range of luxe fabrics, thin and breathable mock neck cotton jersey pieces work through the warmer seasons as standalone pieces, while light merino wool variants work well in moderate climes, or as the base to a layered ensemble. Heavy duty wool pieces lock in warmth for full coverage, affecting après ski and winterized cosmopolitan looks contingent on context.


A classic menswear fixture, the V-neck offers a clean, geometric silhouette that cuts across casual ready-to-wear and formal contexts. The contemporary fashion forecast for the V-neck sweater is indeed more promising than ever, a reality evidenced by the staple’s full-hearted re-embrace by the seminal houses of the luxury brand landscape. Oversized, angular v-neck sweaters sit on dropped shoulders to effect a suitably of-the-moment deconstructed, slouchy, and post-gender cool. Modified, slit-collar variants nod to avant-garde trends in high fashion towards disrupted shapes and re-animating timeworn staples by allowing them a multiplicity of wearing contexts. Alternate fabrics like garment-pleated synthetics and semi-sheer silk opt towards statement-making, developing a sense of leisurely, self-confident poise. Cotton poplin and jersey shirts often work with the sleek, understated pleasure of perfect ratios, taking minimal accents and embellishments and updating heritage shapes. V-neck sweaters and tops wear well alone, providing a pared-down charm that fits easily with tailored trousers or designer denims. Worn as a layer, V-necks compliment collared, mock neck, or turtleneck shirts in equal measure, stabilizing an ensemble and providing a more constructed look.


Combining functionality and flair, designer men’s swimwear finds itself equally befitting of both leisurely pursuits as well as those deigned more performance-driven. Cotton seersucker styles in neutral tones and nautical stripes will not only turn heads in the pool, but easily double as all-around casual shorts outside of the water. Whether hanging ten or simply doing morning laps in the pool, quick-drying technical swim trunks in bold colorful prints instill a sense of eclectic sophistication into any task. Elsewhere, sporty colorblocked nylon styles featuring waist-cinching drawstring fastenings ensure to bring an appreciated of street-savvy sportswear into an athletic context. Designed in a wide range of inseam lengths and tailoring options, contemporary men’s swimwear is sure to match the comfort level of any wearer.


The essentiality of swimwear has necessitated its inclusion in the latest designer collections, paving the way for manifold reinventions of the straightforward swimsuit. Offering enough headroom to foster individualized variances in length and texture, contemporary men’s designer swimsuits foreground the need for self-expression. While quick-drying technology ensures that the the swimsuit performs its baseline functional duties, experiments with seersucker-like fabrics and brand-defining graphic embellishments have elevated this warm-weather centerpiece. Beachscape-conjuring colorways and preemptively sun-dyed fabrics temporally situate the swimsuit in its summertime context, while more somber renditions align with gloomy, sun-evading aesthetics. With fits ranging from brief-life cuts to explorations of the wide-legged variety, this curated roster of swimwear caters to those who alternately honor and challenge the existing conventions of nautical attire. Bringing a globetrotter’s sense of efficiency to both high-performance and leisurely contexts, minimal designs and generous pocket stylings introduce a welcome element of practicality into the style, leading it to transcend its exclusively aquatic purpose. This added dimension of sophistication underscores the indispensable status of a time-enduring swimsuit.


Highlighting values that include, but are not limited to, those of pure expressionism as well as a sense of elegantly refined minimalism, designer men’s tops are essential to any modern wardrobe rotation. Men’s t-shirts that are crafted in premium and organic cottons remain quintessential casualwear staples, but receive avant-garde updates by way of overlong silhouettes, layered designs, and panelled constructions. Elsewhere, cotton piqué polo shirts brandish embroidered logos with contrasting plackets and preppy stripes that aim to complement low-key tailoring expertly. For unexpected dimension look no further than embroidered leather appliqués and graphic patches. And for those who understand the value of an attention-grabbing visual stimulation: vivid colorblocking and bold all-over prints confidently complement more boisterous proclivities.


Historically sported by the rowers and athletes of Britain’s industrial era, the men’s henley now stands firmly divorced from its purely athletic origins. Into the 21st century, this menswear garment retains its signature comfortable ease-of-wear, emerging as a classic staple of men’s ready-to-wear. Paralleling the garment’s own fluidity throughout the centuries, this season’s collection illustrates the flexibility and sophistication of the henley. Whether featuring short sleeve or long sleeve constructions, or crafted from premium luxury fabrics, the flexibility of the henley silhouette has allowed designers to definitively put their own spin on the garment. Timeless iterations are rendered in ribbed cotton jerseys, while avant-garde leanings feature crisp, clean-lined cotton poplin constructions. Luxe silk jerseys and extraordinary attention to detail elevate this men’s casualwear essential to realm of high fashion. Harkening back to the freedom and ease of its sportswear origins, this season’s selection of henleys represents a clear sense of casual refinement within the realm of designer menswear.


The polo shirt has served as a men’s athleisure fixture for the last century plus, offering a cleanly silhouetted, easy-wearing collared shirt with unique intercontextual versatility. Recent luxury house offerings have seen traditional petit piqué versions supplemented by hybrid variants, cast in technical fabrics like nylon mesh or in mixed materials with textural striping. Long sleeved, oversized pieces take on rugby ruffian and oldschool expeditionary significations, reveling in timeworn historical and sportswear signifiers. Logo appliqués at chest provide charmingly explicit branding for character and personality, a long-held privilege of the clothing article. Hoop pull-tabs and half-zip closure options re-work the polo’s traditional button-placket look to find new optics and forms of tactile interest. The polo has always paired easily with a blazer and twill trousers to affect a leisurely clubhouse look but, true to our era of mix-and-match symbiosis, has quietly found new contingencies of use in more dressed-up formal and eclectic streetwear ensembles.


An enduring casual classic, the men’s t-shirt appears as a near-universal staple among contemporary designer collections. Notable for its incredible versatility, the garment has long proved a venue for experimentation and expression, with typography, logos, sloganism, photographic prints, and bonded graphics emerging as common tropes. Long sleeve styles often pay homage to the iconography and look of skate and streetwear culture, and practically speaking grant the t-shirt mileage into the colder seasons as a layering piece. Elsewhere, dropped shoulders work to create a draped and breezy silhouette. Cleanly tucked into trousers or jeans, the t-shirt assumes a simple utilitarian elegance, while oversized and untucked it presents leisurely swagger and lends itself easily to statement-making. Garment-pleated and technical fabric variants explore new possibilities for the form, diverting it into both more formal and more athleisure territories. Time-honored cotton variants take on distressing, fading, and other textural flourishes for character and comfort.


Possessing a surprisingly robust history, the men’s tank top was worn as a layering piece underneath heavy armor as far back as Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. While this sleeveless garment may play a lighter role in modern times, it remains and integral article of menswear capable of merging both sportswear and streetwear styling. Sleeveless constructions facilitate movement and athletic activities, a freedom reflected in the textile makeup of this season’s collection of tank tops for men. Semi0sheer, mesh, and high-performance technical jersey lay the foundation for simple, yet statement-making styles. Hints of metal and punk-inspired printed graphics or nostalgic 70’s tailoring appear in classic racer back or cut-off sleeve form. A tendency towards the avant-garde is not lacking in this season’s collection, with details such as lace-up vents, cut-outs, satin trim, or garment-pleated fabrics elevating urban appeal. Overlong fits offer versatile styling possibilities. Casualwear options hang alongside luxe offerings of premium quality materials including silk, linen or organic cottons, ensuring the tank top’s status as a hyper-pragmatic yet refined staple of contemporary menswear.


Echoing both the transformations and enduring tropes of modern masculinity, contemporary designer underwear and loungewear cuts a dynamic range of forms. Low to mid-rise boxer briefs are tailored in a range of premium sourced fabrics, offering essential freedom of movement and comfort for ideal fit with a range of trousers, jeans, and shorts. Boxer shorts add new designs or careful updating to a classic silhouette, as the pragmatic design, devised and intended to grant freedom of movement to literal boxers, maintains its continued innerwear relevancy. Intarsia knit logo patterning at waistband, a signature of select houses, hints at the optics of peek display, and the pleasures of hidden symbolism. Choice of colors, or lack thereof, express personal preference in an endlessly fascinating way. Bright floral, geometric, and graphic prints offer innerwear expression running from the mild to the eccentric. Stripes and tonal detailing offer subdued accents of a more minimal variety.


Endlessly essential, designer men’s boxer briefs appear in a dynamic range of designs, from the classic and conservative to the ornamentally outlandish. True to its namesake, the boxer short was designed in the 1920’s to provide fighters with competitive advantages through enhanced comfort and mobility, features that remain essential to its enduring popularity and unassailable place in the theatre of viable underwear. Intarsia knit logos adorn the elastic hem of select pieces, a time-honored branding strategy that essentializes the art of the typographic logo. Elsewhere. signature graphic patterns take the space of text, intoning house identity in an act of self-aware de-branding. Floral patterns, jacquard designs, and other dynamic accents bring pops of color and personality to other pieces, providing an alternative to staid monochromatics. Button-fly options reflect the boxer’s timeless, classic heritage design, while open-fly versions opt for a more contemporary minimalism. Constructions in Oxford and cotton jersey materials give comfort with space, while stretch viscose versions breathe easily, ideal for athletic or otherwise high-powered routines.


The unparalleled support and sleekness offered by men’s briefs is accentuated in this latest variety of designer interpretations. A divisive yet enduringly popular option in the gamut of men’s underwear, briefs are a go-to for the minimalist in pursuit of a straightforward and non-intrusive undermost layer. Breathable and agile stretch jersey constructions are suited to active lifestyles, while explorations in satiny textures add a dimension of sophistication to an often overlooked staple of everyday wear. An element of playfulness is injected via unexpectedly vibrant graphic prints and self-reflexive slogans, while committedly simple multipack variations offered in muted colorways instill an unfussy sense of uniformity into undergarment selection. Brand iconography is either woven effortlessly into elasticized waistbands or translated into bold all-over prints, suggesting that the brief’s status as an ultimately concealed item of clothing affords an endless range of audacious design opportunities. In this curated repertoire of mens briefs, tradition and experimentation coalesce to reaffirm of the reasons for which high-end underwear are equal parts indulgent luxury and indispensable necessity.


Epitomizing the meeting point between luxury and lethargy, the robe is a pivotal yet often overlooked piece of off-duty essential wear. The robe carries with it a spirit of pampering and relaxation that has made it a mainstay of hotels and spas alike, and its silk variations have become irrevocably tied to a caricatural portrait of the bon-vivant. Thriving on the novelty appeal of this unabashedly posh loungewear staple, designer robes augment luxe terrycloth constructions with their glaring trademarks, doubling down on the dandy aesthetic that the garment inherently connotes. Flannel variations push the robe beyond post-shower or post-swim contexts, resulting in a hybrid between domestic lazy Sunday garb and off-kilter outerwear. The recent embrace of high-end commodities has inevitably altered the level of attention paid to the formerly neglected realm of casual apparel, a category which the robe has thus far belonged to. With its dual status as homely self-care uniform and luxe statement piece, all signs suggest that the robe is poised to be logical installment in high fashion’s love affair with loungewear.


Concurrently embodying a function-driven design aesthetic as well as a favorable retention of streetwise appeal, designer men’s shoes exhibit countless stylistic opportunities for any wearer. Thoroughly considered low-top lace-ups and slip-on skate shoes echo tech-utilitarianism with futuristic forms and innovative fabrications. Minimalist sensibilities are strengthened through modern staples. Artisanal constructions of classic oxfords, derby lace ups, and loafers are not only rendered in sumptuous leathers, but also feature eye-catching buckles and contrasting panel accents. Seasonal favorites such as sandals and espadrilles defy simple conventions to redefine themselves and their own connotative value. Rugged sophistication is afforded to the wearer via clever Chelsea boots which value comfort as much as they do luxury. With contemporary men’s designer shoes it is not a matter of making a statement, but rather understanding what statement you would like to make.


As rustic and modest alternatives to traditional lace-ups, boat shoes and moccasins occupy the middle ground between decidedly casual and elegant footwear options, making them an essential addition to the well-rounded men’s wardrobe. With their unmistakable whipstitched detailing, tanned leather renditions of preppy deck shoes complement casual daytime tailoring, while supple suede moccasins add an artisanal affectation to unfussy sneaker-style wearability. The shaggy, fringed detailing of the mocassin is emphasized in a deliberate a throwback to the touchstones of the flower-power era, while the nautical functionality of the standard boat shoe sole is updated by way of robust, treaded rubber. Rugged suede and leather driving shoes feature sculptural rubber grommet treads and beaded accents, instantly bringing a level of handcrafted sartorial sophistication to laid-back outfitting. The ability to exist parallel to any dominant footwear trend has made the boat shoe and the moccasin frequently revisited silhouettes, both of which continue to find their place in an unexpected variety of wardrobes.


Highlighting inspiration from all over the world, designer men’s boots rove from the practical and durable to the sleek and urbane, proposing options that fluidly function in all conditions. Durable oil-tanned leather lace-up boots embrace a workwear-inspired Americana aesthetic, elevating any outfit by expressing rugged styling availability. Thoughtfully streamlined Chelsea boots remain safe and consistently chic in brushed leather and soft suede that complement their elasticized gusset construction as well as your favorite skinny jeans. Rough and tough fashion-forward streetwear stylings are achieved inspirationally with studded biker and combat boots, but defy conventions when dotted with signature logos and hardware. Shearling-trimmed winter boots give coziness to winter get-ups while imposing, stacked midsoles and sturdy rubberized treads ground hiking boots in the space between sportswear and high fashion. No matter the occasion, designer men’s boots are available to brazenly make a statement, quietly elevate an outfit, or simply keep toes warm.


Straightforward and contextually fluid through and through, combat and biker boots unite sleek leatherwork with a rich, signifier-heavy history. While the former’s martial origins would find them later adapted to the tactical embellishments that defined counterculture outfitting, the latter’s tightly-bound associations to biker culture befits the silhouette with an intrinsic sense of outsiderdom. Underscoring this connoted attitude, designer combat and biker boots propose subtle upgrades to the relatively straightforward styles by way of silhouette and fabrication. Ductile, pristine leather uppers and robust rubber soles yield appealingly straightforward combat boots that provide aesthetic and functional viability in equal measure. Extended collar heights gesture towards reimagined goth aesthetics, while hybridized low-cut renditions offer a welcome digression for sneaker-based footwear lines. Similarly, elevated biker boots add a layer of sophistication to a typically rugged boot style, all the while gesturing towards an idea of luxury that is inherent in a structure conceived to withstand heavy, everyday use. As subtly edgy yet ultimately unobtrusive footwear options, combat and biker boots are a dependable addition to a contemporary, seasonally-ambiguous footwear rotation.


Easily among the most fluid mainstays of men’s footwear, the Chelsea boot has enjoyed a renewed ubiquity seen in its integration into the latest menswear collections. Celebrating a style valued for its laceless functionality as much as for its seemingly infinite contextual applications, this latest curated selection of Chelsea boots offers both boundary-pushing and convention-abiding renditions. Panelled, rugged constructions stand comfortably alongside slick leather pieces that reinforce the reasons for which the boot has become a viable alternative to traditional lace-ups. Blocky structures with rounded toe shapes embody the essence of utilitarian design in a manner that is virtually unstuck from any notion of aestheticism, whereas pointed-toe variations in rich suedes usher the Chelsea boot into the vanguard of formal footwear. Furthermore, the structure’s recognizable side gusset occasionally finds itself refashioned as an opportunity to integrate trademark detailing without interrupting the piece’s committedly accessible, unicolor simplicity. With its straightforward silhouette augmented by its intangible cool factor, it is nearly impossible to find a context in which the Chelsea boot would seem out of place.


A longstanding favorite in the realm of men’s footwear, the desert boot embodies the fluidity of military-borne garments within everyday casualwear. A representation of the transitory relationship between form and function, the desert boot silhouette has long been celebrated for its simplicity and adaptability. This heritage style endures well into the 21st century, becoming a year-round choice for those who seek a comfortable footwear staple and acclimatizing to the formality of refined occasions. This season’s curated selection features an array of traditional silhouettes, meticulously-crafted premium suede and leather, alongside more avant-garde iterations featuring daring embroidered graphics, chunky soles, and youthful distressing. This diversity hints not only at the boot’s ability to adapt within a changing culture, but stands to illustrate the loyalty that many have shown so that the boot may retain its status as a modern wardrobe mainstay.


This season’s varied range of lace-up boots pursues the meeting point between rugged functionality and pristine fabrication. Crossbreeding familiar silhouettes with an unexpected reimagination of the boot’s practical usage, the collection is punctuated by an assortment of workwear-inspired pieces. Hybridized hiking boots are cast in pristine leathers, while glossy leather surfaces foster enough refinement to contend as a high-top alternative to formal oxford or derby shoes. Though rubberized vamps and and resilient nubuck leathers gesture at an element-conscious sensibility, this collection is foremost striving for year-round utility through masterful designs that transcend climatic contexts. Left-field accentuation is bolstered by unexpected lace-up colorways and jarring, chunky soles, while familiarly robust shapes hark back to the working class signifiers that have lent themselves to being refashioned by counterculture movements. Yet, extended collar heights and experimentation with stacked heels evidence an innovation-centric agenda that is of no hinderance to the boot’s open-ended styling opportunities. Statement-making aside, this varied curation of lace-up boots responds to a need for all-purpose footwear, weaving together various renditions of a tirelessly durable design.


Men’s wingtip boots have come a long way since their humble beginning as an all-weather, all-purpose shoe. The now instantly-recognizable brogue design that features distinct serrating and perforation was at one point implemented as a means of drainage so as to increase the boot’s utility in wet terrain. Always regarded for their sturdiness and reliability, men’s wingtip boots have remained a favorite throughout the centuries due to their distinct look and excellent functionality. This selection maintains the rich historicity of the wingtip footwear while including more modern sensibilities: adjustable pin-buckle straps feature impressive hardware, signature detailing and embroidery create truly memorable silhouettes, while zip closures ensure comfort and ease of wear. Although previously looked down upon from the menswear sphere of influence, the wingtip boot now represents an audacious option compared to their more circumspect lace-up brethren when dressing for formal occasions. Iconic patterned detailing makes for a memorable and masterfully crafted boot wherein Old World charm meets New World inventiveness.


Falling somewhere in between the mod iconography of a Chelsea boot and the signifier-heavy ruggedness of the combat boot, a wide range of zip-up and buckle boots have made their way into the latest offering of men’s footwear. By using buckled straps either to a functional or ornamental end, this range of boots serves as a reminder that minimal design benefits greatly from carefully-considered details, no matter how minor. The line proposes modernized edits without straying too far from their original context, with harness straps harking back to equestrian origins while handcrafted leather silhouettes nod towards biker culture. Yet experimentations with stacked heels and extended collar heights push for a forward-thinking androgyny that coalesces nicely with burlier styles. A subtle interplay between the moody futurism of jet black buffed leather forms and warmer suede, tan-colored pieces attest to the versatile nature of these zip-up and ankle boots. Lending themselves to a variety of styling contexts despite containing insular characteristics, these boot designs showcase the unexpected merits of stylistic fluidity.


Men’s designer espadrilles have undergone a wealth of transformation since their inception in thirteenth century Spain, transformations that have firmly established espadrilles as the be-all, end-all summer shoe. Marrying comfort and style with traditional craftsmanship, espadrilles take a Mediterranean approach to casual menswear. The comfort and reliability afforded to the wearer through the signature woven esparto rope soles are one of the most notable features of any summer-centric footwear. When paired with embroidered embellishments, canvas styles reach new heights of styling potential. Exceedingly luxurious fabrications provide wearers with previously unforeseen possibilities, elevating men’s espadrilles from their status as beachwear. Breezy and light, these shoes bring an effortless refinement to any occasion. It is obvious why artisans unceasingly crafted these shoes throughout the ages and why today they are celebrated by high fashion and casualwear labels alike.


Men’s lace-up dress shoes demonstrate an exceptional amount of flexibility, the casual and the formal pair seamlessly with all menswear occurrences. Traditional oxfords rendered in high-quality calfskin enhance trim tailoring, while quarter brogues and longwing brogues coordinate with urbane kits. Notable as of late, the willingness of designers to reinvent these examples of footwear classicism is prevalent. Studded leather creepers on platform soles, gauche detailing, and metallic patent leathers lend a previously unknown dimension to suit-and-tie looks. This selection of men’s lace-up dress shoes not only cut daring silhouettes but exhibit masterful craftsmanship. Lightweight foam rubber soles are juxtaposed with their stacked leather compatriots; graphically embroidered brogues impress distressed leather derbys; while perforated leather detailing contend with adjustable pin-buckle straps. These men’s shoes strive to make a statement, whether by infusing a pop of color to muted ensembles or by exquisitely completing a black-tie look.


Representing the imperceptible shift from high fashion to casual garb, designer men’s loafers are the footwear that everyone needs. Delightfully comfortable and impossibly sophisticated, these laceless shoes stride confidently in almost any social setting. Crafted with time-honored techniques, classic iterations can be found utilizing supple buffed calfskin while high-shine patent leather offerings dial down the formality. Suede and nubuck renditions wear well with age and pair perfectly with everyday jeans. Signature details elevate designer loafers to grail status, being envied for not only their distinct notoriety but also the undeniable luxury implicit in the item. Fur-lined slipper interpretations take the question of comfort one step further, embodying the image of opulent relaxation. Contemporary men’s loafers demonstrate how leisure and extravagance can effortlessly walk hand-in-hand.


Synonymous with sartorial refinement, designer men’s monkstraps remain one of the most reliable staples, truly embodying and exhibiting the menswear zeitgeist. Monkstraps often even function as a synecdoche for formal men’s footwear as a whole. Classic single-strap options in buffed and burnished leather sharpen cultivated casual looks, while distressed fabrics offer a perfect worn-in effect. Offering such an immediately recognizable silhouette ensures that considered outfits will be consistently memorable. Updated double-strap varieties are worth showcasing with cropped tailoring. Carved and engraved buckles as well as signature hardware create highly covetable footwear. Master craftsmanship is apparent in the minutiae of the shoe. Designer monkstraps are irrefutably stylish and will elevate any modern men’s wardrobe.


Effortlessly navigating between the traditional and refined to the sportswear-inspired, men’s designer sandals operate with an ease that is nothing short of eternal. This is wholly supported simply through the ancient historicity implicit within the elemental footwear style. Despite this, modernity is achieved through an attention to detail that celebrates asymmetric forms and inventive constructions. Minimalist aesthetics showcase first rate craftsmanship. No longer relegated strictly to poolside environments, designer men’s slides employ technical materials and activewear ingenuity to propel streamlined ensembles to a streetwear-appropriate level. Expressive dimensionality aside, men’s sandals highlight confidence while harboring an appropriate sense of ease. Signature details and studded accents toughen up casual outfits; contemporary sandals refuse to be consigned to a life at the beach.


The flip flop’s primitive, bare-bones structure can be traced back to the genesis of footwear itself, and has since prevailed alongside its complexified sandal counterparts. Though it now almost exclusively conjures an image of beachside abandon, the latest variety of men’s flip flops adapts the style to urban life. Relied upon for their travel-friendly, packable silhouette, flip-flops have been a longstanding travel necessity in spite of their oft-derided, anti-fashion status. Designer renditions play against this shoe style’s reputation, employing high-end upgrades such as leather uppers and carefully-molded footbeds to add a dimension of luxury to an otherwise marginalized piece of footwear. Minimal design opportunities give way to inventive alternatives to the sandal’s signature v-shaped straps, with layered variations complemented by detailed soles in attempt to secure maximal impact from limited space. The most effortless of estival footwear options, the straightforward functionality of the flip-flop is unrivaled.


Within the post-normcore landscape of high-end fashion, men’s sandals have enjoyed a pronounced boost in range of offerings and opportunities of use. Strapped variants in nylon or textile webbing incorporate Velcro slingback fastenings to affect either a cool minimal futurism, replete with cyberpunk or next-generation sportswear significations, or just the opposite, a dad-like anti-fashion statement, white ankle-high socks optional. Seamlessly constructed with premium material, designer rubber slip-on sandals take embossed logos, signature graphics and mixed material trims to add personality and distill house identity to a refined core. They also find supreme comfort and utilitarian use at poolside, in the home, or out and about on errands or a stroll. Luxurious leathers and suedes feature as the material basis for other well-appointed pieces, occasionally accented by extravagant exotic furs or crystal embellishments. Capitalizing on elevated casualwear trends to great effect, designer sandals take the trope of luxury footwear through the warmest days of spring and summer.


Our offering of men’s sneakers strikes a balance between new expressions of contemporary refinement and high-performance design. Crafted from high-quality materials, minimalist low-top lace-ups rendered in streamlined silhouettes with tonal waxed lacing showcase precise craftsmanship while lending street-influenced appeal to urbane tailoring. In a nod to all-time classics, slip-on skate shoes and suede-trimmed track-inspired runners allow for novel updates in innovative colorways and textured rubber soles. High-top sneakers artfully intermixing panels of buffed, patent and embossed leather add rich textural and dimensional interest to streamlined styling. Sleek neoprene, breathable mesh, and signature knit designs featuring sock-style uppers afford second-skin fits and optimum comfort. Generous padding, utilitarian D-ring fastenings, and wraparound elasticized bands contribute cutting-edge verve, while calf-hair accents, crystal-cut embellishments and contrast lacing further an eclectic aesthetic.


Pitting icy modernity against worn-in familiarity, the latest offerings in men’s high-top sneakers thrive on the unexpected jelling of disparate influences. While there is an unshakeable synonimity between high-top sneakers and performative athletic wear, this latest collection celebrates binary-shattering edits. In clever instances of self-vandalism, distressed and smudged detailing is used to subvert the obsession with spotlessness that has governed sneaker culture. Elsewhere in this selection, sock-like rib knit collars propose an inventive update on breathable functionality while gesturing at a hybridized approach to footwear design. Through a wide array of leather structures, dressed-up renditions of distinct sneaker silhouettes are shown to be indispensible wardrobe staples in their pairing of aesthetic simplicity with elegant constructions. Whether in monochromatic colorways or exuberant all-over graphics, the high-top is relied upon for its ability to adapt alongside the garments it is styled with. While this curated selection of high-top sneakers is indebted to the numerous subcultures by whom the shoe has been adopted, the inventive spirit underlying each designer’s approach reaffirms its status as a renewable source of inspiration.


As a result of dynamic designs that are sensitive to a need for functionality, the low-top sneaker has become a viable alternative to traditional lace-ups. This season’s diverse range of low-top styles can be attributed to a fervorous demand for pristinely crafted sneakers that occupy the dual-role of dynamic statement piece and tireless everyday essential. A prevalent theme running through these latest low-tops is the wholehearted embrace of anti-fashion mundanity, which manifests itself through designers partnering up with iconic sportswear brands. This results in irony-laced pieces that challenge the construct of all that is considered preternaturally unfashionable. Elsewhere in our low-top variety, a curated selection of iconic sneakers conjure an amalgamation of skateboard and streetwear culture that invites itself to be styled in both casual and formal contexts. In addition to the of-the-moment urgency fuelling more youth-informed brands, our edit also proposes self-assured, unfussy silhouettes that remind us of the neutral versatility that ushered in the low-top sneakers’ current popularity. Pursuing hype-driven flurry and timeless practicality in equal measure, our low-top collection is a snapshot of the current illustrious state of sneaker culture.

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