A.P.Donovan – Straight razors, Rasiermesser, bags, exclusive products for Man

A.P.Donovan sells Straight razors, leather bags and other exclusive products for men.

  • Razor Set 7/8,
  • Men’s buffalo leather travel,
  • Razor Solingen 5/8 with gold,
  • Buffalo Leather Bike,
  • CODEX Beard Oil,
  • iPhone 6/7/8 leather case,
  • Buffalo Leather Laptop Bag,
  • Whiskey Carafe 750ml,
  • Leather wallet in red.

Straight razors, Leather Bags and other Exclusive Products for Men – A. P. Donovan Online Shop

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With the power to swim he leaves other – his life is characterized by its own standards.
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High demands on your own Qualities allow high demands on the things of everyday life.
Expectations, which A. P. Donovan happy to provide.
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From living material derive our Razors, bags and carafes the power of simple Beauty.
Exclusive companions of the same originality as the Man they accompany.
You can stop by the Special Search for – you’ve found it.

  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser mit Streichriemen,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser mit Rasieröl,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser Einsteigerset,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser Sets,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser mit Schleifstein,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasiermesser Zubehör,
  • A. P. Donovan Rasierhobel,
  • A. P. Donovan Pfeifen,
  • A. P. Donovan Leder,
  • A. P. Donovan Pflege,
  • A. P. Donovan Karaffen,
  • A. P. Donovan Accessoires,
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Tobacco pipes and pipe sets – Relaxation and enjoyment perfectly finished

Let the evening fade away in the favorite chair, a good movie or just a little rest and relaxation – what suits better than the old-fashioned tobacco pipe , which today, as decades ago, was a reliable companion?
Our tobacco pipes are available in a variety of designs, such as a wooden whistle, clay whistle or meerschaum pipe.
With their particular peculiarities, they represent a mature taste experience and turn simple smoking into a true ritual.
A.P.Donovan sells Straight razors, leather bags and other exclusive products for men


You still need the right accessories for your handmade tobacco pipe from A.P. Donovan ? Then take a look at our pipe utensils , which include pipe stoppers and tobacco stoppers. So the nightly grip on the pipe is nothing in the way. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fine gift for your husband or a good friend, have a look at our wooden pipe sets -. in an attractive gift box.

Leather goods for the man of the world

A.P. Donovan stands for select leather goods for men. Rugged and durable, our leather travel bags are the perfect companions, but also round out the outfit. Likewise, we provide the right leather cases for laptops and notebooks or provide fine leather cases for your files and papers. Are you looking for a new notebook to hold sketches, notes or appointments? Even then, we are happy to be there for you with our leather notebooks . The fine soft leather inserts give your journal that certain something, fit well in the hand and stand for selected quality by A.P. Donovan.

Whiskey Decanters and Whiskeyglasses from A.P. Donovan

A good whiskey wants to be enjoyed in peace, but not only the fine drop itself, but also the corresponding carafe and the stately whiskey glass are needed. Whether it’s a stylish decanter set for serving or whiskey glasses with the matching chews. Our selection of carafes, decanters and glasses ensures that enjoying a good whiskey becomes an exclusive treat.

Borrow and buy luxury watches – Breitling and Rolex and Tag Heuer

Whether it’s to round off an outfit, make a statement or put the finishing touches to an authentic lifestyle: with a luxury watch from Swedish manufacturers Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer you’re guaranteed to be right. The typical masculine accessory in the luxury version, we provide you on the one hand for direct purchase available, but if necessary also offer an uncomplicated installment purchase. On the other hand, if you would like to wear the luxurious wristwatch on a special occasion only, then you can also use our watch rental and your Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer just rent.

Gifts for real men from A.P. Donovan

A.P. Donovan is the shop for men and an uncompromising masculine lifestyle. Nevertheless, women come with us at their expense – For example, if you are looking for an exceptional gift or a very special attention. Whether beard care, whistle or even the finest leather goods , our assortment has the right thing for every character.