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Adult Cloth Diapers – Buy Adult Cloth Diapers, Swim Diapers, Diaper Inserts, Panties, Briefs. The Internet’s best site for reusable Adult Cloth Diapers and plastic pants.
Adult Cloth Diapers offer a full line of top quality cloth diapers in both youth and adult sizes, as well as plastic pants, diaper pails, pins, laundry supplies and other related incontinence supplies …. but we don’t stop there.
Adult Cloth Diapers are also committed to providing:

  • Affordable Competitive Pricing
  • Courteous and Responsive Customer Service
  • Fast 1 Day Order Processing
  • Accurate Information to help you make an informed buying decision.

Most orders placed by 10 AM EST on a weekday will ship that same day. Orders placed after 11 AM EST will generally ship the next business day. Orders placed on the weekend will generally ship on Monday.

UPS Next Day and Second Day Air shipping will ship the same day if received week days before 2PM EST.

Adult Cloth Diapers commit to doing our very best to maintaining this level of service.

Our one day shipping commitment excludes weekends, holidays, closings due to extreme weather conditions, disasters, special order items, and out of stock items.

All shipping is guaranteed to be discrete.

Many otherwise healthy, active individuals suffer from incontinence. With nearly 24 million incontinent Americans the misconception that incontinence is mostly a geriatric problem is fading.

Without experiencing it directly it’s difficult to imagine the devastating impact incontinence can have on a person’s life.

Adult Cloth Diapers believe that obtaining quality reusable products to help manage incontinence should be easy and hassle free.

Adult Cloth Diapers are committed to providing economic & durable products that give our customer the best possible value.

Adult Cloth Diapers are committed to environmentally sustainable multiple use products that help support the long term health of our planet.

These beliefs are the driving force behind AdultClothDiaper Com.

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Adult Cloth Diapers

High quality adult cloth diapers in a variety of styles. From traditional diaper types requiring pins and plastic pants to all-in-one diapers with plenty of interior cotton absorbancy and water proof barriers sewn on utilizing hook and loop closures. Brands include Leak Master, Purity and Bum Genius. Check out our Cloth Diaper of the Month below.

Check back each month to see if your favorite is on sale.

Adult Swim Diapers Category Adult Cloth Diapers near me

Adult Cloth Diapers have made swim diapers available for about 15 years now. The SoSecure swim diaper is by far the best reusable adult swim diaper we have ever offered. These fit great, work great and the satisfaction rate with our customers in very high.

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Increase absorbency without the extra bulk of double diapering. Adult Cloth Diapers offer a variety of adult cloth diaper inserts, different dimensions, thicknesses and materials. Your sure to find the insert that is right for you.

Panties & Briefs

Quality adult underwear type incontinence panties and briefs by Wearever. Wearever brand underwear type garments are recommended specifically for light to moderate incontinence.

Plastic Pants Category Adult Cloth Diapers near me

Adult Cloth Diapers offer a huge selection and variety of in stock, ready to ship, adult plastic pants. This includes 6 styes and 8 varieties of Leak Master Adult Plastic Pants, plus Adult Cloth Diapers offer Gary Wear Active Briefs in six colors. Regardless of your plastic pant need or preference your are certain to find the style best for you.

All plastic pants are quality sewn in the U.S.A. Check out our plastic pant of the month to see if your favorite is on sale. Best prices, in stock and fast order processing just part of our everyday service.

Pull On Adult Cloth Diapers

Adult Cloth Diapers offer pull-on style plastic briefs from both Gary Wear and Leak Master. Leak Master briefs are available in both standard soft plastic and PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate) materials. They have a roomier cut to accommodate cloth diapers and also are used to fit over disposable products.
The Gary Wear Active Briefs are made of PUL and are trim fitting specifically to fit over disposable products and work on thinner cloth diaper types as well. Both brands are quality sewn in the USA.

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PUL Plastic Pants

Gary Wear Active Briefs and Leak Master Adult PUL Pants – PUL is a modern alternative to vinyl and other similar plastics that is softer, more durable and breathable. Because they are breathable they are cooler and thus more comfortable to wear. PUL stands for Poly Urethene Laminate.

Snap On

Leak Master Adult Snap On Style Plastic Pants – Available in both traditional soft plastic and PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate) Fabrics. If you prefer snap on plastic pants either of these is a great choice.

LeakMaster Deluxe

Leak Master Deluxe – This is our heavy weight, heavy duty plastic pant. Adult Cloth Diapers start with material that is .007 mil thick (compared to .004 on our regular plastic), add in an extended waist 3 inches higher and finish with wider and enclosed waist and leg bands. Durable, yet soft and built to last. $2 off each when you buy 3 or more!

Bikini Cut

Leak Master Bikini Style Plastic Pants – Trim and concealing fit & durable soft plastic. Sizes XS-3XL. Milky white only. Save $2 each when buying 3 or more.

High Back

Leak Master High Back Adult Plastic Pants – High back means the waist has been extended 3 inches higher in the back compared to our standard pull on plastic pants. Available in adult sizes XS-3XL. Save $2 each when buying three or more.

All Plastic Pants

Leak Master Adult Plastic Pants in 6 styles along with Gary Wear Active Briefs See the products below in their individual categories with summary descriptions or click the products below for details.


Adult cloth diapering accessories. Make adult cloth diapering easier with these complimentary products. Save time and get those extras to make your overall strategy complete.

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Adult Diaper Pins Category Adult Cloth Diapers near me

Cloth Diaper Pins – Plastic Headed or Jumbo Size.

Diaper T-Shirts

“Onesie” Style T-shirts for Adults. Cover up that cloth diaper and prevent embarrassing waist line exposure. Also keeps diaper securely in place and helps prevent drooping.

Mattress Protection

Vinyl Mattress Covers in all sizes and Reusable/Washable Bed/Chair Pads. Protect your bed and furniture. Quality protection you can afford.

Other Accessories Adult Cloth Diapers

A few additional Adult Cloth Diapering Accessory Products for your consideration. We’ve carried these products for years and these popular accessories come with our full recommendation.

Pails & Laundry Category Adult Cloth Diapers near me

A full selection of adult cloth diapering accessories including pails, detergents, diaper sprayers and more. The tools you need to store and get your cloth diapers clean.

Browse our selection of hard to find youth cloth diapering products including cloth diapers, plastic pants, swim diapers and more.

Youth Cloth Diapers

Our youth sized prefold diapers are an extension of our adult line and are suitable for larger children not so much the 3-9 year range. However the adjustable Bum Genius Big takes over where infant cloth diapers leave off fitting the 35-70 pound range and the Bum Genius Bigger fits the 70-120 lb range.
For the prefolds the medium will fit children with a waist range of 25-29 inches and the large will fit 29-32 inch waists. Nighttime Prefolds are thicker in the middle for added absorbency. For larger sizes see the adult prefolds.

Youth Pull-on Plastic Pants Category Adult Cloth Diapers near me

Youth Sized Pull On Plastic Pants – Available in Four Colors. Pay attention to waist size when ordering as these products to not generally fit the 3-7 year age group. These work well over cloth or disposable diapers.

Youth Snap-on Plastic Pants

Youth Sized Snap On Plastic Pants – Available in White Only. Pay attention to waist size when ordering as these products do not generally fit the 3-7 year age group. These work well over cloth or disposable diapers. Snap on are recommended over pull on for bowel incontinence.

Youth Swim Diapers Category y Adult Cloth Diapers near me

Adult Cloth Diapers have made youth sized reusable swim diapers available for over 15 years. The SoSecure Youth Swim Diaper is the best youth swim Adult Cloth Diapers have ever offered. This is more expensive then some pull-on style swim diapers but it is worth the price, particularly when it comes to bowel incontinence.
Adult Cloth Diapers have made swim diapers available for about 15 years now. The SoSecure swim diaper is by far the best reusable adult swim diaper Adult Cloth Diapers have ever offered. These fit great, work great and the satisfaction rate with our customers in very high.

Youth Accessories Adult Cloth Diapers

A few additional accessory products to help make youth cloth diapering a little easier.

Odor Cleanse

OsoCozy Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Temporarily out of stock

Fresh Sacks 250

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy – 4 Oz Jar

temporarily out of stock

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy – Tube

OsoCozy Double Sided Terry Flannel Wipes (12 Pk)

Diaper Pail – 54 Quart

Rockin’ Green Detergent

Mini Shower Diaper Cleaner

Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder – 100 Loads

Diaper Pail Replacement Lid

Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner

OsoCozy Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Temporarily out of stock

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

Rockin’ Green Funk Rock

Fresh Sacks 250

Wearever Men’s Boxer Briefs

SOSecure – Adult Swim Diaper

Adult Slim Fit Active Brief Incotinence Wear Color- Size

Vinyl Mattress Covers (7ml) White

What is the difference between birdseye. flannel or gauze diapers?

A: For answers to this and other questions about our diapers please click here for our diaper FAQ

Are your plastic pants loud or quiet?

A: For answers to this and aother questions about our plastic pants please click here for our plastic pant FAQ

Can you send my order COD?

A: We do not send COD orders. Why? Because too many people in the past weren’t home or didn’t have the money to accept their package. Whenever the post office has to send a COD order back they charge us postage both ways ans we lose money. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible and we don’t feel it is fair to pass along the cost of undelivered COD orders to our other customers.

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What name will appear on my credit card statement?

A: To be discrete, only our parent company name (All Together Enterprises) will appear on your statement. There is no mention of this website or company name.

Do you ship to P. O. Boxes?

A: Yes, we ship to P.O. Box but only if you select Priority Mail or Express Mail. UPS (United Parcel Service) does not ship to P.O. Boxes. We do not ship to International PO Boxes or Drop Box Centers because orders must be signed for and come tax, brokerage and customs due.

Can I order By Mail?

A: Yes, we accept orders by mail. Checks accepted only from US based bank accounts. Money Orders and Cashiers Checks also accepted. International money orders must be in US Funds. For complete instructions on placing your order by mail click here.

How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Most orders ship within one or two business days. How long it takes for you to receive it depends upon where you live and the shipping method you select. Next day and Second Day Air are also available. For more information on shipping click here.

What appears on the outside of the package?

A: Every order is shipped in a securely sealed package. Smaller orders use a plain unmarked shipping envelope or one of the standard packages provided by UPS or the US Postal Service. The shipping label will read:

ATD, Co. or All Together Enterprises

9713 South 600 West

Sandy, UT 84070

No other markings appear. A single strip of tape insures the pre gummed labels and the envelope flap is not easily tampered with or opened. International customers will have an attached Customs form that indicates “Medical Garment. No Tax or Duty”.

In some countries this designation may save duty and tax. If you world prefer some other designation on your customs form please phone us or use the comments section on the order form.

What is your return and exchange policy?

A: We firmly believe in the quality of our products and stand behind them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We know they’re great products because we’ve worked very closely with the incontinence community to develop them. If you don’t agree that they’re products of superior quality, performance and value we will refund your purchase price.
Please click here for more details on our return and exchange policy.

Do you ship to Europe, Asia or Canada?

A: Everyday we ship orders to England, Germany, Belgium, Canada and many other countries. We can ship to you no matter where you live, whether in Europe, Asia or South America. Please be sure to select the proper International shipping method during checkout or your order may be delayed.

International orders are shipped for postal service methods only and come to you customs and brokerage due.

Mail-in Orders

An order can be placed by using our shopping cart system and seelcting the “Mail or Fax Order” button during checkout. This order printout then can be mailed to:

ATD, Co.

9713 South 600 West

Sandy, UT 84070 with an international money order payable in US Currency to: All Together Diaper, Co. or ATD, Co.

Do you take money orders?

A: Yes we do take money orders. We also accept certified checks. If you are ordering from outside the USA payment must be by International Money Order payable in US funds.

Do you accept PayPal?

A: Yes we do. When you place your order online, PayPal is one of several options you can select during check out. After you submit your order your web browser will be redirected to PayPal where you must log into your account to complete the transfer of funds after placing your order. Your order will not ship until you have done so.

How much will shipping cost?

A: Your shipping costs depends upon what you order. You can find out how much your shipping is just by adding items into our online shopping cart. Our shopping cart calculates shipping based upon a combination of the size and total weight of the order plus the shipping method you select and the final destination. If you place all the items you want into our shopping cart, the software will calculate and display the correct total for you including shipping.

Just complete all of the requested shipping information and remember to select a ship method. Although diapers (nappies) are very heavy, keep in mind that sometimes smaller orders are more expensive to ship. For example there is very little difference in your cost to ship one pair of pants or three.

Orders Shipping Outside the USA

Be sure to choose either First Class Mail International (available up to 4 pounds of total shipping weight and less), Priority Mail International and Express Mail International as the ship method and select other in the pull down menu for State or Province.

Also note that many countries (like the UK and Canada) will levy an import tax or customs fee that may need to be paid before you can collect your package. If you are not sure please contact your local post office or customs department.
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What if I don’t see my questions answered here?

A: If you don’t see the answer to your question on our site use the contact form or call our toll free customer service line at 1-877-215-9004 or 001-801-566-7579 if you are dialing from outside the USA.

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