Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing high-quality

Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing high-quality.

Amcor around the globe

We are a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products.

  • 230 sites
  • ~47,000 employees
  • 40+ countries
  • US$12.5 billion Sales

Breakthrough recyclable healthcare packaging

Innovation will deliver the PVC-free, recyclable AmSky™ blister system, with the potential to transform sustainability in healthcare packaging

Strategic investment in ePac Flexible Packaging

Amcor uniquely positioned to invest in complementary technologies and business models

Amcor and Nestlé produce more sustainable packaging

Amcor helps make Smarties the first confectionery brand to move to recyclable paper packaging in Australia.


  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Pet Care
  • Technical Applications
  • Specialty Cartons

Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing high-quality, responsible packaging for a variety of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care and other packaging requirements.
Amcor helps make Smarties the first confectionery brand to move to recyclable paper packaging in Australia.
Head Office,
Thurgauerstrasse 34
CH-8050, Zürich,
+41 (0)44 316 1717

Amcor beverage packaging

Making sure drinks of all kinds are packaged efficiently and responsibly, and arrive fresh and refreshing.

Product type

Capsules and Closures
Cups and Trays
Flexible Packaging
Plastic Bottles and Jars
Specialty Cartons


Home Care
Personal Care
Pet Care
Technical Applications

Healthcare packaging

Amcor has a unique focus on Healthcare. Around the world, millions of times a day, Amcor’s medical, pharmaceutical and in-hospital packaging solutions enhance the daily lives of healthcare professionals, patients and consumers.
Healthcare markets
Medical devices
Hospital packaging
Ophthalmic & vision care
Intravenous fluids

Personal care packaging

Maintaining the quality and performance of toiletries, cosmetics and other health and hygiene products, so consumers look and feel their best.

Pet care packaging

Big or small, find packaging solutions for your customers.

Specialty Cartons

Your “one-stop shop” from idea generation to production supported by our creative talent, technical expertise and broad capabilities.

Packaging That Comes To Life

Wherever they are in the world, customers benefit from Amcor’s industry-leading innovation and manufacturing expertise. As the only specialty carton manufacturer with global capabilities, we help leading companies differentiate their products and increase sales through premium-look cartons.

Solutions for technical applications

Durable, high-performance materials for a variety of technical applications.

Where and when was Amcor incorporated?

Amcor Limited was incorporated on 27 November 1926 in New South Wales, Australia. On 11 June 2019 Amcor Ltd completed an all-stock transaction with Bemis Company, Inc. to form Amcor Plc which is incorporated in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Shield Pack™ Fitmented Small Pillow Pouches (Bag-in-Box)

Gain more storage space over pails and containers with durable 1-5 gallon pouches….

Shield Pack™ Form-Fit Liners (Quad Bags)

Make filling easier for products, such as juice and chemicals, with Form-Fit Liner…

Shield Pack™ High Barrier Foil Box and Drum Liners

Increase efficiency and convenience with custom liners that conform to your…

Shield Pack™ High Barrier Foil FIBC Liners

Ready-to-fill bulk containers with custom fill and dispense features provide…

Shield Pack™ High Barrier Foil Pouches

Increase fill efficiency and pack density with high barrier foil pouches for easy…

Shield Pack™ IBC Pillow Bags

Protect environmentally-sensitive products, such as cosmetics and aseptic foods from…

Amcor Sumoflex™ Portion Control Films for Rotary Equipment

Amcor’s North American produced Sumoflex™ portion control films utilize a proprietary…

Stand-Up Pouch Spouted

Spouted Stand-Up Pouches boost new usage occasions, with multiple caps types and…

Pillow Pack/Bag

Typically used for Food Service, a solution that allows easy packing and handling.

Gusset Bag

The gusset bags are widely used in retail and foodservice because they combine…

Stand-Up Pouch Classic

The Classic Stand-up Pouch, also known as Doypack ®, provides decorative and tactile…

6.2 fl oz Round

This wide mouth PET container is ideal for food products filled at ambient…

Liners and Bags for Fresh Bulk Produce

Deliver on your brand’s promise and meet the expectations of your foodservice,…

Amcor P-Plus™ Films for Fresh Retail Produce

P-Plus™ films for fresh retail produce provide tailored permeability for your…

Amcor P-Plus™ Flexible Lidding Film for Produce

Reduce costs, extend shelf life and enhance shelf appeal

Amcor Paper-Based Solutions

Amcor high-barrier paperboard trays are perfect for meat, seafood, cheese,…

VSP Packaging

Vacuum skin packaging delivers more value to processors and retailers than…

ICE® Coextruded Thermoforming Films

ICE® coextruded thermoforming films have the barrier you need to keep your product…

SmartTack™ Die Cut Resealable Label

Deliver improved functionality and safety with SmartTack™ die cut resealable label.

Non-Liquid Pouches for Fresh and Frozen Foods

Pouches offer diverse shapes, sizes, formats, functions and convenience features to…

CPET+ Trays with LidTite® High Barrier Shrink Lidding

Amcor CPET+ trays with LidTite® high barrier shrink lidding offer enhanced…

OvenRite® Ovenable Packaging

With growing demand for convenient, time-saving meals that require minimal clean up,…

Amcor PE Shrink Films

Amcor’s lineup of durable polyethylene (PE) shrink films deliver the strength,…

Bag-on-Valve Technology for Aerosol or Actuator Dispensing

Discover bag-on-valve laminations tailored to your product requirements, from cooking…

Pillow Pouch Bags for Chips, Pretzels and Popcorn

Amcor pillow pouches are an economincal, easy to fill packaging option for chips,…

Amcor Lidstock for Single-Serve Cereal and Oatmeal

Lidstock films for single-serve, ready-to-eat cereal applications.

Rollstock Films for Lay Flat Cereal Bags

As a leading supplier of cereal packaging films in North America, Amcor has the…

Amcor Bag-in-Box Liner Films for Cookies, Crackers, Cereal and More

Amcor’s rollstock films for bag-in-box liners offer customized performance for a…

Rollstock & Pouch Films for Candy Packaging

Ensure your product can withstand distribution and achieve excellent shelf life and…

Rollstock Stabilo Bags for Cookies and Crackers

Eliminate outer corregate boxes with stabilo bags for cookies, crackers and chips….

Pre-made Pouches for Snacks and Bakery

Optimize the shelf life of your snack and bakery products with Amcor pre-made…

Bakery Bags for Bread, English Muffins, Bagels and More

Achieve best-in-class clarity and gloss without sacrificing strength and production…

Sliced Processed Cheese Film and Overwrap

Improve your efficiency with thin, fast-running individually wrapped slice (IWS) film…

IntegraScore® Laser Score Technology

Amcor’s IntegraScore® opening feature allows easy access by providing a clean…

Bulk Shreddred Cheese Films

Amcor’s robust high-barrier coextruded film for bulk shreeded cheese runs…

Amcor Thermoformed Trays, Cups, Blisters and Lids

Amcor thermoforming solutions offer a range of material options for every product,…

Case-Ready Mother Bags and Master Packs

Increase protection during distribution while improving shelf life with Amcor…

Rollstock Film and Pouches for Dry Mixes, Seasonings and Nutraceuticals

Protect your dry foods, mixes and seasonings with Amcor’s wide offering of rollstock…

Semi-Rigid Lidding Solutions for Retail Produce

Stand out on shelf with Amcor formable APET lidding for produce. Our thick, yet…

Calypso® Foil Lidding

Create a transformational experience for your consumers and business operations with…

Amcor Lidding Films for Condiments, Pudding, Soups, Ready Meals and More

Amcor lidding films offer the easy open convenience your consumer desires while…

EZ Peel® Packaging

EZ Peel® packaging provides consumers easy access to your products by opening…

Shrink Bags for Fresh and Frozen Poultry

Designed with superior technology, Amcor Perflex® non-barrier shrink bags protect…

Shrink Bags for Fresh Pork

Designed with superior technology, Amcor shrink bags protect your bone-in and…

Shrink Bags for Cheese

Designed with superior technology, Amcor shrink bags protect your respiring and…

Shrink Bags for Processed Meats

Designed with superior technology, Amcor shrink bags protect your bone-in and…

Shrink Bags for Fresh Red Meat (Beef, Veal, Lamb)

Designed with superior technology, Amcor shrink bags protect your bone-in and…

SmartTack™ EZ Peel® Reseal™ Packaging

Delight consumers with the convenience of resealable packaging while improving your…

Chub Films for Ground Meat and Poultry

Protect your ground products with Amcor chub films, available in barrier and…

Evolution® Cup Stock

Evolution® Cup Stock is designed with I-beam construction that increases compression…

Retort Shelf Stable Packaging

Draw attention on shelf with portable, on-the-go, shelf stable retort lidding, tray…

IntegraDirect™ Opening Technology

Allow for clean and easy package opening with IntegraDirect™ notch-free opening…