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At American Screening Corporation, we’re here to provide you with the highest quality drug testing supplies, leaving you with accurate and trustworthy results for all your drug testing needs. Covering a wide range of testing options, from alcohol to banned substances, you can be sure our products will provide you with the results you can trust.

American Screening is your number one provider for the widest range of drug testing supplies you need. Start browsing our selection of drug test products today.

Clearance Drug Tests Online – American Screening Corporation

We have many clearance drug tests for sale, offering you great value while still fulfilling your at-home or company-wide drug testing needs. Visit and buy online.

For the best deals on drug testing supplies, disease testing supplies, and more, look to American Screening. We have many clearance drug tests for sale, offering you great value while still fulfilling your at-home or company-wide drug testing needs. We offer many of our products in bulk form, giving you the chance for even more savings when stocking up on supplies. We offer clearance drug tests of all types, from dip sticks to dip cards to test cups and more.


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Drug Test Adulterants

At American Screening, we’re here to be your number one provider for products to test for drug test adulterants. Adulterants are considered to be chemicals that one can incorporate into a drug test to alter its results, with hopes to achieve a false negative test result. To help with ensuring your samples are pure and inviolate, we have a variety of products for checking for drug test adulterants, including a variety of different bottles of test strips and liquid solutions. For more information on our drug testing controls, get in touch with us today. We can help find the right product for you.

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Drug Test Cups

American Screening has the best solutions to your drug testing needs. Our selection of drug testing cups is high-quality, ensuring the accurate results you demand. We provide you with many options for urine drug testing cups, giving results for various drugs, including Opioids, Amphetamines, THC, and more. Our tests are up to 99% accurate for when you need easy, instant results.

To learn more about the urine drug testing cups we offer, and the various options available to you, get in touch with us today. We offer sales of various quantities, including discounts for bulk purchases. No matter your needs, we have the accurate drug testing cup solutions you require.

Drug Test Dip Card

At American Screening, we carry a wide selection of highly effective drug test dip cards. To use these drug test supplies, simply dip the card within your sample. Your results will then be displayed within the indicated results section to show if any drugs are present. We offer various types and sizes of tests, ranging from single panel to multipanel tests that check for up to 12 different substances. Our drug test dip cards are trusted to uncover many varieties of drugs, including alcohol, THC, opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and more. For more information on our drug test dip cards, get in touch with us today or start shopping now!

Hair Follicle Drug Test Kits

At American Screening, we carry a wide variety of products for drug testing. One of the most accurate ways to determine whether a sample is contaminated with an illicit substance is through a hair follicle drug test kit, which provides a wider range of detection time since the certain substance had entered someone’s system. We provide you with full kits that include a hair envelope with foil, a security seal, and specimen bags to ensure that your sample stays clean and free from anything to otherwise alter results. For more information on our hair follicle drug test kits, get in touch with us today.

Drug Test Key Cup – Key Cup Drug Tests

At American Screening, we’re your number one provider for a wide range of key cup drug tests. We provide a simple, all-in-one solution to drug testing for multiple types of substances in one step. Whereas a typical specimen cup can collect a sample and then be sent for processing, key cup drug tests can effectively collect the sample and test for substances at the same time, saving you time and letting you have near-instant results. We carry key cup tests that can check for anything from five different drugs all the way up to 12 types. For more information on our key cup drug tests, get in touch with us today.

Drug Test Saliva – Saliva Drug Test Kits

At American Screening Corporation, we’re your number one provider for high-quality saliva drug test kits. We pride ourselves on providing you with tests that are accurate, fast, and reliable, leaving you with test results you can be confident with soon after first taking your test. We currently carry saliva drug test kits that test for various kinds of substances, including alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, Marijuana, opiates, and more. If you work in a larger practice that requires many saliva tests, we offer discounts when you purchase our kits in bulk.

Drug Test Strip – Drug Test Strips

At American Screening Corporation, we have various solutions to help monitor your personal health. Our drug test strips are all highly effective at providing results to various tests, including controlled substances such as alcohol, cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, and other various painkillers. Each test option provides you with easy and accurate results that give you a fast response, so you can determine the drugs that may be present in one’s system during the time of the test. We carry many of our products at reduced prices when purchased in bulk, making them perfect for large clinics and medical operations. To learn more about the drug test strips we carry at American Screening, contact us today for more information.

Drug Test Supplies

At American Screening we’re here to be your number on provider and supplier of comprehensive drug testing supplies. We carry a large inventory of products to help cover all your needs for drug testing supplies, all extensively tested to ensure their accuracy in providing you with the correct results that you depend on. We carry drug testing supplies of all kinds, including specimen cups and containers, test cassettes, saliva tests, vacutainers, test tubes, and hair testing kits, all made to bring you accurate results.

Health Canada Approved Drug Tests – Licence Number: 101872

American Screening is your number one provider for all the drug test and point-of-care testing solutions to help ensure a clean bill of health, detect diseases you may have contracted, or give yourself an early warning for a multitude of health issues. Our products are thoroughly tested and approved for use across various nations. If you’re in need of Health Canada–approved drug tests, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection to choose from. From drug test dip cards, drug test cups, drug testing cassettes, as well as saliva and hair follicle test kits, American Screening has all your Health Canada–approved drug test needs covered, bringing you products you can trust!

Home Tests – Home Drug Screening Test Kits

If you’re in need of drug tests for home use, American Screening has you covered with our intensive inventory of high-quality products. We carry a wide range of home drug screening test kits to test for the presence of a wide variety of substances. These products are easy to use and are able to provide you with quick results for when you need to know, and they don’t require a sample to be sent away to get professionally tested. Our home drug screening test kits check for a wide selection of drugs, including amphetamines, opiates, barbiturates, cannabinoids, and more.

Top Selling Medical Supplies

At American Screening, you can find many of the most effective and trusted medical supplies and drug tests available for sale. Within our collection of products, we offer many top-selling medical supplies. These products are all widely used by the general public as well as people within the healthcare industry to deliver accurate results. Our selection includes urine test cups, protective masks, saliva drug test kits, drug tests strips, and much more. Many of our products are available in discounted rates for bulk purchases, delivering even more savings

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  • ATP Water Testing
  • Blood Glucose Test Kits
  • Cardiac Marker Tests
  • Chlamydia Test
  • Cholesterol Testing Strips
  • Colon Cancer Screening Kits
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • COVID-19 Test
  • Fecal Occult Blood (IFOB) Testing
  • H. Pylori Test Kits
  • Hepatitis C Antibody Tests
  • Herpes (HSV-2) Testing
  • HIV Testing
  • Hormone Testing Kits
  • Infectious Disease
  • Influenza Test
  • Lead Poisoning Test Kits
  • Mono Test Kits
  • PH Test
  • Pregnancy & Ovulation Testing
  • Pulse Oximeter Devices
  • RSV Testing
  • Strep A Test Kit
  • Syphilis Testing Kits
  • Urinalysis Strips & Analyzers
  • Urinary Tract Infection Test Kits
  • Vaccines
  • Vaginalysis Testing

ATP Water Testing

At American Screening, we carry many products made to monitor and analyze various chemicals and substances. Among our selection, we include ATP water testing supplies. If you are drinking new water, you should consider testing it first, as there could be harmful chemicals and matter contained within it. With our Aquasnap products, you can test your drinking water for organic materials, microbes, and other microbial matter. Every water testing kit for drinking water provides you with real-time results, letting you know right away if your water is safe to drink or not.

Blood Glucose Test Kits

American Screening has the solutions to all your medical testing needs, including drug testing supplies and much more. Among our selection includes many blood glucose test kits, which are highly effective at determining your blood sugar levels. Whether you’re diabetic or have signs of becoming diabetic, our tests can help to determine whether or not this is something you should be cautious about. This, in turn, allows you to be proactive and get ahead of your ailments. Each of our blood glucose test kits is safe and approved for use. We even carry glucose monitoring systems to provide constant monitoring of your blood sugar levels.

Cardiac Marker Tests

At American Screening, we’re here to bring you a variety of effective cardiac marker tests, made to bring you early prediction and diagnosis when evaluating your heart health. Cardiac markers are biomarkers that can indicate your future risk of developing heart disease and other associated problems. Through our effective and trusted cardiac marker tests, you can effectively analyze your blood to check for white blood cell counts, cholesterol, and other components to monitor your heart’s health. For more information on the cardiac marker tests we provide, get in touch with us or start shopping now. Many of our products come at a discounted rate if purchased in bulk!

Cholesterol Testing Strips

Staying on top of your body’s chemical levels ensures you know of any possible signs of problems down the road.
We carry various cholesterol testing strips and more to help with this. Although cholesterol is important as a part of your daily diet, too much cholesterol or too much of the wrong kind of cholesterol can harm your health in the long run.
This is why American Screening is here to provide you with cholesterol testing strips, screening tests, and more to monitor your levels and let you know if you have to make changes in your life or diet.

Colon Cancer Screening Kits

To stay on top of your body’s health and provide you with early prediction for future problems, American Screening is proud to offer cancer screening kits. Many of the options we provide are bladder and colon cancer screening kits coming in the form of IFOB—fecal occult blood tests that can indicate problems within your digestive system.
Our tests are approved for use and are trusted to produce highly accurate results you can trust.
To learn more about the bladder and colon cancer screening kits available at American Screening, get in touch with us or start shopping and get prepared today.

Fecal Occult Blood (IFOB) Testing – IFOB Occult Blood Tests

American Screening is your premier provider for high-quality and effective testing products to keep track of your body’s health. We carry a wide variety of IFOB occult blood tests to check for blood within your stool.
Hidden blood, which is known as “occult blood,” can indicate a variety of issues regarding your colon or rectum’s health.
Although this is a good early indicator for issues you may have, a full exam is still your best option to ensure your colorectal health. Our IFOB occult blood tests are effective and easy to use, providing you with the results you need.

H. Pylori Test Kits

American Screening is your source for products to help you detect problems within your body, bringing you medical supplies and testing kits for various infectious diseases.
A common infection that occurs in many children is caused by the H. pylori bacteria, which infects the stomach and can cause ulcers. Because many people don’t develop symptoms, an H. pylori infection can go unnoticed for years.
With H. pylori test kits from American Screening, you can detect this potential infection early and easily treat it with antibiotics.

Hepatitis C Antibody Tests

American Screening carries all the testing supplies you need to ensure your body’s health. A common but dangerous disease if left unchecked, Hepatitis C affects the body’s liver, causing inflammation and possibly lasting damage.
It is always best to stay ahead of any ailment to ensure you can receive proper treatment and feel better as soon as possible. With Hepatitis C antibody tests from American Screening, we can help you accomplish this.
Our tests are fast acting to produce results on the spot, getting rid of the need for extensive testing and waiting periods to reveal your results.

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Hormone Testing Kits

American Screening is your provider for the best selection of testing products regarding your body’s chemical levels. We carry a wide variety of tests to check for imbalances in your hormones; these offerings are highly effective and trusted to provide you with an answer to some of your body’s possible ailments.
Hormone testing kits can be used to determine many things happening within your body, taking into account the levels of your testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid, to name just a few. We carry hormone saliva tests, as well as hormone blood tests, to give a range of testing options depending on your needs.

Infectious Disease

Because people can contract many common diseases throughout the year, coming down with a random illness isn’t unusual. To help get to the bottom of the illness you may have caught, American Screening is here to provide you with infectious disease tests for early detection and diagnosis.
We carry many tests, including COVID-19 rapid tests, strep throat tests, flu tests, H. pylori tests, mononucleosis tests, and more. The first step in treating and recovering from an illness is determining which illness you have! Our infectious disease tests can help with that.

Lead Poisoning Test Kits

To help keep your body safe, American Screening is here to provide you with lead poisoning test kits. If you frequently work around or near lead-based products or suspect that you have been poisoned in some way, our lead-testing kits can help provide an answer. By analyzing a sample of your blood, these tests can indicate the lead levels you have. Our lead poisoning test kits can give you the information you need to find treatment to help your problem.

Mono Test Kits

At American Screening, we have the products to ensure you know which medical conditions may affect you.
If you’re experiencing certain symptoms of mononucleosis, getting tested is never a bad idea. If you need these supplies, American Screening has you covered with a wide variety of mono test kits. Our available tests are certified and highly trusted by people throughout the industry with many successful tests to prove their effectiveness.

Pulse Oximeter Devices

American Screening is here to provide you with the tests you need to keep track of your body’s conditions.
Among our selection of products includes pulse oximeter devices, perfect for checking the oxygen levels of your blood. Many of these products work by checking the pulse of your fingertip, are noninvasive, and easy to use.
These oximeter devices help to show how well oxygen is being sent to parts of your body, such as your arms and legs, and can show how a person handles increased activity levels, ventilator effectiveness, possible sleep apnea, and other issues that could be related to the heart.

Strep A Test Kit

A very common disease to contract is strep throat, which leaves your throat very sore and swollen. To determine what infection you have, you can trust the Strep A test kits from American Screening to provide you with the rapid results you need. Although sore throats can be common, not all sore throats are Strep A. With our rapid strep test kits, you can know for certain. We carry various types of tests, such as test strips and more. Browse our selection of Strep A test kits to find the best option for you. For bulk purchases, you can find our products at discounted rates.

Syphilis Testing Kits

At American Screening, we carry various products for testing and monitoring your health. Among our selection of products, we include testing kits to help you stay on top of your sexual health and check for many different diseases. We carry syphilis testing kits if you are concerned about your health or have reason to believe you may have been infected. Our Syphilis RPR tests work to give you answers and allow you to find care as soon as possible to recover from your condition.

Urinalysis Strips & Analyzers – Urinalysis Strips

At American Screening, we provide our customers with the highest quality urinalysis strips for various types of urine tests. Each option we have available will provide you with highly accurate results that leave you informed and safe with a way to monitor any problems early on before they cause any further difficulties. We currently offer urinalysis blood tests, urinalysis glucose screening strips, urinalysis ketone screening, and many more options for accurate and effective testing. We offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Urinary Tract Infection Test Kits

If you’re looking for urinary tract infection test kits, American Screening has you covered.
We carry rapid UTI test kits to ensure you know the disease affecting you. Reveal urinary tract infection tests are among our selection of products; these tests deliver effective results that are fast and easy to use, providing you with a quick response.
Don’t hesitate to shop with us now to get started on the way to recovery.
If you want to purchase urinary tract infection test kits in bulk, we can provide these to you at discounted prices.

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Medicine and Pill Organizers

Sometimes, you may struggle to keep track of your medication, especially if you take multiple pills or take certain prescriptions on particular days, while also taking others on different days.
To help keep track of your medication, we offer medicine and pill organizers.
With these pill organizers, we can help you plan out your week—or multiple weeks—of medication distribution, helping you make sure you’re not forgetting to take any important medicine. The variations we have for sale include weekly, bi-weekly, and AM/PM pillboxes, as well as mini pill pods for single days.
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