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Antiference – Technology…since 1937.
Since 1937, the team at Antiference have been manufacturing products for the professional TV reception and media distribution market.
With a rich history in manufacturing and many years of dedicated focus on the industry, Antiference products are popular, reliable and relevant.
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75 Series
Audio/Video & HDMI Distribution
Clear Flow Networking Products
Commercial Distribution Systems
Conexer Digital Modulators
Installation Hardware
Mountsure Television Wall Mounts
Professional Tools
Antiference - TV Reception and Media Distribution Products | Antiference Limited England
Fradley Distribution Park,
Wood End Lane, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8NE.
Antiference tel: 01675465487


Antiference is best known for TV antenna manufacturing and the current range is versatile and has options for every installation. The RX range has the popular entry-level yagi style aerials for strong and medium signal areas with the signature TCX range for those seeking a better build but similar design yagi antenna.
There are high gain cross element antennas in the XG range and the XT range feature 2 sizes of triple boom antenna.
The popularity of the log periodic style antenna is growing within the LP range and across each range, there are grouped antenna options, some models are fitted with F connections and there are packaging choices available.
LP28LP28 LP – Log Periodic UHF Antennas
RX AerialsRX20 RX – Yagi UHF Antenna
TCX AerialsTCX10 TCX – Yagi UHF Antenna
XG10-5 COMBOXG10 XG – Xtra Gain UHF Antenna
XT48FLTEXT22LTE XT – UHF Antenna with LTE Filter
XT87XT31 XT- Tri-Beam Antenna
FM AerialsDAB2301 FM & DAB VHF Antennas
Indoor AerialsSS100 Indoor Aerials
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The 75 Series range of products was developed to commemorate our 75th anniversary in 2012! To celebrate we designed and built 75 new products for the professional installation market.
These products include a range of indoor amplifiers with SKY DC pass, indoor screened splitters plus outdoor amplifiers & splitters presented in a brand new designed weatherproof housing which has served the test of time since the launch.
Other products include our extensive range of modular wall plates and pattress boxes manufactured in quality ABS plastic.
DA group shotDA220 75 Series F-Type Distribution Amplifiers
DAR280DDAR110 75 Series IEC Distribution Amplifiers
AS group shotAS02 75 Series Indoor F Type Splitters
MHK8 with PF1MHK4 75 Series Masthead Amplifiers
MS Group ShotMS splitter door open 75 Series Masthead Splitters & Enclosures
12 75 Series Masthead Filters & Diplexers
PF1PF1 75 Series Power Supply Units
Small GroupMW501 75 Series Modular Wall Plates
Pattress BoxesPATB32-1 75 Series Pattress Boxes


Antiference accessories include everything you need for the professional installation. Everything including connectors, cable ties and coach bolts and plugs plus terrestrial and satellite set-top-boxes as well as outlet plates, cable and our solar generator battery pack.
StorageTek 1STSC-Bl_Open StorageTek
Connectors GroupPGF01 Connectors
DVB01-1DVB01-2 DVB-T/T2 DIGIBOX – Digital Set Top Box
INSSCCBLKINSSHTWHT Installation Consumables
LTE-Filters LTE Filters
MS204 MS204 – MATV splitter 2 way 5-1000MHz
Outlets GroupSW700R Outlet Plates – Flush Fit
UF21COB11 Plug-in & surface-mount plates & adaptors
ASG GroupASG01 Power Banks
coax-cableCable-Caddy Professional Cables
SRT-6205PrimaSat-II Strong Set Top Boxes
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Audio/Video & HDMI Distribution

Smart media distribution range of products for splitting, sharing and extending HDMI devices to multiple locations/rooms.
The range features splitters and extenders over CAT6 for 4K/UHD systems such as SKY Q or 4K BD players up to 120m with IR control.
Also included are extenders and splitters over CAT6 for full HD (1080p) sources such as SKY HD, Apple TV or a Blu Ray player. Split over CAT6 to 1, 2, 4 or 8 locations up to 150m at 1080p with IR control.
The HDMI lead range offers standard and premium certified versions with lengths ranging from 0.5m to 20m
HDMI0108SV3HDMI0102SV3 V3 HDMI Splitters with 4K HDCP 2.2 & Auto Scaling
HDMI4X4MC-1HDMI4X4MC-3 Compact 4K HDBaseT Matrix Kits **Discontinued**
HDMI0104SCATHDMI0104SCATV2-5 HDMI Splitter/extenders over single CAT 6
HDMI Lead CT-2HDMILC-Certified Premium 4K HDMI cables with Ethernet
HDMI Lead ST-3HDMI Lead ST-1 Standard HDMI Leads with Ethernet
HDMI0108SV2 V2 HDMI Splitters with 4K HDCP 2.2
HDMISS01-6HDMISS01-2 HDMI Splitters with Scaling
HDMI040101POE HDMI0401/1MPOE – 4 x 2 Matrix Switch With IR 1 HDMI out 1 HDBaseT POE output
HDMIWS Wireless AV Devices

HIgh Res

This versatile range of wireless networking products brings a fresh approach to creating and expanding WiFi systems.
The range includes the in-wall (WAP) and ceiling (AIR) access points with single and dual-band options plus external project CPE (BEAM) bridge network extenders for sharing a network building to building.
Programming can be carried out with a smart device or laptop and no additional software or hardware is required.
The Clear Switch range of Gb Ethernet switches can be used for providing data and power to Clear Flow AP’s. The central controller (CF-GWPOE) can be used to control up to 200 APs and can manage advanced features such as VLAN functions and bandwidth control required for commercial applications.
Air 3Air 3 Clear Flow Ceiling Mount Access Points
WAP UWAP T Clear Flow In-Wall Access Points
Beam 2Beam 5 Clear Flow Wireless Bridge Extenders
CF-CGWPOEInvisible Box Clear Flow Core Gateway Controller
CF-POE8.V2.1CF-POE4.V2 Clear Switch Ethernet Switches


A range of commercial distribution products for SKY HD, Freesat or terrestrial signal distribution. With mains remote powering options, the range offers versatility and variety including the Earthlink system for providing earth bonding to any system.
AMS532SEAMS516SE 5 Input IRS Mains Powered Multiswitches
AMS732TE 7 Input IRS Mains Powered Multiswitches
ACM532E IRS 5 x 32 Multiswitch no Landlord Supply
ATA3MPATA342 Commercial Amplifiers & Splitters
EarthlinkEarthlink Cutout EARTHlink Bonding Kit
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A comprehensive range of digital HD & SD modulators for a variety of applications. Antiference proudly offers the largest range of products into the market with single, twin and quad input HDMI to DVB-T modulators.
In addition, the SD modulators also feature single, twin & quad input for CVBS to DVB-T systems and all models feature channel name edit, LCN and are fully programmable via the Windows-based software and some models can be programmed via the front panel user interface.
The Conexer range of devices is completed with the compact transmodulators which offer a unique conversion of satellite channels into terrestrial. These devices are most popular in hotels and guest houses where terrestrial services are poor or where foreign channels may be required.
amalgamation image without shadowDMSD01 Conexer DVB-T Modulators
Quad Group – 4DMHD04D-1 Conexer Quad HDMI DVB-T Modulators
Conexer DMHD01E-6Conexer DMHD01E-3 Conexer Single HDMI Modulator
Antiference Conexer GroupAntiference Conexer DTM5x4-4 Conexer Transmodulators
DMHD02Conexer – DMHD02-2 Conexer Twin HDMI Modulator


Antiference offers a quality range of hardware for mounting external dish and antenna arrays. Popular models include wall and chimney mount galvanised brackets, dish wall mounts & patio/roof mounts.
The galvanised non-penetrating roof/patio mounts feature a unique ‘suitcase’ assembly mode for ease of transport. All the required components are supplied in this compact mode to ensure all parts are included for the installation to be completed. Also available in this range is the patio mount tray which is installed with 2 paving slabs and a standard Antiference patio mount.
Also available are powder coated brackets in certain models for an alternative finish.
Bracket GroupCBK6 Wall & Chimney Brackets
Aluminium MastsAluminium Masts Aluminium & Steel Masts
TRIPOD2TRIPOD2 Combi Wall/Ground & Tripod Stands
Patio group shotPAT322 Galvanised Patio Mounts
NPMTNPM2 Non-Penetrating Roof & Patio Mounts
Wall-Mount-group-shotSATBKTS Satellite Dish Wall Mounts

MOUNTSURE. Mountsure Television Wall Mounts

A versatile range of TV mounting solutions for every requirement including flat-to-wall, tilt & swivel plus full-motion brackets for standard and smart TV sets.
UF37FPF32 Fixed Mounts
UT37SA23 Tilt & Swivel Mounts
UFMS37DAFM23 Full Motion Mounts
SPD460SPD447 Premier Mounts


A range of pro distribution products which includes adjustable gain indoor distribution amplifiers, external masthead amplifiers, power supplies, splitters & diplexers.
The internal amps feature a 12v line powering on the input for use with a pre-amplifier and the 6 & 8 way versions also feature a full output for expansion. Also available are 4G & 5G compatible amplifiers which rejected unwanted data signals which cause interference.
The fully screened masthead amplifiers are supplied in a ‘tried and tested’ legacy housing, offer adjustable gain controls and can be powered from any output leg.
The masthead splitters all feature DC pass and the diplexers offer a solution for combining various signals onto a single cable run.
All products are fully screened and fitted with F connections.
A281LPROA110pro Pro-Series Distribution Amplifiers
PSF1200 (2)P1200T Pro-Series Masthead Power Supplies
UCF3000UCF2000 Pro-Series Masthead Splitters-Combiners
UDF400DCUDF100DC Pro-Series Masthead Diplexers
OSSC04OSSC04 Pro-Series Compact Masthead Splitters
FILTAFILTA Pro-Series Band Filters


A comprehensive and popular range of professional indoor amplifiers and IR control devices for use with SKY & RF distribution systems.
The range comprises of the ever popular RemoteLink mains powered amplifier series with outputs from 2 up to 16 points and with 4G and 5G compatible amplifiers which reject unwanted data signals.
The accessories in the range include ME200 magic eyes and IR adaptor devices for controlling SKY and non-SKY source devices.
A280DA120D RemoteLink Mains Powered Amplifiers
ME200BKFME200BKB RemoteLink Magic Eye Sensors
PSLPA PSLPA – Power Supply for LPA Line Powered Amplifiers
RFMOD-1RFMOD-1 RemoteLink PLUS RF Modulator