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BABY LEGGINGS Online Shop sell Baby Leggings, Leg Warmers and Arm Warmers. The perfect accessory to any baby ensemble – Our baby leggings are made from 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, and 5% Spandex and fit children 9-35 lbs.

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Because she doesn’t prefer the spotlight, and her story deserves to be told, this page was written by her employees.
Baby Leggings™ is one of the many creations of Jenny Bosco in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Although Jenny is currently a full time at-home mother of 5 children, she’s known to spend 40 hours or more per week working on or improving her many Mothers Lounge brands. It all started in 2005 when she invented the Milk Bands™ breastfeeding bracelet which is sold in thousands of stores worldwide. When she launched Milk Bands™ in 2005, Jenny wrote:
“I had decided that I wanted my babies to be breastfed and after having major setbacks on breastfeeding my first born, I was anxious to try again with my second child which turned out more pleasant. BUT, due to lack of sleep, not being educated enough on breastfeeding and unable to find a decent way to track what side, what time or how long they would breastfeed (my babies were “on demand” feeders) it became frustrating for me. I was not looking forward to breastfeeding my next child until I had a logical solution to some of my breastfeeding problems. One night in January of 2005, my sister-in-law called me very upset with the same issues I had faced while nursing and not wanting her to stop breastfeeding I was determined to come up with something and the “flip-able” breastfeeding bracelet idea was born! Milk Bands™ have given moms all around the world the empowerment to breastfeed their babies and do it well and I know that Milk Bands™ will help you too.”
Jenny has a passion for trying to make mom’s lives easier in all that she does and believes that her products will make a difference in yours. Since 2005, Jenny has launched multiple mother & baby product lines including Udder Covers™, Seven™ brand baby slings, Carseat Canopy™, Nursing Pillow, and has future product lines in the works. Her favorite part of the business is designing. She’s had a hand in every fabric print, logo, photo shoot, and image used with any of her brands. Jenny continues to be the visionary for the company’s ambitious future.

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