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Beurer want you to feel great. Beurer offer a range of more than 500 products, and ever since 1919 Beurer have been delivering what our claim promises: health and well-being. Our product ranges will ensure you feel great all-round!

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Focusing on the individual with beurer Connect products. Innovative technologies for your health. The new generation for a networked product world.

Beurer want you to stay healthy.

It is our aspiration to make our customers feel great. To achieve this, Beurer develop our products alongside and collaborate with top-class institutes, partners and advisers. Beurer are happy to pass on our expertise to you in our information and advice portals.

  • In the Beurer Health Guide, you will find useful tips about your health and well-being.
  • Helping underprivileged children and families to help themselves — in Germany and throughout the world
  • “Health is not down to chance, it is largely in your hands!” Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kurscheid.

beauty Beurer

FaceCare ,
Facial brushes / facial sauna / microdermabrasion ,
Illuminated cosmetics mirrors ,
Hair removal ,
Lasers / IPL ,
Shavers / warm wax hair removers / epilators ,
BarbersCorner ,
Manicure and pedicure ,
BodyCare ,
HairCare ,
Hair dryers ,
Hair straighteners ,
Hot air stylers ,
Curling tongs ,
Multi-functional stylers ,
Split end trimmer , Product overview

FaceCare by Beurer. Facial care for a healthy, pure and radiant complexion

Deluxe facial care: Facial brushes, microdermabrasion devices, facial saunas and illuminated cosmetics mirrors – the FaceCare range from Beurer offers everything you need for a healthy, clear and radiant complexion.

Facial brushes, facial sauna, microdermabrasion

Facial cleansing at its best – Beurer facial cleansing brushes, facial saunas and microdermabrasion devices support you in your daily facial care routine and give you soft skin and a radiant complexion.

Illuminated cosmetics mirror

With Beurer cosmetics mirrors you can see every detail – the bright LED lighting means no blemish is left unnoticed. Beurer cosmetics mirrors are also a decorative bathroom accessory and are available in several different versions. Perfect as a make-up mirror!

Facial brushes, facial sauna, microdermabrasion by Beurer. Thorough cleansing for a pure complexion

Beauty salon-quality facial cleansing – our facial cleansing brushes clean up to 6 times more thoroughly, our facial saunas provide your skin with the moisture it needs, and Beurer microdermabrasion devices remove excess skin particles, promoting good circulation and stimulating cell renewal.

Facial sauna FS 50

Facial brush FC 96 Pureo Intense Cleansing

BarbersCorner by Beurer. Professional beard and body care from the comfort of your own home

Our stylish “BarbersCorner” series provides all the products a modern man needs. From beard trimmers and stylers, to hair clippers and body groomers – with our products you can also groom and style your look professionally at home.

Rotary shaver HR 8000
Foil shaver HR 7000
Body groomer HR 6000
Hair clippers HR 5000
Beard styler HR 4000
Precision trimmer HR 2000

Manicure/pedicure by Beurer. Beautiful nails, pampered hands and feet

A manicure takes care of your hands and nails, and their appearance. A pedicure is takes care of your feet and ensures you have soft skin and beautiful nails. Manicure and pedicure devices are the perfect tool to give you salon-quality nails.

Manicure/pedicure set MP 84
Paraffin bath MP 70
Manicure/pedicure set MP 64
Manicure/pedicure set MP 62
Manicure/pedicure set MP 60
Portable pedicure device MP 59
Portable pedicure device MP 55
UV nail dryer MP 58
LED/UV nail dryer MP 48
Manicure/pedicure set MP 44
Manicure/pedicure set MP 42
Manicure/pedicure set MP 41
Portable pedicure device MP 28
Portable pedicure device MP 26
Manicure/pedicure station MP 100
Electric nail care set MP 18

Bodycare by Beurer. The wellness program for your home

Massage, skin tightening, blood circulation of the skin: The Beurer Bodycare range leaves nothing to be desired for your personal well-being program. Because feeling good means feeling beautiful.

Cellulite massage Cellulite releaZer compact

Powered body brush FC 25

Powered body brush FC 55 Pureo Complete Cleansing

Cellulite massage CM 50

HairCare by Beurer. Deluxe hairstyling – for a show-stopping, salon-quality look

Whether you want straight, elegantly styled or curly hair – our Beurer HairCare StylePro range, consisting of hair dryers, hair straighteners, hot air brushes and multi-functional stylers, can create unforgettable and professional looks as if by magic.

Hair straighteners

Our hair straighteners create a silky smooth look as if by magic. The titanium, tourmaline or ceramic coating protects your hair and the ion function ensures sleek, shiny hair for salon-quality results.

Hair dryer

Our Beurer hair dryers give your hair the best possible care, as well as some extra shine and moisture thanks to their innovative ion technology.

Curling tongs

Style your curls and waves to match your mood. Whether it’s extravagant curls or powerful waves – Beurer curling tongs will enhance your look.

Multi-functional styler

The Beurer multi-functional styler creates a new and fresh look every day as if by magic. Prepare to be astonished by how much it can do.

Hot air styler

Beurer hot air brushes make hairstyling easy: use the different attachments to conjure up soft, sleek curls and waves, or create a style with volume, body and bounce.

Hot air styler

Beurer hot air brushes make hairstyling easy: use the different attachments to conjure up soft, sleek curls and waves, or create a style with volume, body and bounce.

wellbeing Beurer

Products from the well-being range will ensure that you feel great all over. From heating products, personal bathroom scales, kitchen scales and air and light therapy to massagers and a comprehensive range of products for sleep and rest, Beurer has everything you need for a modern and healthy lifestyle.

Flexible heating ,
Heat To Go with battery ,
Heat pads ,
Heated underblankets ,
Heated overblankets ,
Foot warmers ,
Weight and diagnosis ,
Diagnostic bathroom scales ,
Personal bathroom scales ,
Luggage scales ,
Kitchen scales ,
Nutrition ,
Air and aroma ,
Air purifiers / air washers / humidifiers ,
Air dehumidifiers ,
Thermo hygrometers ,
Aroma diffusers ,
Sea air climate ,
Fans ,
Sleep and rest ,
SleepLine ,
Sleep sensor ,
Snore stopper ,
Wake up lights ,
Light therapy ,
Daylight therapy lamps ,
Infrared lamps ,
PhysioLine ,
Shiatsu and massage ,
Shiatsu cushions / covers ,
Shiatsu massage chair ,
Body massage ,
Foot massage ,

Flexible heating by Beurer. Feel good with confidence

Heat pads, heated underblankets, electric blankets and foot warmers – our wide range ensures cosy warmth exactly where you need it.

foot warmer

Having cold feet is not only uncomfortable, it gets in the way of relaxation and can even stop you from being able to sleep. Beurer foot warmers warm your feet, giving you some quality time for yourself – cold feet are finally a thing of the past.

heat pads

Sit back and relax with soothing heat. You are always on the safe side with a Beurer heat pad. Automatic switch-off, electronic temperature regulation and the Beurer safety system (BSS) ensure maximum safety.

heat to go

The cordless heat pad and heated belt can provide you with soothing heat on the go. The Beurer Heat To Go range has the perfect compact heating product for any occasion. Particularly practical: The removable powerbank is also suitable for charging your smartphone.

heated underblankets

Heated underblankets help you to fall asleep warm and cosy. For a healthy sleeping environment, scientists recommend fresh air, keeping the bedroom cool (16-18°C) and a bed at the correct temperature (20-30°C). A pre-warmed bed shortens the time it takes to get to sleep and increases the sense of well-being.

heated overblankets

The heated blankets have been awarded the coveted OEKO-TEX certificate and are made from soft fibres. It never gets too warm under the covers thanks to the product’s breathable design.

Weight and diagnosis by Beurer

Beurer diagnostic and personal bathroom scales: To help you always stay on top of your body weight and measurements

Elegantly designed diagnostic and personal scales for every bathroom. The diverse range includes fully equipped diagnostic bathroom scales, simple glass bathroom scales and scales with decorative designs. Our Connect scales offer innovative networking which allows data transfer to the corresponding app on your smartphone.

diagnostic bathroom scales

Weight control at the highest level. The Beurer diagnostic bathroom scales provide you with a perfect overview of your measured body values. Depending on the model, it is possible to calculate body fat, body water content, muscle percentage, bone mass, personal calorie display and BMI as well as weight.

luggage scales

Say goodbye to repacking your luggage or paying excess baggage charges at the check-in counter. Travel arrangements are made easy with Beurer luggage scales for your luggage. So you can start your journey on a high!

luggage scales

Say goodbye to repacking your luggage or paying excess baggage charges at the check-in counter. Travel arrangements are made easy with Beurer luggage scales for your luggage. So you can start your journey on a high!

personal bathroom scales

Reach your ideal weight step by step with Beurer personal bathroom scales. You will always find the right product for your needs in our extensive range. Discover a wide range of Beurer personal bathroom scales for your bathroom!

personal bathroom scales

Reach your ideal weight step by step with Beurer personal bathroom scales. You will always find the right product for your needs in our extensive range. Discover a wide range of Beurer personal bathroom scales for your bathroom!

Air and aroma by Beurer. Fresh air and aromas for living and work spaces

A healthy indoor environment is key as on average, people spend 90% of their lives indoors. Beurer’s comprehensive range of air purifiers, air washers, air humidifiers, air dehumidifiers, weather stations and aroma diffusers allow you to make marked improvements to your indoor environment and your well-being.

aroma diffusers

Fresh air, a natural aroma and light – the perfect combination for well-being at home. Beurer aroma diffusers provide that additional feel-good atmosphere. With the specially developed aroma oils from Beurer by Taoasis, you have several scents at your fingertips and can add natural fragrances to your home. All fragrances are 100% pure water-soluble organic oils.

Air dehumidifiers

Excessive humidity can trigger various problems – ranging from a musty smell to dark spots on walls, mould and rust, and it can even be detrimental to our health. Regular, proper ventilation alone is often insufficient. The Beurer air dehumidifiers remove excess humidity.

air purifiers, air washers, air humidifiers

Fresh and clean air contributes to our well-being and can have a positive effect on our productivity. Especially in winter when indoor heating makes the air around us dry and dusty. Dry, dusty air can put a strain on mucous membranes, causing colds and even triggering allergies. Beurer air purifiers and air washers help to clean the air and can act as humidifiers at the same time. Air humidifiers help you to humidify the ambient air in a targeted manner.

thermo hygrometers

Beurer thermo hygrometers show you the current air humidity for an optimum indoor environment. They are also well suited to preventing the air from becoming excessively humid when using an air humidifier.

Sea air climate

Take in the sea air at home! The sea air simulator generates an authentic sea air climate, and cleans the air of bacteria, viruses and germs. Breathe easy!


Beurer fans keep you cool, even on hot summer days. A pleasant indoor environment helps you find inner peace and boosts your well-being. Bring a fresh breeze to the office, when working from home or to your own living space.

Sleep and rest by Beurer

A restful sleep acts as a source of energy for the day

But what can we do if we can’t get to sleep? If you feel absolutely exhausted in the mornings and would prefer to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head: Get to the root of the problem, analyse your sleep at home as precisely as in a sleep lab and use products to help you fall asleep, sleep through the night and have an active start to the day. The product range consists of sleep sensors, snore stoppers and wake up lights, and has been developed by experts and medically trialled and tested.

Wake up light

A wake up light from Beurer gives you a wonderful start to your day – the sunrise simulation with slowly brightening light gently gets your body ready to wake up. Waking up turns into a gentle delight.

sleep sensor

We help you to understand and improve your own unique sleeping pattern with the Beurer sleep sensor. Everything is better after a good night’s sleep!

snore stopper

With its gentle snoring therapy to reduce snoring, the snore stopper from Beurer ensures a restful night. It is fixed discreetly and unobtrusively to the ear. Snoring is effectively interrupted or prevented from the start through tone and vibration pulses in the ear.


The product range helps you to fall asleep better, sleep through the night and have an active start to the day. As well as sleep sensors and snore stoppers, the SleepLine also includes an air humidifier, a daylight therapy lamp, underblankets, a wake up light, an air purifier and a thermo hygrometer.

Beurer light therapy. Let the sunshine in

Sunny outlook instead of winter blues: Effective light therapy at home – daylight therapy lamps give you a little bit of extra light during periods with less sunshine and infrared lamps provide soothing heat when you have a cold or muscle tension, for example.

infrared lamps

The warming light that occurs in the infrared spectrum, seen by us as red, can help the body to regenerate and has a relaxing effect that extends beyond the targeted areas of the body. The infrared lamps are aimed directly at the relevant area for a certain period of time to relieve colds and tension – the infrared heat ensures better blood circulation. Increased blood circulation improves blood supply to the cells, muscle tension is relieved and toxins are released through the skin by sweating in the heat.

daylight therapy lamps

Daylight affects the interaction between the body’s melatonin and serotonin hormones and can therefore impact our biorhythm. In winter and on dark days, this can interfere with our inner balance and negatively affect general well-being. Beurer daylight therapy lamps help to prevent health conditions caused by a lack of sunlight.

Shiatsu and massage by Beurer. An oasis of well-being in your own home

Shiatsu seat covers and chairs are a pure delight. You can choose between the varied application options: There’s the multi-functional vibrating cover with optional heat function, a customised, full-body massage using the body-scan function, or you can select the comfortable stylish version with the deluxe massage chair.


Take a break from everyday life with our unique relaxation and massage products. Targeted exercises help you to relax your whole body and free your mind. Take some time for yourself.

Foot massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage for tired and heavy legs with the Beurer foot massagers and foot baths. This will help you to float through the day.

full body massage

Enjoy a penetrating and relaxing massage at home and save yourself a trip to the massage studio. Our massage range offers a variety of models to suit your individual needs. Relaxation can be as simple as that!

Shiatsu cushions and covers

Time to switch off. Time for relaxation. Discover our massage seat covers for yourself. You will be inspired by the design, function and combination of materials. It’s easy to turn chairs, armchairs or sofas into a wellness centre in the comfort of your own home in an instant with a Shiatsu cover or massage cushion.

Shiatsu massage chair

A Shiatsu massage offers a welcome break from the stresses of daily life – after a long day at work or a stressful meeting. A Beurer Shiatsu massage chair is a high-quality piece of furniture for your home and places a whole host of massage programmes at your fingertips.

Wake up light WL 90
Wake up light WL 75
Fully fitted heated underblanket UB 200 CosyNight
Heated underblanket UB 190 CosyNight
Daylight therapy lamp TL 100
stress releaZer
Snore stopper SL 70
Snore mask SL 60
Sleep sensor SE 80
Posture trainer PC 100 PostureControl
Air purifier LR 500
Fully fitted heated underblanket Konnect king size
Thermo hygrometer HM 55
Glass bathroom scale GS 485
Diagnostic bathroom scale BF 950 white

Active by Beurer

Pure zest for life with the perfect training partner

From activity trackers and heart rate monitors to electrostimulation with EMS/TENS and abdominal toning belts – the Beurer active range offers the perfect selection of products for beginners, sports enthusiasts and professionals alike to support an active lifestyle.

Sport and activity ,
Activity sensors ,
Heart rate monitors ,
Pain therapy and muscle stimulation ,
Abdominal toning belt

Sport and activity by Beurer. Exercise for a healthy life

Activity trackers and heart rate monitors are the perfect companions for exercise in your everyday life! Activity trackers and activity sensors record your activity and track your sleep. A heart rate monitor ensures that you always know your heart rate.

Activity sensors

An activity sensor instead of a personal trainer: Set yourself goals for daily exercise and monitor your sleeping habits or check your calorie consumption. Increase your body awareness and your personal well-being with Beurer activity sensors. With the free “beurer HealthManager” or “beurer BodyShape” apps, you can always keep tabs on the activity and sleep data recorded by your activity tracker on your smartphone.

Heart rate monitors

Sufficient and regular exercise is essential for your health. Beurer offers a wide range of heart rate monitors for optimum training management and protection against excessive strain.

Pain therapy and muscle stimulation by Beurer.

The perfect support for your training

Electrostimulation using abdominal muscle belts, combined abdominal and back muscle belts are the ideal companions for your fitness training. Electrostimulation is used to train and regenerate the central and lateral abdominal muscles as well as the lower back.

Abdominal toning belts

A Beurer abdominal toning belt is recommended for those wanting to use electrical muscle stimulation to primarily focus on the stomach area. Our abdominal toning belts are easy to use and easy to fasten with a hook-and-loop fastener. An LCD display with clear symbols makes operation even more straightforward. The belts offer different programmes and the intensity is set by the user.


Beurer TENS/EMS devices are used to treat pain, for relaxation and for muscle stimulation.

Babycare by Beurer. Only the best for our little ones

The Beurer babycare collection comprises a carefully tailored range of products that meets all the needs of babies and parents: From baby monitors, clinical thermometers, baby scales and breast pumps to bottle warmers and steam sterilisers.

Baby monitor ,
Thermometers ,
Baby scale ,
Breast pumps ,
Steam steriliser ,
Baby food/bottle warmers ,
Lice Comb ,
Nebulisation ,
Nasal Aspirator

Baby monitors by Beurer. Round-the-clock safety for your baby

Our extensive range of baby monitors includes analogue, digital and app-based devices. Thanks to the integrated WIFI HD camera in our BY 99 and BY 88 baby monitors, you can keep an eye on things at all times. Whether you are monitoring your child, caring for the elderly or if you need a room surveillance device – the WIFI connection via your domestic WIFI router enables continuous monitoring using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Thermometers by Beurer

Reliable clinical thermometers for your child

Measuring a baby or a small child’s fever is not often straightforward – our clinical thermometers with colourful animal designs, flexible measuring tips and an especially short measuring time can help with this. The cute pacifier thermometer measures in a way that is entirely comfortable for the baby and is therefore ideal for getting an initial overview.

Baby scale by Beurer

Pure happiness with every gram

A baby scale is perfect for monitoring your baby’s weight gain at home. The practical hold function records the correct weight, even for wriggling babies.

Breast pumps by Beurer

For more flexibility during breastfeeding

Electric breast pumps are perfect for supporting new mums when breastfeeding. Breast milk has all the nutrition your baby needs. A breast pump means that you can make sure your baby won’t go without when you are unable to breastfeed.

Steam steriliser by Beurer

Say goodbye to bacteria

A steam steriliser eliminates all harmful household bacteria and is therefore perfect for sterilising bottles, breast pumps and pacifiers.

Baby food/bottle warmers by Beurer

Warm up baby food quickly and easily

Baby food warmers and bottle warmers gently and evenly warm up mashed baby food and bottles, giving you time to care for your baby in peace. The practical heat-retention function also means that the baby food stays at the set temperature for longer.

Beurer lice comb

Removal of lice and their nits made easy.

The lice comb can be used without using chemicals. It changes the acoustic signal when it comes into contact with a hair louse or nit, making treatment easy.

Beurer inhalers for kids

Become easily healthy while playing

The inhalers IH 26 Kids and IH 58 Kids by Beuer are easy to operate and very good for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract, common cold, asthma and respiratory diseases. Thanks to the child-friendly accessories, your child is busy during inhalation.

Beurer nasal aspirator

Sleep well despite the cold

Cold time and your baby just can not sleep thanks to a stuffy nose? The Beurer nasal aspirator NA 20 cleans the nose hygienically and is also very gentle.

Medical Beurer. Prevention, diagnostics and therapy

Look after your health! Our extensive range of blood pressure monitors has the right device for everyone. This means you always have access to your blood pressure at a glance!

Blood pressure ,
Upper arm blood pressure monitors ,
Wrist blood pressure monitors ,
Blood glucose ,
Blood glucose monitors ,
ECG and pulse oximeters ,
Mobile ECG device ,
Pulse oximeters ,
Insect bite healer ,
Nebulisation ,
Hearing amplifiers ,
Clinical thermometers ,
Fertility set and ovulation thermometer ,
Pain therapy and muscle stimulation ,

Beurer blood pressure

Blood pressure monitors for simple and reliable monitoring

Look after your health! Our extensive range of blood pressure monitors has the right device for everyone. This means you always have access to your blood pressure at a glance!

wrist blood pressure monitors

Fast, reliable and flexible. Beurer wrist blood pressure monitors guarantee constant optimum monitoring of your blood pressure.

upper arm blood pressure monitors

Whether they have easy-to-use single-button operation, a stylish black touch sensor display or a particularly ergonomic design – our blood pressure monitors reliably calculate your blood pressure.

Beurer blood glucose

Diabetes management at a glance

Beurer’s modern blood glucose monitors are a reliable way to monitor blood glucose on a daily basis and help diabetics to immediately detect when their blood glucose values are too high or too low so they can react accordingly. The calculated blood glucose values can be clearly documented and evaluated in the “beurer HealthManager” app or PC software.

Beurer ECG and pulse oximeter

Perfect self-monitoring for heart rate and pulse rate

Beurer’s high-quality ECG devices and pulse oximeters guarantee reliable monitoring of your values. The calculated blood glucose values can be clearly documented and evaluated in the “beurer HealthManager” app or PC software.

Mobile ECG device

With the Beurer mobile ECG device you can monitor your heart rhythm safely and consistently. Our mobile ECG device allows you to monitor your own cardiac activity in the comfort of your own home as well as on the move. You can record your heart rhythm at any time, for example when you feel unwell. The results are presented in a graphic display using the supplied ECG manager software and can be passed on to the doctor.

pulse oximeter

Pulse frequency and the oxygen saturation are important parameters for your personal health.

Beurer pulse oximeters can be used to measure the arterial oxygen saturation of haemoglobin and your heart rate. The medical devices are used within the context of pulse oximetry, from fit and healthy athletes to chronically ill patients requiring care.

Beurer nebulisation

Gentle treatment of the airways with nebulisation devices

Nebulisers are medical devices that enable deposition (the dispersion and planting of water vapour and/or nebulised medication) into the deeper areas of the respiratory system, such as the lung tissue.

Beurer thermometers

Maximum measuring convenience thanks to Beurer clinical thermometers

Beurer’s technically advanced clinical thermometers stand out due to their modern design and offer maximum measuring convenience. Having to wait several minutes for the result is now a thing of the past.

Fertility set and ovulation thermometer from Beurer

Natural family planning made easy

The Beurer ovulation thermometer and the fertility set can help you realise your desire to have a baby. Depending on the method, you can determine the basal temperature or the two most important fertility hormones – both are relevant for accurately tracking your cycle. This makes it easy to identify the fertile days and record them accurately using the relevant app.

Electrostimulation by Beurer

For pain relief and muscle stimulation

The principle of electrostimulation devices is based on the imitation of impulses in our bodies that are transferred to nerve and muscle fibres with electrodes via our skin. The electrodes can be applied to many parts of the body; the electrical impulses are completely harmless and virtually painless. The electrical impulses that are sent into the tissue influence the transmission of stimulation into nerves, nerve centres and muscle groups.

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