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Having grown from a passion for IT and consumer electronics, Cable Chick was established in 2006 by the talented young entrepreneur Stephen Holmes. Launched from a small home office with a selection of just over 100 products Cable Chick rapidly grew to also occupy the garage, the spare room and let′s face it – eventually most of the house.
After stern words from Stephen’s young bride about the other woman in his life, Cable Chick moved into their first warehouse location in the South Brisbane suburb of Hemmant. With more space to grow the Cable Chick product range continued to expand and the brand continued to grow from strength to strength. Recently Cable Chick has moved to a new, bigger location at Capalaba, which see the launch of a new Retail Showroom! Presently CableChick stocks in excess of 800 product ranges and employees a full time team of 6 young and passionate individuals.

Core to Cable Chicks success is the teams dedication to providing outstanding customer service and delivering high quality products. Today, CableChick is positioned as Australia′s biggest name in home theatre cables and accessories.

Cables, Switches & Splitters, Speakers & Headphones, Mounts & Brackets, Adapters, SmartPhone, PC’s – Cable Chick Online Shop

  • Computer & AV Cable,
  • HDMI Cable,
  • TOSLINK Cable,
  • Digital Coaxial Audio Cable,
  • Component to VGA Cable,
  • Component Video Cable,
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable,
  • 2 RCA Stereo Audio Cable,
  • RCA / AV Cable,
  • S-Video Cable,
  • SCART Cable,
  • Subwoofer Cable,
  • TV Antenna Cable,
  • Speaker Cable.

Computer Cables

  • Computer Cables,
  • VGA Cable,
  • DisplayPort Cable,
  • DVI Cable,
  • DVI to VGA Cable,
  • HDMI to DVI Cable,
  • USB Cable,
  • Firewire 1394 Cable,
  • PC Network Cable (RJ45),
  • Fibre Optic Patch Cable,
  • SATA/eSATA Cable,
  • PC Power Leads,
  • PS/2 Cable,
  • Serial Cable.

Pro Audio Cables

  • Pro Audio Cables,
  • Guitar Lead,
  • Microphone Lead,
  • MIDI Cable,
  • 1/4″ Speaker Lead,
  • Speakon Cable,
  • XLR Adapters.

Switches & Splitters

  • AV Switches,
  • AV Splitters,
  • AV Extenders & Repeaters,
  • AV Signal Converters,
  • Ethernet PC Network Switch.

Speakers & Headphones

  • Speakers,
  • Headphones,
  • Speaker Stands,
  • Speaker Wire.

Mounts & Brackets

  • All Mounts & Brackets,
  • TV Wall Mounts,
  • Monitor Wall Mounts,
  • Desk Mounts,
  • Ceiling Mounts,
  • Projector Brackets,
  • Speaker Mounts & Stands,
  • Phone & Tablet Mounts.

AV Wall Plates

  • AV Wall Plates,
  • Basic Wall Plates,
  • Amped Wall Plates,
  • Speaker Wall Plates,
  • Ethernet RJ45 Wall Plates,
  • USB Wall Plates,
  • Wall Plate Package Deals.

Adapters & Connectors

  • Adapters,
  • Optical Adapter,
  • SCART Adapter,
  • VGA Adapter,
  • XLR Adapter,
  • Audio Jack Adapter,
  • RCA Adapter,
  • S-Video Adapter,
  • USB Adapter,
  • Couplers & Joiners.

SmartPhone & Tablet PC’s

  • Tablet & Phone Cases,
  • Apple Cables,
  • Apple Accessories,
  • Android Accessories,
  • Windows Tablet Accessories.

Other Goodies

  • Wireless Products,
  • Memory Cards & Storage,
  • Gaming Gear,
  • Installer Tools,
  • Telephone Cable (RJ12),
  • Cable Management,
  • Media Players,
  • Car Cables & Accessories,
  • Travel Accessories,
  • Cable Chick Gear,
  • Avencore Products.

Power Products

  • Power Banks,
  • Power Cables,
  • Power Socket Adapters,
  • AV Powerboards
  • HDMI Cables,
  • DVI Cables,
  • SVHS Connectors,
  • huge assortment of AV Switch,
  • Digital Fibre Optic leads,
  • VGA Cables,
  • Component Leads,
  • USB Cables.

Cable Chick _ Australia's Best Range of Computer Cables, Switches & Adapters
Cable Chick PO BOX 1118
Capalaba, QLD 4157 Australia
Online Shop In-Store
Mon-Fri: 9am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Phone Cable Chick:0731669334
Fax Cable Chick: 0731123946

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