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Games, Consoles – Coolshop

Featured offers

  • Crackdown 3 – State of Decay in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark


  • High quality garden furniture from Cina

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Great discounts on more than 400 games

Great discounts on more than 400 games in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark

Logitech G502 Wireless Lightspeed Black Gamer Mouse

  • Huge news from Logitech!
  • Limited stock – Only 75.

Marshall Bundles

  • Marshall Bundles in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark

Paul Mitchell

  • Buy luxury haircare products from one of the industry’s most acknowledged beauty brands, Paul Mithell


  • Great discounts on Dermalogica in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Ultimate Edition)

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Ultimate Edition)

Days gone

  • Days gone

Borderlands 3

  • Borderlands 3

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Video Games and Consoles

Coolshop is where you find Nordics’ biggest selection of games and consoles for crazy low prices – with delivery already included in them. Here you can pre-order the new and long-awaited games for low prices, earn discount points – and to add to that, no more than 2-3 business days go by before you have it on your doorstep. Here on the webpage you can find cheap games for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and all the others. We have games for all platforms – also the older models.

Why do we play?

It starts with a black screen. A woman’s voice. She speaks Japanese, and your eyes are wired to the subtitles. You have waited many months – if not years – for this game. Finally, you are sitting here. With sweaty hands and light in your eyes. The rest of the world disappeared around you, when you inserted the game disk into your console. Now it is only you, your controller and a long game.

The graphics come up on the screen, the familiar melody starts to play, and your head explodes in a wild euphoria. FINALLY! Playing games is about entertainment and company, fun and adventure. It is about an escape from reality. With a game from Coolshop you can be exactly who you want to be. You can save the world in the past, future and present – and destroy it again. Explore habitable planets, underground caves and abandoned buildings. Save princesses and fight monsters. The choice is yours. The only thing you have to do is pick up your controller and start.

But why do we do it?

Well, it is difficult to explain to a person, who has never played Call of Duty, that the violent first-person shooter has an amazingly touching story. That the game is not only killstreaks and explosions – even though that is also very appealing. Video games have changed the way we tell stories – and with more and more possibilities to change a certain story in a game with an interactive narrative, where you as a player are faced with crucial decisions, more complex stories can be told.

Games for Playstation, Xbox and PC give us the possibility to take risks that feel real without having the real world knock on the door with real world consequences. Part of what is so alluring about a first-person shooter game is that you as a player can shoot a heat-seeking missile at a building and see the results – without ending up in prison. Many believe that games are sheer entertainment: they are fun! And that can possibly make video games sound a little mundane – but there are countless gamers out there that see video games as exactly that: simple and comfortable way to pass time.

There does not necessarily have to be an emotional connection to the game – it is played for sheer amusement. There is also another kind who see games as a form of escape. An escape from boredom, maybe – but also a way to distract your mind, so that you temporarily forget the everyday struggles. Gaming is a form of de-stress, and that, among other things, is why it is so popular. It is just nice to get in a fictional character’s shoes and take on an adventure. From a slender elf to a trained macho assassin, many people spend a significant part of their life in a virtual world of computer games. Computer games are no longer the attribute of only nerds behind closed blinds but are played today by people of both genders and of all ages.

Computer games can gather families for competitions in front of the flat screen and game enthusiasts from all over the world via the Internet, but they can also shield from strangers on the bus or from the complex world outside of the bedroom. Some are sceptic and anxious, while others cannot lower their arms from the excitement about the games’ learning potential. Video games are the new norm – and we cannot imagine a life without them. It is not just an activity for teenagers that complete action-filled missions sitting at home in the basement. Video games are everywhere. They are in the air – so take a deep breath.

Find your gaming style with cheap games at Coolshop

Gaming industry today is bigger than the film and music industries, if we look at the yearly turnover. With the constant innovation, gaming universe is reaching its golden age. The heavy stakeholders have budgets that can make Hollywood feel embarrassed. The best authors, actors and designers have become a part of the community in the gaming world, but as the industry has grown, it has also gotten reduced to a smaller number of core genres: MMORPGs, first-person shooters, sports games, action games and strategy games. There are differences in the structures across these popular genres on PC and consoles, but ultimately, we can filter it down to those few.

Here is a short overview:

MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game: This game genre is played online with a big number of players. Here the player creates a personal character and role-plays his way in a large interactive world. MMORPG is alluring. Not just as a game, but as a world and as a community. When we were kids, we improvised our own weapons and went on epic adventures with our friends, hunting monsters. Today we relive that feeling through MMORPG games.

We personalize our character, explore picturesque scenes and delve into dangerous adventures. This is what these games are about. The social aspect is another main feature of these kind of games. Communities in and around MMORPG attract not only hardcore gamers, but also the casual ones. World of Warcraft is a perfect example. In 2010 the game peaked with 12 million players worldwide.

First-Person Shooter:

Nothing gets adrenaline pumping like a first-person shooter. These games are weapon-based action games, where the weapon itself is in focus. For the most part, the games are played online, but they often have a strong moving campaign part, where you get thrown into a universe of narrative and explosions. As the name suggests, shooter games are about shooting. You have to be fast on the trigger. This applies, no matter if you are on a space station far into the future or at the front in the Second World War, where the bullets are flying past your ears. Shoot or be shot. That is the essence of it.

Shooter games are often played with others, and here is where the game activity becomes about more than just mastering the techniques. For example, when playing in a team, it is also important to coordinate your actions with teammates and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The games combine skills and speed of teams that are trying to dominate over one another. Unreal Tournament, Quake, Half-Life, Counter-Strike – and today, also Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo are all well-known and notorious names to the gamers – and to parents – for their violent approach. FPS games are leading in graphics and remain the coolest and the most dangerous in the gaming world.


These games speak for themselves: typical simulations or arcade games of different types of sports. The games we are looking at here offer a lot of entertainment and have an online function with a base of players from all over the world. This genre has never been bigger, and it is closely tied to the real world. The players you see in these games create an authenticity to the sports games that other genres are striving to provide. It can be, for example, football, hockey or racing. In any case, the players’ success depends on being able to get an overview of the game and act fast. The competition is the main element here, which also means these games add another type of online socializing. That is exactly what makes them so unique in comparison to other genres. FIFA is the standard-bearer here – you can find it, and many others, at Coolshop.


Action games was one of the first popular genres. These games include a number of challenges: it is a mix of fighting and exploration. Many of them focus on narratives and online part. What is most appealing in these games is the constant challenge. Games that cause emotions – and sometimes that emotion is anger – are the best games. It is those we remember – and that is what makes them a unique gaming experience. In the fights, firearms are replaced with martial arts techniques. Here you have to eliminate your opponent with the help of classic fighting disciplines or simple “street fight” methods. It is also about identifying the opponents’ weaknesses and finding the right counter-attack on that basis.


In adventure games the puzzle is in focus. In this genre the player is presented with a mystery which has to be solved by investigating the environment and talking with characters in the game. There are many types of these games, but most often they involve a detective team that tries to uncover hidden connections in the world of the game. In adventure games the central activity is to collect and combine objects and information to get access to more of the background story.


In strategy games, the focus is not on a single character, but on a whole army. Just like role-playing games, they take their point of departure in the classic fiction genres like fantasy and science fiction, but there are also many strategy games based on historical events. Strategy games are about putting together the right units and using them strategically. Here the central activity consists of being economical with the resources, prioritizing certain units and leading them into battle. Many strategy games can be played online, but not in the same way as MMORPG. In online role-playing games the virtual world is permanent: the world continues to exist even when the player leaves. In online strategy games the world is temporary: it is created by a group of players within a single gameplay, and it ceases to exist when the last player has gone out.


Action-adventures is a mixed genre. The reason we include them separately, is that there are so many of these games, that they make up their own genre. Here action element (often in the form of a shooter) is combined with adventure element, where the player needs to solve different tasks. Action-adventure games take their point of departure in many types of fiction genres like gangster genre (Grand Theft Auto), modern action (Tomb Raider) and horror genre (Resident Evil).

Virtual Life:

Virtual life games have come from strategy genre, but the competition element here is replaced with care for the characters, construction of scenarios and home as a central topic. In The Sims you can, for example, design a family and a house for them, and let different dramas play themselves out. The central game activity is in controlling the characters’ actions, which develops their life in a certain direction.

Buy the new cheap game consoles at Coolshop – delivery included in the price

We all remember our first experience with a game console, whether it was in the local club, at a friend’s place or home in the living room. It was addictive – and we could not get enough. It can be difficult to choose, which game console to settle on – no matter if you are a hardcore fan of a certain console and go determinedly for the newest model, or if you are a beginner and have to make your first choice. To make it easier we will outline the different brands here.
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SONY Playstation at Coolshop:

Playstation was the first game console that sold over 100 million devices. How did Sony come to be? Everything started with a collaboration with Nintendo. The first game console was introduced in 1994. An innovative platform that brought CD-ROM as a data storage into the market. Marketing was targeted at 15-30-year-old men – and not the children audience that consoles were traditionally oriented towards. This strategy showed to be a huge success and was therefore maintained in connection with the launch of Playstation 2 that came out in 2000. The bestseller sold over 140 million copies.

The third one in the series came out in 2007, the forth in 2013. PlayStation 4 Pro is the newest addition to the product range and is an amazing and powerful game console: when you turn the camera over the landscapes, when the explosions are blasting in your ears and when the speed is up on the seventh gear, you feel it. PlayStation 4 Pro is a sharper game experience, the colours catch your eye, and thanks to the higher resolution, GPU-power and more frames per second you get a gaming experience that reminds of that of high-end gaming computers. PlayStation 4 Pro is for you, who goes all in. For you, who plays on console but has missed the depth and GPU-power that you get when gaming on a PC.

Xbox at Coolshop:

In many ways Xbox was the first. It was the first console in this generation and came to the market 4 years after its predecessor. Microsoft came to a conclusion that the original Xbox was so expensive to manufacture, that it would never bring profit, and that is why they quickly came up with a replacement. This is not to say that Xbox 360 was rushed. In spite of some technical problems (that were quite significant), it has almost defined the modern console’s attributes. Xbox One is the newest addition to the range. Xbox One is amazing to play on.

The graphics are beautiful and detailed, the controller reacts to the slightest command, and there is not a shadow of a lag or any other sings that Xbox One cannot keep up with its games. Check out the selection of consoles and games at Coolshop.

PC-games at Coolshop:

First graphic computer games in history were developed by the American computer scientist Alexander Douglas, who in 1952 created tic-tac-toe for a so-called EDSAC computer. The game never spread, because the computer was made exclusively for Cambridge University. The first computer game that could be played by several people at the same time was “Spacewar!” from 1962.

The game was developed by the American programmer Steve Russell. It could be played by two people with joysticks, who could shoot down each other’s spaceships with missiles. Since then the games have developed immensely, and the industry is extended with a number of game development branches. Here at Coolshop you can find your favourite games for cheap prices. Dive into Nordics’ biggest selection on the website.

You can play as long as you want if you have the right gear, and here the right hardware is especially important. You can always get software down the road, but when it comes to hardware and especially a PS4 controller, it is not something you can live without.

Steer your gear

When it comes to console gaming, it is important to take care of the equipment, and if you search well on this page, you can, without a doubt, find exactly what you need. When you buy a PS4, you will of course always receive at least one PS4 controller included. So as a starting point, there is nothing else you need to buy separately or before you get it in the mail. However, there are some things that can create the need for a new controller.

For example, imagine that you were a little generous with the soda and spilled it onto your PS4 controller and it is obvious that it does not work anymore. If that happens, you need only to go in and find a new PS4 controller. You might very well end up buying a controller that is far better than the one you bought before. But to say that you need to buy a controller is of course, a very wide approach, which you will quickly learn if you look around on the website. Maybe you think that you can just go to whatever website and point at a random PS4 controller and say that this one is exactly the one you need.

But it will rarely be that easy, because you will often see that there are many options, so it can be hard to choose. One of those options is a Sony Dualshock 4. And when you are that far in, you also need the right colour, and here you can, for example, choose the fresh Steel black colour. It is black, but it also has a nice grey overlay, and will definitely stand out next to the original PS4 controller that you got with the console.

Another thing to add

If you are unsure of how to figure out this PS4 controller issue, it could be that you need a more detailed description before you can understand it completely. Here you can read more, for the following with describe exactly what these controllers are about. First up, there is a Dualshock 4, that you probably know of. Because if you know at least something about PS4 controllers, that one will presumably be the one you know, since it is in many ways a standard. And it is also the main controller. As it can be assumed, it is called 4, because it is the fourth PS controller in the range.

The third one, that came just before, shares a common feature with the fourth. It is connected to the console via Bluetooth, which is gradually becoming a technology used in many different areas. Though there is a significant difference between the two models that you surely cannot forget and that is, the number 3 does not fit PS4, so if you have an earlier version of a controller and a newer console, you cannot use them together, since they are not compatible. Since this PS4 controller is completely new, there are also some new functions that you cannot find in the earlier ones. Amongst other things, it has a touchpad on the front, which has never been seen before.

There are many experienced players that are very ecstatic about this new touchpad feature, which is both a technological advance and something that allows to experience new forms of games. Some of the uniqueness of the new PS4 controller can also be attributed to its ability to grasp movement well, which is done in a way you have hardly seen before. It has a gyroscope, which is a thing that exists in reality, even though it sounds like something from a fantasy world. Apart from that, it has an accelerometer.

These two things combined make the controller grasp movement quickly and easily, which has never been seen with such a console before. This controller is also the only one that officially supports Microsoft Windows, which is unique in itself. It gets power by charging the battery, which is settled in solid into the controller, and cannot be removed. So if you need a battery for something at home, you cannot count on taking out the battery from your PS4 controller.

An improvement for everyone

There is no doubt that with this PS4 controller came a significant improvement of the hardware, that is now even better than before. Now there is a possibility for using the controller with a USB cable. To add to that, it has a long line of outputs, which means you get more options with this than with the earlier models that did not have this exciting and useful opportunity. You can, for example, connect a pair of earphones to it, which makes it possible to talk and listen to the audio at the same time.

This means that when you sit and play, you feel even more immersed in the game, and you forget the time and the place, and the only thing that exists in this moment is just this game and this unique universe you have jumped into. With this controller you are not limited to only one way of charging. Now you have different options. To be exact, you have three different ways to charge it.

The first one is via micro-USB, which is already used by many. You can also add some juice to your controller when it gets tired through a special charging station. One benefit of this, among many, is that your console is always close to the controller, so it is easy to put it in. And another good thing is that it charges even when the console is off. That means you can set your PS4 controller in the console, take a break from gaming and come back a few hours later, when it is completely charged.
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Press the buttons

There are many different buttons on a controller and these buttons have never really changed much for this type of controller. The symbols that have always been there, are still there, and they will stay there. Some of the different buttons you can find on a PS4 controller are a PS button, “share” button, “options” button and direction buttons.

There are also many different action buttons. Many know them for the geometric shapes on the buttons, which have over time become iconic and every player knows the difference between them and the function for each one. Those are triangle circle, x and a square. Apart from the mentioned buttons you can also find shoulder buttons, R1 and L1 and triggers, R2 and L2. There are also analogue buttons and a touchpad with a click-function, which also functions as a button and is therefore described as such.

A real fan will only cast a short glance over the buttons before concluding that many changes have taken place. Before there used to be a start button and a select button, but now they are combined together with the options buttons, which is something completely new and something to get used to. When you live in a world, where everything that can be shared online, is shared, it would almost be weird, if this function did not get its own button. And that is the case with this PS4 controller that has a button called ‘share’. With this button, you can upload videos of your gameplay and stream to different services.

Respect for user input

PlayStation has always been known for listening to their users and taking their input and advice into consideration and development of the products they offer. That is why they have also used this input in the development of joysticks and triggers. They have been re-designed based on specific advice and tips that users have come up with. They have a surface that makes it easier to hold them and they do not glide or slip out of your hands when you play. PS4 controller is the first one to introduce a light function.

This function can show different colours that serve different purposes, depending on the game you play. For example, they can notify the player about critical messages like not having a lot of life left in the game. These lights also ensure that the position of the controller in relation to the console is read even more precisely than before. If you really care about the equipment when it comes to PS4 and especially the controllers, you will also be sure to put the things nicely when you are not using them. Here you can find much more than just your next controller, for example, you can find a stand that fits two controllers, so that you know where they are when you are not using them.

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Toys,Let us go back 25-30 years.

To the time where Action Force and Barbie were the dominating brands in the toy department. By their side were also LEGO and Playmobile. Toys were gender-specific, made of hard plastic and no one had heard of BPA and the like. Typically, the boys played War and the girls played The Party or Fine Dining.

It was easy, and computers were the size of a box and called Commodore64 or were PCs with a slow processor 2MB RAM and no Internet. “Interactive” was not a word that was used in relation to toys and the closest we came to interactive in general was a real flight simulator that the pilots used to practice before they had to sit in the real cockpit. With the Internet’s expansion and endless possibilities, the technology and our outlook on toys and games in general developed greatly. Three trends have been established within the toy department, and we will look closer at each of them.

Gender roles are getting blurred

The first one is the blurring of gender roles. More and more manufacturers are making toys that appeal to both genders, which is tactically smart and ultimately liberating. Look at the two latest Star Wars movies, where the lead character are women.

The independent Rey easily stands for the early manly character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now we have a strong and independent woman in the lead of battle. Is that bad? Not at all – actually, it means that both the movie and the relevant merchandise attract more of a wide group and appeal to both girls and boys, men and women. Star Wars makes toys of remotely controlled androids like BB8 or R2-D2 that both appeal to boys and girls, and even the commercials for the toys use the word “kids” and not specifically “boys” or “girls”, which suggests that they are made for everyone. Arts and Crafts

Toys are more interactive

There is no doubt that interactive toys are starting to dominate the market more and more. This trend is completely understandable. Because if you get the chance to talk to your toy, and it actually answers and can follow a conversation, it is more fun, as well as more challenging and educative for children. Interactive toys do not have to be expensive. Take, for example, the interactive version of Finding Dory toy where the child and Dory have to try speaking “whale language”. Dory can record the child’s voice and then play it in a “whale language” and then respond to the child.

The price is £14,69, so it is not expensive. Even though one of the tendencies is that the genders, “girl toys” and “boy toys” are disappearing, there are still dolls that are primarily targeted to girls. Earlier they were called Baby Born and the dolls could cry if you turned them upside down. They could also pee if you pressed on their stomach after filling them with water. Today they are something different and the selection is great.

The monotone howl is replaced with realistic baby sounds in far better quality and frequency. Now the doll also moves realistically. Instead of having to fill it up with water, the doll now drinks the water after which it can cry with tears and pee. Even its proportions are of a new-born baby. The interactive element can be clearly seen in the child being able to calm the doll down with a baby bottle or a pacifier, to which the doll reacts by closing its eyes and quieting down. The same happens, if it is hugged, then the doll reacts by a satisfied sigh or laughter. The dolls cost around £50 and have all the mentioned effects, so it is quite reasonable. In any case, the skills have really developed in the last few years, and the price has not gone up crazy high.

Back to the roots

Not everyone follows trends, and trends sometimes turn back to the origins. Some toys go back to the roots. Denmark’s most innovative toy LEGO holds on to their roots of collecting and building LEGOs, while they develop child’s creativity and imagination.

This is a good example of a toy that stays. Some of the new players on the field are also in on going back to origins. Nerf is also a good example – it is a popular toy for children that miss playing war. Nowadays, though, it is more Modern Warfare that is played. Nerf stands for “non-expanding recreational form” and it is about allowing girls and boys to blast at each other with foam “bullets” that shoot up to 30 meters far. The open space is becoming the children’s playground once more.

What happens in the next few years?

There is no doubt that app-control and interactivity are in trend. But technology sets boundaries for us anyway. It is difficult to predict the future, but artificial intelligence (AI) will surely be a game changer, not just in toys but in the world.

Think, if toys can follow a conversation with the child and teach the child, for example, the basics of math or spelling, tables, grammar forms, and explain their mistakes? That already exists today in the form of apps, but it is not yet integrated as a part of children’s toys. Virtual reality is beginning to take hold again and has gotten its renaissance. For example, Sony with their latest release of Playstation 4 and their VR has a steady hold on the market.

Pokemon Go created a frame for new trends

The big yellow mouse, Pikachu, and all the other Pokemons and pocket creatures originated from Japan. They first saw the light of day many years ago and became a huge worldwide hit. When we just thought that Pokemon was dying out, Pokemon Go app launched, and it was once again ground-breaking. It was now a real hunt that challenged children and adults with a young soul to go around the real world with their GPS on to find Pokemons via smartphone’s camera.

The whole idea with using an app, GPS, camera, and hunting will definitely continue to be a hit in the near future.

If not, then for sure it would be implemented into a marketing strategy – what if it was offers you were hunting? An Easter egg that could only be discovered by one person, and that would give a big discount or, even better, a gift card? It is a good bet that this form of Go-Marketing will become more and more common, both as a way to pass time and as an actual marketing strategy. Until then we get to play a bit with the app and hunt some Pokemons!

The perfect gift for the child who has everything

If you are missing a birthday or Christmas gift for the youngest members of the family, take a look at our great world of toys for children of all ages. For the toddlers we have many of cute soft plush toys, activity rugs and teething rings that can entertain the little one for some hours. We also offer the popular bObles range of children furniture that supports and helps your child when they start to explore the world around them. For the slightly older kids, we have a big selection of classic toys from LEGO and Playmobil meant for both girls and boys.

The limit is only your imagination, when you can play with pirate ships and knights, or horse-riding and princess castles. If your child is at the stage where racing and cars are more interesting, we also have a wide selection of cars from the Disney movie with the same name, as well as more LEGO and Playmobil sets that allow the child to be either a policeman or a thief in their own city. Should it be fashion that is of interest, then Barbie can be dressed for both everyday and party before she gets in her pink car and drives off. If you child wants to try out the role of a mother, there are plenty of possibilities for that with a sweet doll from Baby Born. If creativity should be challenged, there is a wide assortment of markers and pencils, or fun new elastics from Rainbow Loom that can unleash your creativity and become beautiful jewellery pieces.
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All about toys for low prices at Coolshop

We know what children play with, so you will find everything you need for the perfect gift or surprise to the smallest ones in the family. We have a wide selection of toys with all price levels. No matter if you need a big knight fortress or a princess castle for a big birthday party, or would just like to surprise the child with a small pack of LEGO, we have it at Coolshop in our wide selection of affordable toys for competitive prices, where everyone can participate. If you are going to Halloween or another dress-up party, we have a selection of great costumes that will for sure be a sensation at the party.

Want to be a Hello Kitty or a minion? Our whole selection of toys is chosen based on the things that interest children today. You will not go wrong by shopping with us. Remember that the delivery is already included in the price, so you do not need to figure out how much one or another order will be. We have many happy and satisfied customers and we are glad to welcome you to our world of exciting and fun toys online.

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Electronics, Make every day easier with electronics

We live in a digitalised time, where we are surrounded by electronics almost 24/7. When we sleep, the alarm that will get us up in the morning, is electric. When we are up and brushing teeth, the toothbrush is electric. The morning coffee is usually made in a coffee machine, like Moccamaster, for example. Men shave with an electric shaver, unless they prefer the old-fashioned hand-held razors. At the workplace, we are surrounded by electronics just as much. For many people, the main tool for work is a computer or an iPad, both of which can be found in the big selection of electronics at Coolshop.

Few can imagine a day without a smartphone, like a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. Wireless communication at home requires a so-called router, which catches the signal and shares the Wi-Fi with home’s computers, iPads, and whatever else. At some point during the week, the vacuum cleaner is turned on, which has built-in electronics that tell us that it is time to change the vacuum bag, because it is full. While we vacuum, we listen to music, using a pair of earphones to avoid the noise from the vacuum cleaner. No matter what kind of electronics you are in need of for your home, you will definitely find it in our wide selection of the best brands.

Electronics for all

The older generation has, without a doubt, been a little scared of electronics at some point, because the development has turned huge very suddenly. Almost no day went by without a new electronic product coming up on the market, and the ones already purchased became outdated very fast. But today most people – even the oldest ones – in one way or another have accepted electronics, and today’s children are raised on them. Some swear by the old-style vinyl records, which require a record player that can be found in many variations at Coolshop, and they are certainly better than the older gramophones. But you also need to have an audio set-up with an amplifier and a couple of speakers. If you ask a rock artist, what the best brand for amplifiers for their music on stage is, in many cases the answer will be Marshall.

Now you can also get smaller copies of the legendary brand speakers for your home. Another good brand is Audio Pro, that makes small, elegant shelf-speakers among other things. It has been reported that in the next years FM radio signal will disappear, and then you will have to get a DAB radio, if you want to keep listening to it. Electronics keep getting cheaper and cheaper, smaller and smaller, while the selection is growing constantly. That is why electronic devices are an obvious gift idea, because there is something for everyone. A new and very smart device is the GoPro camera. Many have probably seen tourists walking around with a little camera on a long stick – it is the action camera GoPro, which can take exceptionally sharp pictures and videos – both on shore and under water. Check out the whole selection at Coolshop, which already has more than one million satisfied customers.

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Home & Kitchen, Home décor

Why is it so important? Why should I spend money on home décor? Why can I not just buy the cheap shelf from IKEA? Why should I spend 50 pounds on a soap dispenser that has the same function as the one for 20? Why do I need to fuss with design and quality interior décor at all? Your home is your haven from the stress and the fast pace of everyday life. In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more and more stressful, it is crucial to have a place where you can relax and re-charge for another day of new challenges. It is where you can rest after a long day out.

Your home should give you safety and peace to be able to get that necessary relaxation. Your home should give you what you and your family need. It should be a place where you can be what you want to be. It should have an atmosphere and style that fits you. You might dream of the adventurous interior designs that you find in many home magazines, but the most important thing is that you create a home that fits your style and your personality, so you can strengthen yourself and your family.

Coolshop has collected a gigantic stock of everything in interior décor and design. We have everything you need to be able to shape your home. At Coolshop we are big advocates for Danish design, and therefore our stock is primarily dominated by the biggest Danish brands. Some of the names in furniture design, home décor and art are, for example, HAY, Kähler, Normann Copenhagen and Ferm Living. You can explore the page, where you will find a wide range of products for home décor. And remember! The delivery is fast, and the cost is included in the price.

Bathroom – it is about the right fit

Bathroom is an important space in your home. You might be thinking, “Well, it is the place where I do number 1 and 2, so I don’t really care about design there”. And that is all right, but you are not the only one who uses the room. Visitors have a tendency to judge your home on the basis of bathroom’s décor and cleanliness, and therefore, it is essential that your bathroom makes the right impression. It should be a room where you want to stay. But think carefully about which style and which design you want to present in your bathroom. In the living room and bedroom, you can always move the furniture around, if you feel like it, but that is rarely the case for the bathroom.

That is why you need to plan your bathroom’s design beforehand – both in terms of style and colours. How many people use the bathroom? How many hangers should there be? How long does the shower curtain need to be? At Coolshop we have a ton of different bathroom products. Ferm Living is one of the four most popular brands in bathroom décor. Ferm Living is very modern and minimalistic, and it is a manufacturer that does not compromise on quality.

They are especially known for their baskets – including the popular laundry hampers. We also get a great demand for Ferm Living holders for toilet paper and towels. Both holders have a simple, beautiful and functional design in black metal and dark oak. This combination gives the holders a timeless and stylish look. Check out our wide selection of Ferm Living products on the website. Another brand that you might have heard of or seen, is Nomess Copenhagen. Nomess Copenhagen are especially known for their storage solutions for bathrooms – in particular, makeup storage. Their design is simple, functional and elegant.

The transparent acrylic boxes allow you to organise makeup and other products in a way that you will be able to see, what you have and how much. Another popular product from Nomess Copenahgen is their lovely minimalistic soap dispensers. Take a look on the website. No doubt you will find something that fits your taste. Ferm Living and Nomess Copenhagen are just 2 of our brands for bathroom décor. We have many, many more. Explore the website, find the exact product you are looking for and start the journey towards your new, fine bathroom.

Children’s room – Room Copenhagen and Roommate

The child’s room is important – though more for the child than for you. It has to be theirs. It cannot be your own vision. Safety and play are the two most important things to consider, when you are designing and decorating your child’s room. This room should be the child’s ‘oasis’. It should be able to grow and flourish without limitations or reservation of the room’s possibilities.

Much of the child’s play takes place on the floor and the room should, therefore, have a lot of floor space. Your child should have space and opportunity to be able to build things as well as discover their own games with everything: duvets, stuffed animals, covers, LEGO and so on. Toy storage is essential – for your and your child’s sake. It makes cleaning faster, which is especially great for you. But buying boxes for storing toys will also help your child’s development. They will learn the importance of tidying up. It is easier for the child to learn to tidy up, if the toys are to go in a box instead of up on the shelf. It is a good idea to invest in big and spacious storage boxes, so your child does not have to turn the whole box over trying to find exactly that one toy.

Make life into a game for your child – growing up should be fun. At Coolshop we have exclusively the greatest brands for decoration of children’s rooms. Among others we can highlight Room Copenhagen that are known for their charismatic storage boxes, which are designed as supersized LEGO blocks. The boxes are fun, and their design turns cleaning up into a game. Apart from storage, boxes can be used for decoration, and since they work in the same way as the original LEGO blocks, they can be used to build and play. We also represent Roommate. Roommate is especially known for their play tents.

These ‘Hippie tipis’ are ideal, if your child wants to camp in their room, living room or outside in the garden in the summer, and it gives your child a chance to experience their inner princess or tribal chief. The tents can be purchased in many different colours, so you can get the one that fits your home best. The play tents can be folded, so they are easily stored out of sight – for example, under the bed. Ferm Living also produces children room stuff. We receive an especially high demand for their wooden lamps. You can get, for example, the charming Air Balloon lamp in smoked oak. The lamp will adorn the room’s wall with an elegant and simple look. It gives a nice soft light that will create a cosy atmosphere in the room.

The products mentioned above are far from the only thing we cater for décor and design of children’s rooms. Explore the website, and you will find a ton of new things that will spice up your child’s room.
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Kitchen – Eva Solo, Stelton and Bialetti

The kitchen is the home’s heart. It is where you gather after a long day at work and at school. The kitchen is a special place where most of the family life takes its source. It is where stories and experiences are shared, and where the life and energy of your home generate. In the kitchen it should be possible to be together and share good food. The kitchen will always be a gathering place – at parties, dinners and cosy nights. We love to make food together – also when we have guests. We use more and more time in the kitchen now when it has been combined or connected with a living room in most homes. The conversation is flowing while the food is cooking. Someone is checking their email on an iPad, another is watching a football match on kitchen TV, the children are doing homework at the dining table.

The kitchen is an absolute centre and heart of home. For this reason, we think that you should have the coolest of kitchen appliances in your home. Amongst other brands we sell Eva Solo. Eva Solo makes kitchen supplies in a beautiful exclusive design with a combination of aesthetic, functionality and quality. The tools are, apart from being very nice to look at, easy to use. With Eva Solo there is a high demand for their different glasses.

Another brand that we represent is Stelton. Stelton is especially known for their unique thermo pots and bread bags. The pots are known for their charismatic and minimalistic look, and the bread bags – for their nice colours. Bialetti is also a very popular brand. They are especially known for their original espresso pots, which are produced in an elegant and minimalistic design.

Quality, functionality and simplicity are in focus, while the technology and the abilities of products are world class. The pots are stainless and designed with stylish aluminium. If you see a little man with a moustache on the side of the pot, it is a security stamp for the pot being produced by Bialetti, and therefore not lacking in quality. Eva Solo, Stelton and Bialetti are only some of the few kitchen brands we have. There is a wide range of products and you will for sure find something that fits your taste. Explore the page. Remember! The delivery is fast, and the cost is included in the price.

Bedroom – it is about finding peace

Bedroom is your ultimate haven. Bedroom is your way to sleep and new energy, so you are ready for a new day in the field. There is a sea of possibilities when it comes to decorating your bedroom, but the most important thing is that you create a space that matches your needs, so you can find comfort and peace for a good night’s sleep. Which type are you, and what will you use the room for apart from sleep? Some people feel best in a large fairy-tale bed with many cushions, while others prefer a simple one with one duvet and one pillow. Will you watch TV in bed, or do you think that disturbs your sleep? Should the bedroom have a vanity? Do you prefer a lot of light in the room, or do you like to lay in the dark?

These are examples of some of the questions you have to ask yourself before you start decorating your bedroom. We have purchased a long range of fantastic home products, which you have a chance to buy if you want to give your bedroom a new atmosphere. Out of the most popular brands for the bedroom, we can name, among others, HAY. HAY is known for their quality, their design and their versatile products that will make not only your bedroom but the whole home look more modern. Another brand that we recommend you checking out if you wish to give new life to your bedroom is Normann Copenhagen. Normann Copenhagen is especially known for their beautiful tables. Our little black Normann Copenhagen Tablo Bord is especially in trend.

The table is elegant, simple, minimalistic and doesn’t have any unnecessary details, and it will be perfect as a nightstand by the side of your bed. Ferm Living is here again – they are also in front row with bedroom décor! They are mentioned above, but we will, for the sake of it, talk about them again. Their wire basket. Use it as a laundry basket. Use it as a table. Ferm Living wire basket has a ton of options for usage, but most see it as a laundry basket. The basket is smart and stylish, and its multifunctionality means that it can be used in any room.

Living room – have you heard of Kähler?

Living room is the room you probably spend the most hours in. Why? Because here is where you relax best. To get the chance to relax, it is important that the room expresses the type of relaxation you need. After a long day at work or at school most have a tendency to land on the sofa, turn on the TV and let the thoughts glide away from all that has something to do with obligations and promises. But you are not the only one staying in the living room.

The room is also quite popular when you have guests over, and that is why it is important that the living room is raising their spirits too. At Coolshop we have accumulated a big amount of different household items for your living room. We think our customers deserve the best, and we have carefully selected our brands so that you have a chance to buy some of the greatest décor for your living room. In this regard, we can recommend Kähler.

Kähler is known for their beautiful products in ceramics that in a timeless manner appeal to all but get interpreted individually. You are probably a big fan of the fantastic Kähler vases and Kähler candle holders – we are guilty of that too. We have plenty of different Kähler products in stock – for example, the popular Omaggio series with the famous stripes. You can create your own Omaggio living room with Kähler series that includes candle holders, vases and bowls. Take a look at the page, and you will find plenty of different décor items that will definitely give your living room a new look.


But what about the office? What do I need an office for, when I have a dining table in the kitchen? We do not claim that everyone needs an office, but for the people who need peace and inspiration when they work, office is simply indispensable. An office has to give you motivation to work. It has to ooze inspiration and hard motivation. A good office does not require a big makeover, since it is often filled with office stuff – and not decorative.

Normann Copenhagen can be mentioned here. Normann Copenhagen produces their beautiful Pocket Organizers that are a super smart and decorative storage solution. It allows you to keep all your things neatly on the desk. Explore the page where you will find our wide selection of design for your office. We have a wide range of brands and products, and you will for sure fine something for your taste.

Entrance hall

Your entrance hall is the first room both you and your guests come in to. So it is the first chance for you to present the style you home should express. It is about creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, so you and your guests feel at home when you come.

Your choice of décor in the entrance hall should be anything but random, and it is almost as important of a room as living room and kitchen. We have a ton of products in stock that you can buy to give your entrance hall a more welcoming atmosphere. For example, Normann Copenhagen’s elegant ‘Sko’ shoe rack and ‘Toj’ clothes rack. Both racks are designed in a minimalistic and industrial way.

Choose interior décor with style

Danish design is known in the most parts of the world. It covers primarily home design such as furniture and other decoration for home. The concept is about both design and quality. This style was created in 1950’s and 1960’s by a number of known designers and architects. The products from this period are still on the rise but a few young and new designers – both Danish and foreign – have updated the basic principles for high quality and functional design to more modern ones and changed the shapes of home décor.

We get more use out of newer and more modern materials than the old masters’ preferred materials like plastic, carbon fibre and other synthetics. At Coolshop we have collected a wide selection of the most known and distinctive brands in furniture design. Take, for example, a look at SACKit, Rice, Muubs and House Doctor. For other forms of interior décor and commodities you can find brands like Norman Copenhagen, Stelton, Eva Trio, Ferm Living, Kähler and Alessi.

Home décor does not only relate to daily use rooms but also the rooms where you carry out more practical things – particularly, kitchen, where the most would want both pretty and functional things and tools. Today you can build a home décor that follows modern design trends, where, for example, electronics in form of computers, smart sound and TVs are an integrated and almost unavoidable part of everyday life. Many of the new products for decorating home will also go together with the old classics, if you own any of those, or if you prefer a whole other style like high-tech or minimalistic, you can find appropriate products at Coolshop.
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Find interior design that matches your home

If you have some of the furniture classics from the abovementioned designers, the rest of the house interior does not necessarily need to come from 1950’s or 1960’s. You can easily find modern and newly designed things that match the classics. You can see that at Coolshop, which follows both the old and the new classics in home décor. Home décor consists of more than just furniture – there are also different types of decorative elements that have practical purposes like vases, storage boxes, jewellery boxes and the like; there are those that are solely for decoration like sofa cushions, wall decorations, and travel souvenirs – maybe someone will call them trinkets, but it all comes together to create an atmosphere you want in your house. As they say – tastes differ. You should first and foremost listen to your own taste when decorating your home – not what others think.

If you wish a specific style for your home – for example, retro, high-tech or Art Deco, you will most likely find décor pieces that satisfy those wishes at Coolshop. Coolshop has delivery already included in the prices, and with more than a million satisfied customers there should be nothing to wonder about – find your style with Coolshop!

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Garden, patio and outdoor, Garden tools

New season for garden tools. The season for garden work in Denmark is unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on the preference – is not very long. It is around 4 months, so when we reach the end of March, and the frost is gone from the ground, and the winter is over, it is about time to find your garden tools in the shed – or get some new ones, if the old ones are about to wear out. There are new or improved garden tools coming all the time, especially when it comes to electrical or motorised garden machines. Only 30-40 years ago no one has probably predicted that the hand-operated lawnmowers would be replaced by motorised ones – even ones that would be able to drive themselves; and 20 years ago – that you would be able to get a lawnmower that is shaped like a little tractor, where you can sit and control the machine, while it cuts grass.

At Coolshop we can offer much more than lawnmowers for the garden. If you have a detached house, there is also a good chance that there is a hedge around the garden, and you need to cut that one at least 2 to 3 times during the growing season, and that is hard work with the old hedge scissors, but with an electric hedge clipper it is almost a game. Another motor-driven equipment for the outdoors that has become popular in the last few years, is pressure washer, which can be used for many things. Remove algae from the roof, old paint, rinse gutters and garden tiles and even wash the car. When the leaves fall in the autumn, a leaf blower is also handy. There is a world of garden tools out there, which make gardening much easier and more convenient.

Use only safe garden tools

Modern motorised tools for the garden – whether they run on electricity or gas – are made as safe as possible, but you should make sure that they are, when you are buying garden tools. A wide range of modern garden tools is available at Coolshop, which specialises in equipment for leisure time and outdoor use. Apart from motorised or electric garden tools you will also find manual garden tools. There is no reason to buy a mini tractor or a robot lawnmower, if you only have a postal-stamp-sized garden. You can easily handle that with an old-fashioned “rye bread machine” and get some exercise. No matter what you need for your garden, you are guaranteed to get some good quality products, when you shop with us. We sell the well-known brands, like Bosch and Nilfisk.

In the garden, you do not only need tools, but sometimes also toys, if you have children or grandchildren. You can also find stuff for games outside at Coolshop – for example, trampolines, playhouses or towers – or a jumping castle? Coolshop is a well-established internet shop, and more than 2 million customers have expressed their satisfaction of shopping in the store. Since you are already here, you might as well check out everything Coolshop has to offer.

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Beauty, To women – here are five must-have beauty products

Beauty and reaching beauty standards have probably affected women since the dawn of time. It is in the genetic code and it has always affected women. The ambition of acquiring beauty possibly comes from the fact that people, both men and women, have always searched for a goal in life and for some that goal is beauty. Some women have much higher standards than other and will go quite far to reach them, and surgeries for them are a completely “natural” way to do it. Others have standards but see their natural beauty as the true picture and do not wish to change that picture cosmetically. But no matter what, beauty is a common standard for many women.

Femininity or feminism?

There have been ups and downs for beauty standards through the years. Alongside with hunting beauty, women have also hunted independence, and these two ideals have not always gone hand in hand. Femininity got replaced by feminism, which meant that women did not have to chase beauty. This almost turned it to the opposite direction and created a riot where women forgot that their beauty standards were, in reality, about themselves and not about what the opposite sex thought. In that time, there was no place for both femininity and feminism, it was either one or the other.

It was 1960, when this concept was at its peak, and women wanted to be free from men. This fight continued through the next decades and it still exists today. During that time, it was a taboo to use makeup – since it was supposedly done for the men.

Does beauty really come from within?

Many claim that true beauty comes from within, which is mostly correct and also an expression that never dies. Either way beauty fascinates people. The beauty industry is definitely not putting the accent on the inner beauty, when every year millions are used on anti-age creams, skincare, makeup, perfumes, haircare and more. The facts are, that these products in general help accentuate shapes, eyes, lips, smile and body, and who does not appreciate that? Maybe you are one of those?

The true beauty classics

There are constantly new temptations on the market that will treat your beauty cravings, but they are not all good! The question is, which of the products should a woman get? The answer is simple – classic never goes out of style, and it will always be the timeless beauty that wins. There are a handful of products that are impossible to live without, and that are a must on the bathroom shelf and in the makeup bag. The so-called classic must-haves for women!

Classic scent. Perfume is a must and never goes out of style. There are many new players on the market that do it well. If you want a proper classic, Chanel Coco is a true winner. The scent is spiced with mandarin, peach and pomegranate, a scent that revives classic memories. It is timeless, and one of the most traditional ones that exist. The price for 100ml is £159, but it will last for months or even years – you only need to use a little bit. If you lean more towards delicate and subtle fragrances, Yves Saint Laurent is a great bet, it is also a classic. Their Cinema has a fantastic scent of clementine, almond and jasmine and finishes off with a little sweetness. Both perfumes can be used by women of all ages.

8 hours of sleep with a single stroke!

How can it be that some women look fresh no matter if they slept 8 hours or 2 hours? No matter if they tended the hotel bar until 2 at night or if they have gotten their beauty sleep? The reason is quite simple – they use a mascara of the highest quality, that with a single application will make your eyes look fresh, bright and alluring. A good one for achieving that is Christian Dior – Diorshow Iconic Waterproof mascara. It gives long, curled and separated lashes, just like you want them – and it is waterproof.

The price is £27,95 and you do not want to save cash or compromise here – the worst case is when you get a mascara that clumps up or flakes off after a few hours – it will not happen with this one! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Max Factor makes Masterpiece Waterproof that costs £11,50. It works great as well but does not really have the same coverage.
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“The miracle cream”

Have you ever heard of beauty miracles? This cream from Elizabeth Arden is one. Her Eight Hour cream is so known that it is often just called by that name – Eight Hour cream – without even mentioning the brand. The cream soothes, protects and hydrates skin up to eight hours. It shapes brows, gives luminosity, relieves sunburnt skin, gives hydration to the skin and helps dry and cracked lips when winter is toughest. A classic must for every woman.

Queen by day – princess by night

At night a woman’s body restores best and the most. Sleep diminishes wrinkles and gives energy to body, skin and soul to ensure they are charged. Biotherm Skin Best Night cream is a nourishing rejuvenating anti-age night cream that is suitable for all skin types. It is formulated with protein rich Spirulina and it helps minimize fine lines and make skin brighter and smoother. The price for 50ml is £62,87, but it will last several months, as a few drops are enough for the whole face.

Polished nails

After face, nails are one of the first things that get noticed, and now when women have the chance to do something special with the feminine hands, it should be done with style. The competition in nail polish products is hard, which means that the prices are on the low side. A good bet is OPI Nail Polish in the shade Barefoot in Barcelona with the price £12,95 for 15ml. Apart from being fast-drying, it does not contain DBP, formaldehyde or toluene, which you should always be careful to avoid.

This was the 5 classic beauty must-haves, but there are, of course, more products that women can consider investing in. It is difficult to make sure that the skin gets hydration and vitamins without a face cream. Beauté Pacifique Crème Métamorphique contains all the minerals and vitamins that you need. The cream is used daily as a night cream and it ensures the reparation of the skin during the night. Lastly, the skin needs to be cared for during the day too. Beauté Pacifique also makes an amazing day cream that is called Super 3 Booster that restores lost collagen cells in the skin’s structure.

It nourishes the skin and keeps it fresh during the day. Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior, L’Oréal, Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Arden, Gucci, Ralph Lauren. We could go on and on. Beauty products have been on the rise for a long time, but there has been a disagreement concerning what a beauty product actually is. Beauty products have been foregoing constant change for as long as the beauty standards have existed. Historians and psychologists have researched during many years what it is that people considered beautiful. Through many years of research and study, however, the researchers could not give a single clear definition of what beauty is.

Especially in the west, beauty standards have changed a numerous amount of times. It has become more “in” to be, some would say, excessively thin, than it was 20-30 years ago. Despite this changing beauty vision, people can agree on features in men and women that make them attractive. Those are, for example, clean and well-groomed skin; thick, long and shiny hair; symmetrical facial features; curvy shape for women and broad shoulders for men.

Makeup, skincare and haircare

Beauty products is your way to “cheat” yourself to even more beauty. Today there are a ton of products that can help you get nicer hair, more prominent eyes, softer and healthier skin, fuller lips and so on. At Coolshop you have a chance to buy a range of best products from different brands. We have mascaras that can highlight the subtlest eyes. We have lip balms and lipsticks that will nourish and accentuate your lips. We have colourful nail polishes that will give your nails a new life.

We also have skincare products. At Coolshop you can buy face creams that will protect your face from the sun’s damaging effects and thus, wrinkles. You can also buy creams that will nourish your whole body – creams that will make your skin well-groomed, hydrated and nice-smelling. We also have products that will care for your hair – shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments, but also products that can help style your hair – like hair dryers, flat irons and curling wands, as well as hair ties, hairspray and wax. We have everything you should need – take a look at our beauty page.

Makeup offers, haircare offers and skincare offers

At Coolshop we have plenty of discounts for all types of beauty products. We cater the best products from respected brands, so if you buy your products at Coolshop, you are guaranteed products that will help you. We also have products for YOU. No matter if you are tall, short, thin or thick – we have something for you too, so you can feel good about yourself and your self-confidence will increase. Explore the page. We have a big stock of products that are just waiting to be sold. And remember! The delivery is fast, and the cost is included in the price.


We have secured our stock with the absolute best brands in the makeup industry. You can buy the old famous ones like Lancôme, L’Oréal and Max Factor. These are, of course, favourites for the most, but we also have products from less-known brands like Hot Makeup and Gillian Jones. If you are the type to experiment with new things, maybe these brands are something you should try. Explore our makeup-page. You will definitely find something that you are in need of. Remember! The delivery cost is already in the price.

Face makeup

Is your makeup in order? Are you lacking a foundation to create a nice base? Or concealer that can cover irregularities and other imperfections? Or how about a nice new powder? We also have blush, bronzers and eyeshadow. Foundation is the base for all of your makeup. Here you create your look’s starting point, and it is important that you choose a foundation that matches your skin colour perfectly. Our foundation and other makeup products are your means to appear young and beautiful with a natural look.

We have, for example, the beautiful Max Factor Creme Puff. The powder can be purchased in beige, translucent and golden, and the most popular one is beige. Crème Puff is an amazingly beautiful powder that contains small light-reflecting particles, so you get a bright and fresh look.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is just as important – if not more – as face makeup. Most often your look can be done with a simple accentuating of your eyes, and it is important that you choose the right products for that to succeed. All eyes are unique, and you might need to emphasize your eyes differently than others. At Coolshop we have collected a wide range of products exactly for that. You can see our selection of eye makeup here. We will highlight few of the most popular products.

You can, for example, buy makeup products from Clinique. Among others, we have their ultra-popular High Impact mascara. It is a volume mascara that will give you nice voluminous, long and intense lashes. Your lashes will charm everyone. You also have a chance to buy a mascara from Maybelline. Volum’ Express deserves a special mention here. Mascara can be bought in 4 different versions, so you can find one for every look. Volum’ Express gives you up to 7x more volume and it gets rid of clumps with its mega-brush.

Lip makeup

Lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick. Are you lacking a product that will show off and care for your lips? No matter what you seek, Coolshop can help you. We have a ton of products in stock and you will, no doubt, find just the right product. We can, for example, recommend the popular lip gloss from Shiseido, Laquer Rouge. The lip gloss is sold in many different colours. It gives you magically perfect lips and beautiful shine. The lip gloss still provides good comfort. You can see other products from Shiseido here. Estée Lauder should be mentioned here too.

They make Pure Color Envy lipstick, which you can buy at Coolshop. You can buy the lipstick in three different shades. Pure Color Envy is a lipstick you must own. It gives your lips a rich and pigmented colour, and it gives you a certain character – it contributes to your look and your attitude. Pure Color Envy provides moisture and helps protect it. With a lipstick from Estée Lauder you are guaranteed 6 hours of wear.
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Do your nails need a refreshment? Is it not a good idea to try a new nail polish? Nail polish for many is the last stroke to the perfect makeup. It is a cherry on top when you want to dress yourself up. We have collected the prettiest and best quality nail polishes on the market. They are all in the nail department under makeup. We will highlight a few favourites here. A brand that deserves to be mentioned is OPI. OPI makes many different polishes in different shades. OPI can be used for toe nails too. It is pretty easy to apply, and your nails get a smooth and even finish. We sell OPI nail polishes in up to 24 shades, so you can definitely find a shade that fits you.

Coolshop is also a retailer for OPI Nail Strengtheners. This type of nail polish is for you, if you have thin and damaged nails. OPI Nail Strengthener is a caring and strengthening help for you soft and fragile nails. You can see all our OPI nail polishes here. L’Oréal also makes a range of fantastic nail polishes. The biggest demand is on L’Oréal Color Riche Le Vernis nail polish. You can buy the polish in 12 different shades – all from neutrals and innocent to crazy and screaming colours. Color Riche Le Vernis is a great and effective nail polish. You can easily apply it with precision. You can see the rest of our beautiful nail products from L’Oréal here.


Why should I spend time and money on skincare? It is necessary to use energy on skincare, since it can help your skin maintain its protecting properties. Skincare helps you fight bacteria and other harmful organisms. Skincare also helps your body keep liquids in – it does that by maintaining or restoring skin’s suppleness and moisture. At Coolshop we have gathered plenty of interesting products that you can buy to care for your skin – both face and body.

Face skincare

Coolshop has many different products for face care. You can get cleansing foams, after sun, anti-wrinkle creams, hydrating creams and so on. We have collected only the best products on the market, so you know what you are getting. We have creams from Pai, Beauté Pacifique, Elizabeth Arden, Nuxe, L’Oréal and so on. You can see the whole selection of skincare for the face here. Below we will shortly present some products that deserve to be highlighted, and that you will possibly be interested in. We sell, among others, products from Pai. Pai is known for their different face products – for example, their face scrub, hydrating cream, makeup remover and day cream.

The products from Pai are fresh and natural, made with 100% natural ingredients. No matter which Pai product you choose, you are guaranteed a product that is ecologically certified and contains a mix of the best plant extracts. These extracts have documented therapeutic properties and are developed with consideration of sensitive skin that has tendencies for allergic reactions. You can see our selection of Pai products here. When we are talking face products, Beauté Pacifique is a brand worth checking out. Beauté Pacifique produces a wide range of different products but their Super 3 Booster can definitely be highlighted. Super 3 Booster is a fantastic anti-age booster cream and it contains three A-vitamin types that all restore lost collagen cells in your face. The cream repairs the damage made by sun and reduces wrinkles. Super 3 Booster can also be applied to other parts – for example, hands and fingers. You can see our selection of Beauté Pacifique here.

Body skincare

The skincare for your body is – if not more important – then at least as important as for the face. If you use the right products in the right places, it can have a big effect on your imperfections and production of sebum. You will also experience that your skin ages much slower through the years – production of wrinkles will decrease drastically. Finally, your skin will feel fresher overall and at the same time have a fantastic scent. The freshness and good scent will also affect you mentally. You will feel attractive and sexy after using the skincare. There is nothing better than applying skin products after an evening bath, before you go to bed.

You can see our wide selection of body skincare products here. Out of all our body skincare we can especially recommend products from the brand Biotherm. One of the most known products from Biotherm is Baume Corps Bodylotion. Baume Corps is a stimulating, emollient and fast-absorbing body lotion. If you suffer from dry skin, this lotion can help it become smooth and soft again. The lotion contains oils that create a barrier that protects the skin from loss of hydration and drying out.

Sunscreen, Coolshop also sells sunscreens.

Sunscreen is probably one of the absolute essential creams in life. Sunscreen contains a number of ingredients that counteract sun’s dangerous rays. The cream penetrates the top layer of your skin where it prevents a big part of the sun’s rays from coming through. The sunscreen works as a shield that reflects the dangerous UV-impacts that the sun produces. Coolshop has gathered the absolute best sunscreen brands on the market, because we think you need to have the opportunity to get the optimal protection.

You can explore our selection of sunscreens here. We have different products from the brand Lancaster. One of the more popular products is Sun Beauty Tanning Milk. Sunscreen is the ideal choice for all sun-bathers. With Sun Beauty Tanning Milk, you get the maximum tan while still maintaining an optimal protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. You get a fantastic golden-brown skin with products from Lancaster. We can highly recommend the brand.


Do you have trouble finding your way in the big jungle of different hair products? There are at least as many products for haircare as there are for skincare. We all have different types of hair that deserves and requires different types of care.

Maybe you have a problem with dry hair? Or maybe your damaged scalp is giving you problems? Is your hair thin and lifeless, and do you dream of having fantastic full and shiny hair that you have seen numerous times in TV commercials? Or do you have exactly the opposite and you are tired of the big mane that frustrates you every day? Or are you just tired of your old hair colour and wish to experiment with a new one?

The answer to those problems is haircare. There is no product that cannot help you with your issue. But products are not everything. If you want the best for your hair, you need to take care of it with certain conditions. As a start, you should wash your hair with shampoo and use conditioner a couple of times a week. If you use them more frequently, you can risk your hair drying out. You should also change your shampoo and conditioner regularly. After some time, your hair gets used to the same products, and it partially becomes immune to the effects.

You can boost the effect by changing products regularly. Fortunately, Coolshop has plenty of different shampoos and conditioners, so you can buy several to pick between. At Coolshop we have all the products that you will need for caring and styling of your hair. We have many different shampoos, hair treatments and conditioners. We can also offer a range of different electric appliances – shavers, flat irons, hair dryers, hair trimmers and so on. Explore our big selection of shampoo, hair treatments and haircare, electric appliances, styling and accessories.


Shampoo is probably the most ‘ordinary’ type of hair product. Shampoo has the simple objective of cleaning your hair of dirt. If you feel that your hair is really dirty, you can choose to wash it twice in a row. The important part of using a shampoo is that you choose the type that your hair needs. If you have coloured hair, you should choose a shampoo that preserves the colour in your hair. If you have problems with dandruff, you should use a shampoo that fights it. If you have an irritable scalp, you need a protective shampoo.

Coolshop has a ton of different shampoo brands in stock, so you can definitely find the one you are looking for. We have both ecologic and non-ecologic products. We have shampoo that can be used for normal hair. We have shampoo that will increase your hair volume. We have shampoo that will help preserve hair colour. Brands that are worth to mention are, for example, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian and Joico.

Hair treatments

But shampoo is not enough. If you want to protect and treat your hair, you should also invest in other products. We are talking about, for example, hair treatments, conditioners, hair masks and so on. The different products have different effects – and some products also more than one effect. They will be able to repair dry and damaged hair and prevent frizziness. Some can also protect from the heat and make your hair soft as silk. If you have a beautiful hair colour that you want to keep, there are also products for that. If you have split ends, we have products that can cure that too. Coolshop has a range of different products that you can buy. We have, to name a few, some great products from Kérastase, Redken and L’Oréal. Your hair will love you if you treat it to products that can give it a better and stronger life. You can see the whole selection of hair products here.
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Flat irons, hair dryers and curling irons

Coolshop can also help you if you are searching for electronic equipment for styling your hair. We have everything you need. We have flat irons, if you want to have beautiful sleek hair. Flat irons are of the highest quality, and they glide through your hair. We have flat irons in all possible sizes and prices, so that you can get the exact one that matches your needs. We also have hair dryers, if that is what you are in need of. They are all of the finest quality and some of them are used by your hairdresser too. Hair dryers can be bought in different sizes and for different prices.

The more expensive the hair dryer is, the stronger and better it is. Some of our best hair dryers are equipped with a better and more powerful motor that prevents frizzy hair while keeping it soft and hydrated. If you are looking for a curling wand, Coolshop can also help you. A curling wand gives you a unique chance to style your hair exactly the way you want it. Our curling irons are exceptionally easy to use, and with multiple functions you have almost countless possibilities to create the look you have always dreamed of. You can get anything from some fantastic eye-catching diva-curls to a more discreet and messier beach look.

Scents and accessories

Skincare and haircare help your skin and hair, and you always get a nice scent when you use them. However, the products do not give the same opportunities that you can get by using deodorants and perfumes. If you are struggling with a lot of sweat, it can be combatted with a good aromatic deodorant. We also have perfumes, if you like to smell nice – for everyday use and for more formal occasions.


If you are searching for a perfume, you have come to the right place! Coolshop has plenty of different perfumes – both eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Whether you use one or other depends on your mood – but also on your skin and how long you want the perfume to last. Eau de toilette contains the biggest amount of water and the lowest amount of perfume oil – only 4-10% of oil. If you use eau de toilette, you spare your skin a big part of harmful perfume chemicals.

Obviously, because of the difference in the amount of perfume oil, you will notice that eau de toilette does not last as long as eau de parfum. Eau de parfum contains 8-15% of perfume oil and will be able to hold the scent through the day. No matter what you seek, Coolshop for sure has the answer! We have perfumes for women and men, and we have all kinds of scents. We have strong scents and weaker scents. We have fragrances for all types of people.


If you are looking for a deodorant, there is also some advice on that. We have roll-on, stick and spray deodorants, we have one for you no matter what you prefer. Roll-on and stick are healthier than spray, because you avoid the most of chemicals that you would otherwise breathe in with a spray deodorant. We have both deodorants and antiperspirants. By using deodorants, you allow your body to release sweat.

The smell is prevented because of the deodorant’s strong scent, but more importantly, because deodorants contain antiseptics that kill the smell-producing bacteria in sweat. Antiperspirants also have a nice scent, but they contain chemicals that block the pores, so no sweat can escape. At Coolshop we have many different deodorants – both for men and women. We have neutral and scented deodorants. Our deodorants are the most popular on the market!

Gift set

If you are looking for a nice gift set, Coolshop can help you too! We have a range of different gift sets for cheap and favourable prices. You can get anything from fragrance gift set and skincare set to hair styling and makeup gift set. There are sets for both men and women. These gift sets are the perfect solution, if you cannot decide what to give as a gift, and they come in an amazing gift package.


We have all the beauty accessories you could be searching for. Are you missing a brush for your hair that would not hurt when you use it? Or a mirror that you can place on your makeup table or take out when you need it? What about a new makeup bag where you can store all your creams and makeup for when you are on the go? Or a toiletry bag if you have more than just creams and makeup? We also have beauty boxes you can fit your whole world into. Brushes, mirrors, makeup bags, toiletry bags, beauty boxes, hair ties – Coolshop has everything! Explore our big selection of accessories!

For men

Are you a man and thinking that all this is a bit too much? Do not despair – we have made a filter for every category, so you can get an overview of all the products you need. Perfume, shaving, skincare, haircare and deodorants. We have everything you need. Explore the men’s sections by choosing Men in the search filter, and you will not get lost. In our perfume section you can find all the nicest men perfumes: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani – just to name a few. You can also find products for shaving – we have different types – after shave balm and lotion, face scrub and face cleanser.

What about skincare – do you have all you need? Coolshop has arranged everything for you. Under skincare for men we have collected all the products you as a man would need. The same goes for haircare. Here you can find everything for washing and taking care of your hair. Finally, we have also gathered all the men deodorants on the page just for you. Here you can find the exact deodorant you need.

Outer and inner beauty

Beauty is, of course, individual, since we all have our own taste. That is why the way we take care of ourselves is also different for everyone. It is about inner beauty and that is what is the most important. But the inner beauty is not always easy to see the first time you meet someone. In many situations it is important for us to make a good first impression on the people we meet, no matter if you go on a date, to a job interview or to an important meeting at work. When you make sure to take care of yourself, and think that you are radiating beauty, you often also get better self-confidence and will therefore make a good first impression.

There are many ways to neat yourself up. It can be with fine clothes, nice hairstyle, lacquered nails or face makeup. Most of us look each other in the eyes, when we try to get to know new people. It is therefore not without reason that face makeup often focuses on the eyes. If you have small eyes, they can be made to look bigger, if you have close set eyes, you can made them seem wider apart. By using mascara on the lashes, you bring out your eyes, and almost invite people for an eye contact. At Coolshop you can, for example, buy mascara and many other different beauty products online, since we offer a lot of lovely brands for good prices.

We have makeup, perfumes, body lotions and other products for personal hygiene, treating yourself and beauty. Come in and get some inspiration for how you can make yourself prettier the next time you would like to impress someone.

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Movies and TV-shows

At Coolshop we have a big collection of Movies and TV-shows. We constantly update our stock, and you will always have a chance to buy the newest titles on the market – both in movies and TV-shows. But if you are on the lookout for some of the older titles – for example, real movie classics or famous TV-shows that you have dreamed of owning for many years – you can also do that here. We love to watch movies and TV-shows, so we think that you need a chance to get some new entertainment. Explore the webpage and find your next movie or/and a TV-show for the collection – we have more than 500 titles to choose from! And remember – delivery is always included in the price.

Enjoy! Nothing beats a good movie, when the weekend is coming to an end, and the British weather is showing its cold side – find your favourite movie for low price at Coolshop. Both DVD and Blu-Ray are of the best quality in sound and image. Do not compromise, when Luke Skywalker is battling the evil in Star Wars or Harry Potter gets in trouble – choose top-class movies at Coolshop or be the lucky owner of your favourite TV-show in a lovely collection box.
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For all

Movies from Coolshop are for all – big and small, young and old and all in between. Whether you are a movie lover or just want to watch a good movie without interruptions, you will find the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray in the webshop. The family can gather around a relaxing activity, when the day’s to-dos are done. Children as well as adults can enjoy the family movies, funny kids’ classics or Pixar’s funny animation movies. A good movie gives a good conversation, and it can be cosy to share the movie experience with friends that value good acting and a good story. If you want your girlfriend – or one you are trying to score – to move a little closer, search for horrors with blood-dripping creeps in Zombie series or romantic horror in the Twilight Saga. Movies create atmosphere and there is something for all in any situation.

Girls girls girls…

Movies do not need to be a social thing. Sometimes it can be a much-needed me-time, where you just detach and watch only what YOU want. Series like Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls never get boring, but should there be more depth, do not forget the lovely Before Sunset. Log out of everyday for a moment and allow yourself some downtime – order your favourite movies and series from Coolshop, so you are ready when the chance for some alone time presents itself. Girls can also get some more adventure time. Pretty Jennifer Lawrence manages the bow and the arrow in The Hunger Games, or the beautiful Lois Lane catches attention in he ultimate Superman collection box.

Keep out the obligations and work and let yourself be drawn into breath-taking action, calm drama or exciting sci-fi. Sometimes life also needs to be enjoyed through a good movie! Luckily, movies and TV-shows are no longer only for women or only for men. More and more successes hit wide and can be enjoyed by both genders and often also by both children and adults. In the big American animation productions men and women, adults, kids and seniors laugh with the perfect combination of a good narrative, surprising characters, and always humoristic replies.

Movies online

When you buy movies online, you are buying entertainment straight to your door. With movies and TV-shows in good DVD and Blu-Ray quality you become the owner of entertainment that just keeps on going. Sound and picture do not become worn or impaired just because you are watching your favourite scene again and again, and you do not need to fear that you will run out of space for the collection – the thin cases are a welcome solution to the past’s thick VHS cassettes that could take over one shelf after another.

Store your movies and series in boxes under the player or in rows on the shelf, you will not run out of place any time soon, so just buy the movie you are thinking of at Coolshop. Ordering at Coolshop is easy and quick – you click on the product, fill out the info and receive your order in 2-3 business days. There is always cheap delivery, which is always included in the price, and it is not uncommon that you will find offers for two movies for a good price… Maybe it is a good gift idea to buy an extra? If you have questions about delivery, contact us before ordering and let us help you with your inquiries. The advantages of ordering Movies and TV-shows online is that you are always ready to watch a movie, no matter where you are.

You do not need to wait for streaming or be online at all to watch the movie – it is practical for the long travel or in the summerhouse, where the internet is too slow to watch the movie. Take a good movie with you on vacation, when you need to relax before bedtime, and all the new exciting impressions from the vacation need time to settle in. A movie can be new and exciting or comfortably familiar, you choose for yourself. Create the atmosphere you are in the mood for and share a good experience with those you care about.

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Babies and children, Coolshop has everything for babies and children

When it is time for a family expansion, it also means a significant increase in things, bits and pieces, furniture equipment and clothes everywhere in a small home. If it is you, who is so lucky to be expecting, or if you need a good gift for the new family, a great and easy solution would be to look around at Coolshops user-friendly and well-assorted online store. We have a separate department dedicated to babies and children, where you can find everything you need – and we mean everything – for care and play. Surely you have already thought of the most basic things like a stroller, changing station, and rompers.

We present a big selection of those, so try and look around, and use the search filters on the left side of the website, where you can sort by categories and brands. Think also of safety – we offer great products, for example, from the well-known and tested Baby Dan, that can make your home a safe base for a baby. We recommend the Baby Dan home safety starter set, which is a combined package with a selection of safety equipment for baby-proofing closets, cabinets, and electrical outlets – those should exist in every home that has curious little wandering hands.

Take a look at the big selection of gates for doors, stairs and stoves at Coolshop, when suddenly the little one is quick on the feet and needs to be kept out of trouble the whole time. How about a reliable baby monitor? Coolshop offers the test-winning baby monitor Avent from Philips that simply always works, is easy to handle and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Only good experience awaits you when you shop for baby stuff at Coolshop.

The newest and the old but good for babies at Coolshop

It is no secret that the market for baby equipment has exploded in the latest years. We are, of course, completely up to date at Coolshop and present the most modern and newly developed products like a travel cot from Deryan, pregnancy pillows from Chicco and ultra-hip dolls for babies from Rubens. You can find these – and many more – new products by searching in “news”. There is also a ton of great, tried and tested successes that you can get your hands on.

Have you, for example, considered to give the parents-to-be a lovely wooden midwife stethoscope, so they can listen to the baby’s heartbeat whenever they like? You can also find and old-school crib with a wonderful canopy, and the impeccable wooden activity stand from KREA that many will remember from their childhood. We can easily provide practical things like car safety seats, basins and high chairs, and you can also find a wide range of brands for baby clothes in all price levels. You will, of course, also find a christening gift for the little one, when the time comes – and should the new mother be treated with some nice care products for hair and body? Or a beautiful piece of jewellery to remember the birth? We have all of that at Coolshop.

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