eBay Classifieds alternative: 15 eBay Classifieds alternatives at a glance

Selling is easy with eBay Classifieds. Whether private or commercial, anyone can offer their items for sale here. The products can be both used and new.

In total, more than 28 million ads are available for sale. If you want to sell or buy things at auction, you might be interested in these 15 alternatives to eBay Classifieds.

eBay Classifieds alternative: These 16 alternatives exist

On eBay Classifieds you can post the products you want to sell for free and find a suitable buyer. All ads are sorted into different categories. This way you can quickly find a buyer or the right item. You might also be interested in the following eBay Classifieds alternatives.

eBay Classifieds alternative: 15 eBay Classifieds alternatives at a glance
eBay Classifieds alternative: 15 eBay Classifieds alternatives at a glance

Quoka Germany

On Quoka you can quickly sell anything you want for free. Many categories offer a wide range of products. Here you can earn money without paying a big company.

You make contact with your customers yourself and selling becomes child’s play. Behind Quoka is a dedicated team that is committed to continuous development.

quoka Germany

Assortment: Vehicles, real estate, partner exchange, animals, accessories, job market, electronics, hobby & leisure, home & family, all kinds of things.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace gives you the opportunity to sell products both privately and commercially. These can be used, self-made or new. There are no fees.

The buyer can contact the seller directly via Messenger. The costs and shipping are discussed privately. Seller protection may be available depending on the location.

Assortment: Vehicles, Rentals, Clothing, Hobby, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Electronics, Entertainment, To Give Away and much more.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: Seller protection given depending on location


Shpock is a marketplace where you can buy, sell, trade or give away items. There are items in all kinds of categories. Communication and payment can be done privately or through the platform.

If the internal payment system is used, buyer protection is provided. Shpock is also available as a mobile app. With this alternative to eBay classifieds, selling and buying are now quick and easy.

Assortment: Clothing, real estate, family, services, car, home & garden, electronics, and much more.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: Buyer protection is provided when paying via the internal payment system

markt.de in Germany

markt.de now brings buyers and sellers together even faster. Whether you want to sell something or offer a service, markt.de works like a conventional marketplace.

Completely free of charge, you can get in touch with others and sell, give tips or find a new job, and much more. Communication and shipping are set privately, markt.de purely establishes the cotnact.

markt de

Assortment: Clothing, furniture, real estate, services, events, contacts, job market, travel, erotic, household, animals, marketplace, and much more.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

nebenan.de Germany

nebenan.de now brings neighbours even closer together. All you have to do is register and you’ll find out everything that’s going on in your neighbourhood. Announcements, funny stories or events can now be shared.

In addition, the platform offers a marketplace where you can buy, sell, give away or swap products. nebenan.de is a social institution, so it is completely free of charge for you. With the eBay classifieds alternative, neighbourhood comes alive.

Assortment: Marketplace, events and communication

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

Kalaydo Germany

Kalaydo is almost a portal for discovery, given the wide range of offers. In all of Germany, it is the platform with the widest e-commerce offering. Whether it’s job offers, clothing, accessories for animals or much more, there’s a lot to discover at Kalaydo.

Thanks to the cooperation with newspapers, newspaper ads can be placed at the same time. With the exception of the job exchange section, the eBay classifieds alternative can be used free of charge.

Assortment: Classifieds (pet market, baby & child, furniture & living, neighbourhood help), job exchange, real estate, car.

Fees: Fees are only charged in the Job Exchange section.

Seller Protection: All ads are checked in advance.

Fairmondo Germany

fairmondo is a site that has a fair and sustainable background. It is about standing up to the big corporations. Many private individuals or companies support the project. Items can be sold, bought, lent or exchanged in different categories.

There are no registration fees. Fees are only due when an item is actually sold. The fee is 7%, 6% goes to fairmondo and 1% is donated to a social project, such as fighting corruption.

Assortment: Books, home & living, media, food, fashion, children & baby, leisure & sports, and much more.

Fees: 7% of the price of an item sold, minimum 0.10€.

Seller Protection: No consumer protection

locanto.de Germany

Locanto offers free classifieds in up to 60 countries worldwide. You can post ads and shop for free. If you want to use the service commercially, you have to book additional options to have your item displayed.

The premium account can also help to sell products faster. The sale is handled directly between the buyer and seller.

Classes, Community, Events, For Sale, Jobs, Personals, Real Estate, Services, Vehicles Free Classifieds Locanto™

Assortment: Vehicles, property, buying and selling, dating, service, neighbourhood, events, jobs, courses, personals.

Here is help with buying and shipping by mail from stores and sellers. Contact us...
eBay Alternative

Fees: The offer is free of charge, fees apply for additional options or the premium account

Seller Protection: No seller protection


suchebiete.com offers a free service. Without having to pay any fees, you can place as many ads as you like. The buyer negotiates directly with the seller so that a contract can be concluded. Countless items are offered in many different categories, so you are sure to find the right product. Tips for selling are ready for you.

Assortment: Family & Baby, Books, Movies, Electronics, Food, Events, Contacts and much more.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

dhd24.com Germany

At dhd24.com you can place ads free of charge, quickly and locally. A wide range of articles is waiting for you, so you can find your product here. If you have something to sell yourself, you can place it directly in the appropriate category. Basically, there are no fees.

If you want to make selling a little easier, you can choose one of the premium services. This involves a one-time payment. This eBay Classifieds alternative makes selling even easier!


Assortment: Antiques & art, vehicles, service, books & music, fashion, wellness & beauty, refugee aid, job market and much more.

Fees: Basically none, premium services from €1.99 one-off.

Seller Protection: No seller protection


fast-alles.net is the platform for free classifieds. Without fear of fees, you can upload anything you want to offer for sale. But not only articles, but also services, such as carpooling, are on offer.

The variety of categories could not be more extensive. With fast-alles.net, the free eBay classifieds alternative, you can find offers in your area in seconds.

Assortment: Baby & child, camping, computers, office, bicycles, holiday homes, model building, carpooling and much more.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

eBay-kleinanzeigen.de Germany

eBay kleinanzeigen.de is for everyone who would like to buy, sell, swap or give away. With kleinanzeigen.de everything is possible. Advertising is completely free of charge.

If a customer wants to buy your item, he or she can write you a message via the website and you will receive it as an e-mail. This alternative to eBay Kleinanzeigen attaches great importance to data protection.

eBay Kleinanzeigen - eBay Classifieds alternative: 16 eBay Classifieds alternatives at a glance

Assortment: Car & motor, real estate, contacts & leisure offers, vouchers, marketplace, services & courses, jobs & job market, swap meet, rent & let.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

andoo.de Germany

At andoo.de you can search and find. And it’s all free of charge. The available premium subscription is not obligatory. More than just buying and selling, andoo.de also offers press releases and news as well.

Job offers, the search for service providers and models are also on the programme. The eBay classifieds alternative could hardly be more versatile.

Assortment: Car and motor, office and service, electronics, leisure, home and garden, job market, travel and holidays and much more.

Fees: No fees, a premium subscription is available on request

Seller Protection: No seller protection

alles.de Germany

The ad market alles.de offers free advertising. All products can be classified in different categories. As a buyer, you can see all the products on offer at first glance.

At alles.de you don’t have to be afraid of hidden costs. The platform as an alternative to eBay Kleinanzeigen cooperates with Quoka.

Assortment: Car & motorbike, pet market, electronics, acquaintances, jobs & business, real estate market, house & families, hobby & leisure, sports & wellness, everything possible.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

bazar.de Germany

bazar.de is a platform that provides you with a clear overview of all offers, sorted by federal state. The offer is completely free of charge for both sellers and buyers.

The good thing about this eBay classifieds alternative is that it is very clearly laid out and easy to use. Bazar.de makes buying and selling a breeze.

Bazar.de - Kleinanzeigen Deutschland

Assortment: Motor, real estate, electronics, household & clothing, leisure, animals & pet supplies, business & economy.

Fees: None

Seller Protection: No seller protection

willhaben Austria

Willhaben.at is a marketplace based in Austria. Here you can offer products for sale in various categories. There are no fees for most advertisements.

Austria Willhaben.at attaches great importance to data protection and security. So there is also buyer protection, which is currently still free and will soon be available for a small price.

Product range: Marketplace, Real Estate, Car & Motor, Jobs & Careers.

Fees: No fees, except for animals

Seller Protection: Buyer protection available, currently free of charge, soon 4% of the purchase price, or 0.99€.

Many alternatives to eBay Classifieds

Whether you’re selling something or looking for a new bargain, classifieds can be a quick way to get in touch with a customer or seller. If you’re looking to sell something new or used, you might be interested in these alternatives to eBay Classifieds.

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