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Since 2004, EmpireCovers has been selling innovative protective covers. Located just outside of Philadelphia, our team strives to bring you the best quality products with an easy shopping experience.
Because our car, truck, van and SUV covers are a ‘semi-custom’ fit, 99% are in stock and ship right away.
And, since EmpireCovers ship direct from the manufacturer, we’re able to pass the savings on to you, offering some of the most durable covers online for a fraction of our competitors’ prices.
At EmpireCovers, customers come first.
EmpireCovers pride ourselves with having the best possible customer experience.
EmpireCovers want to hear your ideas and feedback about our car covers.
By keeping us informed about the quality and sizing of our car covers, EmpireCovers can better suit your needs.
Our customers love that our car covers are durable and long lasting. Be sure to read our car cover reviews!
Our cover experts research our products extensively, and use customer feedback to ensure a car cover you will love.
All the fabrics used for our car covers are non-abrasive to your vehicles finish.
This will allow your paint to continue to shine for years to come.

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Car Buyers Guide

  • American Armor RipStop, 12 Years, $157.50,
  • Titan 5-Layer Series, 10 Years, $121.50,
  • Titan 4-Layer Series, 5 Years, $108.00,
  • Indoor Luxury, 4 Years, $144.00,
  • Titan 3-Layer Series, 4 Years, $90.00,
  • Titan Outdoor Basic, 3 Years, $72.00,
  • Indoor Basic, 2 Years, $54.00

When it comes to protecting your car, you may think that a cheap car cover will do the trick.
But before you go and buy a cheap tarpaulin cover from some unknown online retailer, ask yourself these questions:
Do I need a waterproof cover?
Do I need a car cover that can repel mud, dirt, bird droppings, sap, pollen and other environmental pollutants?
Do I need a car cover designed to keep my cover in place in windy conditions?
Do I need a cover that can prevent the build-up of mold, mildew and rust from condensation?
Do I need a non-abrasive inner lining for my car cover?
Do I need an indoor storage cover for my classic car?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes.
Your car needs a quality car cover, otherwise you run the risk of your car getting scratched, dented, faded, corroding or stained, all of which diminish the look and value of your car.

Empire Car Covers

At Empire Covers, we don’t make cheap car covers.
EmpireCovers make the best-rated, affordable car covers that will protect your car for years to come.
Our car covers are designed to:
Keep your car clean, whether you store it indoors or outside
Be 100% waterproof inside and out to keep your car dry
Prevent condensation from contributing to mold, mildew and rust
Offer UV-resistant materials to prevent fading and wear from the sun and heat
Protect your vehicle from weather, the elements and environmental pollutants
Stay in place thanks to our sewn-in straps, buckles and elastic hems
Come in a range of sizes and models to provide a near-custom fit for any vehicle
Offer car cover prices to fit any budget
From indoor car covers that will keep your stored antique or classic car looking new, to outdoor car covers that will defend against damaging weather conditions, we are the place to go to buy an affordable car cover online.
Simply select your vehicle’s make, model and year and find the perfect cover today.
empirecovers - Because our car, truck, van and SUV covers are a 'semi-custom' fit, 99% are in stock and ship right away

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