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LOVEThESIGN has an Italian DNA and we are proud of this because Italy is a special country, this is where the phenomenon of product design was born. We know we belong to a historical and cultural context which has unmistakable contents, our creative experience and our communicative actions thrive on them. This inclination is able to expand itself, with identical passion and selection skills, to international design.

LOVEThESIGN Online Shop – Desks Eco, Fireplaces, Bags, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, Tableware, Tools, Stools, Lamps, Furniture, Dining, Beds. Custom consulting service, a selection of over 25k items signed by authentic designer brands, specialized staff: furnish your workspace with us.

LOVEThESIGN is an online boutique that selects and sells the best products in home design. It was founded with one goal: win over the world house by house, with the power combo of Italian style and international trends. The lovethesign team will rest only when every house, from attic to cellar, is draped in high-performing, eye-pleasing furniture. Three young founders, a team of fresh minds and a bunch of wise financers to lead the way: This is lovethesign .

LOVEThESIGN is the answer to all your designer furniture needs. We feature products from over 200 of the most innovative brands and designers from across Italy and the world to help make your house sizzle with character.

Our aim is simple: We want to help you unlock the potential of your home by making modern design furniture easy to find. It doesn’t matter what your taste is, what your price range is or what room you are looking for as our dedicated team of cool-hunters have found the perfect designer housewares for you.
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Decorate your home online |FURNITURE

Design Furniture by the Best Italian and International Brands. A perfect home is all about balance – between style and practicality, elegance and comfort. Here you’ll find plenty of solutions for interior decoration that will satisfy all fancies. The perfect pinch of design for every room.

Design Armchairs and Chaises Longues

Comfortable and classy, armchairs can add a special touch to the whole sitting room. On the other hand, you can’t beat a chaise longue when it comes to unwinding with a good book.

Design Bean Bags for Sale

An bean bag is forever! Dive in a sea of softness to fall in love with. A wide selection of bold colours, top quality materials and contemporary designs, to be used indoors or in the garden, by the pool, on the beach. Discover them all!

Single, Double or Bunk Beds Online

When you go back home at night, tired and sleepy, is there anything better than the soft embrace of your designer bed? Quality, durability, style and comfort – it’s all in these designer beds.

Modern Bookcases in Several Sizes

Books, photos and knick-knacks need somewhere special to fully shine. Here you can find modern, minimalist bookcases. Stylish, unpredictable shapes that will add that extra touch to your home.

Modern and Design Chairs Online

Comfort and style become one! The perfect chair welcomes you around the table in a discrete way, and yet changes the personality and feel of the space. Modern or classic, choose your favourite design!

Buy Online Your Chests of Drawers & Bedside Tables

Chest of drawers and bedside tables are a necessity: in the bedroom they’re a hot comodity as well as support for books, lamps and phones. Chest of drawers and bedside tables give you enticing additional space to keep linens and other objects from collecting dust. Go with a chest of drawers to keep your clothes or daily things in order and out of harm’s way.

Coat Racks

Who said coat racks have to be boring? If their design is good they can turn into versatile, visually powerful home accessories that will blow away guests. Pick yours and let it cheer you up even while hanging your coat. Find the right coat rack for you, for top to bottom style.

Coffee and Living-Room Tables

Small and inconspicuous, but essential. A coffee table plays a crucial part in ensuring a room is functional. Choose a designer table, you’ll find a life-long companion ready to support books, magazines, cups of tea, reading glasses…

Desks for Home and Office

The perfect corner where focus, comfort and functionality become one to help you work or study at your best. Pick your own desk – beautiful, functional, durable. A true companion for many years to come.

Bioethanol Fireplaces: Let’s Revolutionise Tradition

The presence of an eco fireplace is just like a traditional one with wood except that eco fireplaces are green and innovative. Add the right ambiance to your home with a bioethanol fireplace without the dangers of ash and residue. Spice up your house with a modern touch: the eco fireplace is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. Turn up the heat at night.

Design kids furniture

A harmony of colors and shapes, transformable and space-saving solutions that inspire them to play and learn: the design kids bedroom adapts to the changing needs of your children and is the perfect environment to develop their creativity.

Garden and Outdoor furniture

Armchairs, bean bags, coffee tables, sofas… Everything you need to live life to the fullest in the outdoors is up for grabs here. Durable products that withstand rain or shine will have you thinking about nothing more than how relaxing it feels to stretch out on the terrace.

Fine and Innovative Design Rugs

Mind your step! If you are looking for a furnishing solution that won’t go unnoticed, stop here. Rugs decorate adding a touch of warmth and personality to all spaces. These rugs are manufactured with a special eye to quality and materials.

Shelves and Floating Shelves, Floating Shelves on Sale

Filling out your room with shelves or floating shelves is a way of channelling your inner-creativity. If the wall is your canvas, then shelves and floating shelves are brush strokes to your masterpiece: the house. Have a look at our selection of unique, witty, original and practical shelves and floating shelves. Mix and match, overlap, just do you.

Sofas in different shapes and sizes

Comfort, elegance, design. Relaxing times at home revolve around it – your sofa. But its tender embrace can’t be chosen at random! For your downtime, dive into the plush comfort of a designer sofa. The details help them stand out, whether traditional or, when it comes to the chaise longue, extra large. Choose quality and style as your nightly companion or for rain-filled Sundays.

Design Kitchen Stools Available Online

Your best friends in small spaces, or any time you need that extra seat for an unexpected friend. No matter what their shape and colour, stools serve a thousand purposes and liven up any kind of space with a splash of colour.

Storage Containers

There is nothing parents can do about it – children can’t help leaving a mess behind everywhere they go. With these boxes and containers, though, we bet even they will feel like tidying up!

Wide Range of Design Tables

Round or squared, wooden or made from glass, the perfect table will stand out in your kitchen, dining room or office. Here you can find a selection of contemporary tables featuring an elegant and streamlined style.

Modern Interior Lighting

Discover Design Lighting by the Best Brands. For your Home, Garden and Outdoor Areas. Sometimes good lighting is all it takes to change the look of home spaces. Here you will find the best solutions for lighting your interiors – floor, table, wall and suspension lamps.

Ceiling Lights and Pendant Lighting

Light can take endless shapes. Classically refined or boldly contemporary, ceiling lights help in creating highlights and shaping spaces. Above your dining table or in the bedroom, the perfect light is here for you!

Modern Floor and Standing Lamps

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting. By the sofa or in the corner of the bedroom, there it is shedding the most perfect light – a designer floor lamp. Classic and minimal, or cheeky and modern, it’s waiting for you!

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Night lights for children

If the night gets too dark to handle, give your children a friendly nightlight to keep them company. A kid’s room will be more approachable and sleeping will go smoother with these adorable nightlights with tender and playful looks.

LED lamps for home , High Quality and Design

LED lamps are the final frontier of technology: they last long and use less energy. They are a smart, functional and sustainable light sources that easily adapt to any designers’ need.

Bright objects to light up and decorate your home

Light objects and furniture, technique and imagination. The choice of the perfect lamp does not only respond to the need to illuminate a room, it is fundamental to create a unique and special atmosphere.

Outdoor and Garden Lamps and Lights

Evening breeze, moonlight, a perfect ambience. Make the most of your outdoor areas in the dark too with beautiful outdoor lighting solutions able to light up your dreams.

Modern Table Lamps

During long nights at work or while relaxing with a book at your desk, a table lamp will be your best friend. Create the perfect atmosphere and protect your eyesight by choosing among a wide selection of styles.

Wall Lights Online

Don’t leave your home in the dark: choose a designer wall lamp! Here you browse among solutions characterised by a brilliant, original, simple yet classy style.

Decorate your Table Online

More than any other room at home, the kitchen tells stories of family times and dinners with friends. This is why it deserves the best of design – to make every meal a true feast.

Design Wine Accessories: Available Online

Very few things are more pleasant than a good glass of wine with the right people. Organise your home cellar and serve your wine in style, or create the best frame for your colourful cocktails.

Bowls and Containers with an Original Design

Kitchen is the realm of small things. If knick-knacks are about to overwhelm your kitchen, don’t panic, look here! Choose among designers bowls and containers to store everything away in style and retain your sanity at home!

Buy Design Centrepieces Online

The perfect table is not only functional but beautiful too. For special occasions or everyday meals alike, a centrepiece will add a final touch to the style of your table. It’s this simple!

Design small cups and coffee accessories. Coffee & Tea

A good breakfast is the best way to start off on the right foot. Tea and coffee accessories serve exactly this purpose – provide you with a happier start of the day. Pick your coffee cups, mugs, teapots and coffee makers and smile away!

Design, Colourful and Extravagant Cookware buy

Cookware proves that design isn’t just about looks: more than just that, designer cookware delves into proper choice of material, durability and range of use. However don’t overlook appearance: the kitchen will still have its share of onlookers.

Design Cruets available Online buy

More taste to your recipes! Often underrated yet essential, oil and vinegar are must-haves on any table. Give them their right place by choosing the set that best suits your style. Minimal or playful, classic or romantic – which one will be yours?

Cutting Boards and Knives On Sale Online

Cutting boards and knives play a major part in food preparation, whether for raw or cooked ingredients. Cutting, dicing and chopping will affect the final result in insurmountable ways. Our selection of designer cutting boards and knives will keep sharpened blades, stable cutting areas and ergonomic grips within arm’s reach, all the while keeping your style as sharp as ever.

Modern dinner sets with an original design buy

Your best recipes deserve the best presentation. Here you will find dinner sets made from the finest porcelain, mixing in a unique blend creativity, playfulness, functionality and beauty. Ready to pick yours?

Design flatware for the table

Classy details that make the difference. Weight, manageability, aesthetics and quality are the criteria you should follow in choosing the best cutlery. You will savour all the flavours in your dish without thinking of anything else.

Modern Design Glassware buy

True elegance lies in glass. Surprise your friends by serving water and juice in an super stylish way. Just choose among this wide selection of drinking glasses according to your taste and mood.

Outdoor cooking devices with a unique Design

Forget about wood and go put a grill in the garden or terrace and live to the utmost with friends. Designer grills and barbecues don’t need the centre stage, they give into your aesthetic needs and they’re practical, speedy solutions at home. An electric grill or charcoal barbecue can go both in the kitchen or outside.

Choose the right Pitcher for you

The best brands and most renowned designers have a ball while working on jugs and carafes with out-of-the-ordinary shapes, using glass, pottery and new-age material to preserve the beverage’s flavour and taste. Designer jugs and carafes add a spark to your kitchen style and steal the show at the table.

Tableware for your kids. Kids Tableware

What exactly makes a kids’ table? From original dishes and placemats, durable glasses and flatware, all the accessories that could make or break a birthday party at home. Kids tableware has its own set of rules, its own design and purpose: make them all happy, big or small, for a one-of-a-kind table experience.

Kitchen Utensils & Stylish and Modern. Kitchen Tools

Cut, slice, squeeze, serve! These designer kitchen accessories are handy, functional, playful and original. You will have fun even while slicing vegetables for your soup!

Tablecloths with a unique design. Table Linens

Dress your table in style! All you need is a gorgeous table cloth – and your breakfasts, family lunches and dinners with friends will never look the same. Mix and match your table cloth with mats and napkins for a wow effect!

The right tray for every occasion. Trays

Ensure a “wow” reaction from your guests by serving food in a unique way. These practical yet elegant trays will be the means of serving food and cocktails in style, while allowing you to easily move from kitchen to dining room.

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Home Accessories Online

What is it that gives character to a home? It’s all the tiny details that tell your story, speak about your passions and memories, embody your style. Let your spaces speak about you through many small things as pretty as they are useful.

Bathroom Accessories and Furniture

Decorate your Bathroom with Design Accessories and Furniture by the Best Brands. Functionality and discretion are the key words in the most intimate and personal room of the home – the bathroom. In this page you will find contemporary designer items that will turn the time you spend in the bathroom into a real pleasure.

Design Candle Holders and Modern Candelabra

Tiny details make the difference. The unusual materials, innovative shapes and many beautiful colours of these candle holders will add a touch of classy design to your romantic nights.

Modern Clocks Online. Buy Online Clocks

Time goes by, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t do so in style. Mark your hours in a lighthearted, elegant and bold way thanks to the designer clocks you will find here.

Decorate every room with style

If your idea of ornaments is stuck to what your grandma had on her mantlepiece, it’s time for you to change your mind! These small objects bring life to your furniture while pleasing the eyes. Ready to fall in love?

Make Your Desk a Special Place. Desk Accessories

The perfect work area is smart, dapper, functional. If you spend long hours at your desk, make it as personal and pleasant as any other part of your home! Pick the most elegant accessories for a dashing look that won’t go unnoticed.

Buy Online HI-Tech Items with an Unmistakable Design

Beauty lies even in the dustiest of corners. In a power socket, for instance, or in a tablet recharger. Don’t give in to the same old grey tech gadgets. Here you can find lots of must-have tech things you will love.

Home Improvement. The most useful objects fo your home only

Little things you won’t be able to do without! Quirky accessories, unusual details, items that will surprise you every day. Even the most classic home needs its share of good design!

Choose Online the Mirror for You

From mere furnishing accessories to true divas at home. Mirrors are often the only means to widen spaces in small apartments. Give in to a bit of vanity and choose a designer mirror!

Buy Online Outdoor décor accessories

The smallest style details will turn any outdoor area into functional and cosy. But there’s no need to give up designer elements just because of the beating sun or occasional rain! Here you’ll find the best accessories, hand-picked with love for you.

Design accessories for our 4-legged friends. Buy Online Pet Accessories

Our pet friends are truly part of the family and deserve only the best we can give them. Treat your cat or your puppy to a special bowl and have fun with lots of cool accessories designed especially for them.

Floating Shelves on Sale. Shelves and Floating Shelves

Filling out your room with shelves or floating shelves is a way of channelling your inner-creativity. If the wall is your canvas, then shelves and floating shelves are brush strokes to your masterpiece: the house. Have a look at our selection of unique, witty, original and practical shelves and floating shelves. Mix and match, overlap, just do you.

Space Saver Solutions

Running out of space to store your things? We’ve got you covered with fun, practical and useful ways of storing things that you could never have even imagined. Because a clean house means a clean mind.

Buy Online Vases

Your plants deserve only the best of design. Here you can find contemporary vases with unexpected, elegant shapes, in a perfect blend of practicality and style. Choose the perfect vase for your home or office – the plants will thank you.

Stickers and decorations for your home. Buy Online Wall Art & Stickers

It doesn’t always take a Picasso to spice up a room: with just a single print or piece of wall art an entire layout can be turned upside down, without having to tear down and walls. Today it’s a framed Warhol print, tomorrow a wall sticker will grace your walls. Prints and wall stickers fill up your walls in style.

Buy Online Your Wall Decoration

Make the most of your vertical surfaces! Use some wall art and wall decoration to make them truly unique. Pick a fun eco-trophy (we do love animals!) or a handy magentic board, and explore the potential of your walls.


Your little ones deserve only the best. Here you can find a selection of designer furniture to nicely decorate nursery and children’s bedroom – cots, changing mats, wardrobes and much more. Plus, of course, toys – safe, stylish and fun.

Design kids furniture

A harmony of colors and shapes, transformable and space-saving solutions that inspire them to play and learn: the design kids bedroom adapts to the changing needs of your children and is the perfect environment to develop their creativity.

Decorations for the room of babies and children

Walls too can provide inspiration and encouragement to the creativity and imagination of your little ones. Fill them with fun colourful friends that will keep your children company while they play indoors.

Night lights for children

If the night gets too dark to handle, give your children a friendly nightlight to keep them company. A kid’s room will be more approachable and sleeping will go smoother with these adorable nightlights with tender and playful looks.

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Textiles for the kids’ bedroom. Kids Room Textiles

Cushions, pillows, sheets, blankets – only top quality bed linen for your children. Made from certified materials, these textiles will ensure comfort and freshness with an eye to style, while providing an endless source of fun for your little ones.

Tableware for your kids

What exactly makes a kids’ table? From original dishes and placemats, durable glasses and flatware, all the accessories that could make or break a birthday party at home. Kids tableware has its own set of rules, its own design and purpose: make them all happy, big or small, for a one-of-a-kind table experience.

Design toys for children

While playing, children not only have a good time, but develop creativity and intelligence. This is why toys should be chosen carefully – lovethesign ensures top quality materials, maximum safety and endless fun!


Looking for the perfect gift? Choose design! Surprise your friends and family with a fun, unexpected present: they won’t be able to help a smile. Browse a wealth of inspiration for a truly unforgettable gift.

Gift Ideas and Design Icons

This Christmas, give a timeless emotion – something iconic, able to embody the mastery of top designers and the unrivalled elegance that brought them to world-class museum. You will leave an unforgettable mark in your loved ones’ hearts.

Gift Ideas for Her

Your mum, your best friend or your little sister deserve a gift that is just like them – elegant, ironic, top quality, contemporary. For the home, but away from clichés. Get to her heart with a beautiful gift she will never forget.

Gift Ideas for Him

Gift ideas for men are the most complicated ever. Now you can finally choose something truly unforgettable he is sure to love. Dad, boyfriend, husband or best friend – his smile on Christmas day will be your best reward.

Gift Ideas and Toys for Children

Gift magic sparkles in the eyes of the young ones. If you are looking for a something fun, safe and durable, able to make kids laugh and learn at the same time, look no more. Plenty of inspiration here for the perfect gift idea.

Gift ideas for your four-legged friends. For Pets

Our four-legged friends are a part of the family in every way, and they deserve to be treated that way, too! Show your love for them with a special bowl and accessories catered just for your pets.

Gift card to spend. Gift Cards

The best gift is the freedom to choose. With lovethesign ‘s Gift Cards you can give your loved ones the chance to choose from over 20,000 stunning designer items for their homes. Quick, easy, original. Plus, you can’t go wrong!

Design Home Accessories for Less Than 50

There is no need to spend a month’s salary to find the perfect designer gift. Browse this selection of perfectly affordable, incredibly brilliant and 100% impressive gift ideas. Little money, amazing results!

HI-Tech Items with an Unmistakable Design

Beauty lies even in the dustiest of corners. In a power socket, for instance, or in a tablet recharger. Don’t give in to the same old grey tech gadgets. Here you can find lots of must-have tech things you will love.

Modern Outdoor furniture for terrace and garden

All you need to make the most of fine weather days is here. Every item is designed to offer excellent sunlight and weather resistance. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is to wear sunscreen and sunnies!

Add a touch of design to your lawn and garden. Gardening

Surround yourself with nature, and your life will be happier. Taking care of your flowers is a tiny yet crucial step towards a lovely green oasis even in urban areas.

Outdoor cooking devices with a unique Design

Forget about wood and go put a grill in the garden or terrace and live to the utmost with friends. Designer grills and barbecues don’t need the centre stage, they give into your aesthetic needs and they’re practical, speedy solutions at home. An electric grill or charcoal barbecue can go both in the kitchen or outside.

Outdoor décor accessories

The smallest style details will turn any outdoor area into functional and cosy. But there’s no need to give up designer elements just because of the beating sun or occasional rain! Here you’ll find the best accessories, hand-picked with love for you.

Outdoor and Garden Lamps and Lights. Outdoor Lighting

Evening breeze, moonlight, a perfect ambience. Make the most of your outdoor areas in the dark too with beautiful outdoor lighting solutions able to light up your dreams.

Garden and Outdoor furniture. Patio Furniture

Armchairs, bean bags, coffee tables, sofas… Everything you need to live life to the fullest in the outdoors is up for grabs here. Durable products that withstand rain or shine will have you thinking about nothing more than how relaxing it feels to stretch out on the terrace.

Vases buy

Your plants deserve only the best of design. Here you can find contemporary vases with unexpected, elegant shapes, in a perfect blend of practicality and style. Choose the perfect vase for your home or office – the plants will thank you.

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Our Brands The lovethesign selection

Founded in 1921, Alessi has always stood out for the high quality of its products. In almost a century of history, the company has gradually evolved to become one of the leading “Factories of Italian design”, capable of applying its expertise and excellence in design management to many different product types.
Thirty years ago, a telescopic freestanding pole designed for the photographic industry started to fill the windows of numerous NYC retailers. Its forward-looking creators, Lino and Abramo Manfrotto, crossed the lines of their industry and made the Autopole, the seed of ALU. In 2009, the Autopole (and Superclamp) were chosen by the NY MoMa for their permanent design and architecture collections. Every year, ALU partners with premium retailers and leading brands, and is constantly in search for creativity and retail expertise. Headquartered in Bassano Del Grappa (IT), ALU strives to anticipate and outperform the clients’ expectations with our display solutions. “Driven by quality, with commitment, fun and passion for our job, we collaborate to conquer the hearts and minds of our clients’ most valuable consumers.
Amini ABC is a company that produces and imports rugs and carpets. Ambition, creativity and culture are the pillars of art and craft: and these are also the principles that inspired Sultan Amini in the foundation of the Amini Brothers Company (later ABC), in 1962. The company is the result of an inspiration that comes from the passion for an ancient art that became a mission.
Amura is a young company from southern Italy that designs and manufactures iconic and contemporary design furniture, collecting the legacy of a land that has always been linked to the production of high craftsmanship. This is the formula: a total fusion of contemporaneity, technology and craftsmanship quality. To bring to homes around the world not only furniture of great value, but also – and above all – the universe of values in which they are generated. Amura is not just a brand, but a research and experimentation laboratory on shapes, designs, trend and materials, with a continuous look at innovation that never betrays the solidity of the craft and origins. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is not enough to create functional spaces: Amura’s mission is to develop interiors that enhance the senses and generate real emotions.
Andrea Maestri
Andrea Maestri creates limited edition collections of objects and domestic furnishings. A boundless visionary talent and a playful imagination leads him to create families of dream products, always characterized by a touch of eccentricity and glamor; he celebrates a new way of life full of enchanted atmospheres and bizarre characters. The irreverence for conventional design and the unpredictable approach are the main characteristics of his work, intended to create icons with a seductive personality. Andrea Maestri’s production is characterized by the utmost attention to detail and the use of new finishes presented in a surprising way; Andrea explores a wide range of manufacturing techniques, integrating advanced technologies and ancient manufacturing traditions.
Anonima Castelli
Italian historical reality, founded in 1877 by Ettore Castelli. After a gradual transformation, between the sixties and the eighties, Anonima Castelli gives shape to one of the most vital and innovative projects in the world, collaborating with illustrious names in Italian and international design. His products soon became iconic, synonymous with high quality and essential elegance. It includes, among other prizes, three ADI Gold Compasses. Anonima Castelli is deeply rooted in the history of design and witness to a heritage of knowledge and intuition.
Founded in 1960, Artemide is one of the world’s most famous lighting makers. Today it is synonym of innovation and Italian design tradition. Its lamps are true contemporary design icons: displayed in major museums all around the globe, they have contributed to make the history of international design.
International lighting brand based in Denmark with deep roots in the Italian historical scene. A family business started in the 1930s by Gino Sarfatti, continued with his son Riccardo and now in its third generation with Alessandro. In 1939 Gino Sarfatti took the first step by founding Arteluce, a pioneer company in the use of design in the lighting sector. In 1978 Riccardo Sarfatti with his wife Sandra Severi and the architect Paolo Rizzatto created Luceplan, a company that combines design with technological research. Alessandro Sarfatti founded Astep in 2014 and enhances the two pillars, design and technology, adding a third: sustainability. Astep’s focus is to give new light to the masterpieces of the great Italian design masters and at the same time create and develop new projects with cutting-edge technologies and in a green key, a symbolic bridge between past and future.
Frivolousness and fun. Even the most tedious chores can become pleasant. This is the mission of Atipico, a company that designs furnishing items and decorative objects for every room of the house: there is no environment where this philosophy cannot be applied. Home Design is enriched through functional objects with innovative and surprising shapes and colours.
B&B Italia
The result of the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the Group founded in 1966 has built its success on the ability to represent contemporary culture through design and to anticipate trends, in a constant attempt to respond to the evolution of taste and the needs of inhabit.
Three generations of linen manufacturers, with their experience and passion combined by a wise research of style and attention to detail, have created over time the bed, bathroom and table collections recognized and requested by loyal and demanding customers. Biancoperla offers a quality product, synonymous with Made in Italy elegance. The items continue to be handcrafted in Tuscany, having as strengths creativity, the quality of the fabrics and the perfection of the finishes. The protagonists of the Biancoperla collections are natural materials: from the finest cottons and satins, to soft linens to the most enveloping cashmere, every detail speaks of belonging, history and love for their land.
Wood meets a variety of refined shades in the furniture collection by Billiani. Founded in 1911, the Italian company produces design elements that represent a veritable homage to craftsmanship and executive excellence. The chairs, the tables and the complements stand out for their evocative names and clean lines enhanced by a harmonious chromatic taste that arises from the union of competence and imagination.
Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury brands in the field of design and world leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration. In recent years, the company has expanded its collections by creating, through careful processing of new materials, new decorative proposals, which combine the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship. Bisazza today offers a wide range of decorative proposals and luxury furnishing accessories, ideal for any living and outdoor environment, an expression of a unique style that interprets the classic in a contemporary key, combining fashion and design.
Bitossi Home
Founded in 2007, the Italian brand Bitossi Home has since collaborated with young designers to create colorful tableware and kitchen accessories collections. Glass, wood and innovative compounds are used, but the material of choice is ceramics, that the Bitossi group has been working with for five generations at the same factory in Tuscany.
Turning ideas into projects and manufacturing items that answer true demands. Collections by Bonaldo embody modernity in a voyage that values experimenting with materials and partnering with prominent national and international designers. Over seventy years of history in manufacturing objects that become individual memory.
Bottega Intreccio
Bottega Intreccio is an Italian story. It was born in 2014 in Mogliano, in the Marche region, but its origins can be traced in the hands of Giuseppe Maurizi, one of the oldest artisans. The know-how and skill of local artisans is represented in traditional objects that are renewed through a more contemporary approach. The poetry underlying the ancient art of weaving shines through in the shapes, in the details and in the strong sensitivity to materials.
The lamps by Buokids embody the typical lightness and imagination of the childhood, while respecting all the standards that good design dedicates to the kids’ accessories. The lamps are designed and produced in a small studio in Valencia: the personal touch is the key to the success of this objects, that are perfect for the room or the desk of every child.
Carpet Edition
Carpet Edition creates contemporary design collections that come from the combination of Indikon’s experience and the creativity of professional architects and designers. The experience acquired over the years, together with the company’s know-how based on experimentation and creativity, makes Carpet Edition’s rugs absolutely unique.
Bravate Artigiane by Casapercasa is a collective of designers and expert craftsmen who believe in sincere products. They produce furniture items that bear the tangible signs of manual skills and skilled experience, the raw materials are the protagonists and the finishes clearly express the great ability of Made in Italy that culminates in the attention to detail. The “bravado” is the inspiration from which this brand was born, which overturns the design process: the material, the craftsmanship and the carpentry are the big bang from which the idea originates, which becomes a design and finally a project. The craftsman becomes a designer and the artisan designer, everyone puts their hands in the dough, because starting from the carpentry, the design maintains an accessible character and has the strength to place design and production languages ​​on the same level. The stunt is a bold but genuine attitude, which is in contrast with the formality and coldness of series production. It becomes seduction based on the capable gesture.
Founded by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in 1927 in Meda, Cassina inaugurates industrial design in Italy in the 1950s according to a totally new logic that marks the transition from artisanal to serial production. With an attitude of research and innovation, Cassina combines technology with craftsmanship of great tradition.
Charlie Crane
Parents know it well, what kids need is above all functionality and safety. The French brand Charlie Crane combines these two features with beauty: so high chairs and baby bouncers stand out for their impeccable design that also appeals to adults, the result of a marriage between French and Scandinavian influences. All this without ever overshadowing the high quality of the materials used.
Cini&Nils is renowned for its products that marked the history of lighting. Today it stands for quality, research, design and Italian style. Cini&Nils means to strengthen its leading role in the high-end decorative and technical lighting field. Cini&Nils plays an active part in the Made in Italy sector and is an innovation maker.
COEDITION is a French producer of modern and creative furniture. Its collections include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Marco Zanuso Jr and other prominent designers. Each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design.
Colè Italia
Colè Italian design label was founded by Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno. It was first presented during 2011 Milan Design Week, and it suggests a new way of making design objects. Its collection rethinks the furniture of our past and mixes materials and cultures, reinterpreting traditional shapes in a lighthearted, playful way.
Collezione Caleido
The Caleido Collection was born with the desire to tell the Made in Italy, through artisans throughout the Italian territory who make manufacturing and cultural excellence their strength. The brand is curated by the creative consulting agency MM Company and wants to tell and make design lovers understand how much value there is behind an apparently simple object: a world made up of knowledge, culture and people.
Its name means union and the logo represents the concept: Connubia celebrates the pleasure of enjoying each other’s company. The Italian brand produces tables, chairs and extendable consoles that stand out for their impeccable design, with a special focus on ergonomics. The well-refined details and the use of certified materials such as wood, ceramics, fabric and plastic, give life to refined collections.
CYCLAMPA is a series of 4 lamps, inspired by the world of cycling. The project understands cycling not only as a sport activity, but mostly as it relates to healthy lifestyles based on ecosustainability, and to a vision of the future where technology is more responsible towards the environment. CYCLAMPA aims to associate these themes to a strongly iconic object, truly unique in its kind, characterised by recognisable shapes reinterpreted in a contemporary style.
Danese Milano
Since its inception in 1957, Danese’s consideration of man and his needs have been primary. It has been a hub for experiments that generated basic responses to the needs of society and its evolution. Designers such as Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari have been making Italian design history by developing innovative products that are contemporary and timeless interpretations of objects for every day use.
Design House Stockholm
Design House Stockholm distinguishes itself more as a “publisher of design” than as a conventional producer: rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Its ambition is to gather a collection of the very best today’s Scandinavian design and aesthetic perspective.
Diesel Living with Moroso
Moroso gives life with Diesel to a living collection focused on a combination not easy to synthesize: that between the underground style, typical of an aggressive and enigmatic beauty, and the soft and cosy shapes of nature. They result in a collection as informal as it is modern, which overflows with high quality.
Discipline furniture collection speaks the language of Made in Italy in an excellent and conscious way. The essential design of the accessories, tables, armchairs and hangers make them aesthetically valuable and durable over time, while the use of natural materials respects the well-being of both customers and the environment.
Established in 1968, Driade is an aesthetic workshop that develops a global idea of living through furnishings, accessories, objects. It aims at experimenting within the frame of industrial serialisation. Driade has a flair for research and creativity, and has become over time a real “art factory”.
In the furniture and bathroom fixtures sector, the Duravit brand is able to stand out for the refined design of the collections and the high quality of the artisan production. Its expertise is centuries old: the trademark was registered in the 1960s, but the factory’s first activity dates back to 1817. Duravit accessories are now present and appreciated all over the world.
e-my answers the needs of all those who like to smile and live cheerfully by offering a wide range of gift ideas. With e-my, any gift becomes ironic, colourful, entertaining – an explosion of colours and shapes. This playful, ‘rebel’ design springs from the creativity of talented international designers.
Emu manufactures in Italy high-quality furnishings for the outdoor with harmonious shapes, in collaboration with some among the best known international designers. Crafted in steel and aluminium, Emu products combine the latest style trends with the mastering of the most advanced technologies and a keen attention to detail, a marriage which make them suitable for several international contexts.
The Danish design brand EO produces chairs, tables, hangers and rugs for children that join creativity and quality. To support their commitment and passion there are, on the one hand, craftsmanship, that has always distinguished Scandinavian design, and, on the other, the will to collaborate with young and independent designers from all over the world.
Essence wood
Essence Wood, an exclusive Italian brand, boasts over 45 years of experience in the selection and processing of wood. The clean lines of its pieces allow the material to be the real protagonist of any chair, table and decoration by Essence Wood. Essence Wood’s pieces represent the perfect balance between old craftsmanship and contemporary style.
Creativity, materials, innovation and colours inspired to Italian landscapes and Mediterranean nature. These are the ingredients behind Ethimo, a brand that originates from years of manufacturing experience in the outdoor/garden furniture field. Italian design, comfort and functionality meet quality, beauty and sustainability.
EVA – La mela del desiderio
Eva was born from William Zanotto’s idea of ​​creating an author’s apple and a container of dreams conceived as an expression of art: a combination of ceramics, passion and high quality. Eva creates refined furnishing accessories that at the same time represent original and functional design objects, as containers of coins. The signature apples are made using the ancient techniques of ceramics and are characterized by all the values ​​of Made in Italy: the refinement of the materials, the craftsmanship, the taste of the shapes and the careful choice of colors. All products are hand-finished by master ceramic artisans and are therefore to be considered as real unique pieces.
EVER Life Design
EVER Life Design is a project born from the intuition of two entrepreneurs from Mantua who for years have been dealing with the production of accessories and aids for the bathroom with the Thermomat brand, with the aim of interpreting the demand for products capable of combining safety and functionality with design and aesthetics. The EVER Life Design brand products aim at the well-being of people extended to the whole house while maintaining the high Italian quality, with an increasingly multifunctional design in which the same object becomes useful to satisfy different needs and needs about the people and the environments within. which products are placed.
Fabbian Lighting started producing lamps back in 1961, and despite its international development – from Middle East to Asia, through United States – this Brand keeps bringing to market 100% Made in Italy products. Fabbian can boast of this trademark in its own right: for more than 50 years, technical and quality standards have been the core of its mission.
For Fatboy, the adventure started with bean bags in 2002. The first bean bag was the bean bag ‘the original’; Fatboy’s claim to fame, which has become indispensable for many. Today, Fatboy offers bean bags in various colours, various materials and with cheerful prints.
Ferm Living
Danish Design, made with love. Ferm Living draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. Established in 2005 in Denmark by Trine Andersen, Ferm Living creates products for every room in your home.
Fest Amsterdam
Fest Amsterdam was founded in 2013 from a personal need for well designed furniture without the high-end prices. Owner Femke Furnée decided to fulfill this need by designing affordable furniture and home accessories herself.
was born in 1975 when Francesco Favagrossa, together with his sons Ennio and Silvio, proposed the first metal objects for the outdoors, characterized by a functional and essential style. Fiam blindly believes in quality and production totally made in Italy. Features still intact since then, appreciated and recognized internationally. The strong identity of the brand, combined with technical innovations and environmental sustainability, has guided Fiam to reach important goals, among the most important the intertwined union in 2019 with the display of the Spaghetti deck chair within the collection of the MoMa Design Store from New York.
Flaminia Lighting
Flaminia Lighting is a new and exciting challenge that reveals, once again, Flaminia’s ability to grasp the potential of ceramics and the value of quality manufacturing “made in Italy”. Flaminia Lighting is a new brand experience, triggered by Flaminia’s constant inclination towards innovation and research in the various ambits of design.
Established in Denmark in 1972, Flexa creates furnishing solutions for nurseries and children’s rooms in a typical streamlined Scandinavian style. All products by Flexa are designed to create a safe, encouraging atmosphere able to adapt and transform in order to meet children’s changing needs while they grow up.
For fifty years Flos has been crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams. For Flos, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. It writes the future, reading the past and expressing the present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold choices that have shaped its image and identity.
Founded in 1932 by Gio Ponti and Pietro Chiesa, FontanaArte is a leading Italian interior design company. Its approach rests on a sound project culture and a strong drive toward innovation. For over 80 years FontanaArte has been designing a collection of lamps and furnishings, now featured in the most wonderful interiors in the world.
Research and innovation, high-quality products, top service, international soul and maximum flexibility. These are the elements that form Foscarini’s identity. The lighting collections by Foscarini boast a decided personality; they are all created with care through collaborations with established international designers and young talents.
Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen was established in 1872 by the visionary cabinetmaker of the same name. Since then, Fritz Hansen has become a natural part of both Danish and international design history. Today, it is an exclusive and international design brand, characterized by stupendous craftsmanship, unique design and an inherent sense of premium quality.
Generations of artisans have built what is now Ghidini1961 from scratch, donating and perfecting precious metals. The family inherited this knowledge from great-grandfather to grandfather, from father to son, and every day they work to thrive and grow for future generations of Ghidini. With the vision of the CEO, Roberto Ghidini, a new path has begun that combines art, attention to detail and artisan spirit, in collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni as artistic director, to create furnishings that express an innovative approach to the art of everyday life.
Gibas was born from over 50 years of experience in the lighting field. Two generations of Italian entrepreneurs ensure a significant artisanal expertise in metal working and in creating indoor and outdoor collections in both classic and contemporary style.
Glas Italia
Founded in Brianza in 1972, Italian excellence and eclectic production for a brand that knows how to amaze and make every creation special, from doors, partitions to crystal furniture. With a centenary experience, Glas Italia demonstrates, through its creations, an inestimable passion for glass combined with the use of the most advanced technologies. Synonymous with refinement, originality, intrinsic and formal quality are the salient features of all Glas Italia products which are equally used in the home, office and contract sectors.
For Gubi, design is all about discovering gems and following your instincts. It involves travelling, searching and finding long-lost remnants from the past as well as contemporary, cutting-edge designs from new artists on the horizon. The result is an eclectic, intercontinental collection that blurs the lines between the past and the future.
For over a century, Guzzini’s mission has been to add quality to everyday life. To give dignity, quality and durability to familiar objects such as colanders or salad spinners. Practical yet unique items, designed and manufactured with special care and love.
HAY’s ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design’s return to the innovative greatness of the 1950’s and 1960’s in a contemporary context. HAY operates in the field between architecture and fashion bridging the statics from architecture and the dynamics from fashion. It explores the field of innovation and cutting edge technology.
Höfats is a brand established with a precise aim: combining without compromises engineering and design, the two disciplines that marked their creators’ training. The results have been immediately appreciated by the public and the experts and in just few years Höfats has received over 12 rewards, both national and international.
Horm Casamania
Casamania is an Italian design company founded in 1984. It offers designs strongly characterized by bold colours and distinctive shapes, bringing a visual harmony to any space. Thanks to a series of collaborations with international designers, Casamania is able to offer a new vision of decor, as an expression of lifestyle, philosophy and personality.
Infiniti Design
Creativity, technological innovation and, of course, design culture: these are the ingredients of Infiniti, which has been producing chairs and tables since 2008. For the brand there are no limits to the expression of personal style, which is enhanced by the high quality of materials and refined workmanship. The result is a collection of products that stand out for their unique and timeless aesthetics.
Internoitaliano is a new way of manufacturing and selling designer items created by Giulio Iacchetti, who brings the typically Italian designer’s look and technical quality of manufacturing to the global market thanks to web distribution.
Iplex is an Italian company. “I” as Ippoliti, from the name of its founder, Ippoliti Terzo (1949-2014). “Plex” like acrylic crystal, a privileged material, used for industrial design creations which, thanks to the possibility of customization, its high degree of transparency, unbreakability, pushes the market to prefer it over glass. Iplex represents a perfect balance between technological innovation and craftsmanship. Through latest generation equipment and machinery with a very low ecological impact, it is possible to forge any type of shape and finish. The master craftsmen, with tens of years of experience, represent the main strengths of the brand. Works of art that know how to say no to banality.
Jalal distributes rugs and kilims hand knotted from selected wool of the best quality. These products will enrich your home with a charming Middle Eastern feeling, and with their strong personality. Rugs are carefully sourced and selected, and are distributed by ABC.
Willing to dream but down to earth. Roots in the Italian province and an eye to distant horizons. Lateral thinking and concreteness. Shared values ​​such as the common passion for light understood as functionality and magic. This is how a sheet of paper becomes a lamp on which to write down love phrases. Karman, an all-Italian company, founded in 2005 in Fossombrone in the heart of the Marche region, continues to experiment with unconventional materials by distributing its products all over the world.
Founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, Kartell is now an international symbol for the desire to draw new aesthetic boundaries for Made in Italy. Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, the brand has shown the world that plastic can have a thousand faces, introducing the opaque surface, transparency, and softness. The creativity of the most famous contemporary designers can thus give life to a collection of accessible and versatile furniture items, accessories and lamps.
Audacious. Brave. Eco-friendly. Innovative. The philosophy of Knindustrie is to make cooking and the presentation of food easier and even more enjoyable. A dream that has become stronger thanks to first-hand experience, direct observation and the cooperation with established chefs, professionals and common people. The result is a wide range of versatile, sustainable items, created with high-quality materials.
An inspiration that comes from railway stations and takes shape in a warehouse in Milan: the result is Kriptonite, a brand that produces a collection of shelves and wall bookcases that stand out for their industrial and minimal style. Handcrafted in Italy, the Kriptonite modules and elements make it possible to create modular bookcases meeting any needs you may have in your office, living room and home study.
Lagrama is a manufacturer of kids’ furnishings established in Spain in 1982. The company’s production is carried out according to a constant research meant to find the maximum comfort for children in their living spaces. Lagrama offers a functional, innovative, cheerful, high quality production. Lagrama is certified by Aidima (Instituto Tecnologico del Mueble in Spain).
Puro design e stile. Consapevole purezza delle linee, oggetti di grande stile e forti emozioni contraddistinguono Leucos, da sempre sinonimo di eccellenza del design internazionale nella luce. Attraverso l’innovazione tecnologica e l’esplorazione sapiente nella millenaria produzione vetraria, Leucos crea lo stile intramontabile della luce elegante e creativa.
Linfa Design
The culture of working wood as a living material meets the essential lines on contemporary design. Linfa Design boasts over 100 years of history in manufacturing furnishing items by blending a classic traditional soul with modern essentiality. And it does everything in the full respect of those values and techniques that make wood a unique material.
lovethesign is an online boutique that selects and sells the best products in home design. It was founded with one goal: win over the world house by house, with the power combo of Italian style and international trends. The lovethesign team will rest only when every house, from attic to cellar, is draped in high-performing, eye-pleasing furniture. Three young founders, a team of fresh minds and a bunch of wise financers to lead the way: This is lovethesign .
Formed in 1978, Luceplan has a history marked by well-defined constant factors from the very start – experimentation, research and quality, by a philosophy focused on creating “beautiful items for the public at large” and by an attitude of discrete refinement that has never been lost over the years.
Established in 1976, today Magis is a leading design company at an international level. It collaborates with prominent designers and it has received a number of prizes and awards over the years, including the prestigious Compasso d’Oro ADI in 2008 and 2011. Magis collections are 100% made in Italy.
Martinelli Luce
The story of the Italian lighting design company Martinelli Luce began in the 50s and went on to make the company stand out in the international landscape for the ability of combining design and technology. The lamps and lighting solutions proposed by Martinelli Luce are designed for domestic and recreational spaces as well as for the office and hospitality and have been awarded some of the world’s most renowned prizes, such as the Compasso d’Oro.
Matteo Pala
A carpet by Matteo Pala tells about family tradition and experience, but also about distant lands – cradles of the ancient carpet art – that get close through a modern and functional reinterpretation. From the supervision of every stage in the product process to the company’s commitment against child labour, every single carpet is a unique piece of furniture.
Original Scandivian Design – these words express the search for a design that is able to blend quality and originality. Let yourself be amazed by beautiful, practical items that will help you live better every day. In Menu quality and simplicity replace superfluous frills, allowing for each item to show its purest core.
Metalmobil is a unit belonging to IFI S.p.A. Its durable, comfortable and design-centred products come from state-of-the-art projects in partnership with established designers and architects. The items blend good design and usability, and come in a wide range of finishes and customisation options. The Metalmobili objects are tested and tried.
Micuna was born in Spain in 1973. Renowned worldwide for the quality and safety of its products, this company is today a leader in the manufacture of cribs and furniture for children. The focus on children’s safety and the development of their first abilities and autonomy is a firm commitment for Micuna.
For Midj, Italy is not just a place of production but goes far beyond: it is the way of thinking and living that the company has embraced in designing, interpreting and innovating the idea of ​​furniture since 1987. In thirty years Midj has managed to bring the care of an artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This means that the typical aspects of the care of craftsmanship are guaranteed even in the face of large-scale production, a perfect synergy between craftsmanship, creativity and technology that make this way of working the added value of each creation.
Brand, founded by designer Michael Milesi in 2018, is immediately described as eccentric and capable of intertwining multiple styles and cultures. Millesimi redesigns the symbol of the Sicilian tradition: “the African-American Moor” and “the Italo-Mediterranean Mora”. Artisan products decontextualized and reproduced in resin, an unconventional, light and functional material. An exceptional character, of experimentalism and innovation in a numbered and certified furniture both as a coffee table and as a seat in pop and glam colors.
Miniform’s style is close to the idea of a sober house, with authentic materials and in respect of the environment. Shapes and colours are essential, lines are clean and primary. Materials range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass and aluminium in an eco-friendly vision.
A strong cultural identity defines Mogg’s philosophy: home accessories and objects with a recognisable, clean design; graphic cuts and contrasting sinuous lines; warm and cold materials combined together; a dynamic and versatile soul. At Mogg, everything appears to be natural, while everything has been curated to the tiniest details.
Created in 1934 by Angelo Molteni in Giussano, today the province of Monza and Brianza, the furniture district. In a short time Molteni & C has been able to grow and become the symbol it is today. Attention to detail and top quality design make Molteni & C an iconic brand in the world of design. Famous designers have collaborated with Molteni & C throughout its history, shaping timeless masterpieces.
In 1952 Moroso was born, a brand founded on the encounter between design, contemporary art and fashion. Moroso creates padded furniture and seats for high-end furnishing, in collaboration with the best international designers and in a reconciliation between craft know how and industrial production processes.
An increasingly popular brand, Myyour features collections that have been able to charm a prestigious market segment as well as a demanding clientele thanks to the excellent materials used, the great care for details, and the exclusive touch it gives to every one of its creation, placing them halfway between craftsmanship and technological innovation.
Missoni Home Collection
Missoni is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. A promoter of a lively and optimistic look – where the use of colour and geometrical patterns convey an unmistakable style found in a wide range of products and projects, including the RTW and leather accessories, in addition to home furniture. Today Missoni interprets the human values of sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for diversity that were ingrained in the company by the founders of the brand. Art and expertise are inextricably linked in the Missoni world, in which creativity and design unite with the undisputed pursuit of artisan experimentation that reaches its peak in the development and application of the most sophisticated techniques in the world of knitwear. To achieve the highest results in this sector and support the creativity of its team, Missoni recently restarted the original factory at Sumirago; it is flanked by a new production area that focuses on shuttle-woven fabrics.
Nardi Garden
Nardi is one of the most dynamic companies in the outdoor furniture makers scenario. Born in 1990, the Brand immediately stood out of the crowd with its products that join innovative contents and high quality standards. The company utilizes Polypropylene from the very first day, a material that they thoroughly studied to make it qualitatively outstanding.
Nodus is a test lab and a cultural project that combines the ancient art of rug making with the most innovative designers’ and architects’ ideas. Nodus selects the best manufactures in the world and verifies materials, techniques, artisanal skills and ethical production. Each rug of the Nodus collection is unique.
Northern Lighting
Established in Oslo in 2005, Northern is a heady hotspot of creative cool. All its lights are fun to use, and bridge the gap between everyday functionality and ideals of luxury and style. Its designs are guided by Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing character of the Nordic light.
Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen is a lifestyle, a mindset, an inspiration place. It challenges traditional project rules. Traditional materials are used in unconventional ways – for instance in an Icelandic stone hook, in a silicon vase or a in a plastic dog.
Oliver Furniture
Oliver Furniture is an authentic and charming concept of furniture for kids and adults designed by Søren Rørbæk. The foundation comes from the old Scandinavian furniture traditions. In 2003 it started with a collection of romantic adult furniture, and in 2004 it added a kids’ collection in the same style as its successful adult collection.
Opinion Ciatti
The Ciatti family has been managing the company that bears its name ever since the Fifties. Headed by Flavia Ciatti, the company cooperates with established international designers in creating iconic products – such as the Ptolomeo shelving series, the company’s best seller. For Ptolomeo designer Bruno Rainaldi was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 2004.
What is a Venezuelan designer doing in San Francisco? When it comes to Pablo Pardo, he is running a lighting Brand: since 1993 Pablo Design constantly experiments shapes and materials, never giving up on aesthetics. Thanks to his particular philosophy that drives the design, his lighting collections happily communicate with every domestic environment.
Established in 1963, Pedrali offers products conceived in the name of functionality and design. For Pedrali, research and experimentation are basic principles. A continuous research in technologies and constant collaborations with prominent interior designers and with final users allow for new product ideas to be conceived every day.
It all starts with a folding trolley, but it is with extendable consoles, bookcases and sideboards that Pezzani has conquered the international market and a place in every design lover’s home. A tipically Italian family-run firm, Pezzani has managed to build an excellent reputation in the field of design furniture.
PLUST Collection
The thought, the projects, the designers, the techniques, the material, all in PLUST Collection belongs to the new generation of design and the modern form of living. PLUST Collection was born in 2006 as a design brand of euro3plast Spa, a leading company in the production of traditional vases distributed all over the world that boasts a certified and entirely Made in Italy production. The PLUST Collection project investigates the plastic possibilities of matter, where tradition and innovation coexist and dialogue, where flexibility becomes the key to the future for a company capable of interpreting market changes and renewing itself without ever losing its identity. . The collections free themselves from the trends of the moment to move towards a pure design based on the functional use of a form that at the same time inspires and suggests new possibilities for furnishing our environments. The quality of euro3plast is research, innovation, attention to detail and product care but also and above all respect for the environment. A product that is not only the result of a careful business strategy and therefore a direct expression of a reality that invests in research, triggering a virtuous circle that involves every aspect of the company at 360 degrees: from production to distribution.
Puik offers a careful selection of tables, armchairs, chairs, lamps, cushions and home accessories designed according to the rules of Nordic style. The principles of Scandinavian design are interpreted by the creative minds of the individual designers, guided by the art director Tineke Beunders to guarantee consistency and a coherent identity.
Qeeboo is a next-generation Italian brand created in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. Qeeboo takes up and reinterprets the icons of our imagination in a fantastic way, creating extraordinary, emotional and narrative objects, which are then entrusted to our interpretation to acquire a new life. In collaboration with a group of top international designers, integrating different styles and characters with a playful approach, Qeeboo creates a catalog of emotional objects, with a magical mix of industrial technologies and techniques: here Mexico, Killer or Capitol can be used at the same time as a seat, a table, a lamp or a vase, allowing everyone to use them according to their own free interpretation.
Rexa Design
Rexa Design is an Italian furniture company that interprets the bathroom in a complete and global way, as the place where the physical and visual well-being of the person represent the goal of a search for functional solutions and attention to detail. Rexa’s philosophy is that of a design in which the refined study of the materials used, including Corian, clays, mortars, stones, woods, joins the culture of making and craftsmanship, allowing a wide customization of the elements and the perception of the sensoriality of the surrounding environment.
The history of Rotaliana is the history of an ancient territory, rich in tradition, beauty and mystery. A territory where nature and human genius have been meeting and challenging each other for centuries, in an ongoing research for balance between light and shadow, through deep canyons and limpid waters.
SCAB Design
Scab has been exporting technological innovation and Made in Italy beauty in the world for 55 years. Wide know how and one single method: carefully chosen raw materials, manufactured with attention to the tiniest details, rigorous processes that guarantee durable quality. Outdoor and interior design that have become a reference point at an international level.
Founded in 1960, the German brand Schönbuch boasts a production almost entirely carried out in Bavaria. The hangers and tables, carefully finished, can enrich each entrance area, corridor and hallway, interior areas that are often given little attention and which instead represent Schönbuch’s main focus.
Visionary, evolving and pioneering. Since 1964 Seletti has made a difference. In 1972 the production started to focus on the East, anticipating market trends. During the years the production has become a synonym of Italian excellence. Seletti alternates recognizable and famous pieces to provocative, innovative, poetic and funny objects that have contributed to make the brand become a real icon.
Seletti Wears Toiletpaper
Black humor dipped in pastel colours: born out of the meeting between Seletti, Italian design company, and Toiletpaper, Maurizio Cattelan’s and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s image-only magazine, the Toiletpaper range is an unusual and exceptional collection of plates, mugs and tablecloths.
Serax is a Belgian design label, active for more than 30 years and still managed with a passionate family spirit. Today Serax works with passionate designers from all over the world. Ann Demeulemeester, Vincent Van Duysen, Paola Navone and Piet Boon are just a few names from the illustrious list. Serax tableware graces the tables of some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you go for a bite to eat at Albert Adrià’s Enigma restaurant, at Jean George in New York City or at Nobu in Milan, Serax’s carefully designed dinnerware and cutlery will give your culinary experience that little bit more. Over the years, Serax has grown into a versatile lifestyle brand. The products range from tableware and pottery to unique design furniture, lighting and accessories. In 2014 Serax received the Henry van de Velde Award, the most prestigious design prize in Belgium.
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Sovet Italia
Founded in Italy at the end of the Eighties by six master glassmakers, Sovet Italia creates contemporary furnishing collections that combine craftsmanship, design and technology, with all the quality of a Made in Italy production. The brand is particularly renowned for the elegant and essential design of its tables and for the unique Olympia glass bookcase.
SLIDE is an Italian manufacturer of luminous furniture. An enlightened use of light brings on emotions, reason why all the SLIDE products are also light sources. An absolute minimum of wiring, simple to install, a clean and versatile design with a myriad applications, plastic materials which are both light and robust, basic forms which do not take themselves too seriously and lots of colour.
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Sitland believes in the essence of design. The seats conceived by the brand are able to interpret one’s taste and needs of space and are an expression of high quality and professionalism. Excellent products, resulting from a honest and engaged entrepreneurial history, give rise to a smart, innovative, useful and beautiful design.
Since 1950 Sika Design creates handmade furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability as main requirements for the design and the manufacturing process. Its wicker furniture are handed down through generations, and world-wide several hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are furnished with furniture from Sika-Design.
Siderio is a project made by clear choices, like the shapes of the bookshelves that make up its collection. The company’s philosophy fully reflects the soul of its products: always on the move and looking for new ideas, thanks to the daily interaction between experts of old and new generation.
An adventure that starts with a slab of marble and goes up to an elegant collection of garden furniture: this is the story of the Italian brand Talenti, that produces high quality garden furniture to add a touch of luxury to our outdoor life. What makes Talenti stand out is undoubtedly the Wing system, an invention of the brand that makes aluminum table tops very light without affecting their high quality.
TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and decorative accents that combine modern lines and award winning designs. This attention to the design of each product results in timeless pieces that can fit into an endless variety of contexts.
At lovethesign , a deep knowledge of the design universe meets a direct dialogue with millions of people on a daily quest for new décor inspirations. Hence comes ThESIGN, a collection that places thebest designers’ creativity at the service of your spaces. Your decoration choices become an act of love in true Italian style.
In 1861, a bent furniture plant was opened in today’s Czech Republic and today it is among the oldest in the world. Ton manufactures furniture using a unique manual bending technique mixed with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Its products mix quality, innovation and traditional wood working.
True Design
Donatella Brunello and Giuseppe Maniero founded True Design in 1983. Its original name was TMA, an acronym for Treviso, Monselice, Asiago, three cities in the Veneto region known for their office furniture production. Initially, the company focused on seating for offices, theatres and cinemas. Then, in 2009, with Alessandro, Lorenzo and Francesco Maniero, the brand took a new direction with the foundation of True. That is how a business with an international vocation devoted to producing quality furniture and accessories for the workplace was born. In 2014, the company entrusted its creative direction to Aldo Parisotto, co-founder and owner of the Parisotto+Formenton Architetti studio. His mission was to devise a new way of furnishing offices closer to domestic comfort and develop furniture suitable for this idea by collaborating with young and established designers.
Umbra was born over 30 years go, when Paul Rowan, not being able to find a suitable curtain for his new apartment, created one. Big success! With Les Mandelbaum he created right away the brand Umbra, today a world leader in manufacturing objects for the home with a contemporary, original design.
It is the entrance that counts to make a great first impression: Van Esch knows it well and since 1972 it has developed a number of specific solutions to make this area both functional and beautiful, including coat racks, umbrella stands and waste bins that look good even in the kitchen. All complements are developed according to high quality standards.
Veneziano+Team design studio was created in 2008 after the meeting between Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio. The philosophy of the studio assigns to the concept of ‘function’ the responsibility of defining shapes and structures, in a simple and intuitive way.
Founded as a small artisanal company, the Italian Vermobil went on to become one of the most important outdoor design firms in the international scene. Vermobil collections include carefully designed outdoor furniture and accessories made with the help of the most advanced technologies. Each Vermobil product truly representative of Made in Italy design.
Vistosi’s roots lie in the productive soil of Venetian creativity and craftsmanship, intertwining with the glories of a prestigious and timeless tradition, that of glass. Hers is a five-century-long story. In 1989 the Muranese Moretti family took over the prestigious brand, giving life to Vetreria Vistosi. Matteo Moretti has been at the helm of the company since 1993, continuing the successful combination of design and lighting and over the years giving life to collections that are part of the history of design. Giogali by Angelo Mangiarotti, Peggy, Futura and Stone by Hangar Design Group, Diadema by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati, Nodo di Pio and Tito Toso, Jube and Sata by Favaretto & Partners are now icons: many of them, many of which have also received awards. international, which make Vistosi recognizable all over the world.
We do wood
We Do Wood has chosen to design furniture in the material moso bamboo, because it is one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. And it is the only woody plant that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation.
Lovethesign has an Italian DNA and we are proud of this because Italy is a special country site

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