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Educational toys designed to inspire. With the latest learning toys, construction toys and more, your little ones can enjoy endless hours of imaginative play.


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Architecture Gifts and Toys

LEGO® Architecture sets are the best gifts for architecture students, young architects aged 13+ and adults. Whether they’re fascinated by STEM, famous buildings or landmarks, our architectural model-building kits and architecture toys will challenge and impress every creator! We have LEGO® structures from all around the world – from New York City to London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and more.

Batman Toys and Gifts

DC Batman™ has been a beloved superhero for generations, and our LEGO® Batman™ sets let you bring the Dark Knight’s world to life while creating your own adventures. The best gift choice for DC superhero lovers and Batman™ fans of all ages – with your favourite LEGO® Batman™ sets, you can build and battle against the The Joker™, Bane™ and Gotham City’s most notorious villains for the ultimate victory. With several Batmobile™ vehicle models, action minifigures, Batcave scenes, characters and other Batman toys to choose from – all based on the latest films, comics and classic TV shows – we have something for both kids and adult collectors alike.

Coding Robot Toys and Gifts

LEGO® building has taken on a new form with LEGO® BOOST. These customisable and programmable robot toys help your child learn coding and STEM skills while bringing their creations to life with simple coding commands. With several robot toys for your child to choose from across animals, music, vehicles and more, the possibilities are endless! The free LEGO® BOOST tablet app includes easy step-by-step building instructions for creating and coding multi-functional models.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™

There’s no better way for kids 6+ and adults to show off their passions than with a collection of brick-built figures including cute animal pals, favourite characters from your favourite TV shows and films and much more! You can start your LEGO® BrickHeadz™ collection with a single figure, but the stylised baseplates mean they work great as display pieces, so you can line up each set together to really add some personality to your home or personal space. We even have special holiday-themed, Disney and Pets BrickHeadz™.

LEGO® Brick Sketches™ Portraits

Kids 6+ and adults can create a unique style for the home or personal space with these LEGO® mosaic-style portraits. Each features an iconic character from popular films and TV shows, so you can pick your favourites for a cool artistic display piece that’ll liven up any space, or build a collection of them to really showcase your LEGO® sketch skills. Turn your love of art into a whole display that’s sure to wow!

LEGO® City Toys

Playtime hits the big city with LEGO® City sets, the best gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Organise emergency services like the LEGO® City police and fire fighting teams to arrest crooks and put out fires, then relax in town with pizza parlours and hot dog stands. Or explore the world on a whole new frontier with sets that take to the ocean or the air, complete with familiar faces from the LEGO® City Adventures show, ready for action and ready for playtime. However you like to play or display, there are lots of ways to connect and style your own personal LEGO® City. There’s fun for kids 4+ and adults alike!

LEGO® Classic Brick Sets

Create anything you can imagine with these huge LEGO® Classic brick sets, stuffed full with LEGO® pieces like wheels, windows, eyes, leaves, flags, levers – and the iconic bricks themselves. Every set offers new opportunities to design and build something truly original, and there are a few initial ideas in the instructions to get you going before you set off on your own adventures. Build huge vehicles or tiny animals, or make something that’s a combination of the two. All the sets combine to allow your imagination to run wild. Assemble sprawling LEGO® castles before dismantling them and rebuilding them into rampaging monsters. With no limit on what you can make, there’s sure to be something for everyone including adults, and the sets are great for helping kids aged 4 and above grow their confidence and creativity – or for providing hours of fun for builders of any age.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 Toys

Kids 6+ and adults can have three times as much fun when there are three ways to build. Each of these creative toy sets lets you put the model together in three different ways, offering new locations, new vehicles and new animals to bring out at playtime. Turn a helicopter into a fighting robot, a shark into a squid and a favourite toy into a whole new adventure, with a wide range of options to suit all creative styles and stories. These LEGO® Creator 3in1 toys are a great option for helping young ones enhance their imaginations or for collecting display sets that you can change to suit your mood and space.

LEGO® Creator Expert Toys

These LEGO® sets are designed for true adult building masters. From stylish home décor sets like LEGO® flowers and plants to massive, instantly recognisable world landmarks from all over the globe, there’s something for every builder and collector to enjoy. There’s even a range of classic vehicles that pack in realistic designs and make for great display pieces for fans of any age, or great toys to play with. If you’re looking for a challenging – and rewarding – build then the LEGO® Creator Expert range is sure to offer something unique that’ll put your creative skills to the test.

DC Toys and Gifts Inspired by the DC Universe Comics

One of the oldest and largest comic book companies, DC Comics has been creating infamous supervillains and superheroes since 1934 – and our LEGO® DC sets let you bring the DC Universe to life. The best gifts for DC lovers and fans of all ages – with your favourite LEGO® DC sets, you can unleash your inner hero or villain across Metropolis™, Gotham City™, Star City™, Central City™ and more. With DC toys and multiverse minifigures based on classic comic books and action-packed TV shows and films such as Batman™, Superman™, Wonder Woman™, The Flash™, Aquaman™, Green Lantern™, The Joker™, Justice League™ and more, our exciting collection contains the perfect gifts for kids aged 6+ and adult collectors aged 18+ who love all things DC.
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Disney Toys and Gifts

Bring the magic of LEGO® | Disney into your home with our selection of Disney construction toys. Our collection of Disney gifts, perfect for toddlers, kids 4+ and adults, includes LEGO® minifigures, playsets and more – all featuring your favourite characters from Disney movies and shows. Whether you’re a fan of Disney Princess, Frozen, Mickey and Friends or other popular characters, we’ve got everything you need to add to your Disney collection.

Disney Mickey and Friends Toys and Gifts

Oh boy! Mickey Mouse is one of the most giftable Disney characters of all time. With these amazing LEGO® | Disney Mickey and Friends sets, adults and kids aged 4+ can bring the whole gang – Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Pluto – together with our buildable playsets.

Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear

Young builders can launch into their own intergalactic adventures with LEGO® | Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear. Imaginations take flight as fans can reimagine Buzz Lightyear’s epic space missions from the film with creative playsets for out-of-this-world fun.

LEGO® DOTS Craft Gifts and Toys

Kids 6+ to 9 years old love to express themselves, and the LEGO® DOTS range brings art and toys together. Kids can add faces, colours, sparkles and cool styles to their belongings, and share them with friends and loved ones. With pencil holders, notebooks, bracelets, bag tags and more, there are loads of different ways kids can make their mark on the space around them, and when they feel like changing it, it’s easy to take the pieces apart and swap them for new ones. They can even use pieces like eyes and mouths to create faces and change the designs with their mood. LEGO® DOTS sets make great special occasion and birthday gifts for creative kids, and options like the bag tags and bracelets mean they can take their brand-new style with them wherever they go.

LEGO® DUPLO® Building Blocks Toy Sets

LEGO® DUPLO® bright colours and large, easy-to-handle building blocks mean toddlers aged 18 months and above can learn through play as they put together buildings like barns and schools, roll trains on tracks or race cars and even bring amusement parks, farms and construction sites to life by filling them with animals and minifigures. DUPLO® sets offer kids a chance to learn about the world as they grow while also refining their fine motor skills – and of course providing hours of fun and entertainment. There’s so much to do, and sets can be combined to introduce them to new ideas and concepts. Other sets focus on shapes, and even the early stages of computer code, to jumpstart a child’s curiosity and make education fun. With sets to challenge them and develop their love of play and learning, kids will make memories in playtime that’ll last forever.

LEGO® Friends Toys

Learning through play is the best way to help children develop, and kids 6+ can work on their interpersonal skills and grow their emotional awareness through role-play with the LEGO® Friends range. Cute mini doll toys come to play with animals, vehicles like boats and cars, and locations like markets and beaches where they can play out a wide variety of scenes based on real-life experiences, while a selection of sets promote interaction with environmental issues like tree re-planting, animal conservation and electric vehicles. Kids will love meeting and collecting all the different LEGO® Friends doll sets. They can even combine different toys to make a whole Friends neighbourhood to play in.

Disney Frozen Toys and Gifts

Bring the magical worlds of Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest to life with LEGO® | Disney Frozen sets! These creative and fun builds are perfect gifts for kids aged 4+ and adult fans of Disney’s Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. With our Frozen construction toys, you can recreate your favourite Disney film scenes, icy adventures, doll minifigures, villages and castles. Our playsets include everything you need to create Elsa’s Ice Castle, Anna and Kristoff’s Sleigh, Olaf’s Snowman village and more.

Harry Potter™ Toys and Gifts

Go on magical adventures with Harry, Hermione, Ron and all of your favourite characters at Hogwarts™ (as well as villains like Voldemort) with LEGO® Harry Potter sets. Whether you’re from the House of Gryffindor™, Hufflepuff™, Ravenclaw™ or Slytherin™, kids and adult fans of the Wizarding World™ love our LEGO® sets and collectable minifigures. Or give the gift of Harry Potter™ toys and transfer your children to the Wizarding World™ of Harry Potter, where magic is always in session and life is full of magical creatures, witches and wizards. Kids aged 6+ and adults can recreate action-packed scenes featuring captivating characters from Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™, or conjure up new ones all on their own.

LEGO® Ideas Gifts and Toys

LEGO® Ideas sets are inspired by fan creations and uploaded to the LEGO® Ideas site, where they are then VOTED ON BY FANS and then made into OFFICIAL SETS. The LEGO® Ideas range offers a selection of some of the most recognisable and realistic models available, reflecting all sorts of different interests. Complex recreations of classic video game levels sit alongside working digital musical instruments, while science lovers can dive in with models of space tech. There are exciting collectible options that are great for play too! Take a look at familiar sets from classic films and TV shows or build display models that will look great as part of a unique collection in your home or personal space. The challenging builds make these sets excellent gift ideas for 13 year old teenagers and adult builders who love to tackle more advanced designs.

Jurassic Park Toys and Gifts

Step into the world of LEGO® Jurassic World™, where huge dinosaurs roam and adventure awaits. Inspired by the Jurassic Park films, our LEGO® Jurassic World™ toys and gifts for kids and adults feature cool vehicles, heroic character minifigures, iconic buildings, laboratories, scientific equipment and more. Ready to create your own scenes from this popular film series? Our sets are filled with dinosaur toys of all shapes and sizes including Triceratops, Velociraptors and T-Rexes. So whether you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park films or a budding scientist working on your paleontology skills, we’ve got hours of fun for every age! You can also role-play with some of your favourite characters such as Owen Grady, Alan Grant, Claire Dearing, Dr. Wu, Ellie Sattler, Ken Wheatley, Eli Mills, Maisie Lockwood, Franklin Webb, Zia Rodriguez, Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy.
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LEGO® Art Sets and Wall Art Toys

Make LEGO® brick art with friends and family. Sets both challenging and creative offer great opportunities to bond over friendish puzzles with familiar and iconic LEGO® Minifigure faces or vibrant patterns, as well as stylish LEGO® painting-style portraits of instantly recognisable figures. Whether it’s a character or design from your favourite films and TV shows, or a more abstract piece of art, there’s something that’ll go with any design style and make for a great display piece in your home or your personal space. Or choose a set that lets you get even more creative, with different options on how you put it together, so you can make something completely unique to decorate your wall with. These sets make great gifts for birthdays and special occasions for kids 9+ and adults.

LEGO® Education Toys

Children learn best when engaged in more fun, in more familiar territory like games and toys, connecting to different subjects with creative role-play and entertaining challenges that prompt them to make mistakes, experiment with new ideas and grow their resilience. With LEGO® Education learning toys, kids 4+ can learn through play and bolster their skills in areas like art, science and technology and in the early stages of coding. With options like machines that introduce them to construction concepts and information about the world and how it’s built, as well as both simpler sets that help younger kids familiarise themselves with shapes and more advanced sets for getting older ones experimenting, there’s something for everyone. These great teaching sets also come with lesson plans and more.

Super Mario™ Toys and Gifts

Jump into the world of LEGO® Super Mario™ with bricks and interactive figures, a must-have toy for kids aged 6+ and adults. With popular characters, creative builds and a new way to play, these sets are perfect for recreating your favourite scenes from the games, or creating new adventures. With our LEGO® Super Mario™ toys, you can play with your favourite characters, like LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™, and embark on thrilling adventures. Collect all of the sets to create a complete world of Super Mario™, or give one as a gift to the Nintendo® fan in your life. These sets make great gifts for kids and adults alike, so get creative and start building today!


Build something extraordinary and become your favorite hero with Marvel playsets! Team up with other legendary Marvel characters on daring missions to defeat super villains. Recreate epic movie action scenes or create your own amazing adventures with cool minifigures, vehicles, buildings, gadgets and weapons. Will good or evil triumph? The fate of the Marvel Universe is in your hands!

LEGO® Minecraft® Toy Sets

The amazing world of Minecraft® with its unique characters is recreated here in LEGO® bricks, so children can create their own exciting Minecraft stories. From Creepers to treehouses, LEGO Minecraft toy sets make the perfect gift.

LEGO® Minifigures

LEGO® Minifigures are one of the world’s most recognisable toys for kids 6+ and adults, and with loads to choose from as well as display case options, there are lots of ways to collect your favourites. Pick out familiar faces from your favourite films, TV and video games as well as original LEGO® minifigures in all sorts of different styles. They also make great collectible gifts, with some sets offering a lucky dip of possible toys to amp up the excitement. Which ones will you get? You can also find cool accessories styled after the iconic LEGO® Minifigure face.

Monkie Kid™ Toys and Gifts

Based on the centuries-old Chinese legends of The Monkey King and The Journey to the West, LEGO® Monkie Kid™ sets create a world of traditional heroes and villains for kids aged 4+ and adults, inspiring creativity and resilience. LEGO® Monkie Kid™ toys also make perfect gifts for Lunar and Chinese New Year, and teach Asian customs and traditions. With all your favourite characters from Monkie Kid’s team including Mei, Tang, Pigsy, Sandy, Mo and the legendary Monkey King – and endless demons to battle – every fan will be entertained for hours recreating their favourite scenes.

NINJAGO® Toys and Gifts

Team up with Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole to battle enemy forces and learn the ways of the ninja with LEGO® NINJAGO® sets – the best gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Kids aged 4+ and adult fans of the NINJAGO® Masters of Spinjitzu TV show and The LEGO NINJAGO® Movie can join the Masters of Spinjitzu to protect NINJAGO® City against evil invaders, building awesome NINJAGO® toys, mechs, minifigures, weaponised vehicles, motorbikes, dragons, ninja temples and buildings. There’s an endless amount of adventures that can be had when building your very own epic action movie moments or creating unique stories in this world filled with countless treasures!

Power Functions

LEGO® sets are ready to go, go, go when you add Power Functions. Remotes, motors, batteries, sensors and hubs take your builds to the next level.

LEGO® Powered UP Smart Toys

LEGO® Powered UP smart toys are the secret component to bringing any LEGO® set to life, with lots of new actions and features to keep the fun going, and make great gifts for birthdays and special occasions for kids 6+ and adults. You can add motors, remotes, hubs and sensors that measure touch and light to builds and combine with ranges like LEGO® Technic and LEGO® BOOST to create new devices that you can control with switches and advanced logic. Or connect via Bluetooth to the LEGO® Powered UP app to control your new designs from your smartphone. Make vehicles that can avoid walls, fan blades that really spin and so much more!


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® began as an experiential process designed for use in guided workshops with adults to prompt dialogue and encourage reflection, as well as develop problem-solving skills and use of imagination. However, SERIOUS PLAY® sets like the Starter Kit are also suitable for building critical thinking skills in kids 6+. Each set is designed to enhance different skills, such as reflection and dialogue, which will enhance the workshop experience. This innovative approach to interaction is a valuable asset in business as well as education and helps participants open up through the approachable medium of play.
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Speed Champions

LEGO® Speed Champions puts children in the driver seat, as they race cars by the likes of McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari.

Spider-Man Toys and Gifts

Featuring builds of popular locations and iconic characters like Spider-Man, Venom and Doc Ock, LEGO® Spider-Man sets are perfect gifts for toddlers, kids 4+ and adult fans alike. Whether you’re a fan of Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen or other characters in the Spider-Verse, we have Spider-Man toys and minifigures for all fans of the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

Star Wars™

Builders can join forces to build the iconic All-Stars from their favourite Star Wars™ movies.

Stranger Things

Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO® Stranger Things. With this detailed set inspired by the hit Netflix original series, discover the popular characters and authentic details that you will recognize from the retro 1980s universe.

LEGO® Technic Toys and Collectibles

Kids 6+ can learn as they play and explore their passion for engineering with detailed LEGO® Technic designs. Featuring functioning gearboxes, wheels and axles that kids puts together themselves, each build will help to grow children’s understanding of the intricate details that propel the cars, planes, motorbikes and construction vehicles and make them work. Sets can be enhanced further with CONTROL+, a free app that can interact with many motorised LEGO® Technic remote control toys to add elements like movement and sound, as well as allow kids to complete challenges and share them with their friends. It’s also a perfect gift for advanced adult builders.

LEGO® xtra Toys and Accessories

Kids 6+ can add a little something xtra to their favourite LEGO® sets with LEGO® xtra accessories. They’ll build on what they know with whole new styles, scenes and activities for their playtime fun that’ll offer completely different role-play ideas and allow them to boost their imagination skills. They’ll love how they can change their favourite toys with new looks, vehicles and pieces, as well as clothing options for minifigures that can give them a cool refresh on their style.

LEGO® Accessories

From baggage tags to bracelets, add some colourful LEGO® accessories to your everyday routine! Find your bag in the airport in no time, or jazz up an outfit with your own LEGO® accessories. Want to know the best part? You can enjoy building AND wearing them!

LEGO® Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

Send them Back to School in true LEGO® style with iconic backpacks and lunch boxes designed to look cool from the classroom to the lunch room and beyond.

LEGO® Books

LEGO Publishing works with some of the world’s best publishers to create books and magazines that spark creativity, fire the imagination and foster a love of reading and building with LEGO bricks. We call it Playful Reading – where books and LEGO bricks come together to inspire creative play and make reading fun

LEGO® Keyrings

Add some personality to your keys with a fun keyring! From Star Wars™ and Harry Potter™ to Disney Princess or your favourite Marvel Avengers superhero, there are keyrings for everyone. Pick from one of the vibrant and colourful LEGO® keyrings.

LEGO® polybag

Do you know what’s small, fun-size but packed full of character? LEGO® polybags! These small builds are perfect for celebrating seasonal events, adding to an existing build or giving as a gift.

Puzzles & Board Games

They’re fun, engaging and will keep the whole family entertained for hours! Discover the range of LEGO® puzzles and board games.

LEGO® Costumes

Are you looking for a quirky outfit for your kids’ next party? Put on the LEGO® Skeleton costume and your kids are ready for their next event or Halloween party! All LEGO® costumes are lightweight and easy to move about in, making them comfortable for kids to enjoy.

LEGO® Stationery

Brighten up your pencil case or desk with stationery – perfect as a gift or for essential school supplies! From LEGO® pens, erasers and notebooks to pen holders and desk organisers, add a fun twist to your school and office supplies with LEGO® stationery.
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