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Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value: Zero… but the nominal value is not the decisive vote. Collect for PASSION.
Time (dis) covers truth… Titus Tatius, Sabine King, a legendary figure of the early roman epoch, at which the minds are splitting, if the written records are true or not in its origin.

A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats the little men. That are true words spoken! Maximilian Joseph King of Bavaria ~1806-1825 ~ was rooted to the soil and a great king.
MA-Online Shops: Mars on Coins. If you look for coins with Mars on MA-Online Shops, you will enjoy the quality of most coins. Mars was the Greek equivalent of the god Ares, the Greek god of the art of war.
OUT with the old… In with the NEW! Check out one of our latest “new-in” Items from Peru. Gorgeous 100 Soles, coined 1964/Lima.
A golden Eye-Catcher, with lovely designed details ~Libertad~ just lovely – You’d like to see more of Peru? Click the link
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MA-Online Shops - Coins, Banknote and Medals Collectors's Online




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