neurotechnology – Neural Networks, Biometrics and Computer Vision

29 years of Research and Development in Neural Networks, Biometrics and Computer Vision
Distributors neurotechnology

  • Argentina Biometric Solutions,
  • Brazil Biometric Solutions,
  • Chile Biometric Solutions,
  • China Biometric Solutions,
  • Colombia Biometric Solutions,
  • Congo D.R. Biometric Solutions,
  • El Salvador Biometric Solutions,
  • Greece Biometric Solutions,
  • India Biometric Solutions,
  • Israel Biometric Solutions,
  • Italy Biometric Solutions,

  • Korea Biometric Solutions,
  • Nigeria Biometric Solutions,
  • Pakistan Biometric Solutions,
  • Paraguay Biometric Solutions,
  • Peru Biometric Solutions,
  • South Africa Biometric Solutions,
  • Spain Biometric Solutions,
  • UK Biometric Solutions,
  • USA Biometric Solutions,
  • Venezuela Biometric Solutions.

Neural Networks, Biometrics and Computer Vision. Large-scale, Biometric for Integrators – neurotechnology

  • Large-scale Biometric Solutions
  • Product Advisor
  • Biometrics On-premise
  • MegaMatcher ABIS
  • Biometrics on Cloud
  • MegaMatcher ABIS Cloud Service

Biometric for Integrators

  • Product Advisor
  • Product Schema
  • Large-scale systems
  • MegaMatcher SDK
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator
  • MegaMatcher On Card SDK
  • Fingerprint SDK
  • VeriFinger SDK
  • FingerCell SDK
  • Free Fingerprint Verification SDK
  • Face SDK
  • VeriLook SDK
  • Face Verification SDK
  • Face Recognition API on Cloud
  • at Sky Biometry website
  • SentiVeillance SDK
  • SentiMask SDK
  • Iris SDK
  • VeriEye SDK
  • Voice SDK
  • VeriSpeak SDK
  • Custom projects

Biometrics for End Users

  • Video Surveillance
  • SentiVeillance Server Solution for VMS
  • Attendance Management
  • NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud or on-premise systems available
  • Face hiding in videos
  • NVeiler Video Filter plug-in for VirtualDub
  • Gestural/voice control
  • NPointer Freeware app for Windows
  • Age Estimation by Face
  • Check My Age Free Android app


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Biometric Scanners

  • Supported devices
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Face cameras / webcams
  • Iris scanners
  • Buy scanners at Biometric Supply website

Video Surveillance

  • Ready-to-use for VMS
  • SentiVeillance Server
  • For Integrators
  • SentiVeillance SDK

Computer Vision

  • Image Recognition Platform
  • SentiSight Cloud Service
  • 3D face tracking
  • SentiMask SDK
  • Gaze tracking
  • SentiGaze SDK
  • 3D reconstruction
  • SentiSculpt SDK

Robotics & A.I.

  • SentiBotics Kit
  • SentiBotics Navigation SDK

Ultrasound technologies

  • Research
  • Ultrasound Research Group
  • Directional speaker
  • Focusonics

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