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BLOOMINGDALE’S one of the millions of clothing stores

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Best regards, Joseph Cherayath Corsearch on behalf of, Macy’s, Inc.
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Bloomingdale’s Reviews

My refunds take 7-14 days (a scam to hold my money). I placed 2 large orders last night. They charged me immediately, and then cancelled my orders within the hour. They sent me 2 emails to contact customer service via phone number. I did.
They told me they will have to cancel my orders. My refunds will be processed within 7-14 days. Seriously it takes that long to refund my money. I called my bank. They told me that Bloomingdale’s intentionally hold my payment for a long period of time and there is nothing they can do.
I called Bloomingdale’s back again multiple times but I received the same answer/ a lie that it is a standard practice for the refunds to be processed within 10-14 days even if my orders were cancelled within an hour by the company. I am intending to pursue legal actions. Duke, Bronx, NY

Bloomingdale’s Reviews Priya Fremont, CA

They hardly, have people to serve you in the beauty department. The associates are not very helpful. The online returns take 14 days to process your return, even if they have the shipment. Poor customer service.

Bloomingdale’s Reviews Наталя Prospect Heights, IL

I ordered a jacket for $300, they sent it via UPS. Then the post office said that the address was incorrect, although it was correct! I said I would return that jacket back to the store. They returned it, and the store forgot to return the money. I called twice to get a refund, but they forgot. I wonder why such stupid people work there? It’s been a month and a week since I haven’t seen my funds yet. I am very dissatisfied with the service. My rating is not 1 star, but zero!

Bloomingdale’s Reviews Berit Saratoga, CA

As the sales person looked me up and down- I asked for a size 12 in a $1500 dress- she said ‘we don’t carry your size’. And, the store doesn’t buy those large sizes anymore.? Guess they don’t like my Large Bills either? Palo Alto, Stanford Mall, 12 pm on Thursday, March 22, 2023.

Bloomingdale’s Reviews Erika Salt Lake City, UT

If I could give Bloomingdale’s Zero star, I would. I have a problem with an online order return/refund. I paid $372.16 for an Allsaints leather jacket with my credit card in full. After I returned the item, I received an email about the refund I will get, which is $297.48. The reason for the $74.68 refund reduction that Bloomingdale’s (or whoever handled this case) gave is that my Bloomingdale’s account has insufficient points. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I placed this order on Dec 16, 2022, and only got a $25 reward card for it, and I used it for my Dec 26, 2022’s purchase. I haven’t exchanged the points for cash for any other purchases since then. If Bloomingdales wants to take the $25 back, that’s ok. But it’s not ok to use customers’ refund to buy points. In this case, Bloomingdale’s is imposing on customers, against customer’s will to use $74.68 refund for a $25 reward card, which is absurd.

Bloomingdale’s store Reviews Katerina Pflugerville, TX

I’ve dealt with all major high end department stores customer service and Bloomingdale’s is the worst!! Their online system made a mistake by not applying their own advertised promo code which my order was fully eligible for, and afterward I had to speak with at least 5 people including 2 supervisors to make them correct it. No one cares!!! I didn’t get a promised discount, wasted hours of my time, very frustrating experience! Will be returning my whole order. Hope they get out of business!

Bloomingdale’s shop ReviewsEllyn Reston, VA

Ordered pants 9/3. Emailed notification of delivery date 9/9. UPS Tracking # said delivery was made 9/3. Was told outright lies this morning by customer service rep “Sidney” who promised UPS would deliver today 9/10, and that she would call me back to confirm — she didn’t. I called again this afternoon and explained the situation to Juliana who severed the connection. Finally got to Wendy, who eventually said I could cancel the order and get a refund. We’ll see. Will never order from Bloomingdale’s again.

Bloomingdale’s Reviews pranitha Quincy, MA

Hi, WORST SERVICE!!!! NEVER BUY HERE AGAIN!! I made an online purchase for which Bloomingdale’s delivered part of the order which went missing and i immediately contact Bloomingdale’s regarding this and instead of resolving the issue, they blocked me. As in my money is gone and I am not sure about the other part of the order whether they deliver it or not. Worst customer service I have seen. I don’t understand how I am blocked. They Bloomingdale’s made a mistake. They never contacted even UPS regarding the package. I want my money back.

Bloomingdale’s Reviews Xinyuan New York, NY

I have been shopping at the store for years and generally have been happy with their customer service. This year however I’ve noticed a significant decline in the quality of their customer service, especially their phone service, not sure if it’s a shift in company culture or policy. For instance, I received a promotional gift card for $300 for a big purchase I made. The gift card was only valid for 30 days and I forgot to use it until a couple days after it had expired, I attempted to contact customer service to see if any of the value can be recovered but was rudely told there was nothing they can do. I understand that there was an expiration date, however, a 30 day valid period seems unreasonably short and the phone rep was also very rude, which is unacceptable.

Bloomingdale Review Alperen Istanbul, Other

Unfortunately, I had to pay an extra $47.20 customs tax at the entrance to my country because they invoiced me as 5 products in 3 pieces, although there were 3 products in my order **, which I placed on April 1st. I explained this to Bloomingdale’s customer services 3 times, and again for the 4th time today, but unfortunately I still could not get a result. I always got the same answer every time. “Sorry, we will get back to you within 72 hours.” I’m really tired, I don’t understand why I’m being punished for wrong billing. If they couldn’t do something, they could have said “there is nothing we can do” on the first day I wrote. It’s really sad.

Bloomingdale’s Review Lisa Durham, NC

I purchased a $530 Le Mer gift set in February 2022 as a Valentine’s gift from my husband. I put it in my closet and took it out last week, the moisturizer was yellowed around the edges and had a finger stuck in it, the plastic lid that is between the lid and cream was gone, the wand for application was not included, the serum was also used the bottle did not look full. I was not allowed to speak to anyone in the states and was told to send it back “maybe” they would refund my payment. I will no longer shop with them, the customer service was awful and how am I not allowed to speak to a manager or anyone in the US

Bloomingdale’s Review tusha Massapequa Park, NY

I received a pair of SCHUTZ boots as a Christmas gift, although they were purchased Nov. 9th. Love the boots, but the toe area wore so badly after just a few wearings. I called Bloomingdale’s service number. They told me there was nothing they could do since it was after their 90 day return policy. (But I wasn’t looking to return) They told me to email customer service. Two emails later – no response from them. Tried the “chat” but they gave me the same “it’s past 90 day return policy.” (Again, never asked to return) I am so disappointed in a store where I have been a long time, loyal customer. They absolutely did not stand behind their merchandise. I would suggest Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus based on customer service.

Bloomingdale’s Review heba Dubai, Other

I had very bad experience with them and customer service are unprofessional dealing with My problem and until now they did not fixed anything… and the horrible part that they don’t care about customers at all.

Bloomingdale’s Review Weena Baldwin Park, CA Online & App

I order a jacket for my dad birthday gift in size small on 3/7/2022. On 3/11/2022 my item arrived. I am very excited to receive item very early. But my happiness didn’t last too long. I found out that Bloomingdale’s sent me a wrong size. I went back to their website and found that size small is sold out and size medium that I received is only cost $46.88. I paid $62.50 for a small but received medium that cost a lot cheaper. Bloomingdale’s is overcharge me!
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Bloomingdale’s Review Melissa Arlington, VA Customer Service Sales & Marketing

I ordered a pair of shoes in September, a portion of which was to be used with a gift card. After months of it being delayed, and them saying now it would be delivered at the end of April, I finally cancelled the order. Then I am told, “Too bad on the promotional card balance, you are out of luck because it expired”. Then trying to speak with customer service, they tried to claim the promotional card was only worth $50 even though I have it in front of me. They refused to allow me to send in pictures of what I had and just said, “Too bad, this is what is in the system and you are out of luck”.

Bloomingdale’s Review Carla San Diego, CA Staff

I returned an item that I purchased online with same day, 2 hour, store pickup – indicating that the item was stocked at the store. First the clerk told me it couldn’t be returned because it was an online purchase. Then he said it was out of the return range – which it was not. I have my original receipt with the date clearly on it. Then he said it had been used – which it had not. He said I should have had the box it came in. However, when I purchased the item it was not in a box. Basically he implied I was lying. Had to escalate it to a manager. I ended up getting store credit instead of a refund. I’m not sure why I didn’t get a refund but I didn’t feel like arguing with him any longer. So rude and over a $40 item. Give me a break. This was at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego. He was not wearing a name badge but the return receipt says his associate number is **. I’ll stick to Nordstrom which is in the same mall and has excellent customer service.

Bloomingdale’s Review Uluz Riverdale, MD

I was on Friday 11/26/2021 and Sunday 11/28/2021. On Friday I did not have my card with me and the rude manager with the name Robing on Potomac Mills outlet Bloomingdale she treat me very unprofessional and rude. And on Sunday I come back to the store and the same manager was very unpolite and rude with me, discriminated because my accent on my voice. She is nasty with all employee. She speak to them like she the owner and not even that she is rude with customer.

Bloomingdale’s Review jodi Hammonton, NJ Price

Bought a pair of shoes online for my husband. They charged me the price online but when I received them, there was a sticker on the bottom showing that they were $100 cheaper than what they charged me. I called and asked them to honor the correct price but they said no.

Bloomingdale’s Review jahne Brooklyn, NY Verified purchase Punctuality & Speed

I ordered over 5000 dollars of items for vacation which never arrived. They refuse to assist me and make a report. Their CSR are horrible and mocked me. I want my money back and they won’t help. They say, “We can’t do anything about missing items. ” What kind of business is this? Do I have to do a lawsuit to get my funds back?

Bloomingdale’s Review Karen Livingston, NJ

I have noticed that the packaging of orders is terrible and the customer service representatives are illiterate and cannot speak English properly. Further, there must be a problem with shipping and billing because the store sent me two shipments of bedding (I only ordered one shipment) and I have been waiting over a month to get my money back after they acknowledged that the returns were received. I have since reported this to my bank. Oh, and did I mention I cannot even get into my account because of their tech issues? I hope the store folds.

Bloomingdale’s Review Kimberly Atlanta, GA Verified purchase

I am a college student. I ordered a scanpan set during March 2020 amid covid. Bloomingdale’s sent me the wrong set and instead of sending the pieces that I ordered I got a extra small sauce pan in lieu of a frying pan, which looked used. A year later the nonstick coating started chipping away and scanpan is supposed to be made with ceramic titanium coating. Initially after receiving my incorrect set, I tried calling and emailing. No answer. When I made my way to a department store (after being closed due to covid), I was told that the time to return items had passed. The employees also did know the difference between a saute pan and a frying pan and told me that I got exactly what I ordered and it took me showing them pictures to prove otherwise. If this is the service and customer care that a luxury store gives, go somewhere else. I now stick to Amazon. When I call or email, Amazon will return my call or email.

Bloomingdale’s Review Marian Redwood City, CA

Tried to buy a pair of Valentino online. My size is always not available however I found that it was so I immediately tried to purchase them. Well. It was one of the most frustrating experiences. Couldn’t get into my account and tried to reset the password, Unable to get the link with repeated requests. Finally requested live chat. The first person promised to help and will hang around to make sure, gets disconnected and still no link. 3 hours later contacted again. Another person the exact same thing.

Bloomingdale’s Review DANA Redwood City, CA

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ONLINE FROM BLOOMINGDALES!!! Bloomingdales calls me one of their Top of the Line retail customers, and I will no longer be purchasing anything from Bloomingdales. I made the fatal mistake of buying an expensive pair of earrings online for an event that has long passed. I purchased a pair of Marco Bicego London Blue Topaz drop earrings from Bloomingdales for $2430 plus tax. They sent me the wrong earrings, a pair of pearl earrings. I immediately called and complained and sent in a return order form. They said the earrings were in stock and I’d receive them in 2 – 3 days. Then they sent me a UPS mailing label which I affixed to a package and shipped the pearl earrings back. They sent me a letter saying I would get the Marco Bicego London Blue drop earrings within 7 days. They did not come. Since then I have phoned and written to customer service repeatedly.

Bloomingdale’s Review Ananya Livingston, NJ

I opened a credit card with Bloomingdale’s and was looking forward to become a loyal customer, but that will not happen. I ordered a stroller for a certain price and applied a 15% coupon on my purchase while placing the order on phone, which took long time, but that was fine, I understand it can take time. Two days after the purchase, stroller price dropped, and I was hoping that they can honor their 10 day policy for price drop.

Bloomingdale’s Review Tatevik Los Angeles, CA

I always shop from Bloomingdales especially from SANDRO, MAJE brand department, today was one of my common shopping days and went to get some items. So I asked this girl Nicki to help out with some items and sizes. She was very unprofessional and very rude she has absolutely zero knowledge and she was totally useless. I cannot imagine how this huge company can hire this kind of people and present to customers as PROFESSIONALS!!!! She was very rude and she was rushing me a lot so I can leave/ I went to store at 6:40 pm and it was 20 mins till closing, so I had time to check up on items, and plus I am very quick and once I walk in I already know what I want so I don’t waste time.

Bloomingdale’s Review Meral Baltimore, OH

I am so sad to see Bloomingdale’s behaving in such a fraudulent manner! I made a high value purchase that qualified me for a $300 gift card. I received an e:mail congratulating me for receiving a $300 gift card. Gift card never arrived but I assumed that it was registered to my account and went shopping. There was no gift card on my account, I was put on a phone call with Loyalty Help Line. I was on the phone close to an hour, after which I was told that they cannot help me

Bloomingdale’s Review Vic Rochester, NY

Wow. Where do I even begin? December 2nd I decided to treat myself and buy a Gucci bag that I had been eyeing for a while. I placed my order online without issues and thought that would be the end of that- boy was I wrong. 20 minutes after I placed my order I received an email confirmation that said my order wasn’t quite yet ready to be processed and that I need to call and verify some info. Ok cool, no problem. I called, verified my identity, personal info, card info, etc. Then my card was declined. Ok no worries…sometimes my bank declines big purchases or purchases from overseas.

Bloomingdale’s Review James San Diego, CA

I went to the Bloomingdales website today and was immediately greeted with a pop-up that promised me 15% off my first order if I signed up for their emails. I did this and had to wait over an hour for their promo code email. When it finally arrived, there was a link to “Exclusions.” It was the LONGEST list of exclusions I have ever seen. It was ridiculous. It was single spaced, tiny font and went on for almost TWO pages! I felt like they should’ve provided a list of what was NOT excluded. It might’ve been shorter!
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Bloomingdale’s Review joseph Nesconset, NY

I bought $650 shoes and was to receive a promotional gift card for $120 for a September promotion they were running. The gift card would be sent first week of October after the promotion ended. After receiving the shoes I noticed that they were too big. I simply wanted to exchange the shoe for a different size. I had to order over the phone since they did not have the shoes in stock in any location, so I could not try these on prior. I called immediately and was on the line with customer serving for 52 minutes! The first person I spoke to I found out had been in training, so it is took 15 minutes alone to walk her through what I was trying to do. She did not understand what I was saying and I kept repeating it and walking her through it.

Bloomingdale’s Review Rachel Valley Village, CA

1. Received housewarming gift from a family member, multiple pieces came broken. 2. Called Bloomingdale’s they said they would send a replacement item and sent a 30 dollar item instead of a 200 Dollar item we were gifted. 3. Called Bloomingdale’s again, this time the said the item was out of stock, so they would send a gift card. 4. Bloomingdale’s sent a 30 dollar gift card for a 200 dollar item. 5. Called Bloomingdale’s again, they said they would sent another gift card. 6. Receive gift card on 7-7-20 go to use the gift card on 8.30.20, it says that the card has no balance. 7. Call Bloomingdale’s and they say the gift card was used to buy another gift card?! It wasn’t, not by me, literally they offer no solution.

Bloomingdale’s Review Donna North Hollywood, CA

Hi everyone, Let’s start off with this, I would give this zero stars if I could. This is directed at Arien who works in the Sandro section of Bloomingdale’s. Body Shaming? Without consequences? The salesman had the audacity to tell a customer that they wouldn’t fit in a dress and stretch the fabric. A wonderful representation of what a distasteful and disgusting department looks like, and I would totally recommend coming here if you want to get body shamed and embarrassed.

Bloomingdale’s Review Tina Parker, CO

This is the first and last time I’ll ever try to shop at Bloomingdale’s. They sent their customer service overseas, and they do not care about anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stores close, their customer service is so bad. The cs act like they are so entitled to their jobs. They are not going to have jobs if they don’t pull it together and figure out what baseline customer service is all about. I thought Bloomingdale’s was a high-end department store with excellent service. They must have gotten their cs people out of a prison work program or something. This is just unbelievable.

Bloomingdale’s Review remy Brooklyn, NY

I had to change the delivery address, the day after I placed my order, so I tried to contact the customer service. It was impossible to reach out to them for 3 days, on the 4th days they told me “it was too late, they couldn’t do anything now, I should have tried before.” I explained to them that I tried, they said, “Sorry it’s the policy, you should try to call UPS,” I called UPS, UPS told me Bloomingdale’s were the only one to be able to change the address, as they are the sender!! To finish no one is able to change the address. It will cost me 100$ of uber to get it to go back to my place!

Bloomingdale’s Review Isabella Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been a Bloomingdale’s customer for over a decade, and if I could give them negative stars I would. So often, you order something, and it’s sold out and your order is simply cancelled. I was considered one of their “best” customers, so I had no problem getting through to customer service, and I was well aware of their shady practices. Lots of weird extra fees added here and there. I’d call and dispute them, and they’d “forgive” them, but I wonder about charges I missed. I opened a card with them years ago, and this past fall I cut it up.

Bloomingdale’s Review Kim Hollywood, FL

Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall horrible customer service. I went to do an exchange of a shoe that was not worn. The shoe material easily mark up. The shoe I was going to exchange it for the same just different size had marks as well. It’s just how it’s made. I had to wait 30 minutes for a manager Michael approval to only not get the service of exchange I wanted with receipt. Comparing both shoe looked exactly the same. I also felt racially profiled because a different race of lady just did a return before with 5 different pair of shoes that were worn out!

Bloomingdale’s Review Jen Paterson, NJ

I am a loyal Bloomingdale shopper and been so for many years. Purchased online the Tom Ford perfume $240. Upon receiving it, the scent was horrific! I called the Bloomingdale customer service phone line, and the representative stated I can return the perfume for another perfume or for a full refund; I stated, I wanted a full refund. I asked the representative if I can return the perfume if I had removed the plastic wrap and representative stated, “Yes, you can return the perfume without the wrap.” Representative went on to provide me options for the return which was either sending me a return label to ship back for free, and get full refund or I was able to go to any Bloomingdale store and return for a full refund. I chose to do to a Bloomingdale store within the Willowbrook mall in Wayne NJ.

Bloomingdale’s Review Martin Orem, UT

One of the worst companies I’ve ever attempted to deal with. Tried to order online from them 3 TIMES. THEY KEPT CANCELLING THE ORDER. The Mean, and rude representation REFUSED TO USE THE SIGN UP EMAIL CODE WE HAD. They REFUSED TO HELP US ORDER EVEN ON THE PHONE. 3 phone calls, we finally give up. Absolutely ridiculous Company.

Bloomingdale’s Review Charge on Receipt Different from Deducted Amount

Products are good since it’s just a department store, but the charges are teetering on illegal. The total at checkout doesn’t match the total deducted from the bank – no reason behind this as it’s not an international charge/fee. Bloomingdales also cancels many of your orders saying the item is not being restocked. Then why make those items available (even if it does give you a future fulfillment date)? Pretty upsetting when you try to buy limited items only to find that had you purchased from a reputable store, you would have HAD the item. tsk tsk.

Bloomingdale’s Review I received a used/scratched apple watch… Bloomingdale’s company

I received a used/scratched apple watch band for $145 – you wouldn’t pay $10 for something in that condition, how can it pass Bloomingdale’s QC! When asked to replace it, they denied it saying they can’t credit or replace it because of my history. I have only ever purchased three items from them (all in the last few days) and out of the three items I ordered( including the band), two were used/returned items that I had to ask them to replace. Why are you shipping items that are in this condition! I am waiting for the refunds.

Bloomingdale’s Review Today I have encountered the worst…

Today I have encountered the worst client experience in a very long time.
I got a new couch delivered and the connectors were not connecting or incorrect. They called the client service line and oh boy do you have work to do with these associates.
Darlene id Nunber 91114581 and LLvaroh 91174856 were incredibly unprofessional. Both have me two different answers to solve my problem. lLvaroh asked me not to be over the top and understand why I am upset.
This is my first run in with Bloomingdale’s furniture and would probably be my last. I have been in the service business for over 2 decades and Learnt that empathy and ownership is everything these associates really gave you a bad reputation today.
Thought you would want to know because I know I do when my clients feel this way.

Bloomingdale’s Review The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent over an hour on hold, and then they hung up! I am trying to get a credit that is due on my AMEX, and Bloomingdales keeps shorting me the amount due. CAREFULLY, watch you credit balance when you return an item. BLOOMINGDALES does not give you what is DUE BACK!!!!!!!!

Bloomingdale’s Review Refunds takes 10-14 days

I placed 2 large orders last night. They charged me immeditately, and then cancelled my orders within the hour. They sent me 2 emails to contact customer service via phone number. I did. They told me they will have to cancel my orders. My refunds will be processed within 7-14 days. Seriously it takes that loong to refund my money. I called my bank. They told me that Bloomingdales intentionally hold my payment for a long period of time and the there is nothing they can do. I called Bloomingdales back again multiple times but I received the same answer/ a lie that it is standar practice for the refunds to be processed within 10-14 days even if my orders were cancelled within an hour by the company.

Bloomingdale’s Review If I could give zero stars I would

If I could give zero stars I would. The only reason I’m still using this website is I have loyalist dollars to use up. It’s the worst. Won’t accept my correct address. I hate the pop up face that you have to look at while browsing. I don’t want to have a man looking at me while looking at underwear. Twice now I haven’t been able to order online and while a customer service person is helping me 15 later (yes it takes that long) the item is gone. Once I use up my dollars, I will never use this website again. Zero stars.

Bloomingdale’s Review Customer support knows nothing

My order was canceled because of some security reasons. I received email that I had to call them to verify some additional information. I called them, verified my info but they still didn’t proceed with my order. Although it wasn’t my first order on Bloomingdale’s, somehow the system decided that this time my order should not pass and the customer support representatives have 0 power over the system. Ridiculous :)))) ok I’ll spend my money somewhere else if that’s what you want

Bloomingdale’s Review Terrible shipping process

Good products, but very mediocre customer service… TERRIBLE shipping process. Items always take way too long to arrive. Most often than not you place an on order only to find out days after that the product was out of stock, and was not sent!
Very frustrating when it’s someone’s birthday or Valentine’s Day and you find out instead of receiving your item on time , it has actually been canceled!!! This has happened to my multiple times.
Even if you put a rush order, your items are still not arriving on time.


DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I have returned all the items I purchased from them. One of them, returned to their facility May 10 and I STILL have not received a refund. It’s June 23 now. I’ve contacted them 3 times, and every time they are telling me the money will be refunded to my account and it hasn’t. Now I’m having to report the charge as fraud to my bank in order to receive my money back. I do not trust these people. They have the worst customer service I’ve seen. I hope they go out of business.

Bloomingdale’s Review Price Match facility

the customer service didn’t approve my price match request, i bought a bag for 1,050, i sent them a request with all the required details from level shoes, when i received a reply from my email they said that my request is not eligible since their website now shows aed5 lower than level shoes. very disappointed, my first experience buying from their website

Bloomingdale’s Review I ordered a silver shoe and received a…

I ordered a silver shoe and received a dirty pair of cream shoes of a different designer. To make matters worse, they sent me the incorrect return label. They informed me that I would receive a $300 gift card for the inconvenience but sent one for $125. They are masters at playing games with customers.

Bloomingdale’s Review – I ordered a gift for my husband for…

I ordered a gift for my husband for Christmas. Tracking showed it was delivered. I looked all over and did not locate a package. I contacted Bloomingdale’s about this issue and they refused to send a replacement item or issue a refund. I contacted my bank. They opened a claim and stated Bloomingdale’s should not be refusing to send a replacement item or issue a refund.
Think twice on ordering from this company. Seems they’re scamming left and right.
Bloomingdales lost their customer satisfaction when ordering online

I ordered an Eileen Fisher top from Bloomingdale’s on line. I received an email that it was delivered on 12/24/22. When I opened my front door, nothing was there. There was no packages at all. I forgot all about it with the holidays. When I made a return at my Bloomingdales, I told the woman at the register I did not receive the Eileen Fisher top. She told me she would note it on the computer screen. I kept receiving bills for this top with interest. I kept calling Bloomingdale’s and they first told me that I did not tell them soon enough. I did not know there was a specific time frame for a missing package. They keep billing me and I keep calling that I will not pay for anything that I personally did not receive. This has been going on for over six months. I will not be cajoled into paying for something I did not receive. They reported me to a credit bureau for $89.00 plus finance charges. Where is their customer service? Since COVID I buy everything online and never had a problem before.

Bloomingdale’s Review I order YSL bag since 3/30/23 still…

I order YSL bag since 3/30/23 still didn’t received, called Bloomingdale’s customer service to notify missing shipment they’re telling me to dispute with my credit card , what kind of business they’re doing pushing customers away and lying. Never delivered my item and they don’t even put an effort to track or investigate. So cheap that they’re not hiring career to deliver expensive items to human and with signature . This is a nightmare until now 4/16/23 I still can’t get my refund for $1800 or replacement. Very disappointed and angry how can they treat customers as nothing and ignore situation

Bloomingdale’s Review Absolute horrible customer service

Absolute horrible customer service! I ordered a bag from Frye but received the wrong color, which I don’t like at all. Wrote to them many times and each time someone different answered with conflicting information from the previous person that I wrote to. I complained that we can’t communicate properly this way but it didn’t get any better. Finally, after many emails I couldn’t deal with them anymore and ended keeping the ugly bag for 650 euros!!!

Bloomingdale’s Review No refund

Similar to the previous review, I made an online order which the UPS said was delivered to the doorman. However, my apartment doorman abd I looked through all the packages, nothing was for me. Now, Bloomingdale’s does not want to reship the item or refund. I am going to claim a dispute to my credit card. I am not paying for nothing. Also, 2 of the 3 items that I ordered were out of stock. They gave me a 20% off promotion code which does not even apply for the items I want.
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