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PosrednikvGermany is a website offering assistance in purchasing, paying for and delivering various goods from stores, sites, auctions in Germany and the Netherlands, England and France, Italy and Poland, USA, Latin America and China and other countries. Through the site Posrednik v Germany, you can also independently buy and sell, as well as pay for various services through European, German, Chinese and American sites presented in our catalog-list of foreign sellers and retailers.

Links of foreign online stores, sellers, announcements and auctions

For you, we have compiled a list of foreign online stores, ads and European auctions in thematic sections, where you can select and purchase the desired thing or service. Buy children’s goods or spare parts for a car, buy a tool or the latest phone model, order products or pay for hotel, tour, plane ticket. All sales pages and stores are in the language of the seller. Use an online translator for your browser to translate a store page or website into the language you need.

The Best Deals Online Shops, Auctions, Ads, Retailers, Stores

International stores and car dealerships selling new and mileage cars. Motorcycles, trucks and other used machinery in Germany and Europe

More than 800 thousand vehicles of Germany and Europe, on car and motorcycle sites, as well as in car stores. Choose and buy a new motorcycle or car will help you our electronic catalog of sellers and stores in Europe, USA and Asia. Each model presented at the seller has an actual price of the official dealer, description, specifications of auto and motorcycle transport, photos, video from the seller. Sale of cars by advertisements in online newspapers. List – Catalogue of official dealers of German and other car models in Europe.

Cars & Motorcycles

  • How to choose and buy, decorate and overtake a car or motorcycle from Germany correctly and without problems, you can read on the page. “Buying a car or machinery in Germany“.

Shops and sites to sell spare parts for cars and motorcycles and any equipment in Europe

Internet stores selling car parts, wheels and accessories, motorcycle, truck, jet ski, ATV or other equipment. Security systems, biker equipment, consumables and accessories for motorcycle and scooter, protection, clothing and helmets. Wide assortment, more than 50 million items of spare parts. Fast delivery or self-delivery from the seller. Spare parts catalogs by VIN / VIN number, Video Reviews on the purchase and quality of spare parts after installation, Special reports from the manufacturer of spare parts, recommendations and advice on repair of any machine, sale of tires and disks for cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles.

Car parts, Wheels & Accessories

Foreign auctions and auctions, purchase and sale of rare items and antiques

German, European auctions and trading platforms for the sale and purchase of many new and used items, as well as rare and original goods. Each foreign online auction is distinguished by a thematic selection of sections and headings of items presented on it. Auctions and trading platforms in Germany, France, Nederlande, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, USA and Europe. On our site you will be pleasantly surprised by the catalogue list of many popular and little-known European and American online auctions and trades. The full catalogue of auctions with thematic sections: Cars and Special Techniques, paintings and porcelain, medals and brands, sports goods, goods for animals, new and used equipment for business.

Auctions & Trading

A repair tool, household power tools and industrial equipment on sale in Germany, Europe, USA and China

Instrument, Tools for construction and repair of premises, professional tool for maintenance of buildings and premises. Sale of power tools for home repair in foreign specialised online shops. Tools for car repair shops, car service equipment, tools for repairing cars, motorbikes and special equipment. Large selection of circular saws for work in the country house. Popular and reliable models of trimmers for work at the site. Various screwdrivers (battery and corded) for both small and professional repairs. Chainsaws from the most well-known manufacturers in Europe, Canada and the USA. Paint guns, nail guns, head sets, staplers, lawn mowers, jigsaws, drills, planers, tile cutters, pneumatic tools, overalls and work shoes, all this you can buy online in foreign shops, from official and certified manufacturers of any tool and equipment.

Instrument & Tools

Pharmacies and opticians, medicines and medical equipment

Foreign or foreign internet pharmacies and opticians. On sale medicines, medical products, pharmacy products. The catalogue list on our website includes a wide range of medicines, medical equipment and other products for health: medical equipment, massage equipment, equipment for the disabled, medical clothing, shoes for the disabled and medical textiles. Pharmacy equipment – a category of pharmaceutical equipment represented by specialized furniture, refrigeration chambers. Medicines and mobility aids, corrective goods and equipment for medical sports and massage, pills and prostheses, goods for the care of the disabled in European shops. Pharmacies and opticians in our German and European catalogue are constantly updated with new retailers.

Medicines & Medical Equipment

Materials for dentistry, prosthetics, dental treatment, veneers and dental equipment in shops

Materials for children’s dentistry. Proposals from manufacturers of materials for dental restorations, sale of composite veneers for adults and children. Artistic restoration of teeth made from materials offered by foreign manufacturers and sellers in Germany, the Netherlands, Latin America, England and Europe with USA. Prosthetics on imported equipment offered in dental equipment shops abroad. Goods for the treatment of teeth under anesthesia in online shops. Equipment for dentist’s office at different price levels. Modern equipment for a dental clinic from an official manufacturer. Consumables for dentistry from imported raw materials and components. Programmes for dentistry (equipment, devices), goods for dentists and shops for dentists in our catalogue.

Dental & Dentistry

Safety goggles, special and fashionable dioptrene goggles available in Germany and the Netherlands, USA and China

Glasses are primarily designed to correct vision and protect eyes from negative external factors. There are different types and kinds of glasses, each of which performs its own tasks. Corrective glasses, safety glasses, special and fashion glasses. Glasses are one of the most common devices that a person uses in everyday life. Medical glasses, modern spectacle lenses and coatings, eyeglass frames – all information in the catalogue of foreign opticians and internet shops. Sale of sunglasses, branded glasses.

Glasses are special for work and safety glasses. It is easy to find glasses for correction of vision problems, even online, without visiting the shop, if you know the basic parameters of choice and sizes with dioptres. The main and top models of sunglasses in Europe now. Vision glasses, men’s reading glasses, women’s reading glasses, sports glasses for swimming or cycling, high quality ski and freestyle glasses at affordable prices in online shops in Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy and other countries.

Glasses & Sunglasses

Foreign shops selling large and non-standard sizes of clothes and shoes.

Clothes of large sizes are wardrobe items that must perform several very important tasks at once. They must provide a sense of comfort, hide flaws in the body and emphasise its merits. This section contains online shops and websites in Germany, Europe, America and China, offering all kinds of products for large, full and people with non-standard shapes. You must agree that we do not have many shops where you can find beautiful quality clothes or shoes of non-standard sizes or for non-standard growth. Original novelties, pleasant prices, proven quality. Large-size clothes and footwear, textiles and fashion elements and corrective items by well-known brands. European and American products from size XXL to size 10XL in the catalogue list of shops and sellers of goods for large and non-standard figures.

Large-size clothes and footwear. Moda XXL to size 10XL

Manufacturers and shops selling yachts and boats, jet skis in the USA, Asia and Europe

Brands and manufacturers of Jet-sky, yachts, boats, canoes, catamarans, sailing boards and boats. List of firms and companies involved in the design, construction of boats, yacht design and shipyard management for various types of vessels in Europe, Asia and America. International chains of branded shops selling equipment for outdoor activities, including boats, motor boats and outboard motors of well-known brands. Catalogues of used boats, motor boats and sailing yachts, boats, jet skis, trailers and trailers, boat equipment. Convenient search from sellers by name, length, year of manufacture of the vessel. Detailed description of each vessel, its location, photos and cost, with or without hire.

Jet-sky & Yachts, Boats

Children’s clothes, toys and goods for children in foreign shops

Children’s clothing should not only be practical and comfortable, but also beautiful. In every shop you can find a huge number of different products for children from birth, but only European and American clothing manufacturers can guarantee good quality for a child. List of children’s online shops selling the most necessary and interesting things for your child in Germany, Europe and America. Many shops offer children’s clothes and shoes, where there are not many things in the assortment that cost less than 20 euros, but the quality is at the same level. Goods from leading manufacturers. All for children and teenagers, from birth to 17 years. Furniture for babies, prams, cots, toys, clothes and shoes, for newborns. Large selection of models, sizes, description of quality and delivery conditions.

Children’s clothes, toys, goods

Home decoration and stationery, garden goods and household appliances. Household shops.

To make a country home cozy, you need to take care not only of the plants but also of the fence, pool, sprayers and other goods for your garden and house. Shops and household goods sites in Germany, Europe, America and China offer all kinds of home products that will make your home or garden cozy and beautiful, fashionable and practical. Household and garden appliances and construction materials, home textiles and decorative elements, stationery and home furnishings. Most of them are one-stop shops with a wide range of goods in stock and to order. Goods for various purposes, more than 100,000 thousand necessary goods for home furnishings, garden improvement, office equipment, outdoor recreation, new construction and repair of old buildings.

Home furnishings & Garden improvement

Home furnishings, office furniture, garden furniture in shops in Europe and the USA

A huge range of home and office furniture in the catalogue of foreign furniture internet shops. Having looked through all the catalogues of furniture sellers, you will be able to find modular, cabinet or frameless furniture abroad. Sale of children’s furniture, kitchens, living rooms, wardrobes, bedrooms, etc. Information about delivery methods and costs, conditions of furniture assembly. In addition to the sale of sofas, cabinets, bedside tables or chairs for the bedroom or kitchen, most European furniture salons offer customers related products for the arrangement and comfort of the house or flat. For example: How to choose interior lighting for your home – photos, tips and tricks, and of course lamps or floor lamps on sale, in all colour combinations.

Home and Office Furniture

Seeds, plants, flowers, garden tools and fertilisers on sale in shops in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries

This section gathers shops and sellers in Germany and the Netherlands selling: Dutch seeds, seedlings, lawn grasses, home and garden plants, street perennials and indoor flowers, shrubs and trees. List of foreign online shops related to horticulture and plant growing, nurseries of rare plants and ornamental trees with shrubs. Shops of garden tools and fertilisers. Sale of sprayers, protective equipment, fertilisers, additives, soil, covering material, decorative elements and other goods in a wide range of quality and wear-resistant German tools and items that will significantly facilitate your work on the garden plot.


Goods for cats and dogs, birds and horses, reptiles in foreign pet shops. List of shops for animals

This section contains pet shops offering all kinds of products and medicines for animals in Germany, Europe, America and China. There are European, American and Chinese pet shops; pet training aids, pet food, bedding, portable boxes, toys, leashes, suits, cages, aquariums and terrariums and much more. Variants from different manufacturers, with delivery and self-delivery, compare and select the right ones. Collars and leashes for cats, houses, doghouses and riding huts, toilets, trowels and fillers, litter and mats for dogs and cats. You will be able to find the right size and colour for your products. Universal cosmetics and grooming products, universal hygiene products for cats and dogs.

for animals

Original cosmetics and perfumes on sale in shops and from dealers in Germany, Europe and the USA

This section contains foreign shops offering cosmetic and perfumery products. Only original perfumery and cosmetics, perfumes and toilet water, creams and lotions from Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia. The widest range of imported hair and skin care products for men and women in foreign boutiques. Are you looking for European and American online cosmetics and perfume shops in wholesale? You have already found them – cosmetics and perfumery shops are on our list. Here you can find the most famous and little-known cosmetic and perfumery brands. A foreign catalogue of cosmetics and perfumery manufacturers with contacts, official websites for selling cosmetics abroad with telephone numbers and addresses of offline and online shops.

cosmetic and perfumery products

Sale of books and magazines, printed products and DVDs abroad

Shops for books, magazines, DVD, CD, newspapers and printed matter. German educational literature, English dictionaries, European handbooks, European road maps, sightseeing guides, detective and action books in the language of the author or publisher, original classics of world literature, literature for children and about children in a foreign language, as well as many other printed products in foreign shops. Sale of books in French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Italian and other languages. List of mass media (newspapers, magazines) online in Germany and Europe. Literature news and novelties. Advertisements and auctions for buying and selling old books, textbooks, technical literature and periodicals.

books & magazines

Music shops and musical instruments in Germany, Europe and the USA

Music shops with a wide range of specialised music products in Germany, England, Europe and the USA. Keyboards, guitars, DJ equipment, drums, speakers, all for lighting the dance floor, equipment for studio recording and much more from well-known international brands. All kinds of European and American musical instruments and musical equipment. Sale of musical instruments, studio, sound and lighting equipment. Terms of discount program, purchase on credit in foreign shops. Sale of musical goods in retail and wholesale. Sale of ethnic musical instruments in Italy, Great Britain, France, Holland, Scandinavian countries and other countries.


I will buy and sell foreign notices, give notice boards as a gift and accept them as a gift

German and European ad sites where you can buy or sell, give away as a gift or accept new and used items. Offers of new, defective, used items in German and European advertisements from individuals and companies. Online advertisement newspapers by region in Germany and other European countries. Benefit from buying and selling cars, real estate and things abroad. Find reliable performers and work for yourself abroad through foreign noticeboards. List of the most popular online ad services in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, USA and Canada. Ads bases by categories ADS: cars, real estate, machinery, children’s goods, services, work. All ads are moderated by the publisher and contain descriptions and photos, without hiding the author’s contacts. Websites may contain materials for adults (there are restrictions).

notice boards – advertising sites, ads

Underwear, swimwear and beachwear in foreign shops in Poland, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil and the USA

Shops for men’s, women’s and children’s underwear in Germany, Europe, China and the USA. Foreign shops selling all kinds of products only original and high-quality lingerie, underwear, beachwear and accessories. The list of foreign websites includes products from all well-known companies, brands and lingerie manufacturers. Trendy European lingerie and American swimwear spring-summer autumn-winter are on our list of lingerie sellers and manufacturers. There is such diversity that it is difficult to stop at one thing. In foreign online shops you can always buy women’s, men’s and children’s underwear, home knitwear, thermal underwear, beachwear and bikinis according to the main fashion trends.

lingerie & underwear

Shoe shops in Germany, Europe and shoe dealers in the USA and China

German, European, American and Chinese shops offering all kinds of beautiful and fashionable shoe products. Our catalogue includes more than 400 shoe shops in Germany alone, not counting shoe boutiques in Holland, Italy, France and England. Searching for shoe shops by country, city, district, mode of operation, you can see the language of the shop title. If the shop’s website, especially in the USA, does not open to you, writes that there is no entry from your IP address, or the site has been in operation for several days. You most likely need to install additional VPN extensions for Yandex browser or other browsers like Opera’s free VPN. Original and practical shoes, corrective shoes, sports shoes, classic shoes, winter shoes, autumn shoes, demi shoes and special shoes in Germany, Europe, America and China.


Clothing for men, women and children in shops in Germany, Europe and China. Moda and fashion

Dreaming about clothes from European brands? Do you want to create your own individual image? Are you worried that you cannot access fashion shops? Online clothing shops in Europe – a complete list on one page. The correct design of clothes will hide the drawbacks of a figure and emphasise its merits, especially for women, from everyday dresses to business style models. German, English, French, Dutch, American, Korean and Chinese online clothing shops and official sellers of clothing and accessories. The opportunity to select, order and buy the latest models of women’s, men’s and men’s clothing and accessories from Germany and America, Europe or China. Huge selection of stylish women’s and men’s clothing, footwear and accessories from new collections. Clothing: summer, winter and demise season, for any weather and for the whole family in foreign boutiques.


Accessories and stylish items, modern trends in fashion shops in Germany, Europe, USA and China

Adhering to a specific style in your clothes means being elegant and having a refined taste. This is exactly what every woman aspires to, regardless of her social status throughout the world. Accessories are an easy and convenient way to change your image. Clothing accessories in Germany, Europe, the USA and China – these include scarves, neck scarves, caps, hats and other things. An accessory must be selected according to your style, makeup, hairstyle and clothes. The list includes a catalogue of foreign shops that offer modern trends in the fashion world and introduce you to new products and rules for combining accessories with clothing.

Accessories and stylish items

Scarves and gloves in European and American shops

Scarves and gloves from new collections in foreign shops. New additions and collections of classic gloves and shawls. Various gloves and adult scarves, including those made of 100% cotton, are available for you. Stylish scarves for men and fingerless gloves. Sets of scarves and gloves, stoles, ponchos, mittens, hand-hooked and spoked gloves. Accessories made of natural fibres, high quality tailoring and exquisite finishing from catalogues of unique products in shops in Germany, England, Holland, Italy, France and the rest of Europe. Original branded scarves / gloves are available with discounts in internet outlets of branded clothing and accessories. How to choose a scarf or shawl to match your image: types and rules of combination with clothes. The best images from style experts with photos and examples in foreign shops.

scarves and gloves

Women’s hats, men’s and children’s hats and caps on sale in foreign boutiques

Women’s hats and caps in the foreign shop category. Clothing accessories, women’s Skullies and hats, Winter hats and caps of high quality at an affordable price. Men’s and children’s hats and caps, sales, suppliers and shops in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, China and Canada. Branded hats, Baseball caps, Cartouzes, Warm caps, unusual hats and classic hats made of synthetic and natural materials. Knitted hats and waterproof demi-season hats. Online shops and well-known brands sell aviator hats, caps in the style of a skipper, violinist and many other hats. The official hats shops offer caps for all seasons, for men and women of all ages, in all sizes.

Children’s, women’s and men’s hats and baseball caps with delivery from official foreign manufacturers and foreign sellers of hypoallergenic fabrics.

hats & caps

Foreign wholesale shops or where to buy goods in bulk abroad

Buying goods in bulk in Germany, Europe, USA and China in shops is a great opportunity to add quality and, most importantly, original, branded goods to your shop. Catalogue of wholesalers from European, American and some Asian sites. Websites of foreign wholesalers and manufacturers of any goods. The list of wholesalers and organizers of joint purchases and purchases in Germany and England on “Intermediary in Germany”. Chinese goods in bulk from the largest suppliers “celestial”. Goods for private entrepreneurs and for companies with foreign official wholesalers’ addresses, operating telephone numbers, exact local opening times of bases, warehouses and offices abroad. Foreign companies only with registration + documents for conducting commercial activities in Europe, the USA or Asia.

wholesalers & manufacturers

Sale of food and alcohol in German and European shops. Foreign grocery shops and fast food online

In grocery shops in Germany and Europe, you will find a wide range of the best quality food: Chinese green tea, coffee, honey, fresh meat and fish, chicken and quail eggs and much more. Through our catalogue of foreign food retailers, you also have the opportunity to buy food, juices and alcohol in bulk and small wholesale, with or without delivery. Selling food online throughout Germany. German, European and American shops selling meat, food, confectionery, coffee and alcohol. German, English, French and Italian grocery shops, where you can buy any gastronomic goods. Bakeries, butchers, fruit shops and pastry shops. Foreign grocery shops sell: delicacies, meat, drinks, fruits and vegetables and a lot of natural and dietary (*bio) range of products.

food & alcohol

Travel companies and travel agencies in Europe. Air and rail carriers, hotel reservations, ticket sales

This section gathers travel companies, hotels and hotels offering all kinds of services and products for you in Germany, Europe and America that will make your holiday comfortable, memorable and happy. German and European tourist online booking sites. The main foreign tourist sites are on our list. Resorts, sanatoriums and recreation centres abroad. Plenty of offers from foreign travel agencies. The widest choice of rest and accommodation according to your possibilities. Choose a country for your holiday or tour: Australia and Asia, America or Antarctica, Africa or the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean, the Baltic States, North America, Scandinavia or Central Europe. Travel, cruise tours, guided tours around the world without intermediaries and overpayments.

travel companies & hotels

European and American wedding shops and salons. Organisers of celebrations and leading banquets. Everything for the festive occasion

In online shops and wedding salons in Europe, USA and Asia, you can choose and buy: wedding dresses of all silhouettes. Pick up a veil, shoes and jewellery. Choose and buy or rent a wedding dress, coat and veil, evening gown + accessories. Illustrated model catalogues with prices, descriptions and characteristics by category of salons and wedding organisers abroad. An opportunity to view online works by makeup artists and confectioners, which are presented on foreign wedding websites before ordering the wedding or celebration itself. Here, in our list of catalogues are the leading wedding salons of Europe and the USA with a full range of wedding and evening dresses, quality photos, current prices, promotions and sales.

wedding salons

Sports shops. Sale of sporting goods, simulators, sports clothes, sports equipment and nutrition

Original sports clothing and accessories, sports shoes and textiles, sports elements, corrective goods and equipment for professional sports, tourism and active recreation from world-known manufacturers. The best clothing brands for professional athletes and amateurs. Shops in Germany, Europe, America and China offering all kinds of sports and tourism products. Various colours and styles of gym and fitness clothing, sports accessories from the latest collections. Sportswear in Europe and the USA: photos, prices, novelties, promotions in official shops only, thousands of varieties of products from all brands.

sports & tourism

Buy an online bag, backpack and suitcase. Bag shops in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia

This section collects handbag shops in Germany, Europe, the USA and China offering all kinds of products from well-known companies and manufacturers. Bags, suitcases and backpacks, decorative elements, handbags and beauticians, purses and leather and suede care products. A list of German, English and Italian bag shops where you can buy a leather bag, business briefcase or evening bag. Sales, discounts and promotions in American, European and Chinese shops for women’s handbags. Official websites of manufacturers, map addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of shops.

bag & handbags

Sale of electronics, household appliances and gadgets. Electronics shops in Germany, Europe, USA and China

Electronics manufacturers in Germany, Europe, the USA and China. Shops selling electronics, gadgets, home appliances, accessories and spare parts for them. Sale of European and American original home appliances and electronics. Electronics sales announcements with photos and discount prices at official Chinese online shops. Here you can buy any household appliances, home appliances and electronics wholesale and small wholesale. On sale by retail; household appliances, electrical goods, technical and electronic gadgets, TV sets, refrigerators, computers, phones, smartphones and tablets. Presented are leaders in the sale of electronics and household appliances among German and American retail chains.

Home appliances & electronics

Erotic chats, foreign sex shops, sale of intimate goods and toys, catalogue of sex shops in Germany

Original erotic clothing, sexy underwear (men’s and women’s). Role-playing accessories in the bedroom, shoes, fetish elements, exciters for both partners, greases for her and him, aromatisation creams and many other lubricants. Goods and equipment for fans of CDBM and other games and toys in bed. Erotic chats, foreign sex shops. Sale of vibrators for women and organ simulators, goods for pleasure made of genuine leather and silicone. Huge selection of role-playing suits for creating the image of “Inch” or “Jack Sparrow”. Foreign sexy video chats and intimate photo exchangers in Germany, England, Europe, China, US. German intimate dating sites and escort services in Germany, Europe and the USA.

Erotic & SEX

Jewellery and gifts on sale in German and European shops. Gold, platinum and silver shops

This section contains shops and websites in Germany, Europe, the USA and China offering all kinds of jewellery, gifts and watches. Gold jewellery in foreign shops. More than 350 outlets throughout Germany and Europe on our list of jewellery boutiques. All our jewellery products meet industry standard requirements. The range of foreign shops includes rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, brooches, pins, diadems, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, medallions and other jewellery items. To make your home stylish and cosy, you need to show your imagination and pay attention to details. We present you a selection of German, English and other European shops with goods for home or flat decoration. Catalogue of online shops, where you can find a gift by category, style, occasion, buy any watch and accessories for them.

jewellery & gifts

Watches of famous brands and their accessories in foreign watch shops. Manufacturers of watches

The number of brands under which a wristwatch is produced is increasing every year. This section contains shops and websites in Germany, Europe, the USA and China offering all kinds of watches for sale. The world’s largest watch groups: owners of watch brands and manufacturers. The most famous brands of Swiss and European wristwatches as well as other watch collections of manufacturers from all over the world. Our list of the best Swiss watch brands includes not only the most expensive brands, but also the best quality watches as well as the most popular brands and models of Swiss watchmakers. To find the brand you are interested in, wait until the page is finally loaded and use the menu that appears. Then click on the company you are interested in.


Department shops, Shopping Houses and Centers, Supermarkets

Department shops and websites in Germany, Europe, America and China offering a variety of products. The shops offer German, European, American and Chinese home appliances and clothing, textiles and home decor elements, stationery and household items. All the most interesting foreign internet shops in one place with rating, reviews, free delivery, discount, supermarkets and mega malls. List of shopping centres / department shops in EU countries and USA with China.

supermarkets and mega malls

Buy plane, train or concert and show tickets. Official ticket sellers

List of seats and German and European sites to buy tickets for football, the theatre, concerts and other events. Sale of tickets and cards for all types of transport in Europe and Germany, both one-off and semi-annual. Train tickets in Germany -& purchase on the official website of German railways. Largest European low-costers. Overview of websites for buying tickets and monitoring prices for various transport. All concerts, performances and other events at par. Quick search and purchase of tickets without a surcharge.


Rentals in Germany and the Netherlands. Rent a flat in Europe or rent a house abroad. List of offers

Renting a flat in Germany is not as difficult as it might seem. If you are looking for a flat through websites and ads, you do not have to pay the broker a commission (Provision). And living in a rented house in Germany is often more profitable than owning your own house or flat, the fact that more than half of the German population does not own a house but rents it. Of course, the prices of “non-movement” are not standing still and are increasing every year, but this increase occurs when the income of the German population rises and is not accompanied by sharp jumps and fluctuations in the housing market. Searching for real estate for rent, opening a bank account for a rental agreement, registering a mortgage loan, etc. services for owning real estate.

Catalogue of objects all over Germany: flats, houses for rent, land plots, commercial real estate. A database of real estate rental and sales announcements in Germany and partly in Europe. Description of objects, photos, contacts of the seller or realtor (broker). German advertisements for buying, selling, renting flats, houses and commercial real estate. Secondary housing and new buildings. Offices and garages in Germany and the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, England and France, Bulgaria and Romania, Italy and Poland and other EU countries. Collected in the list of the best free noticeboards on the Internet for renting and renting accommodation and real estate. Fresh private announcements on the sale and purchase of goods of all categories in the EU.

Rentals & Rent a flat

Banks and credit institutions in Germany and Europe, banking systems and loans abroad

List of banks (public and private) and credit institutions in Germany and Europe. Foreign banks where you can: open a personal account, apply for a loan online and offline in person or by proxy, calculate the amount of any payments through the bank’s loan calculator, to buy shares in the bank, to take out a mortgage, make a contribution, take out a car loan or lease transport through a German or European bank, to refinance the mortgage already taken, quickly obtain a loan secured by foreign property, make bank investments in a foreign bank, issue a VISA or Maestro card for shopping, issue a foreign bank debit card to open a foreign currency account with any bank in Germany, UK, France, Hungary, Europe or the European Union. To see the Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank on the map of Germany: addresses, telephone numbers, working hours.

Banks & Commerzbanks

Insurance and insurance agencies in the USA, Germany and Europe. Health and property insurance

Insurance is just a way to protect against possible risks. The list of companies that offer a wide range of insurance products and services, including life and health insurance, insurance against accident, loss of employment or natural, man-made disaster. Insurance is provided by numerous insurance companies (there are thousands of them in the USA and Germany), and the types of insurance services are extremely diverse. In addition to life insurance and other insurance products, foreign insurance companies offer annuities, investment products and financial planning services abroad, almost in any country. In Europe and the USA, the insurance industry has been developing for centuries. And thanks to high competition, transparency and responsibility of insurers to their customers, this industry is flourishing, already in the Chinese insurance services market.

Insurance products & services

Work (search and offer), photo printing, rental and other services

Websites for service provision in Germany and Europe. Telecommunications, advertising, product and life insurance, car rental, providers, online games, photo printing, service provision and many other pages to provide services and sell goods to consumers. Through our list of companies providing various services in Germany, you can make a selection and comparison not only offline, but also online. Insurance policies, document extracts from state organisations, medical certificates, provision of one-off services, conclusion of contracts, job search or job placement in Germany or in the Netherlands, and much more. You can learn interesting things by visiting companies that have placed their data on online platforms or the European Union. You can calculate the cost of any service yourself, draw up and print out documents, buy tickets, purchase travel health insurance or extend visas online.

Telecommunications & car rental, providers & games, printing

Proposals for business development and investments in Germany and Europe. Partner offers from companies and for entrepreneurs

List of partnership programmes and proposals from entrepreneurs, suppliers of goods and services for business and economic development. German and European partner economic networks and investment programmes. Private investors, Venture Fund, Business incubator Developer, real estate investors. Priority type of investment. Investing in capital (equity participation), loan financing (crediting). Offers of professional services in Europe and the USA: cargo transportation, computer repair, creation and promotion of sites, repair and cleaning of flats, construction and much more from foreign companies and firms. Earnings from partner programmes in Europe and the USA. Offer list and catalogue of the best partners for earning in the Internet. A catalogue of proven partner programmes for earning money on the Internet and investments for business.

Business and Economic

German and international dating sites, hobby clubs and online chats

Do you want to meet a woman or a man? Looking for partners for friendship and romantic relationships here. Finding partners for gays and lesbians: a man looking for a man, a woman looking for a woman and other non-traditional acquaintances with free or paid registration. Dating clubs for pet owners and other interest clubs. Free dating portals and for leisure activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Foreign dating communities for tattooed, punctured, etc. fans. Getting to know each other for a serious relationship or marriage, finding your half, parting with loneliness will help foreign dating sites, which you can visit through our assembly list. Dating not only in Russia, but also abroad for the purpose of friendship or serious relations, search for travel companions, there are in the catalogue dating sites with mobile applications for communication and flirting, with a rating of users’ photos.

Dating Sites

Tariffs for internet connection, sale of smartphones, online payment and money transfers (banking) in Europe and the USA

In this category you will find shops and vendors that produce and distribute mobile phones, provide and connect rates for internet, mobile communications, online payment and money transfers in Europe and the USA. Websites that provide services for online shopping and offer visitors new mobile phones, including very advantageous contracts.

Mobile phones, Provides

Top free applications / APP for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Android Wear

Mobile applications – from restaurants and weather to interesting discounts on goods and calculators for delivering goods home. Applications are distributed in various ways. The user can find the mobile application on the Internet and download it on their own or use our mobile software connection page. The most famous of them are AppStore from Apple; Android Market from Google, and of course, Java applications.

Mobile applications

German and European domains, foreign hosting, DNS servers, cloud service abroad. Accompanied connection and service

Hosting with a free domain as a gift. Catalogue of foreign hosting sites and DNS-servers. Abuse resistance, service, stability. Why is it profitable to take hosting from HOSTiQ? Is there smart English 24/7 support? All this you can find out by visiting our list of service providers. Sell and buy a domain at a German or American domain auction. You can register .DE, .AT, .NET, .COM. and other popular domain names in Europe through your provider’s website. Domain registration and host connection, only from trusted providers. Rental of virtual servers, ordering SSL certificates, handy website builders with DNS support. Hosting in Europe and the USA also means domain registration, cloud service and leading providers at your service. Regional, foreign and thematic Internet zones.

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Websites comparing the cost of things before buying in different shops in Germany and Europe

Do you need to compare prices in different foreign shops? Buy an imported item cheaper and not sell it on quality? Do you already know what you would like to buy in Germany, Europe or America, but you doubt the price? Use the German product selection and price comparison websites listed below to make a good purchase. Comparison of prices for goods on German, European and internet sites. When comparing the prices of goods via the “price comparison service”, remember that you can only find the cheapest offer from the online shops that are on these services.

In such ‘services’ the price is not always relevant. Shops sometimes forget to update the price information. Visit different shops and only look at the current prices. Before buying, carefully read and translate into your own language, all the terms and conditions of sale and delivery from the seller. Make a comparison of the goods according to their characteristics and parameters or watch the “Video Test” of the goods in YouTube. Very often, many products are easier to compare on well-known trading floors, as follows eBay Germany и Amazon Germany which are also a kind of “price comparison service”.

Websites comparing the cost

Discounts, Rabatte, Prozente, Sale, Deals Coupons, Schnäppchen, Gutscheincodes

By reducing prices and special actions, sellers try to attract customers to their shop and arrange sales for every convenient occasion, whether it be the arrival of new goods, holidays, seasonality, etc. Knowing information about current sales and discounts in online shops, you can save considerably, sometimes up to 80%, on purchasing branded goods from well-known manufacturers. Many well-known companies are constantly selling goods in Germany, the USA, China and Europe, with discounts from 5 to 80%. There are many reasons for such sales, the main thing is that things are really worthwhile and of high quality. To buy goods at a discount, you need to go to the page of the online shop in the section Rabatte, Prozente, Sale, Schnäppchen, Auktionen, Deals Coupons you can receive alerts about current discounts, price reductions, special promotions, New Year’s and seasonal sales.

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Various shops and foreign sellers without categories. Directory list of sites, stores

This page contains unclassified service sites and shops for sellers in Germany, Europe and the USA. The top list includes insurance companies, car rental, providers, online games, internet photo printing, service provision and many other diverse categories of internet pages for providing services and selling goods to consumers. Advertising agencies, foreign insurance companies, car and yacht rental services, global internet providers, online games around the world, photo printing on objects and much more in our catalogue list of sites in Germany, Europe and the USA.

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The website of the German Mediator and the Dutch Mediator offers and informs

You can find out on your website the German and Dutch Mediator:

  • Costs and types of postal services in Germany and the Netherlands,
  • Dimensions and cost parcel when departing from Europe and the EU,
  • Possibility of refund and payment VAT . (example Germany) when purchasing from a foreign shop,
  • Correct execution of documents at purchase of equipment and distilling it from Germany.
  • Nuances of international shopping eBay (ебей) auction .
  • Goods allowed and banned to international shipment from the EU and delivery to Germany by customs,
  • Выбрать из более чем 2500 иностранных интернет-магазинов, сайтов и аукционов, вам нужный,
  • Conditions of mailing and passing customs parcels.

Have you had difficulty paying for the goods yourself and transferring money to a foreign seller or shop?

  • We will help you with a detailed search and by the payment of of goods, as well as their purchase, conformity check and forwarding to you from a foreign shop or seller.

A shop or a seller abroad does not send a thing out of their country or to you from abroad?

  • Our warehouse (Russia, Germany & Netherlands) will help you solve your problem with sending your purchase from a foreign shop or private seller abroad by post.

PosrednikvGermany – Germany, Europa, USA and China Online shopping sites

The intermediary in Germany – Posrednik v Germany, the opportunity to make purchases independently, pay for tours, recreation and services in any foreign online shops, sites, as well as on ads in Europe, Germany, USA (America), Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, U.K., Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, China, Japan and other countries.
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