The ten strangest job offers that really existed

The labour market is highly competitive. Not only applicants are looking for the perfect job, but also companies need to stand out in the market with their job offers.

For this reason, vacancies are always published with extremely amusing descriptions and job titles. Here are the ten most curious job offers:

“Egg-laying Wooly Pig (m/f/d)”.

Egg-laying Wooly Pig (m/f/d)
This was the title of a job offer from a mobile care service. In the description itself, the company describes the job as stressful, exhausting and with boring routine work. The recruiters also refer to the lack of promotion opportunities and a salary that is below the minimum wage.

“Friendly and intelligent student or temp wanted (m/f/d)”.

Friendly and intelligent student or temp wanted (m/f/d)
At first glance, this job offer seemed harmless. On closer inspection, however, it turned out that the DB store for which it was created had already employed many unqualified staff. In the description, for example, they are looking for staff who are “not completely out of their minds” and who have the ability to “stock up on their own food” in the supermarket. It also refers to having knowledge of washing machines and the use of deodorant.

“Help Wanted”

Help Wanted
In this job offer, a company referred to a “terrific second job”. However, only on closer inspection does it become clear that this company is probably very desperate. The job offered was advertised as a bartender, referee, manager or mechanic. The motto here is clearly: “No matter who comes, we urgently need staff!

“VÄRDE a part of IKEA”.

VÄRDE a part of IKEA
In this job offer, a Swedish furniture manufacturer did not miss the opportunity to include their own production. The recruiters used the names of their own produced furniture and accessories to perfect the description of the job. Here it says, among other things: “Apply BEKVÄM on our homepage. We HOPE to hear from you soon”.

Puzzle fun for applicants

Puzzle fun for applicants
An American telecommunications company did not miss the opportunity to include riddles in their job offer in order to select applicants in advance. In the description, the company refers to ten mistakes that were integrated into the job advertisement. Anyone who wants to apply should correct them.

“Just call our number”

Just call our number
A large IT company made the application process somewhat more difficult. In the job offer, the company refers to simply calling us. Simple, at least, if you solve the math problem x=24y=30=01.(y-x).(y-10)x10, the result of which is the phone number.

Job offer via QR code

Job offer via QR code
In order to test the skills of potential future employees in advance, a large tattoo studio in England came up with something very special. To apply, the QR code had to be scanned. However, to make it visible to smartphones, it was necessary to take a pen and colour it in.

Preparing for practice

Preparing for practice
A renowned bar in Singapore was very creative in writing its job offer. Instead of writing in the correct language of the country, the company referred to slurred words uttered by drunks. If you understand that, you can start.

“We are looking for one pretty and two ugly dancers”.

“We are looking for one pretty and two ugly dancers”
Which of the three jobs is being applied for here will probably always remain hidden. One table dance bar described in its job offer that only one of three dancers has to be pretty.

Woman power!

Woman power!
An above-average emancipation is represented by the personnel managers of a removal company. They described in their job offer that they were looking for either five hard-working men or one woman.

The ten strangest job offers that really existed