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Slam dunk high costs! Our SportSpar Basketball Shop offers the right shoes, the rights clothes and – most important – the right device. Everything the high jumping scorer needs! And all at a low price!

The perfect basketball equipment for the mere joy of playing

Once upon a time, there was a young basketball fan (or a basketball fan young at heart) who couldn’t think of anything else than to copy his idols he regularly admired on telly, He thought about what he really needed for his sporty ambitions and he made a list: Passion for the sport? Yes, he definitely had this essential characteristic. Talent? Surely yes. A place to play? Of course! Apart from different clubs, there were public basketball courts with baskets in nearly every city to really romp around. The right basketball equipment? Quickly, the ambitious sportsman realised that this was the only thing that was really missing. So, he went off in search of a basketball shop which offered all the necessary stuff he couldn’t go without for his sophisticated joy of playing. And he found … SportSpar!

Price-reduced items at the huge SportSpar Basketball Shop

When he entered the SportSpar website, the first thing he saw were the nice prices of the products. He was overwhelmed by the offers and went on to the SportSpar basketball shop to get an overview: shoes, clothing such as jerseys, and basketballs – actually, he found all the items he was looking for. And he realised that all the items were conveniently subdivided into several sub-categories and, step by step, he browsed through the range of basketball products.

Devices and basketball shoes as basics for your equipment

In order to play this cool kind of sport, first thing you need – Surprise! Surprise! – is a basketball. This device is the most important thing – a fact, the young basketball fan (or at least young at heart) already knew when he came to SportSpar. First, he clicked on the sub-category dedicated to balls. And he was very happy as he found several models made by the renowned manufacturer Spalding. From all the colours available, he liked the most the classic dark orange version, but the brighter balls and the black models were fine, too.

Afterwards, he threw a glance at the basketball shoes. “Unbelievable! This choice is gigantic!“, said the emerging talent. Indeed, just as gigantic as most of the basketballers. It was a very difficult decision for him to pick out the right shoes among all the shoes made by famous brands such as Adidas, Ewing Athletics or Ball’n – the perfect shoes to perfectly satisfy his individual requirements. However, he compared them using the SportSpar filter and added his favourites to the shopping cart.

Low-priced sportswear at the extensive basketball shop

Hereinafter, he went on to all the sportswear for basketballers. First, he had a look at the basketball jerseys. Maybe, we should add that he had always been a great supporter of the Chicago Bulls. So, he searched for jerseys of this team – and he found them. Furthermore, he realised that there were jerseys of many other teams, too, like the New York Knicks, the Bolton Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks. His sister also had an affinity for basketball. So, later he told her that Sportspar even offered women’s jerseys. Then, he looked for shorts and tracksuits. At the first go, he found high-quality products in the sub-category sportswear – again for less money. And he added specific basketball socks and a casual cap of his Bulls to the shopping cart, too.

And now? Wait and see … and here we go!

SportSpar delivered the items ordered at the basketball shop really fast … there was hardly time for a nice cup of tea! The basketball items arrived in a first-class condition, so he dressed immediately in order to head for the next basketball court with all his new stuff and to start his sports adventure. He wanted to become as good as Michael Jordan or Derrick Rose – and thanks to SportSpar he was well on his way to achieve his goal. And who knows, maybe one day you will be the young basketballer of this little story…

Shoes are not all the same

The affordable basketball shoes at SportSpar are not only available at a very low price but also of the highest quality!

At SportSpar, you’ll find Men’s and Women’s Basketball Shoes of renowned brands such as Adidas, Nike and Under Armour. The manufacturers use state-of-the art technologies and latest innovations to create the perfect basketball shoe. No matter if you prefer the classic or the trendy version, here are a few points to consider when buying your new favourite shoe:

Apart from the right size, your shoe should be as light as possible but also non-slipping. The typical basketball shoe has a high top to offer a firm foothold. That’s especially important when you stop in a fast-forward movement or when you suddenly change direction – typical for basketball. Furthermore, a professional basketball shoe has to be shock absorbing thanks to air and gel cushions. If your outer sole is a little bit stiffer, your shoe will be more flexing, just in case you’ll need more bounce – an advantage quite important for the big man, the so-called Center. That’s why basketball pros like Shaquille O’Neal prefer the high tops or high cuts.

Point Guards like Stephen Curry and Power Forwards like LeBron James need a lighter basketball shoe for a bit more freedom when playing very fast. So, they decide for the lighter version, low tops or low cuts.

Being a beginner or an amateur or even a basketballer who can play various positions on the court, you’d better go for a compromise of both – the mid tops or mid cuts.

Who is more famous: the basketball player or the shoe?

Today, we associate a lot of Men’s and Women’s basketball shoes with popular basketball players. Several top basketballers like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have their own signature footwear.

Did you know that in the early 1920s, basketballer and Converse employee Chuck Taylor wore Converse All Star shoes, promoted them and made them famous? In the 30s, Converse provided the American national team with basketball shoes. The today’s very popular Chucks are named after this very Chuck Taylor.

Later in the 80s, a cooperation between the then basketball rookie Michael Jordan and Nike caused a sensation. The US provider of sports goods and the later basketball icon designed the brand Air Jordan and built hype concerning basketball shoes.

The perfect shoe also for you

Even though you are not an NBA professional, but you’d like to look and play just as good as Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James etc., then have a look at our SportSpar online shop. We sell Men’s and Women’s basketball shoes in various sizes, versions and colours! In the end, every successful basketball career is based on the right footwear.

Basketball clothing at low price

Buy affordable basketball clothing at SportSpar by various brands such as Spalding, Ball’n and Adidas. Apart from Adidas Basketball Jerseys, you’ll also find Adidas Basketball Jackets at an absolutely bargain price.

Basketball – enjoy the game with your perfect basketball clothing

Developed in the late 18th century, the team sport has become quite popular today. Basketball was created by the Canadian coach James Naismith who was looking for a certain kind of sport to keep his students active on cold winter days. What was once planned as a simply physical activity in winter, entered the world in triumph: basketball.

The height of the basket of 3.05 m (10 ft) which is still valid today was once determined by pure chance. In order to make it impossible to disturb the game from the outside, they fixed some wooden boards behind the basket. Altogether 13 basic rules were defined for the game and almost all are still unchanged and valid today. Since 1936, basketball is an Olympic discipline. Today more than 450 million people worldwide are thrilled by playing basketball.

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NBA – the National Basketball Association

The NBA is in the centre of the public attention concerning basketball. The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946 and is the biggest and most popular professional basketball league. Not only fans in North America follow the games, but there are millions of NBA supporters all over the world. And since the famous German Dirk Nowitzki, the British Luol Deng or the French Tony Parker are playing in the NBA, the number of European fans increased significantly. The importance of the ball game usually played inside is reflected in numerous international competitions and tournaments.

Over the years, the basketball game changed as well as the basketball clothing. However, the basic rules of the game didn’t. The enthusiasm for basketball is not only obvious when you look at the players but also when you see the live audience and all the thrilled basketball fans who bet online on games … trend upwards!

The perfect basketball clothing

Once they played basketball in plain trousers and the basketball jersey was initially made of wool. Furthermore, the players had to wear knee pads and shin guards because the conditions of the sports halls were so poor that players got hurt quite easily. Today, the players use comfortable shorts instead of long trousers. The basketball jersey is sleeveless and offers a high wearing comfort. Many renowned manufacturers of sports items such as Reebok, Nike etc. added basketball sportswear like basketball jerseys, basketball shoes or basketball shorts to their range of products. Adidas is one of the most popular manufacturers of basketball clothing such as basketball jerseys.

Adidas basketball jerseys

Just like any other Adidas sports items too, Adidas basketball jerseys enjoy great popularity. They stand out due to their first-class quality, their appealing design and their very high wearing comfort. At SportSpar, you’ll find a huge choice of Adidas basketball jerseys such as the Adidas Basketball Jersey Teamwear EU Club Jersey in white or red or the Adidas Basketball Jersey Gilbert Arenas #0 Team Signature in blue. We update and expand our range of Adidas basketball jerseys regularly. Apart from Adidas basketball jerseys, we also offer basketball jerseys by other labels as well as basketball shoes and basketball shorts.

It’s all about the basketball

However, it’s not only the basketball clothing and the basketball jerseys which changed over the years – the basketball did, too. Once made from leather panels similar to a volleyball, today’s balls are made from a synthetic composite or leather stitched together with nylon. The usual balls have an inflatable inner rubber bladder wrapped in layers of genuine leather, imitation leather or synthetic composite. Traditionally, the surface of the basketball is orange with black lines dividing it into eight panels.

Affordable basketball clothing at SporSpar

You are looking for basketball clothing by renowned manufacturers such as Adidas basketball jerseys, Adidas basketball beanies, Reebok baskebtall footwear etc.? You’ve come to the right place! SportSpar offers basketball jerseys and all the other basketball clothes at a very affordable price.

Cheap basketballs: This is how you score

Looking for a new ball? No matter if you are a newcomer or an advanced player with high ambitions: your choice has to be well considered. Because in the end, it’s the round main act that decides on the share of success and fun when you play.

All about ball variations and brands: the most important questions

When it comes to lightning-fast dribbling or the perfect throw, the same holds true for both beginners and great NBA stars like Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James: The perfect ball plays a decisive role. Basketballs vary mainly in the following aspects:

  • circumference and weight
  • material and grip
  • design
  • suitability
  • manufacturers e.g. Molton, Spalding, Wilson or Nike

While younger players and beginners rather focus on the trendy look when choosing their new basketball, more ambitious players like those of the NBA teams pay particular attention to the ball’s functionality. Leading manufacturers of men’s basketball equipment such as Spalding, Everlast or Nike offer various balls especially designed for different levels. If you prefer a ball in louder colours or in traditional orange is up to you – and of course doesn’t have any influence on the outcome of the game. That’s different when you look at the most important criteria you should always have in mind when you want to buy a new basketball.

To get the real basketball feeling, the only things you need are a classic basketball jersey and basketball shoes. At SportSpar, you will not only find plain men’s jerseys but also men’s jerseys of different countries and teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks or Miami Heat.

Buying branded basketballs: It’s the size that matters

The most crucial aspect that decides if your desired item is perfect for you is the circumference of the ball. It depends on the age and the sex of the player. The respective category is indicated in numbers from 1 to 7 defining the circumference and the weight of the basketball. Size 1 is seldom used and describes mini balls. And the tolerance value might vary, too. It’s okay if a NBA ball and a FIBA ball are not absolutely the same size – just as an information aside. More important for you:

  • Size 3: perfect for kids aged 4-8. It’s not that heavy and even small hands can handle the ball easily.
  • Size 5: Youth – perfect for older kids and teenagers.
  • Size 6: For the Ladies! Women’s basketballs range between youth’s and men’s basketballs. Thanks to their lighter weight and their smaller circumference they are perfect for women.
  • Size 7: This is the official men’s basketball. It has a circumference of 75 cm (29.5 in) and a weight of 600 g (22 oz).

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Be on the ball indoor and outdoor

When you found the perfect circumference of the basketball, it’s your preferred court that could help you with the question: Which branded basketball should I buy? More luxurious balls made from genuine leather by labels such as Spalding and Molten are mainly used indoor. In order to avoid slipping indoor, you should use the appropriate equipment meaning basketball shoes. So, both an optimum score and safety are guaranteed.

Composite leather is more robust (and less expensive) and takes a lot of use outdoor. While both of these materials are more interesting for professional players, beginners should go for high-quality rubber balls (nylon). SportSpar offers many items by brands like Spalding or Dunlop – at a very low price!

The so-called grip decides how suitable the ball is for games on a harder outdoor surface like asphalt. Grip is very important and indicates how good the ball “sticks” to the hand during the game.

The most famous manufacturers are among others Molton and Spalding. Spalding produces basketballs since 1984 and is the official supplier of NBA games. The Japanese manufacturer Molton is the brand for official basketball championships.

Affordable basketballs and more at SportSpar

Buy the perfect basketball, tailored to your needs! At our Sportspar online shop, you’ll find affordable basketballs of renowned branded manufacturers such as Nike, Dunlop or Spalding. Furthermore, we offer a great choice of original basketball jerseys, shoes and other equipment by top brands. There’s just one thing you need to score – your basket!

Basketball equipement

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