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Looking sporty just for working out? Great sportswear of popular brands are absolutely comfortable, stylish and highly affordable – at least with SportSpar!

Fit all day long: low-priced sportwear at SportSpar!

Shorts, track jackets or sweatshirts are waiting to transform your body into an active zone. As it’s generally known, outside and inside interact. If you look sporty, you’ll feel much fitter. And trendy sportswear keeps up your motivation! You definitely want to look and feel great when working out, don’t you? It’s as easy as this: Shop low-priced sportswear and start every sporty day with sports accessories!

adidas, Nike etc.: buy low-priced sportswear on SportSpar

Simply shop a nice style! Top manufacturers of popular brands such as Reebok guarantee exclusive quality and great looks. Trendy fashion by Lonsdale, Everlast or PUMA offer perfect functionality for maximum performance as well as eye-catching styles. Classic sportswear just as the Lonsdale jacket for men – in plain black – meets colourful fitness clothes. Sweet tennis dresses in lemon yellow, fresh green or blue make you feel happy – outside the court, too. Sportswear can be multi-faceted: figure-hugging and sexy, laid-back and casual or slightly chic and elegant.

Girl’s power: Sportswear for women by Nike and adidas

Low-priced women’s clothes make you feel great. If you work out regularly to form your muscles, proudly present your results in nice sports dresses or pants. You’re still starting your workout routine? Motivate yourself with great looking sportswear and soon you’ll see first results of your new active lifestyle. Maybe, you prefer casual and loose-fitting tops and pants to feel good … no problem! … have a look at our Nike sports fitness top for women. So, you can feel great when you run, jump or bike. Combine your new top with leggings such as the adidas NEO logo and you’ll be perfectly equipped. If you prefer more elegant and stylish looks, go for our Nike dance corsets. They are lady-like and fanciful, you’ll wear them not only for working out. Why not?! You can easily wear your sports clothes in everyday life, too!

Men’s sportswear for sportsmen

Men work out and love to present the results which they worked so hard for. They show their well-defined muscles not only at the gym but also outside. Best way to do so is tight-fitting sportswear for men: tank tops and tight tops offer best views onto your waist muscles and boxershorts present your bottom at its best. If you’re “just” working out without having to impress someone or you prefer an active lifestyle to relax, you don’t need to worry. Our category sportswear also offers cosy jogging pants, warm hoodies and tracksuits for sports and everyday life. Comfortable sneakers and trendy jackets round off your look.

Looking fit with SportSpar sportswear

Shop your favourite items! SportSpar delivers high-quality products of current collections within a few days – don’t waste time shopping in store, simply shop online. So, you’ll have more time for your work outs. Nothings stands in the way of your fitness. Low prices and stylish looks are best sports buddies!

Men’s sportswear on SALE

You’re looking for low-priced and casual men’s fashion clothes for every season? Discover branded men’s clothing at heavily reduced prices. Our choice of products changes regularly, so stop by from to time!

Huge men’s sportswear sale

You’re looking for low-priced men’s sportswear and fashion? Find various products for your workout or everyday life on How about:

  • men’s t-shirts
  • jackets
  • polo shirts
  • checked shirts and other casual shirts
  • shorts
  • swimwear

Of course, SportSpar offers stylish clothes for your “downstairs department” for spring and summer. Have a look at comfortable trousers & pants available in numerous colours for various sports such as football, basketball or handball. We also offer low-priced sportwear for running just in case you’re a passionate jogger. And don’t forget all the trekking trousers and swimming trunks very stylish and in high quality when you are hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach.

You are active on colder days, too?

SportSpar offers low-priced men’s sportswear for autumn and winter. Discover our:

  • quilted winter vests
  • padded winter jackets
  • jumpers and hooded sweatshirts
  • sweat jackets
  • ski pants

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More about our SportSpar all-rounders

Apart from the clothes specially made for warmer or colder days, our choice of products includes various all-rounders such as:

  • rain and all-season jackets
  • training sweatshirts
  • single track pants or complete tracksuits
  • sports socks
  • boxer shorts and slips
  • belts

What’s special about low-priced sportswear?

Some clothes have designs of famous or popular sports teams – such as football clubs like Liverpool F.C. or MLB teams like the New York Yankees. Other shirts, jackets, shorts and tracksuits haven’t got any of these imprints but aren’t boring at all. They are convincing due to their more or less eye-catching colours, their cool cuts and fits and especially their first-class functionality depending on their purpose of use. Talking about purpose…

How to smartly combine sportswear

Most of the affordable sportswear of popular brands such as Lotto, ASICS, adidas or PUMA can not only by used for working out but also for everyday life. Just make sure that colours match.

Tip: You can easily wear all tops available on with commons jeans.

Shop low-priced men’s clothing on Sportspar

It’s for sure: SportSpar offers a huge choice of affordable men’s sportswear. Visit our online shop regularly as products always change. This means there will be new items to be discovered soon. Shop them fast before they’ll be sold out! So hurry up – just as you do when it comes to workouts, competitions and other tasks in everyday life!

Men’s sweatshirts

Hoodies, jumpers or sweatshirts – SportSpar offers a huge choice of men’s pullovers in all sizes and of various brands. Discover top labels such as adidas, Nike or PUMA.

Shop low-priced sweatshirts and jumpers online

Sweatshirt, sports jumper or hoody: There are many names for one of the most comfortable clothing ever – and you’ll find a huge choice of them on Shop your new favourites at very low prices!

Sweatshirts are cosy sports jumpers

Did you know that jumpers and sweatshirts are actually not the same? Ok, they are only slightly different and you wear both simply pulling them over – unless it’s a sweat jacket with zip. A sweatshirt is a sports jumper meaning a special kind of knitwear produced on a single set circular knitting machine.

On the back side, the machine carries along a special lining thread which is twisted softer than the basic yarn on the front side. During the textile refining process, this lining thread is roughened. This is how the sweatshirts get their typical soft inside which makes these clothes that cosy comfortable. Common jumpers don’t have these characteristics typical for sweatshirts.

And this is the major difference between these two pieces of clothing. If you want to buy a sporty jumper, an affordable sweatshirt at the SportSpar online shop will be your perfect choice.

The incredible choice of sweatshirts and related items

There are various versions available at our online shop. Our product ranges from stylish skate jumpers, football and basketball sweatshirts to more neutral sports pullovers with designs and motifs which don’t aim at a certain kind of sport or team.

We offer black, white, grey and brown jumpers but also more colourful pullovers in red, yellow, orange, blue and green. As loud the colours and stylish the prints, as high is the quality of the product labels. Apart from casual sweatshirts, you can also buy cool hooded sweatshirts. How about a sensational Tapout hoody – a brand famous for its spectacular MMA equipment and accessory?

Don’t forget the nice cardigans we offer from time to time. Benefit from creative designs and our huge choice of sizes for sweatshirts and jumpers usually ranging from at least XS to 2XL. Often, we sell kids‘ items, too.

Shop high-quality jumpers at low prices

Nearly all of our items are made of cotton, polyester or a blend of both. These fabrics offer several advantages: They are comfortable because of their water resistance (polyester) and their soft structure (cotton). Furthermore, cotton and polyester are easy to care for and long-lasting.

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Always a huge choice and marvellous prices: SportSpar

What would you like to have? A casual sports jumper at a low price or rather an affordable sweat jacket? No matter what you’ll decide for, one thing is for sure: You will always do well at SportSpar – financially but also visually and functionally.

Please remember our range of products is changing constantly because we are an outlet store selling new and high-quality remaining stock items. So stop by from time to time to not miss a bargain … and buy your sporty jumper at best price!

Men’s Pants and Trousers

Discover comfortable men’s jeans, tracksuit pants and chinos for sport and everyday life – low-priced Nike or adidas sweatpants to chill and relax or to work out.

High-quality sports trousers and pants for men at very low prices

You love to work out or you prefer casual clothing? High-quality and stylish pants and trousers for men are a must have for your individual outfit. Find your perfect look and order online on!

Low-priced men’s sports pants and trousers for workout and everyday life

Not all pants are the same. Our huge range of products offers various pants and trousers. How about some track pants for your sporty days on the pitch, at the gym or for running? Find first-class trousers of popular brands such as ASICS, Erima or Lonsdale.

Apart from classic joggers and summer shorts for men, we also offer clothes for down below which are sporty but made for everyday life: Casual cargo pants or chinos by Timberland or trendy jeans by Jack & Jones are always fashionable and cool – no matter if you’re on your way for shopping, for the pub to meet with friends or for a short trip to the next park.

Huge choice of colours and sizes

Besides the various kinds of different pants and trousers for men, SportSpar also offers a huge range of colours – classic black, grey and white or more down to earth brown and green or even louder yellow, red and violet.

Our choice of sizes is just as huge as our range of colours. We offer small sized men’s jogging pants in XXS and XS, medium sized models in S, M and L or large sizes in XL, XXL, XXXL and even XXXXL. You’ll find the perfect sports pants or casual trousers for everybody at our online shop. And we offer kids’ clothes, too. Hint: Use our filter to find your favourite joggings pants for men.

Various materials for different occasions

Most of our men’s jogging pants are made of polyester, cotton or a mixture of both. These materials offer various advantages. Polyester is a synthetic fibre which is often used for sportswear. This tissue leads away moisture and you’ll dry even when you sweat or you work out in the rain.

Furthermore, polyester keeps you warm even on colder days – so there are no more excuses in autumn and winter. Cotton is comfortable to wear and soft. Polyester as well as cotton are very easy to care for and long lasting materials. Even after many washings you’ll be happy with it.

Low-priced jackets for men

Affordable men’s jackets for sports activities and everyday life. Come rain or shine: SportSpar offers many affordable jackets for men – all products from popular brands and perfect for sports and everyday adventures!

Affordable jackets for all mates, buddies and pals out there

It doesn’t matter which sport you prefer: SportSpar offers various low-priced jackets which you can perfectly combine with men’s polo shirts or men’s sweatshirts. Some football models show cool prints of famous teams from the best football divisions worldwide or even referee jackets. Furthermore, we offer best prices for jackets in ice hockey, American football and basketball style. You prefer neutral jackets without a special reference to a certain sport or team? No problem! You’ll find them at our SportSpar online shop.

High-quality jackets for every season

No matter if before, during or after your workout: professional and hobby sportsmen need comfortable jackets to keep their bodies from getting chilled. All the low-priced jackets for men we offer at SportSpar are just perfect for active superjocks.

To produce these jackets, labels use first-class materials and tissues, often soft cotton or practical polyester. Natural fibres are very comfortable to wear and synthetic fibres have other advantages: They dry very fast which is quite useful when you sweat and they keep your warm. Jackets made of these fabrics are perfect for every season. Our SportSpar online outlet shop has even more to offer. We have special jackets for any weather and time of the year. How about some casual sweat jackets for spring, light and trendy jackets for summer, comfortable tracksuit and presentation jackets for autumn or cosy jackets for winter and not to forget the outdoor jackets and cagoules for men when the weather is bad and cold. So, you’ll be save and protected outside but still stylishly dressed.

Mix and match low-priced men’s jackets with style

Our casual jackets for men show various designs. Nearly every jacket can be used not only for sports activities but also for everyday life. Casual jackets in combination with plain casual trousers for men or cool jeans always look trendy. Just make sure to match the right colours which means: blue denim jeans as well as black or white trousers are perfect style with every jacket. But as soon as your trousers are a little bit more colourful, maybe red or green, you’ll have to check if shade and/or pattern of your jacket really round off your look.

Shop casual jackets for men at very low prices on SportSpar

SportSpar is an online outlet shop so our range of products changes regularly. It’s absolutely worth stopping by from time to time as one thing you can be sure of: You’ll always discover low-priced men’s jackets in various sizes – just as affordable sweatshirts, jumpers, shirts and polo shirts of popular brands, too.

Shirts and polo shirts for men

Sporty, casual, comfortable and trendy all in one? This must be a polo shirt! Shop true brand quality at our Polo Shirts Sale on SportSpar.

Men’s polo shirts – casual and trendy for everyday life

Sporty, casual, comfortable and trendy all in one? This must be a polo shirt! It’s made of high-quality materials and designed in various colours and patterns, it’s perfect for sports activities and after-work events but also for business days. SportSpar offers top label polo shirts for men – all at very low prices!

Men’s polo shirts with the crocodile logo

Polo shirts used to be the preferred clothing in Indian polo sports. Thanks to its loose fit and its comfortable cotton tissue a polo shirt was the perfect choice for sports activities in sub-tropical weather. The polo shirt we know today, however, goes back to the designs of the French professional tennis player and fashion designer René Lacoste (1904–1996). Already in 1933, he – “le crocodile” – designed short-sleeved shirts when his opponents were still wearing long-sleeved tops. Luckily, the short-sleeved polo shirt prevailed. Today, many sportswear labels offer stylish polo shirts – and SportSpar, too! Shop your top brand polo shirt at best price.

Shop low-priced tops and polo shirts on SportSpar

Most of the SportSpar products when it comes to men’s sports shirts are short-sleeved polo shirts in various colours: in classic white, black or grey, in noble blue or fresh orange and yellow. Furthermore, our outlet shop offers tops with stripes and other designs in various colours or colour combinations. Have a look at our available men’s polo shirts with your favourite team or club logo. And of course low-priced shirts in stylish checked or denim designs, men’s sweatshirts and men’s sports jackets – all with cool polo collars. The choice of products on includes brands such as adidas, Erima, Tokyo Laundry etc.

Mix and match your casual shirts – this is how you do it

Of course, you don’t wear just a polo shirt. You’ll have to match it with the right trousers and accessories. The sky’s the limit! Polo shirts for men go with nearly everything. Anyway, here are some tips:

In spring and summer, you wear shirts in luscious colours like blue, yellow or red together with shorts in brighter, neutral shades like beige or white.

If you prefer classic shirts in black, white or grey, you have to add some colour for down below. In this case, colourful patterned shorts are your perfect choice.

You could also wear your polo shirt together with matching jeans and trousers. It’s the best combination for late autumn and winter as well as casual activities at the weekend but also more elegant events such as a candle light dinner with your beloved one.

Polo shirts with coloured stripes look especially sporty – real eye-catchers if you wear them together with trendy belts, base caps and shoulder bags.

Some care instructions

Never wash your polo shirts too hot. If you do, they might shrink and you would have to throw them in the bin. We can’t tell you what’s the perfect temperature. Just have a look at the care instructions inside your new polo shirt. There you’ll find quick answers to typical questions such as “hand or machine washing?” and “suitable for tumble dryer – yes or no?” Keep to it and your polo shirt will always be best quality. You also have to use the right washing powder so that the colours don’t fade after several washings. Persistent stains should only be removed by a professional cleaner.

Men’s polo shirts – classic men’s sportswear

Polo shirts being classic men’s sportswear are well-established in the field of refined fashion for a long time. Polo shirts are more practical than common shirts but more respectable than a simple t-shirt. Short-sleeved polo shirts with their iconic collars are a total and complete success. The combination of casual look and high-quality materials just wow everybody who’s looking for trendy and cool but also elegant outfits. Come to the SportSpar online shop and order low-priced men’s t-shirts for your sports adventures!

T-shirts for men

Whether basketball or football fan – we offer a huge choice of price reduced t-shirts for leisure time and sports by renowned brands.

Low-priced men’s t-shirts for your casual look

You love sports and you prefer a casual style? SportSpar offer a great number of men’s t-shirts by popular brands with stylish prints. Benefit from huge discounts and round off your casual look!

Casual men’s t-shirts with impressive prints

If you are a fan of American football, basketball or ice hockey, then you should have a look at our NFL, MLB and NHL t-shirts. Order a t-shirt of your favourite team and show your colours. You could also simply go for the t-shirt you like most. Tennis and footballs fans enjoy themselves – thanks to the great variety of men’s t-shirts with tennis and football designs. And don’t forget the stylish skater and MMA t-shirts with cool prints. Of course there are also some low-priced plain men’s t-shirts without reference to a certain sport.

T-shirts in various colours, cuts and sizes

You aren’t looking for a certain men’s t-shirt but for some inspiration which kind of t-shirt you could wear next? We recommend to analyse existing colours, cuts and sizes. We offer a huge choice: classic black and white, trendy blue and grey or happy red, yellow and green.

The same applies for sizes: There’s a range from 2XS to 4XL – the perfect size for every sportsmen. Talking about style – there are t-shirts with crew necks as well as V-necks. Some of the t-shirts focus on the sporty style others are more elegant.

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Cotton – a comfortable and persistent material

Nearly all men’s t-shirts which you can buy here on are made from 100 percent cotton. The natural fibre offers many advantages. It’s very comfortable to wear as cotton isn’t itchy. This material feels soft on your skin.

And don’t forget it’s very easy to care: After you washed and dried you t-shirt you can iron it at high temperatures without damaging it. Cotton in general is a very durable material. Even if you wash it hundreds of times, the natural fibre won’t take offence. What we’re trying to say: Your t-shirt will keep its form and its intense colours. Not to forget that cotton causes nearly no hypersensitivities so that almost everybody can wear it.

Always a great variety at our SportSpar shop

SportSpar is an outlet store which regularly offers new, high-quality sports items for you and your friends. Same applies for low-priced men’s t-shirts. Visit our online shop and see what our huge choice of products offers. If you can’t find anything, don’t be too sad.

Men’s Shorts

Great shorts by popular fashion brands at our SportSpar online shop at unbeatable low prices! We offer many labels, models and colours. All shorts for men at discount prices!

Men’s shorts – sporty or elegant

Since the 1970s, shorts became more and more important in casual men’s fashion. But men’s shorts aren’t just only casual clothes. Men use them mainly for exercising. At our online shop you’ll find a huge choice of sporty and elegant sports shorts by brands such as adidas, Nike, Lonsdale, Spalding or Everlast – always at very low prices.

And what’s the truth for many other fields of sportswear is also true for men’s shorts: Not all shorts are the same! Depending on the event you’re going to wear them, sports shorts differ in design, cut and material.

The sporty ones among the shorts for him

So, men’s shorts by Nike mostly aim at football players. The special Nike tissue Dri-FIT is sweat-resistant and therefore a perfect material for activities like football. Apart from football, you could also wear them for other sweaty activities such as tennis, handball or jogging. An elastic waistband and an inner cord guarantee optimal fit. Nike sports shorts have quite a long tradition. Founded in 1972, Nike is one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear since the 1980s.

Men’s shorts by adidas and Reebok

Same applies to another popular sports brand adidas. adidas and Reebok both belong to the adidas corporation. The company is part of the German share index since 1995 and second largest manufacturer of sports gear worldwide – leader is the US company Nike. SportSpar offers adidas shorts at very low prices which are perfect for football but also basketball and other sports activities.

Spalding basketball shorts

Quite clever are the reversible basketball shorts by Spalding. Spalding Essential Shorts are made of a breathable material and – being basketball shorts – a little bit longer than the usual shorts. And they can be worn both sides. So it’s easy for all the fashionable basketball players to change their outfit quickly.

The more elegant shorts for sports activities and leisure time: men’s shorts by Lonsdale

For all the men who prefer shorts not only for exercising but also for afterwork SportSpar offers low-priced shorts which could be used for working out and lazing about: the Lonsdale Cargo Shorts. Of course, the materials used are always high quality and very easy to care for. Same applies to the Everlast men’s shorts in black which you could wear after work.


Benefit from great discounts on men’s tracksuits of popular brands. Shop sportswear in various colours for yourself and your team!

Tracksuits – high functionality and perfect comfort

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” This is a quote by Karl Lagerfeld on German television. But don’t worry, even worldwide popular fashion designers may be wrong from time to time. Today, a tracksuit is a must-have for every amateur and pro sportsman as it offers various advantages. Furthermore – and this might be surprise to good old Karl and his fashion victims – even tracksuits can be an eye-catcher. Have a look at our low-priced tracksuits of high-quality brands at our online shop.

Tracksuits are made of which fabrics?

A tracksuit consists of pants and jacket and are usually used outdoor. It’s sportswear – and so it has to meet certain requirements: High-class tracksuits have a special design to offer best protection from wind, rain and cold. Besides the weather aspects, tracksuits have to take especially care of the sweat produced by the sports person. So, the fabric has to be breathable. Clothes made of cotton soak up sweat like a sponge – an unwanted feature for tracksuit pants and jackets.

All these fabrics drain sweat and support your body’s temperature regulation. They keep you from dangerous heat accumulation or evaporative heat loss. Often, the synthetic fibres of these fabrics are dirt-repellent as well as more scrub-resistant and tearproof than their natural counterparts. You’ll benefit from all these advantages even after numerous –carried out correctly – washings. Just stick to the label instructions to take care of your new tracksuits.

Tip: If the proportion of polyester is very high, your tracksuit is especially heard-wearing as polyester is an extraordinary light- and weather-resistant fibre. We also recommend tracksuits made of microfibre (a combination of polyester and polyamide). This fabric is especially light-weighing but protects you from the cold very well.

What tracksuits have to deal with

We already mentioned some of the functions tracksuits have to fulfil: They have to be scrub-resistant, tearproof, weather-resistant and breathable. The last-mentioned feature is great in order to wear your tracksuit during or after your workout. You prefer t-shirts and shorts? No problem, simply slip into your tracksuit after your training and make sure your body doesn’t get cold.

Tip: Studies show that if you wear functional sportswear – tracksuits definitely are – you’ll avoid aching muscles after your workout or your competition. By wearing a tracksuit you’ll keep your muscles warm and therefore there are less pulled muscles.

SportSpar offers low-priced tracksuits

You can wear tracksuits any time of the year. If you prefer outdoor activities in winter, simply go for a tracksuit with an inner thermal lining. For summertime, there a lighter models. Our SportSpar outlet shop offers various tracksuits for men and women. Many of our tracksuits are available in classic colours such as black and dark blue. But how about a combination of black pants and a white jacket or blue pants and a red jacket?

As you might have already noticed, football players and other sports men and women wear their tracksuits not only for functional reasons but also to show some kind of team identification. Matching prints or logos demonstrate their team spirit. In this case, one speaks of presentation suits. These suits offer a loose cut and are rather made to go to the sports field and not for exercising. If you want to exercise you’ll definitely need a tracksuit not a presentation suit. No matter which functional suit you’ll go for, all of them offer typical features – forget Mister Lagerfeld’s malicious remarks!

Men’s underwear: boxer shorts, socks etc. for men

Original branded underwear for men: shop your comfortable underwear and nightwear at reduced prices at our SportSpar online shop.

Underwear for stylish men

Underwear for men is boring? Not at all! Bog-standard briefs are out fashion. Today’s underwear has become far more sophisticated and stylish. It doesn’t only have to be practical but also have a great look. Granpa’s knickers? Please don’t! Go for classy but functional underwear for men in trendy colours and designs. Boring is out!

Boxer shorts – the sporty alternative to briefs

The modern and stylish man of today doesn’t only care for outerwear but also for underwear. He carefully chooses his underwear and matches it with the rest of his look. He is very demanding when it comes to colours and designs. Besides classic models and briefs in bright colours, he cares for high quality products. Excellent finishes are a must. All these requirements have to be fulfilled when man chooses his underwear. And when the price is right – and it definitely is – man is absolutely convinced.

Boring knickers are a thing of the past – today, men wear trendy briefs and boxers

Every stylish man realised that boring knickers were replaced by chic boxer shorts and trendy briefs which conquered men’s fashion market and became more and more popular. Of course, there are also more sporty models with narrow legs. By definition, boxer shorts are underwear although they are called “shorts”. Boxer shorts are loose fitting and cover hips and the upper legs until the middle of the thigh. Usually, there’s no zip. Most boxer shorts have an elastic waistband and offer a loose or a narrow fit for your thighs. Today, these narrow fitting boxer shorts are often called retro pants for men.

Lonsdale boxer shorts are sporty and comfortable

One of the most popular brands when it speaking of boxer shorts is Lonsdale. Lonsdale boxer shorts come in stylish colours such as lime but also offer perfect comfort thanks to the stretchy material. If man prefers the Navy version – camouflage and disguise – we offer the Lonsdale Pack of 2 Boxer Shorts Camouflage Limited Edition. Not your style? How about the Lonsdale boxer shorts in brighter colours such as pink? Lonsdale boxer shorts usually don’t have a fly and you’ll find the Lonsdale logo printed on the waistband. The Lonsdale men’s boxershorts in blue/rose look great, too. A must-have for British and Britain fans: the Lonsdale men’s boxer shorts with Union Jack print. These boxer shorts have a striking button-facing instead of a fly. Lonsdale boxer shorts are comfortable, sporty and trendy – all a man could wish for.

High-quality men’s underwear at discount prices

We offer a huge choice of men’s boxer shorts in various cuts and colours at very low prices. Maybe you’ll even get a limited edition. Quality and finish at a very high level doesn’t have to be expensive.

Affordable women’s clothing

SportSpar offers low-priced women’s clothing of popular brands. Apart from necessary equipment for your workout, discover also discounted women’s clothes for everyday life.

Our choice of affordable women’s clothing contains sportswear of popular brands from various categories:

  • short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops or sweatshirts
  • jackets, sweat jackets and hoodies
  • leggings, shorts and jogging pants
  • sneakers and summer shoes
  • sports bras and sports socks
  • sports accessories

What’s special about women’s clothing?

There’s a huge choice of low-priced women’s clothing: fashionable sportswear for more than just a simple workout such as women’s tops etc. offer three features: special cuts, high-quality materials and clearly recognisable looks. These are the advantages which make women’s branded sportswearstrong> such a great success – for young guys and people young at heart. Sportswear is comfortable but also says something about its owner: Sportiness isn’t only a thing of a fit body. Sport is a lifestyle und women’s sportswear is its outer shell!

A sporty look never seems outdated: Have these unbelievable comfy logo hoodies or these cool, affordable women’s sweatshirts ever been out of fashion? The same applies for these typically tight-fitting tops. Yes, women’s sportswear certainly is a clear statement – but always classic and that’s why a great thing for combinations. Classic also means a certain kind of quality. Low-priced women’s clothing by popular brands such as adidas, Nike or PUMA are perfect for the next season not only because of their designs. Thanks to high quality and great finishing your favourite clothes will always be a sporty eye-catcher. Innovative materials make you feel good – it’s hard for other styles to compete with.

Looks good! – Combine sportswear with everyday clothes

You prefer wearing women’s sportswear? Great! There are hundreds of possibilities to adapt your style to nearly any occasion in everyday life. School, university or office: it’s all in the mix. It’s absolutely up to you to “smuggle” your comfortable sportswear into festive events. Just pay attention to a certain balance in your look. In everyday life, you’ll easily combine women’s jackets, leggings and sneakers, for a casual theatre visit, however, you’ll better choose your outfit more carefully. Go for your favourite piece – e.g. a t-shirt – and combine it with clothes which are a bit more elegant such as a blazer instead of a sports jacket, or an one-coloured jeans (not used look) instead of a sports leggings. Style up your favourite clothes which are originally designed for exercising and workout activities.

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Low-priced women’s clothing at SportSpar

Branded clothing for your individual, casual style at our online shop at very low prices – and sometimes absolutely unique. So, you’d better be fast just as during your sprint exercises. If you take care of the right combinations, you’ll be able to wear your sporty, casual outfit for nearly every occasion in life … thanks to great sportswear by adidas, Nike, etc.!

Kids‘ sportswear: high quality is worth it

Perfectly fitting sportswear for kids is even more important than for grown-up amateur sportsmen and -women. We explain what really matters!

High-quality fabrics will make the difference

Kids’ sportswear has to keep up with far more than just “stay clean”. However, that’s exactly what many parents pay attention to when dressing their kids for sports activities. Perfectly fitting sportswear for kids is even more important than for grown-up amateur sportsmen and -women because kids still have to learn to control their bodies and their movements the right way. So, what’s actually important when it comes to kids’ sportswear? We’ll explain it to you.

Maximum fun for sports – choose the right kids’ sportswear

When you next buy kids’ sportswear, you should pay attention to the following five requirements which have to be met.

Children are just as fashion-conscious as adults. Especially for PE at school, little athletes want to look “cool”. So, at our online shop you and your kids will find a great choice of various designs by popular brands and labels. Take some time and – together with your kids – browse through our low-priced trousers, pants, jackets and shoes for children. You both decide either in front of your screen or you simply order several items and try your new sportswear later at home. This is the best way to make sure that your children really wear the new outfit they went for.

Kids’ sportswear does not differ from adults sportwear when it comes to temperature regulation. Best for ideal comfort is a layered look: Simply wear various layers of light microfibre clothes so that you can easily regulate your body temperature when you feel too hot or too cold. That’s why many brands offer a huge choice of individual clothes, such as thin shirts, long-sleeved or short-sleeved tops, jackets and vests which you can combine perfectly. You think it might be too expensive to buy several pieces of clothing? No need to worry! SportSpar offers high-quality sportswear at best prices!

And size does matter

For PE at school, for sports activities in clubs or for a kick-about with friends – the perfect kids’ sportswear has to offer enough freedom of movements and also maximum protection against injuries. Often, both features are given – but most important is the right size! You have to know the correct sizes of your children or you also could choose several items and let your kids try them on. And please note: Don’t think your kids would grow out of their sportswear anyway, so you’d better order one size above. That’s not working, especially if your child is practicing and learning a certain sports discipline and doesn’t wear the clothes not only for school. For martial arts, dancing or winter sports disciplines as well as many ball sports the right size is most important. Otherwise, you’ll risk injuries. Tip: Especially sports shoes have to have the perfect size, as feet which are still growing are susceptible to permanent damage such as deformation.

SportSpar offers a huge choice of different sportswear for kids such as pants, track jackets and other sports accessories including swimwear – in various sizes for boys and girls. Popular brands like adidas, Umbro or Nike use exclusive fabrics for breathable comfort. And you can really see the high quality of kids’ sportswear by renown labels: Thanks to their careful finishings, these clothes keep their shape even after the hardest workouts, the wildest plays and many washings.

Low-priced Sports accessories

Keep on moving! You love it? Then, don’t miss our sports accessories: some of them might support your workout, others simply look good

They make you look great every day. Low-priced sports backpacks, duffel bags or women’s clothes, men’s clothes and kids’ clothes: An active mind needs a sporty style!

Low-priced sports backpacks for more than just your workout

Of course, you can perfectly use them for sports activities: backpacks carry little helpers like water bottles, smartphones and music players as well as other things which you don’t want to carry yourself. You could also use your backpack as a weight bag by carrying barbells, foot weights or even more bottles in it – best cardio workout ever! Make your muscles burn and add some knee-bends or sidesteps when walking – you will certainly see the difference of the additional weight. However, when you integrate your backpack into your workout, make sure to use a bag with back padding!

Nevertheless, low-priced sports backpacks by popular brands like PUMA, adidas or Lonsdale are made of such a high quality that they easily become your everyday companion. Thanks to their first-class finishings and state-of-the-art materials, sports backpacks by top brands can bear quite a lot. Their designs offer enough space for more than just a few socks:

Most backpacks are big enough to carry books and folders so you can use them also at school or university.

The same applies to bags: a typical messenger bag can be either used for sports but also as an everyday shoulder bag.

A duffle bag and similar models should only be used for exercising. It carries your sportswear and other accessories from A to B – but only fit a very certain style.

It’s all about a match: How to style low-priced sports backpacks correctly

Style your backpack or a shoulder bag by PUMA, adidas or Lonsdale best with casual women’s or men’s wear – sportswear so to say. In combination with a casual parka, a hooded sweater and sneakers, you’ll be styled trendy. But an elegant chic would also be possible. First, it might seem odd, but actually it’s an eye-catching contrast. Try it! Use your sports backpack together with an elegant unicolour blazer jacket and some cool shoes. As long as you don’t overdo it and you keep the rest of your look simple, you’ll create a really well-matching outfit.

Best sports accessories: don’t miss them

Sports accessories are more than just some low-priced sports backpacks. Apart from casual clothes for men and women we recommend low-priced caps: With their cool slogans and popular logos they do not only look stylish but are also quite practical for your workout – talking about sun protection! And what’s the difference of sun protection? Right, winter hats! Especially outdoor sportsmen and women should wear them on colder days – as well as high-quality scarves and gloves by the way. Remember: head, legs and arms are the first to get cold and that’s why you need to protect them carefully.

While sweatbands and a sports perfume might not urgently be needed – although a sporty look is nice to have –more important than you might think are sports socks for your workout. Especially sportsmen and women exercising outdoors have to listen now: Just as typical jogging pants, long-sleeved tops and other functional sportswear, sports socks as well are made of breathable synthetic fibres to support your body’s heat regulation.

In fact, even the best sports shoes will regulate your body heat only in combination with the right sports socks. And everyone who ever exercised outdoors knows how demotivating ice cold feet or a too high body temperature can be. So, sports accessories should combine the two most important parts of your training as well as your modern everyday live: useful features and stylish eye-catchers!

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